As Twitchy reported last week, YouTube sensation Colion Noir joined NRA News as a contributor.  The Left’s anti-gun zealots immediately went into meltdown mode over his “Coming Soon to NRA News” video.

Russell Simmons is a little late to the pearl-clutching game.

But by Thursday he was sufficiently worked up about “some black guy with a Yankees hat” to publish a Global Grind post titled, “The NRA & Black People: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Our community is not interested in a corporate sponsored gun group telling us what to do, when their real mission is to make more money for the corporations that line their dirty pockets with rolls of cash and silver bullets. We’re much smarter than that and certainly can see through their motives. Until they show a real interest in solving the violence problem in our community, they can keep their Yankee hat-wearing spokesman and their African-American “campaigns” for themselves.

Like Touré, Simmons has appointed himself the voice of black America and is out to belittle any black American who won’t toe the lefty line. How progressive! Noir wasn’t about to let that go unchallenged.

“Shocking.” That’s the same word Simmons used when he discovered that there are terrible, no-good people who teach their daughters to defend themselves with firearms instead of yoga poses. Noir knocked down that argument without breaking a sweat.

Simmons made an effort to respond, but he couldn’t quite keep up with Noir’s pesky logic. Bless his precious heart.

And here it comes: Noir is nothing but a tool. Predictable.

Simmons would totally stick around to fight this losing battle (while flanked by his bodyguards, no doubt), but the enlightened “yogi” has meditating to do.

So instead, he went running to his Twitter followers to fight his battle for him.

Meanwhile, Noir took Simmons and his troll brigade to liberty school.

His full Facebook note:

A note to Russell Simmons, I don’t have fans, I have supporters. This is real life, not music, not movies, real life. You kicked the hornets and thought you could walk away, but you were wrong. The NRA came to me after saying what I have been saying for two years. We’re not lil wayne fans, we take this seriously, we believe in our rights and the ability to protect ourselves. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, we are Americans with the right to live and protect that life. The gun is the equalizer in a world of evil whether you want to believe it or not. Remember this the next time you decide to come down from your ivory tower and attack someones motives who you know nothing about. As pro gunners we protect our own, the same way we would protect you with our guns if someone threatened your life.

And that’s a win.

Yes, please!

  • Tangchung

    Noir trying to save lives by showing people how to protect themselves.
    Simmons picking the pockets of the poor with his Russell Simmons pre-paid debit card with so many fees Bank of America is jealous.

  • George Charles Jr.

    I have never thought of my self protection, by any means, objectionable to anyone…it’s really none of their business. If I choose to defend myself with a gun, knife or karate training, that’s my business as long as it protects life…period.

    • Lord Foggybottom

      The left doesn’t believe in your business. They want to make your business their business and control your life.

    • $29561723

      you just listed the chain of thought that the Left wants to outlaw. First of course is guns. Next are knives (as seen in Japan and being discussed in Great Britain).

      Eventually any martial art will be outlawed, as will self defense. Criminals are to ge pitied and rehabilitated. Victims are to be mourned.

      That is our future unless we stand up to it.

      • louisiana_mom

        I have a friend who lives in Great Britain, she tells me they are only allowed to defend themselves in their homes if the criminal follows them to the second floor… no exceptions! She lives in a one-story home, so, basically the government is telling her she cannot defend herself in her home, period.

        • Ronin

          “Allowed”. Nuts to that!

    • robcrawford2

      You have to remember — the left objects to self-defense because they know you’ll likely be defending yourself against THEM.

      How many “gun control advocates” have had their criminal pasts exposed lately?

      • BillinDetroit

        And those of their family members, while we are at it. Would make an interesting journalistic exercise, methinks.

        • E Quilibrate

          I wonder if “journalistic exercise” might be an
          oxymoron these days?

  • oneword

    Only rich liberals have all day to do Yoga on the beach, the rest of us are working 2 jobs just to get by and they want to take away our freedoms

    • Adela Wagner

      And sadly some are working 2 jobs and live in places where dodging bullets is becoming more and more the norm, all without equal recourse. I still can’t believe people in AMERICA are debating this, The People’s Constitutional Rights should NEVER be up for debate. Simmons may have money, but you just can’t polish stupid. Noir ROCKS, if anyone has not seen his vids, please do so.

  • Lisa Dean

    Russell Simmons, I do believe you protest too much about guns, considering your body guards/friends/back up/home boys (or whatever you wish to “title” the guys who surround you) carry guns in order to protect you. #MeditateOnYourOwnLifeFirst

  • $2943864

    What I have learned since Bush was elected and did not know before is that liberals are really not interested in truth, fact, empirical evidence, primary sources and the like. Any debate isn’t all that hard to “win” with them – but they aren’t interested in all those things. You CAN prove the sky is blue but they will continue saying it is red – they just want to believe what they want to believe – convincing them is all nothing more than a waste of time. People used to mature over time and become conservative but the reason fewer do now is that they are arrested in their adolescence due to too much coddling. They live entitlement (but to be fair we all fall into that trap to a degree). Hard times are the only lessons instructive to the immature. I don’t expect it to get better until it gets much worse.

    • mhojai

      Whether it is simmons or sharpton, snoop dog or pelosi, j. jackson, clinton or obama – they are millionaires at the expense of the stupidity of others. Their “talent” is placating the gullible so theyll keep paying for their luxuries. They have to deliberatley malignign and distort truth in order to keep the morons coming.

      • trixiewoobeans

        They’re definitely empire-building, politically and personally, on the backs of the poor, and soon- to -be poor, thanks to them! Isn’t that what they’re ALWAYS accusing Repub’s of? They keep talking and pointing so you won’t notice what they’re doing!

        • Ken Alan Draper

          Russell Simmons is a far worse ROBBER BARON then J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, & Cornelious Vanderbelt combined, at least these 19th century gentlemen Raised the standard of living of every person in America with their works & gave generously to charity instead of demanding the government steal from the people.

      • Patrick Dennehy

        fantastic post

  • rwnutjob

    Russell, maybe you should read history. Remember that gun control in America was started by Democrats to keep black people unarmed & unequal.

    • Ken Alan Draper

      In fact one of the NRA’s original crusades was to teach black folks how to use firearms to protect themselves from the KKK lynch mobs. unfortunately Russell simmons wasn’t around to tell them they really needed to just let the Democrats lynch them “for the greater good”.

      • danticvs

        Draper, do you have any good links to this fact? I’d like to blog on it.

      • Susu

        That is a lie. Show me your link or I stand by my accusation. The NRA, and Ronald Reagan passed legislation for gun control because a bunch of black panthers were running around with a lot of guns in public. That made white people very nervous because apparently these bros could read AND understand the constitution. Oh, and Bush Sr revoked his NRA membership and wrote a letter why. Google it, I won’t waste my time posting it, because I think facts really don’t matter with gun nuts

        • jebova2301

          I would give you a lot of links, but you will just shove your head further up your ass and say “THOSE ARE ALL LIES!!! I DON’T WANT TO BELIEVE THEM!!!!!” That is what people in denial always do. Instead, I shall just give a few so that I don’t waste too much time on something you won’t read.

          Reagan was AGAINST gun control in 81:

          NRA doing what it can to support blacks:

          “Monroe, North Carolina, 1957. The Monroe chapter of the NAACP feared intimidation and violent attack at the hands of the Klu Klux Klan. Bravely, the Monroe NAACP members continued their civil rights struggle. They exercised their civil liberties. Their voting rights. Their right to speak out. To assemble. To associate with one another. But the Klu Klux Klan kept pushing and pushing-and they were armed, and they were illegally using those arms.

          In retaliation for a resistance effort organized by the chapter’s vice president, the Klan set about driving through black neighborhood and firing guns at homes. They targeted particularly the home of the chapter vice president, Dr. Albert E. Perry.

          So, the Monroe chapter of the NAACP decided to exercise another of their civil liberties-the right to keep and bear arms. In 1957, 60 members of the Monroe chapter of the NAACP affiliated with NRA and received firearms training. Many posted themselves at Dr. Perry’s home. When the Klan drove into the neighborhood for another night of tyranny, they came face to face with the Second Amendment.”

          More info on that story:

          Another article regarding freed slaves:

    • danticvs

      Hey, yall. Do you have any good links to this fact? I’d like to blog on it.

    • Agnon Mema

      Gun control was started by the U.S. Government — to keep the “injuns” that were forced onto reservations unarmed and unequal. Look it up if you have to, they were forced to give up their guns as a “sign of good faith”, and many “tribes” were not allowed to have guns until at least the first half of the 20th Century. That shit started right after the “War of Independence” and continued into the 20th Century.

    • Susu

      hey nutjob, maybe you should re read history. The Democratic party at the time you are talking about were the conservative party–Lincoln was a Republican who freed the slaves, but him and his party were considered progressive/liberal. Duh. Southern states were democrats who supported slavery, and was anti civil rights until Nixon came along. Pick up a book or google “Southern Strategy and Nixon” That is when the party affiliations switched. That is why you are confused Nutjob.

      • Bryan Gregg

        the civil war was about money . freeing slaves was a by product

      • gl317

        HEY SUSU,Lincoln is a REPUBLICAN and not a Democrat and he’s NOT liberal, he was just a president for the people.

  • greatunconformity

    Our progressive overlords should pass sweeping “bodyguard control”. Why does anyone “need” a bodyguard? Just call the cops. I’m sure they’ll show up eventually.

  • Marty Luther

    Obama said that there is not a black America and a white America. He needs to notify black America’s spokespeople. Um, wait a minute….

    • Agnon Mema

      Well, there isn’t a black America or a white America. There are, however, black Americans and white Americans — and Hispanic, Native, Asian, Indian, German, French, Italian, Polish, etc, etc, etc, etc Americans.
      Last time I checked, there was no fence or boundary separating America into “separate but equal” portions for each “color”.

  • mdtljt

    Hypocricy=Russell Simmons.

    The obvious one’s a gimmie – you can’t be armed to protect your family, friends, self or property but I’ll bloody well have as many armed guards as I deem necessary to protect me…

    “Our community is not interested in a corporate sponsored gun group telling us what to do, when their real mission is to make more money for the corporations that line their dirty pockets with rolls of cash and silver bullets. We’re much smarter than that and certainly can see through their motives.”

    He’s the head of a multi-squillion dollar Corporate Empire that charges obscene amounts of money for the products it hawks and he has the temerity to say gun and ammo manufacturers line THEIR pockets?? Self-defense and peace of mind v. baggy jeans that show off drawers and a$$cracks…really, Russ?? Who’s lining their pockets with money from people who have no reason whatsoever to buy your obscenely overpriced products but do because your ad campaigns have convinced them they can’t live without the crap?? Not very yogi-like…more Yogi Bear-like – very self-agrandizing and colossally greedy. Oh, and obviously the people to whom you refer as “we” are most definitely NOT “…much smarter than that…” if they buy the garbage you sell or actually believe “…to tell our people that they need to protect themselves from the government with guns is irresponsible and dangerous.” Rusty, please read the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and Bill of Rights…you don’t need to be an attorney to get it…our Founding Fathers, in their brilliance, penned these documents so even the brain-dead can get it. Oh, and ask a survivor of any takeover by a tyrant if not maintaining arms against an invading force – and that’s what a government encroachment is, an invasion – if it was a good idea to disarm. If you speak for “your people” God help them…bless your heart…you are about as smart as a sack of hair…

  • almarquardt

    I love this quote: “say that when someone’s shooting at you,stop confusing self defense with murder”

    Mr. Noir is my new hero.

    • Miss Clairee


  • ceemack

    If Simmons is yogi, who’s boo-boo?

    • TheRealJackpineSavage

      Piers Morgan.

  • Matt

    Its mind boggling black “leaders” are advocating that blacks not own guns, when so many blacks live in dangerous, impoverished areas, where the police won’t protect them or may be too late to do so.

    • robcrawford2

      Those “leaders” are fronts for the gangs. They’re involved in protection rackets with the local “governments”.

      Remember, Jesse Jackson’s half-brother was a gang lord.

  • Garth Haycock

    So, Simmons was ranting about some guy in a Yankees hat, eh?

    • Frederick Weaver


    • Agnon Mema

      A BLACK man in a Yankees hat, no less.

  • dcnj

    Mr. Simmons should be thankful. If it wasn’t for a gun I doubt any of us would be here. PERIOD.

    What he should be outraged about is the pure decimation of “his” people through LIBERAL policies…. Corrupt leaders…

    • CavalierX

      “What he should be outraged about is the pure decimation of “his” people through LIBERAL policies..”

      Sorry, but that would require rational thought instead of knee-jerk emotionalism. Thinking is hard.

    • robcrawford2

      “What he should be outraged about is the pure decimation of “his” people through LIBERAL policies…. Corrupt leaders…”

      Why should he question what has made him a multi-millionaire?

  • prlgrl

    I am gonna have to subscribe to NRA news now. I hate not knowing about these things…

  • michael s

    I support both Russell Simmons and Mr Colion Noir. However I saw this coming. Twitchy looking to promote another fight, like conservatives are doing Pres Obama and Dr Ben Carson,like liberals did Adolph Reed Jr and Sen Tim Scott. I’m not taking the bait.

    • DV S1EOG

      Twitchy didn’t start this dialogue. Mr. Simmons did by making his statements. Twitchy is just reporting that. they haven’t modified any of these tweets. And if you look through all of the tweets you will find the link to Mr. Simmons article. I read it. They got it right here.

      • michael s

        I read the debate before I came here.

        • DV S1EOG

          So then it should be clear that Twitchy didn’t start anything. Mr. Simmons did. This was going on last night, before Twitchy ever posted anything on it.

        • Rabid

          Oh I get you , if they discuss it it’s a DEBATE,but if we discuss it here on’s a FIGHT.

    • Patrick Dennehy

      What a preposterous assertion. Every time two people of the same race disagree on twitter, I will make the same assertion…/roll. Simmon’s brought race into it, if you want to blame anyone, blame him not Twitchy. If you want to make it about race go ahead, you will only make yourself look stupid in the process. Now, I imagine you will respond with some ridiculous diatribe and I can assure you’ll be talking to yourself.

    • Patrick Dennehy

      Do you think you are slick? Good Job, you figured out a way to erase your downvotes. Good for you. You’re comment still stands and will just get the same response…

    • trixiewoobeans

      You just did.

    • Corey Dennison

      You’re just aching for people to take you seriously, aren’t you?

  • DV S1EOG

    I love this “I don’t do my own research because a celebrity told me what to think” attitude. People claim to be educated yet once a celebrity takes a stance on something they instantly follow them like a sheep. Sad thing is that all they had to do was go to Youtube and search for Mr. Colion Noir and they would have found all of his videos and would have heard his views from his own mouth. I guess that is too hard to do. Much easier to have someone else tell you your opinion. Takes less energy that way you can focus your attention on important topics like the Jersey Shore, Honey Boo Boo, 16 & Pregnant, Jerry Springer, etc.

  • Maxx

    How ironic that when conservative gun owners want to preserve their choice to protect life, they are maligned by those who use pro choice to end it?

    If you don’t want to own a firearm, that’s your choice but I’ll be damned if you’re going to take away mine.

    • Miss Clairee

      And how ironic that a man who sold his stake in Def Jam Records for $100 million dollars and has a huge corporation (Rush Communications), took part in Occupy Wall Street in 2011.

      Russell Simmons = Hypocrite

    • MrApple


  • Garth Haycock

    Perhaps Simmons’ twitter account was hacked by Samira Ibrahim?

  • Booker

    Funny how a guy worth $300 mill is talking about corporate sponsors. Too funny!

    • robcrawford2

      Funnier that the “corporate sponsors” that are usually cited for the NRA are either: companies donating large amounts because they’ve had unusually good years, like Ruger and Midway; companies that allow customers to tack on a donation, like Midway and Brownells; and companies that donate because they’re supporters. They act as if the NRA is an industry-created entity, like RIAA or the Democrat party, rather than a grass-roots organization that attracts the support of businesses.

      • Agnon Mema

        The Democrat Party was controlled by rich people who were against freeing the slaves — but for “states’ rights” — and is now controlled by rich people who are more concerned about their bank accounts than the people who do the work that makes rich people rich. The Republican Party was “created” by industry, and it was (and still is) controlled by rich capitalists who care far more about their bank accounts than the people who do the actual work that makes those rich capitalists rich.
        Either way, they’re all hypocrites.

  • $27789750

    I don’t understand a word of this and I am very pleased about that. :)

  • Spatial Awareness

    Anyone that has the moniker “@UncleRush” keep your children away from.

  • Lady 12

    I wanted to make a comment earlier, but I was laughing too hard at the picture Twitchy chose for the article.

    • SpinMeNot

      Thank you for saying this … I was afraid somebody was going to remake the Matrix movies, and Mr. Simmons was practicing to play Morpheus, terrifying, truly terrifying.

  • Okie_pastor

    Awesome!! Colion, you sir are an inspiration!

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to idiotic, ig’nant has been talentless hack:

    “Yoga has never stopped a bullet!”

  • tjp77

    I hope he gets into politics eventually too.

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to dum bass, ig’nat washed up has been striving for relevance:

    “Yoga never stopped a bullet!”

  • notenoughtime

    Simmons has proclaimed himself the voice of black America. Unfortunately, it is hard to take an adult seriously, especially over 40 years old, wearing a baseball cap 24/7! The biggest threat to black America is black on black crime with illegally obtained weapons. This issue is something that Simmons and the other pop culture pundits choose to ignore!

    • Garth Haycock

      And a Yankees cap at that!

  • Gallatin

    Our community is not interested in a corporate sponsored gun group
    telling us what to do, when their real mission is to make more money for
    the corporations that line their dirty pockets with rolls of cash and
    silver bullets. We’re much smarter than that and certainly can see
    through their motives. Until they show a real interest in solving the
    violence problem in our community, they can keep their Yankee
    hat-wearing spokesman and their African-American “campaigns” for

    I see russ simmons makes no mention of the money he makes to line his dirty pockets. Typical Libturd; “My money good your money bad. Must take your money away, do good with it.”

  • Paul Burch

    I wish everyone on either side (of any discussion) would speak like @MrColionNoir. Watch his videos… Voice is never raised, doesn’t resort to name calling, cussing, or hyperbole. Just facts.

    • Tobin James Greywolf

      As someone who’s never owned a gun or plan to, I was surprised at how easily I was drawn into his videos. Very eloquent and factual, but most of all the man just makes sense. While I may not have a personal stake in this particular issue, it’s all interconnected to me. Take away any one right and more are sure to follow.

    • Tobin James Greywolf

      As someone who’s never owned a gun or plan to, I was surprised at how easily I was drawn into his videos. Very eloquent and factual, but most of all the man just makes sense. While I may not have a personal stake in this particular issue, it’s all interconnected to me. Take away any one right and more are sure to follow.

  • sonicmoon

    Simmons keeps revealing the fake and phony Yogi persona he wears while ripping of his own ‘community’ with his cash card business. Just the like black slave traders and those that pad themselves on the back for getting ‘their own’ into government housing projects. Shameful, disgusting, and worth exposing at every turn.

  • Ronin

    I’m really beginning to like the cut of this mans jib!

  • robcrawford2

    “I am yogi and have compassion for you.”

    Hey, Booboo!

    • Ken Alan Draper

      Don’t let Russell steal your pick-a-nick basket!

  • Jedd McHead

    Yo, Simmons, tell your body guards to disarm themselves — lead by example (which you won’t).

  • cgraham77

    Simmons criticizes Noir by stating he is being used by corporate America…meanwhile, Russell Simmons *IS* corporate America!

    Not to mention the fact that this is the same fool who had a friggin gold toilet. If he were a true “yogi,” then he should renounce all his material possessions! Hey Russell, walk the walk, you flagrant hypocrite! It’s real easy to be “calm and peaceful” when you don’t have any real-world struggles in your life.

    I love this Noir guy! I’m not even a gun enthusiast, and I’m so loving all the things he has to say on his videos. He might *make* a gun enthusiast out of me! Ha!

    • trixiewoobeans

      Remember when he tried to make money off the Occupy protests?

  • Donna W

    The Left will use jerks like Simmons – let them be rich, pamper them. Then, when they’ve helped the Gov reach their agenda, these Hollywood weirdos will discover how disposable they really are.

  • DizzyMissL

    I loves me some Colion Noir. These words of his are amazing:


  • Stacy Sample

    FYI Colion just posted this on his facebook page:

    There are web sites posting my personal information, my moms address, my dads address, and other family members. Other than to be malicious and put people close to me in danger why would someone do this? These are supposed to be the peaceful people. I crack jokes but never attack people on a personal level. Ironically, now I really feel the need to arm my family and friends. #IsItBecauseImBlack?

  • trixiewoobeans

    We’re just ordinary people, Sir Russell, we don’t have armed bodyguards, bulletproof SUV’s and high-tech security systems ringing our “estates”. Shut your pie hole you Demotool!

  • holygoat

    Colion Noir scares the hell out of the people like Simmons because A. they know he’s right, and B. they know he’s persuasive. He’s the most persuasive speaker on gun rights that I’ve ever heard. He will make some leftists re-examine their default beliefs.

  • MaryKay

    How many gun toting body guards does this entitled prick have?

  • DANEgerus

    FUBU @UncleRUSH sez @NRA isn’t trustworthy but ex-SlaveOwning Democrats are… funny that…

  • Ken Alan Draper

    So……I guess Yogi isn’t smarter then the average bear after all.

  • NukeDoc

    “Oh s*ht, son…that is one mean downward dog pose! We best leave this mother f***** and his money alone!” -Said no mugger ever.

  • agroulx

    I love how that idiot Russell Simmons throws out them liberal buzzwords “corporations” and “corporate profits” — This guy is the head of Rush Communications, Inc. A CORPORATION! How dumb to people have to be to not recognize his blatant hypocrisy? In addition – his racial side of the argument – notice how he calls out “our people”.. but yet when this gentleman, Colion Noir, steps outside of the plantation, he is dismissed as being a fake black guy.. or “some black guy with a Yankee hat”..

  • Esau’s Message

    Noir is an instantly appealing guy. I suspect Rush fears his appeal.

  • George Szymanski

    See what happens when a Black man ( or any minority for that matter) decides to have a brain and an opinion that he can back upp.. I think the term is leaving the govt plantation.. .. The left CANNOT STAND A BLACK MAN with an opinion not give to him by the left and he must be destroyed.. HEY ALL YOU JACK ASS’ .. I STAND WITH Colion Noir.. youre going to have to destroy me to.. Bring it if you must

  • dr


  • Everett Walker

    Noir has a professional education in processing pesky logic. Nobody can keep up with him so, we just enjoy the ride.

  • Geoffrey Barber

    I find it sad that the black community is against guns and for government protection, when not too long ago, that same government said that they couldn’t use the same restrooms as white people. And before that, the government said they’re ancestors could be bought and sold like cattle.

  • Jay

    I don’t have Twitter, but I would have loved to get in on this debate. Simmons is a sell out of the highest order, which is fine by me. It is America after all, make the money… just don’t go around preaching this and that, then contradicting yourself by being a hypocrite. Colion Noir is a great addition to the NRA and I’m looking forward to more of his videos.

  • locsphere

    Why is everyone who is attacking Collin not see that he is not advocating violence? How ridiculous are these people? Where once does he say to go out and kill and harm people? For that matter (and I am not siding with the NRA) When has the NRA ever gone out and said to kill the innocent? This fear of the firearm is childish and irresponsible on the liberals part. The NRA is also compromised of more law enforcement, military, and veterans than any other organization So the NRA who advocates for personal self defense and the constitution, not just the second amendment is somehow lobbying for more violence? Are you people for real?

    This is a very simple minded if not childish approach. We have rights and advocating you be responsible with your rights and utilizing them is not advocating for violence. You seem to think that the gun is what made Adam Lanza a killer. Adam Lanza made himself a killer and a person who could have stopped him with a firearm was barred of that use thanks to the liberals who have their heads in the sand and think the gun caused all that harm. Yet we still take away our ability to defend ourselves. How many school shootings were happening when teachers weren’t barred from owning and carrying a firearm as early as the 70’s. Next to none, but now its too emotionally damaging?

    If you don’t want to own a firearm then don’t, but don’t tell me I can’t.

    Also I am so sick of this. “You aren’t black enough if you don’t think like me” this is hogwash. It is ridiculous we continue to revert to this issue as black and white. Colin went out of his way to say it is not a black or white issue. Yet what do we see from Simmons? “you don’t speak for black America ” And we wonder why we can’t unite in this country? Why we can’t all get along? He is not advocating for violence, he is advocating for defense when violence has been brought to your door step that you have not asked for. Sometimes in this world there are predators that have no intention in reasoning or guilt. They are committing a crime and the right to a trial is only if they have gotten away from the crime. When you are face to face and know they are committing a crime. There should be no sympathy for the criminals, defend yourselves with what ever means necessary. When was self defense turned into a crime? Some of the people of the United States have it so good they never have to worry about crime. I wish I could live in an area that has priced poverty out of my neighborhood and no one ever attacked me. Ever been robbed at knife point? Its not fun I can tell you that. Was it the knifes fault? I guess it must have been! That poor robber who held me at knife point was a victim of that knife telling him to rob me and possibly kill me. (This is literally the logic)

    As far as I am concerned (Since we are so quick to rush to judgement and place labels on people.)

    Anyone anti-gun and ant NRA is Anti Military who do not support the troops.(Diane feinstein just got through labeling all veterans as having PTSD and partaking in Vietnam era discrimination.) They are anti law enforcement. The anti gun crowd seeks to stand with the Adam Lanza’s and criminals of our society. We are the human race! We have good people and bad people and sometimes you need to defend yourself from the bad people.

  • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll

    Someone go and find me one of Mr. Colion Noir’s video where he advocates violence. (@UncleRUSH – aka-Russell Simmons – @MeaganMarkwardt – aka-Meagan Markwardt)

    Until then, you should keep thy mouth shut. It only makes you look more ignorant about the subject at hand.

  • Frank Schoner

    Russel Simmons is the man of many hypocrisies. He says no one should have guns, yet walks around with armed bodyguards. (When called on the bodyguards he lied and said he didn’t have them until a bunch of photos surfaced showing he in fact, did.) He also seems to think Colion Noir is advocating violence against the government and although he isn’t, Russel Simmons made a good portion of his money guiding a well known group called Public Enemy who is known for the little gem, “Fuck the Police”. Hmmm..
    Russel Simmons is nothing but a punk.

  • Erica Bradley

    I’m so sick of people pulling the “race card”. Its not about race. It’s about liberty and freedom!!!! A liberty and freedom that countless men and women throughout centuries have faught and died to obtain as well as protect. Am I correct to assume that russell is saying that it is irresponsible to suggest that responsible Americans protect themselves? I wonder, Mr. Simmons would you suggest this to your “black” ancestors? Thugs of every shade obtain find guns and commit crimes everyday regardless of what laws we make. I suggest you turn of the tv mr. Simmons and take sometime to educate yourself on world history. If you remain ignorant I propose that you and those like you deserve nothing more than the modern slavery they’re trying to establish.

  • Billy Skipper

    I wonder if Russell tweeted the black panthers when video surfaced of them calling for the killing of cracker babies since he is so concerned about the spread of violence!?

  • Francis Elliott Long

    Go to You Tube and type, “No guns for Negroes,” Watch all 20 minutes and you will be enlightened. This so called “gun control,” is racist. Seriously !

  • Bill Belanger

    Def Jam- Sells violent rap albums
    Colion Noir- Self defense is a human right.

    Who preaches violence?

  • William Forest Bradford

    ok lets see here a man is saying that another man is being used by an corporation for voicing his own opinion ok how is this wrong ? and when it comes to gun control . WHAT GIVES YOU OR ANY ONE THE RIGHT TO SAY I CANT OWN A GUN OR NOT ? I AM AN AMERICAN CITICAN BORN FREE PLAN TO STAY THAT WAY