Speaking to students in Germany, Secretary of State John Kerry defended the American “right to be stupid — if you want to be.”

Exhibit A: John Kerry’s career.

Do the citizens of “Kyrzakhstan” enjoy the right to be stupid? Check with them and get back to us, Secretary Kerry.


Don’t give them any ideas!

  • TocksNedlog

    Kerry doesn’t just ’embrace’ it; he CODIFIES it!

    • http://twitter.com/__abstraction__ An Abstraction

      Twitchy commenters live out his words EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

      • J. Cox

        Yes,you sure do…thanks for proving him right

      • TocksNedlog

        No doubt you will now dazzle us with the wit & wisdom of John Kerry.

      • ceyanne

        Aaaaannnd…. here you are!

      • lainer51

        yes sirree Bob, Welcome Aboard.

      • Orlando Cee

        Really? Here’s your sign!

  • TocksNedlog

    Here’s your sign.

    [And, as Ron White might say, “You can’t fix John Kerry”.]

  • http://twitter.com/die_mich_zwei Spatial Awareness

    Fighting for the “right to be stupid”? Well, there it is …. the ENTIRE 0bama administration in a nutshell. #YESTheySaidItOutLoud

  • Pat Loudoun

    Finally, someone is DC shows leadership.

  • $24414377

    Jon eFing Kerry, tearing down Americans in a foreign county…dummass.

    I would hope the internet is digging into his other claim in this same story…that as a 12 year old, Mr Nitwit bicycled into East Berlin after presenting his diplomatic passport.

    Is this another secret, Christmas Eve mission to Cambodia claim?

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    In America you also have the right to marry the widow of your friend, who just happens to have a very large trust fund from her first husband, and then deny that you have much money “of your own.”

  • NachoCheese (D)

    “Americans have right to be stupid.”

    The election in November certainly proves that…

    • freeinaz


    • vino veritas

      I pray to God we have diluted the stupid pool of voters enough to prevent that reality from happening again when the time comes.

    • ceemack

      If there wasn’t a right to be stupid, this guy would be serving a long stretch in prison.

      Seriously, he talks about his own country and his own people like this? In a foreign country? We should send his sorry ass to Cambodia…for real, this time.

  • carla5731

    If people have the right to be stupid then they should also pay for that stupid by picking up the tab for their own birth control.

  • Steve_J

    And he exercises that rght every chance he gets.

  • fivebyfive

    Hey, leave him alone he’s just exercising his right.
    (to be STUPID)

  • Dan Thorpe

    I can’t believe this is the asshat that is representing America around the world SMH

    • lainer51

      Believe it – he is following the Master lock step.

  • Dick Beninya

    Knocking America while abroad. This guy is a piece of work. A shirty piece of work. I can’t stand limo Libs.

  • http://twitter.com/SimmonsDB DBSimmons

    9/26/2012-Senator John Kerry: “We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening.” So what’s the big surpise now?!

    • freeinaz

      Kinda like where you dock your yacht in an effort to skirt taxes.

  • detroit19

    Wow…great Secretary or State.

  • http://twitter.com/SimmonsDB DBSimmons

    9/26/2010, not 2012…

  • Michelle

    It would have been bad enough if he’d said this in front of an American audience, it’s appalling he did it in another country. See the guy laughing at the comment? Thanks John, just…thanks.

    • Roto

      he was just following his boss’s lead…

  • http://twitter.com/standsomemore StandSomeMore

    heh, misread the headline: “John Kerry publicly _embarrasses_ America” – eh, well, tamayto, tamahto

  • freeinaz

    Kerry, does a box of chocolates come to mind for yourself. Forrest Kerry has quite a ring to it.

  • Phil McMorrow

    Of course you have a right to be stupid. Otherwise, the Democrats would have gone out of business eons ago.

  • lainer51

    “In America you have a right to be stupid, if you want to be” Secy #Kerry on freedom of speech —
    He is living proof of that!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cynthia Flanagan

    John Kerry will never change! Kerry has not changed from the day he attempted to align himself with “The Kennedy’s”
    Kerry tried to emulate them to a T w/trying to get elected in Ma. many years ago.

  • G.

    Most Americans don’t walk around with orange “tans” or leach off a rich wife or even provide aid and comfort to the enemy when you travelled to VN to meet with their leaders (unauthorized by our .gov, of course) or lied about American soldiers actions in combat. What a piece of work this elitist, limp wristed idiot is…but typical of Obamas in-your-face contrary appointments.

    • Roto

      check…check…double check… yep, Jon was a perfect Obama nominee

  • Jedd McHead

    I never thought I’d see anyone who’d make Hillary look competent but along comes this ambulatory corpse…

  • vino veritas

    Just remember who got re-elected as potus, people. Unfortunately, this country has already illustrated kerry’s point better than he ever could with just that 1 event. Let’s see if we can really do something about that next year and in 2016!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z2H3PE5CEFXDNRP6W44UXSUF7A StarDust5062

    Kerry is so stoopid, he’ll never ketchup!

  • spacelab2

    He’s the expert!

  • Chris Mears

    Being stupid seems to be Joe Biden’s main qualification for Vice President…. but in all seriousness, where was this defense of our rights in September #Benghazi

  • John Beam

    Yes, there’s a right, here in America “to be stupid.” In fact, that is probably the only confirmed “right” that exists EVERYWHERE on the planet. Stupidity is a trait we all share, and it happens with all people, as does sleeping, eating, shitting, and dying. The thing is, I can’t find a country anywhere BUT AMERICA where it’s leading political party is making stupidity A REQUIREMENT. How else does our school systems turn out so many dull-witted morons that identify with elected politicians like Kerry?

  • Guest

    Kerry, dumber than a bag of hammers with half the charisma thereof.

  • E Quilibrate

    He thinks we have a right to be stupid. Apparently he considers it
    a moral imperative for himself. And, damn is he ever good at it.