Sequesterpocalygeddon Theater continues. As Twitchy reported on Tuesday, the White House decided to punish the riffraff by canceling public tours of the palace. The people’s house? Says you, pleb.

Fox News host Eric Bolling stepped up to the plate with a generous proposal.

“Let these families take their White House tours next week and I’ll cover the added expenses. Word is it will cost around $74,000,” he said on Thursday’s edition of “The Five.”

Fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity quickly joined in with a matching offer to help end the White House’s ongoing theatrics.

They shouldn’t have to, but they are. Will the White House respond?

#OpenOurWH trended on Friday as citizens took to Twitter to support Bolling and Hannity and demand a response from the White House.

Others are offering to join Bolling and Hannity.

What say you, President Obama?

  • mdtljt

    In re FuzzySlippers tweet – what if they didn’t take a bazillion dollar vacay every other week…or every other month or however often they do – sure seems like every other week. The Clown Prince and his Court Jesters are getting taken to task for this asinine move…ain’t it AWESOME!!!!

    • FuziSlippers

      Agreed. I was attempting to emphasize how truly wasteful, clueless, and out of touch they are. But you’re right.

  • Jack Deth

    The White House will never respond.
    To respond is to admit.
    Better for him and his minions to keep the tours shut down.
    Something tangible with which Dems can finger point and beat up Republicans.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      However this is starting to look like the gangly, pimple faced kid who reads a lot telling the rugby team to watch out or he will beat ALL of them up. The dems have cried wolf and squealed about the sky falling for so long, time for the rugby team to squish the gangly kid decisively.

      • Jack Deth

        it looks that way to US. It looks however the media wishes it to look to Low Intelligence Voters. Whose numbers seem to grow every day.

        Those who are receiving government hand outs do not want the gravy train to end. If that means voting Democrat to keep it going. They will be more than happy to do so.

    • Shawn

      You would have to do a filibuster before you get an answer from this administration

    • beebop1952

      Not this time. He is wearing the mud and I think it is very becoming to be honest. What a small, petty “man.”

  • kim

    his plan was to piss off as many people as possible so we would flood congress with calls and emails. perhaps we should do that to the WH

    • rivers

      Yeah, I don’t think they expected the American people to place the blame squarely on him. Where it belongs.

  • Maxx

    It would be priceless if Mitt Romney stepped up and contributed enough to continue the tours for awhile. How poignant would THAT be?

  • Tangchung

    Noble yes
    but lets shut down the WH brewery and brewmaster and bottler first. Get rid of the 3 calligraphers $277,000 and print out dinner and birthday party invitations on a computer like normal people do first.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      WHOA WHOA WHOA there cowboy…….those cuts wouldn’t hurt anyone. The boy king will never go for that. Little old ladies must be thrown into the streets, end all veterans programs, STOP PAYING SOLDIERS!!!!! {whew} sorry, that felt pretty good.
      How about if we just start with a budget. Private individuals should not have to resort to this. It is an indicator of just how incompetent this “administration” is.

      • Tangchung

        Yes I agree.
        We start going down this volunteer to pay government services we will see bake sales for the post office.

        • WisconsinPatriot

          That would REALLY bring home the “services” that are “provided” that are truly of value and those that are not. I would give 90% of my blood to take care of veterans,the generational dependants could take a hike.

      • TomJB

        Tuition Assistance for the military ends at 1700 today.

    • Patricia Maykrantz Long

      Does Michelle really need so many secretaries and aides? She has more than any first lady has ever had! Just gives her too much time to plan our school menus, and learn to do hootchy dances.

    • Isabella1709

      Sounds good but would put real people out of work. Calligraphers really are people.

      • Tangchung

        Keep them and give them a hour of retraining on giving White House tours for the children.

      • nickshaw

        Buggy whip makers were real people too.
        Maybe they should have picked a better profession? Or had a back up, just in case?
        Where in the rules did it say you are guaranteed a job for life in your chosen profession once you get your foot in the door? I must have missed that page.
        Wait, I forgot. It does apply to government workers.
        Just not the rest of us.

        • Isabella1709

          I do understand that nick, but the knee jerk reaction is always to demean those you have no respect for. So because a computer can do it eveyone in the arts is worthless. Great spirit there.

          • nickshaw

            And I understand you too, seeing that I had a wife who was a calligrapher of some note!
            However, she had a real job as well!
            I’m thinking the White House could give up one or two and let them go back into the private sector, no?
            $220K a year seems pretty pricey to me when a computer could be used for place cards at WH dinners! Or is art a real necessity there too?

          • nc

            My mother had a stationery store from the 70’s to the 90’s, before people could print good quality themselves on their home computers. She always had a first rate calligrapher on staff (they did other work, too) but she didn’t (couldn’t) pay any kind of outrageous salary.

            BTW, all her calligraphers were college age girls and very talented. One even made place cards for a dinner for Queen Elizabeth.

          • Isabella1709

            Obviously those calligraphers should also train for IT positions and then they would be earning their bucks?

            Perhaps we should look also at all the taxpayer paid entertainment at the White House, the first family indulges in for themselves and their personal friends. Or how about the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on the ONE ultra lavish state visit of the Mexican president, Calderon. That alone would fund public access for over a month.

            My hat is off to the Fox guys, Eric Bolin and Sean Hannity that have started the ball rolling to help defer the costs of public tours especially for kids. That should add a bit of shame to the president who cannot seem to do a thing for this country unless he can hurt a conservative, I want to see the records of his reimbursement to US for his lavish golf trips with Woods etc., and lets see how to cut back on on that and his family’s behavior. They have behaved as the “royal family” since day one. Never mind the hurt going on out here.

          • Catchance

            Actually, no one’s demeaning the calligrapher. Most of us, however, are thinking that $227K a year is a bit much. They wouldn’t get anywhere near that in the private sector.

          • Isabella1709

            You are right about that. Even though there are 3 of them that is a very healthy paycheck divided up. We also don’t know how much work is demanded of them. Somehow I am not convinced that Michelle’ s Wed parties are the sort that one sends an invitation written in calligraphy. I like Tangchung’s idea below of retaining them for White House tours. But that is a Secret Service thing, isn’t it? Actually I could volunteer for security, have Glock will travel?

          • Lisa Dean

            I second that @Isabella1709:disqus – #HaveGlockWillTravel

          • beebop1952

            Then give up yours, your ipod, cell phone, etc. Walk or talk.

          • Isabella1709

            I also pay taxes. Maybe I should give that up. Don’t try to compare apples with oranges, your analogy doesn’t work.

          • Terry

            Isabella, do you realize how many secretaries lost their jobs after computers became reasonably priced in the early 1990’s? If you have any undeveloped rolls of kodak film, you’d best get them processed soon, if you can still find someone that knows how to do it. I am a fan of art, but it is now a niche market. For the taxpayers to have to dole out $277k per year for 3 calligraphers is an outrage, as are the Obama families endless separate and/or 2-plane vacations. I see Moochelle or Barry on the TV and my mind goes immediately to that greedy woman who made fame during the election screeching “i got me a obama phone!”. Low-life, trashy leeches…

          • Isabella1709

            Well gee, it makes me sick too, but concentrating on about how modernity should replace EVERYTHING apparently. I am NOT a calligrapher and do agree that that is too much money for even full time employees. But don’t throw out all of the fine arts for computer graphics.

          • Isabella1709

            Well gee, it makes me sick too, but concentrating on about how modernity should replace EVERYTHING apparently. I am NOT a calligrapher and do agree that that is too much money for even full time employees. But don’t throw out all of the fine arts for computer graphics.

          • Lisa Dean

            @beebop1952:disqus – I paid for my iPod, iPhone etc. I also pay for all of the vacations that Obama takes even though we all should tighten our belts according to Obama. Talk about #WalkOrTalk

          • SpinMeNot

            Ms. Dean … in a phrase … “get some, hooah!”

  • aPLWBinAK

    Good. This helps take away their ‘Republicans only care about themselves’ narrative.

    • conservativechick

      Is it still trending? My account was suspended and I can’t see it? I hope it is!

      • DV S1EOG

        They should have a link for you to click on so you can “agree” to a couple of terms, then instantly lift your suspension. I had to do that a couple of days ago because I was countering a bunch of statements made by liberals. I wasn’t being ignorant, just truthful. Some just can’t handle the truth.

        • conservativechick

          Thanks. I’ll try it again, but I’m not sure what I did or said, other than go to that Samira Ibrahim account and try to read and translate some posts? Happened right at that time. We’ll see.

          • Cambria

            My account was suspended too, the same day I created it. After multiple emails and a week had gone by, a Twitter rep sent me a canned response claiming my account was suspended for abusing the system by following too many people at once. I followed less than 10 people my first day. They lifted the suspension but never gave me a real reason for it. Funny thing is that I was posting about what a disgusting coward Chris Dorner was right before they suspended me.

  • The Left Is Evil

    Am I crazy or what? #OpenOurWH is not trending…This article was posted at 9:52 AM this morning, but, at 10:21 AM I sent this Tweet—> “I Cannot believe #OpenOurWH IS NOT Trending..It was trending in 2nd place, but now it is not…What that #Hell is going @Twitter ? #sinister ” IS NOT TRENDING Twitter shut it down…

    • Miss Clairee

      I bet Twitter has been “warned” by the White House just like journalists who tell the truth get “warned.”

    • nickshaw

      It’s amazing what can happen if you tap the full resources of OFA to spam something else to knock out a trend, eh?
      Yet, the cost of doing that could finance a few tours.
      God, these people are vindictive little shyts!

  • David

    I suspect OBlamer will begin anew with white house tours. First he will blame some staffer for the shutting down; and then have a photo op where he and Moochelle will welcome a group of wide-eyed 4th grade students. The press who is his enabler and abetter will be there recording this “historic” event and all will be forgiven for this pretender in chief.

    • Tessa

      He shut it because he hates us.

    • nickshaw

      Better still, and to follow your line of thought, Dave, Mooch will volunteer to be a guide (once. For the photo op!). You know, for the children!

  • Patricia Maykrantz Long

    Thing is, if our good citizens keep giving him money to keep the White House open, he will let them fund it entirely. Good samaritans save him lots of money.

  • binky354

    Tours of White House should trump Obama family vacations. Let them keep their butts at home and no more running around the country to golf with celebrities!

  • nickshaw

    I wonder if Organizing For America will chip in?
    Oh, wait, I forgot, you have to pay them for a tour!

  • rivers

    Nancy Pelosi says not getting a raise would be beneath the dignity of her office.
    First family forcing the spending of millions by going to Martha’s Vineyard instead of Camp David, a vacation home must of us would love to hang out at.
    Deflections and obfuscations surround Oval Office renovations.
    WH projectionist? First dog walker? Secret service for Valerie Jarrett? 100 lb Wagu beef?
    Nope, can’t expect the First family to buck up, let’s put it on the schoolkids who busted their butts with car washes and bake sales to get to D.C.

    Cue troll to say I’m just mad that Obama won in three, two, one…

  • almarquardt

    We should create a White House Petition to bring back the tours. I thought about it, but to be quite honest, I don’t want the White House to send me a bunch of crap simply because I created an account with them.

  • nickshaw

    I’ve heard that the tours are conducted by volunteers and that it is the cost of the Secret Service security detail that’s the problem.
    Does anyone believe those Secret Service members were just let go? Of course not! They are just reassigned at the same pay.
    This man is such a vindictive little shyte! This thing should be made huge before Skeeter walks it back with excuses and those should be made just as huge.
    Progressives just hate being mocked!

  • notenoughtime

    Obama will certainly be happy to take anyone’s money since that is what he does best.

  • Joe Schmidt

    Good for Sean and Eric. Maybe someone could get in touch with Donald Trump. I think he like causes like this.

  • capisce

    remember back in the day, when being POTUS elevated you to the top of the food chain?
    Petty actions by a petulant wannabe diminishes the office and the country.

  • bigsiouxriver

    Obama obviously hates children.

  • mike_in_kosovo

    Good news… WH tours are now being conducted by OFA… only 500k/head.

  • bob twiggs

    Sign petition to open white house for tours using private funding #openourwh

  • alohasteve

    Video – Fox News Special: Benghazi Attack – 6 Months Later………..

  • Randall Smith

    This administration is a disgrace to this country