Police say four people are dead after shootings in the upstate New York villages of Mohawk and Herkimer. The suspect has reportedly not been captured and area schools are on lockdown.


An alert sent by Herkimer County Community College indicates police are seeking an “active shooter” described as a 5′ 11″ tall white male in his mid-60s. He reportedly has a gray beard, is wearing a flannel shirt and is driving a maroon Jeep Cherokee.

Details from Utica’s Observer-Dispatch:


Naturally, Piers Morgan is circling like a vulture:

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The manhunt is still on. Police may be closing on on the suspect.

Police confirm there were two shooting sites, not three:

Police may have the suspect surrounded:

The suspect has been identified as 64-year-old Kurt Myers.


A clearer photo of the suspect:

The suspect’s name is being reported by some outlets as “Kurt Myers” and “Kurt Meyers” by others.

A press conference is expected this afternoon.


Reports are coming in that the suspect blew up his house in Mohawk Valley, New York.

As of 1:14 p.m. ET, Myers has not been captured by police.

More on the suspect:

A color photo:

Confirmation of the suspect’s name: It is Kurt Myers.

Reports of additional shots fired:


This Twitter user is near the active shooting scene.

There were reportedly at least a dozen shots fired.




The suspect was reportedly killed:

Twitchy will monitor this developing story and update as more details become available.

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    Gun bans and strict gun laws in #NY obviously WORK.

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    Just a little more gasoline for the fire. Like we needed more.

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    My prayers to the families of those killed, the injured, and that the shooter is apprehended quickly.

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    Yet another Democrat doing crazy, wacky stuff.
    Those Democrats……..

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    People need to view the violent as if they were flames. My point?

    If your house was on fire…would you rather have a cell phone or a fire hose?

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    Did the 7 round magazine help or hinder? Maybe time for a 2 round magazine, Herr Cuomo?

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    Gee, and the upstate counties are the ones not supporting the unconsitutional NY SAFE Act. What a coincidence. I smell black ops.

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    O geeez. Another crazy republican who beats off to guns all day is on the loose. Ban guns already. Half of you are too coward to even pull the trigger. “self defense” gimmie a break.

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      You best be trolling.

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      Aren’t you precious. Another nut-job Democratic off his psychotropic meds trying to help his fellow regressives push through their anti-Constitutional agenda by murdering fellow Americans is much more likely. Bless your heart.

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    What happened to the Safe Act? Thought that would cure criminas with guns shooting people? Pray for the families as NY gov’t scrambles to figure out more laws to ban guns

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    Suspect been a bar customer for years?

    Time to Ban alcohol in NannY State.

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    The governor is on the scene? Why? To dance in the dead bodies?