José Canseco has been trolling for an invitation to the 2013 Tiger Beat Banquet, er, White House Correspondents Dinner since last year. He even offered Michelle Obama a hug in exchange for a ticket. Because who wouldn’t want to witness our esteemed media squeeing like Twi-hards and tossing their panties at celebrity crushes?

José is also dying for a chance to meet Dick Lugar.

So how could he possibly turn down the chance to be BuzzFeed’s celeb arm-candy?

Train wreck of trolls at Nerd Prom? #YesWeCanseco.

Here’s a preview of the dinner conversation:

Popcorn ready.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    The Huffington Enquirer is inviting Mookie Wilson and Sammy Sosa.

    • hwy505

      Hey – layoff Mookie!

  • Jimni27

    Just came to laugh at that shirt :) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • Jack O’Daniels

      no kiddin…nice nips!

  • Lady 12

    I’m a little confused. Who is this guy, and what is he talking about? Cudos to him for picking the right side of the gun issue, though.

    • CynicOwl

      Professional steroid abuser who took up baseball as a hobby.