Aw, isn’t that precious? MSNBC host Touré thinks he finally found a winning argument for gun control. Why do you need a gun? It’s, like, totally “rare” to use a gun to deter crime.

What. A. Joke.

In a deliciously unfair matchup, Townhall editor and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich swatted down Touré’s pathetic argument.

Be sure to read Amanda Collins’ account of how she was “legislated into being a victim.”

Touré, of course, went right to the ol’ standby: his matched set of torn and weathered For the Women™ and For the Children™ cards.

Rich, indeed.

Exactly. But the lives saved by the Second Amendment just get in the way of Touré’s agenda.

Defenseless women aren’t just acceptable collateral damage to the Left — they’re necessary to perpetuate a culture of victimhood. Touré and his execrable ilk would rather see a country filled with raped women than a country filled with armed women.

  • Spatial Awareness

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have the WINNER!!!! ==> “.@KatiePavlich: Understand that to @Toure & his pals, raped women, dead babies, etc. are acceptable collateral damage for their agenda.” @KurtSchlichter

    • Kevin Gallagher

      Why do you need a gun when you can just pee on your rapist? Urine has much more stopping power than a .40 S&W….

      • Kevin Krom

        I say compromise. Shoot the rapist then pee on his corpse.

        (Edit: who are the idiots marking down the post above me? It’s CLEARLY sarcasm!)

        • OneThinDime

          Love the idea but the poor woman might be charged with assaulting a corpse in some states :(

          • Spatial Awareness

            Well, if perp is dead, as he SHOULD be, she could say she tried it the DUMBOCRAP way first and it didn’t work. ~_^

          • OneThinDime

            Yup, just gotta make sure some of the piddle gets below his blood, you know those libtard lawyers will be looking for a civil judgment on a rightful self-defense action!

          • BlueGood

            Rapists & Liberal Lawyers have blood??…who’da thunk it?

          • F. De Moraes

            I like the way you think!

        • Taggart Snyder

          LOL! Yes! Love that line.

        • rinodino

          Do you need to be loved that bad to worry about down arrows? And they say liberals are sensitive

        • wwbdinct

          It’s rinodinotard. He actually stated in a previous post that he’d rather see a woman raped than have her shoot the perp so consider the source.

          • SameJerkDifferentName

            Of course he would. The rapist may be him, or a family member. Not to mention a potential vote for ‘his own kind’ (‘D’ is for douchebag)

          • rinodino

            Yep I said that all right, please find the actual quote and ill give you a straw for your strawman argument… Beast!!!

          • wwbdinct

            Don’t cry oh thin-skinned one. I couldn’t actually believe you would go that far just to stick to your demented libtarded ideology but as always, just when you think you lefty vermin couldn’t get any lower, you manage to do just that.

          • 1SkepticalChick

            That’s his self-preservation at work there.

        • Leanne Watts

          They must not have seen the story about Colorado….

      • meyou

        But if a woman is being raped, then she’s probably on her back…kinda hard for us to pee “up”. See? Kevin below has a good idea: Shoot & Pee!!!!

        • Calcat36

          Wait, who raped touret?

      • Johnny Blade


      • Glenda Lee

        I would love to see the research of this actually working. I want to hear from both convicted rapists and rape victims.

      • allenebooth

        Kevin G.: Women can’t aim their urine stream like men can. Besides, if you try to urinate while still clothed —whether male OR female—, your clothes will absorb most of the urine.

  • Tangchung

    Conservative women been slapping the liberal hell out of the left. Love it.

    • V the K

      Liberals are scared of women who own guns; Conservatives marry them.

      • Gramps Light

        Liberals are The worst kind of Cowards, they are afraid of anything that might keep them from ruining our country!

    • rinodino

      Bwaaa!!! Really? Call me when you get one that actually matters, and no Sarah Palin does not count

      • SJ’s Dad

        Go ahead, post your tel. number!
        Bwahaha indeed!, . . . .HEY, I smell another #HashtagGame!!!
        #Pointingouttheidiocyinlibturdpostsiseasierthan . . .

      • $35072932

        Hmm isn’t the thread about Beautiful Katie Pavlich demolishing Touré’s latest pitiful argument for gun control?

        Forgive me a little artistic license with headline..

      • wwbdinct

        No one needs Sarah Palin. I do it to you on a regular basis libtard.

      • SameJerkDifferentName

        Hey ding-dong, My most recent Valentines gift was ammunition. I’ve given lots of things in my years, but when she opened the ammo, she was so happy we went out and fired off about 250 rounds each blasting the heck out of those bleeding-heart liberal Paper Silhouettes. If she ever needs to use her .45 (yes, she carries a .45!) she will canoe out the attackers head. It’s your choice to be a victim or not. She chooses life, and to not be raped or mugged. If you whiners want to roll the dice and play the odds, enjoy your therapy.

        • louisiana_mom

          My hubby gave me a membership to the NRA! The best Valentine’s gift he’s ever given me! :)

      • andy trimble

        Condaleeza Rice. Michelle Malkin. Ann Coulter. Katie Pavlich. Laura Bush. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Margaret Thatcher. Michelle Bachmann.

      • Thevelvetkitten

        I find your statement rather sexist. All women matter !!! We don’t need your approval..LOL.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        Nobody needs to bring up Sarah to you. She’s living in YOUR head. No doubt if you were faced with a killer, you’d be happy to have an armed Palin next to you over ANY Liberal woman.

        Now speaking of guns, why does Wasserman-Schultz have TWO armed Broward Sherrifs escorting her through the FTL airport CARRYING her luggage? You’re nothing to her.

      • TocksNedlog

        As per usual, all you can offer in refutation is an ad hom. Weak.

    • Judy B

      Conservative women are thinking women, as opposed to fuzzy feelers.

      • louisiana_mom

        We think with our “lady smarts,” not our “lady parts”

      • WillofNY

        Not only are they thinking womenr, they are also beautiful. Have you ever seen any ugly conservative women? There are pleny of liberal ones. Not that there aren’t good looking liberal ones, but because of their ideology, made them ugly.

    • TaxRevolt

      To bad some conservative men lack the cajones that some conservative women have.

  • therantinggeek

    “Data shows that for the avg person the chance to use a gun against a criminal is a once in a lifetime event.”

    I wonder what “data” Toure is using to support his claim…

    • jeffunde

      It’s his own data. Liberals never, ever have data to support their claims. Liberals believe in telling lies over and over again people will start believing the lies.

  • itekisan

    How much do I love Katie Pavlich? She demolishes the leftist’s arguments daily, and one of the best reasons to read

  • Kevin Krom

    I buy insurance on my house. There is roughly a once-in-a-lifetime chance that I’ll need it to repair/replace some or all of my property after a house fire. I may never need to use it. But in the event of a fire, I’ll be damn glad I had the insurance.

    • ChelieinTX

      Oh, GOOD point/comparison!!

    • v.l.

      Plus, the government requires you that you install smoke detectors in your house for that once-in-a-lifetime chance.

      • John Garry

        What about airbags in cars. Like guns, we may never need them and hope we don’t, but will be glad they are there if we do need them. Too bad airbags can’t deter accidents the way guns deter crime.

    • $35072932

      Guns are just like insurance, fire extinguishers and first aide kits – they are there for emergencies.

      Most of the 300+ Million guns owned by 120+ Million people are never used aside for routine practice, with rust and politicians as their only enemies.

      Why don’t some people have the same issue with fire extinguishers and first aide kits?

    • Ken Hensey


    • orringtonmom (D)


  • peteee363

    if i knew i would only need it once, and i knew when that was, i guess i could call the cops. but since i don’t know if it will only happen once, and i will never know when that is, i suppose i could just keep a nice little constitutionaly approved weapon nearby. i am guessing he never heard of shops being robbed numerous times?

    • Ron Gaskins

      Remember that truth is an impediment to their goals. Therefore, it is readily sacrificed to achieve their ends.

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Numb Nuts:

    Gun Control Laws affect only the law abiding.

    Criminals, by their very definition, do not obey the law!

    Criminals do not acquire hand guns and rifles at Gun Shows or Stores because they cannot pass an Insta-Check or Hard Copy background check.

    Criminals acquire hand guns and rifles from other criminals. Those items are more often than not stolen from homes and sold in hotel rooms or from the back of a car.

    And if Gun Control works so well. Why does Chicago have more murders than any other city in the U.S.?

    • Thunderbuck

      Actually, more often than not criminals buy their guns from intermediate buyers who use the gun show loophole. Close that and it cuts the supply considerably.

      • Spatial Awareness

        Not in this case.==>

        Criminals will use whatever means to get weapons they are not legally able to get themselves.

      • Ron Gaskins

        This is a lie perpetuated by the media and others with no affection for the truth.

      • Jack Deth

        Straw men and loopholes?


        Here’s my take on Gun~Control.

        1/: Insta-Check in all 50 states for handgun and consumables purchases.

        2/: Adopt the NRA’s “Operation Exile” in all 50 states..

        Where if you commit a crime with a firearm. It’s 5 years mandatory.
        Plus anything else the cops and D.A. can tack on.

        If you discharge a weapon in the commission of a crime. 5 more years.
        (10 total) Plus anything else the cops and D.A. can tack on.

        If you shoot a civilian in the commission of a crime. 20 years mandatory.
        Without the possibility of parole.

        If you kill a civilian in the commission of a crime. Life. Without the possibility of parole. Or the death penalty in those states that have it.

        If you kill a cop. Immediate execution.

        All above crimes will have ONE shot at an appeal.

        • Calcat36

          I like my version better. I passed and was issued an unConstitutional “background check” to obtain a CCW permit. I get the obligatory check done every time I purchase a weapon, which is fine, although illegal. Anything after that, is NONE OF UNCLE SAM’S BUSINESS. And for libtards to think I would sell one of my weapons illegally, you overstep your opinion bearing close to accusing me of a crime or criminal intent. Those scumbags are the reason I carry AND OBEY THE LAW!

        • Julie Ann Jones

          Well said, Jack. The unfortunate part is that logical punishment for illogical acts (read criminal behavior) never, ever, ever crosses the liberal’s mind! We have more than enough laws on the books to deal with criminal behavior. The solution is raising conviction rates with good police work and effective prosecution, with punishment that sticks!

      • NRPax

        The “gun show loophole” refers to someone selling their gun to another private individual. This is no different from a private citizen placing an ad in the paper to sell their car. Gun dealers at shows still have to go through the normal hoops that they do in their businesses. If they don’t, they get stomped on rather hard by the government.

        Amazingly, criminals steal guns or they have a person do a straw purchase for them instead of going to a gun show. This is because criminals don’t obey the law.

        • dwsmokin

          Exactly! Criminals also steal prescription drugs, and GASP! illegal drugs from other criminals-obtained illegally. We can’t keep anyone out of this country who wants to come in-how in the world are we going to keep out guns? Won’t happen.

          • NRPax

            “Shut Up!”, they explained. -:-)

      • Monica Palmer Larsen

        Actually, more often than not, criminals buy their guns from the U.S. Government…! #fastandfurious

        • Calcat36

          Not bought. Freely GIVEN at our expense, the cost of 2 dead Americans and 300+ innocent Mexicans. For the record, I bought 2 BAZOOKAS using the gun show loophole. And if anyone believes that…

      • WisconsinPatriot

        You are such an idiot…..I don’t even know where to start. The “gun show loophole” exists ONLY in liberal folklore. If you would attend a gunshow, you would know that. Why don’t you go to one, right now, and report back to us how easy it was to just lay your money down and walk out armed to the teeth. I won’t hold my breath cause it isn’t going to happen. Go back to the troll center……your cover is blown.

      • Julie Ann Jones

        Really, and what proof do you have of that? Most criminals I arrested for gun crimes stole them or bought them hot on the street.

      • Narniaman

        Oh, it is absolutely true that closing the gun show loophole will rid the nation of those guns the criminals use. What proves it is the way that Meth disappeared once the “drug show” loophole was closed. . . . . . . . .

      • JeffDeWitt

        Nice try, but you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. That BS might work among your lefty friends but we know better here.

      • tallron

        Since Americans are free citizens, and you as a Canadian are a subject of the Crown, your comments on the American consitution have no standing-Ehh?

      • dwsmokin

        So would the same approach apply to heroin, cocaine, people, etc? The government has proven that it cannot keep out anything it has declared illegal if people want it. And guns would actually be easier to smuggle in-ask Russia. Anything in the former USSR that was considered illegal was easy to acquire simply by knowing the right people Same here.

      • jba

        An illegal sale from the start, and the buyer was put up to it by the criminal…think a new law will prevent that?? Seriously??? Yeah, sure.. no criminal would think of breaking that law..

      • mike_in_kosovo

        According to the DOJ, 80% of criminal guns are from friends, family (40%) or a street buy (40%).

        Also from DOJ: A study “concluded that theft and burglary were the original, not always the proximate, source of many
        guns acquired by the juveniles.”

        But by all means, feel free to let us know just *how* you’re going to get criminals to obey *THOSE* laws, when they’re already breaking so many others just have having a gun in their possession.

        Magical thinking idiots.

      • Sonus

        There is No. Gun. Show. Loophole.

  • Cuz Grandma Says

    Lets face it if the left really valued life, they’d be pro-life. They don’t care who dies as long as they can promote their agenda as some people said. They have one goal and that is to eliminate the one thing that can prevent them from achieving their goal, armed citizens. We’ve got their number and we must fight legally to stop them.

    • JeffDeWitt

      Oh but they ARE pro life, they want to protect the lives of all the murderers, rapists and other scumbags on death row.

      Now innocent women and children (including the pre-born) are something else again.

  • independentjones

    My LIFE is a Once In A Lifetime Event.

    • detroit19

      GREAT line!

  • Barbara Holmes

    It’s hard to deny the truth and KATIE KNOWS and proves the truth against LIARS who are WORKING for their own AGENDA that is WRONG and a lie in itself. Thanks KATIE.

  • NeoKong

    How many times will you get to see your airbags deployed on your compact car….?
    How about if we ask Capt. Sullivan how many times he had to land a plane in a river?
    How many times will a smoke detector save your life?

    • Netmilsmom

      My smoke detector sings “The song of my people” every time I cook.
      But like my gun, I wouldn’t live without it.

  • Booker

    What war on women? Who? What? Where?

  • Arthur E Jackson

    In New Orleans we have a saying, you brought a knife /ballpoint pen to a gun fight.
    Here is the deal for dummies, what if us believers in our God given right to keep and bear, started trying to abuse that right by trying to remove others God given right to freedom of speech? Get it!

  • fishydude

    Lib motto: Better that 1000 innocent women be murdered than one evil scumbag be killed by a gun, denying them due process rights.

  • wyatt81

    Incredibly stupid and blind comment from Toure not to mention arrogant and callous..
    then again that’s who the left are

  • louisiana_mom

    For the party that claims they are for giving women choices, they seem hell bent to take away a woman’s choice to defend herself…

    • Calcat36

      No, not really, they advised peeing and vomiting. Faking a convulsion or faking to pass out. Running. Pen stabbing. Whistle blowing. Shooting out windows with shotguns. The buddy program. Cowering in a closet or other “safe” room in your “UNSAFE” house!

      In other words, the leftists advise that women JUST DON’T ASK FOR IT!

  • Judy B

    And since “raped” women can be aborted, libs can kill two birds with one stone.

  • bo1921

    Who care if it’s an “extremely rare event” – For the unfortunate victim, that one rare event can easily be his/her last event on earth.

  • chrisknitz

    A very quick search on Bing tells me that 207,000+ women are raped each year in the US. The child-gun death count is 500 per year. Now, I am not saying that a child’s death is not a tragedy, but to compare 500 to 207,000 (which does not tell us how many deaths occurred with the rapes) is ludicrous. And shows the lack of logic the left uses.

    • walterc

      The real question here is how many of those children still be alive if they were taught gun safety in school starting with age appropriate class work starting kindergarten (if you see a gun run and tell an adult) to time on the range in Jr High and High school?

      • hutch1200

        Unfortunately, many scools will NOT allow the NRA to teach their “Eddie Eagle” program in schools. How to put a rubber on a cucumber, why the US sux, Heather & 2 mommies etc.. is more inportant

  • Gallatin

    Although it is my right to personally protect myself from all the criminals that obowmao is going to cut loose when the sequester kicks in these criminals were not the intent of the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment is to fight the TYRANNY of the Federal Government. Facts show that the 100s of millions of people will die as the result of the TYRANNY of their own government every century. Those killed by the EVIL below may have been able to do something about it if they had a gun.

    1. Hitler
    2. Stalin
    3. Chairman Mao
    4. Fidel Castro
    5. Pol Pot
    6. Idi Amin
    7. Francois Duvalier and Jean Claude Duvalier
    8. Saddam Hussein
    9. This list is by no means complete it just simply has the names of EVIL that come immediately to mind.

  • geronl

    Toure “Thousands of children die each year after finding their parents’ guns.”…
    Another once in a lifetime event, right Toure?? Bueller?..

    • Jim Denney

      MSNBC=Fact Free Zone

  • geronl

    Want to stop crime? Arm the victims.

    • Calcat36

      Kill the perpetrators. No life. No parole. One shot and done.

  • Stacey Holmdahl

    By the left’s logic, shouldn’t we be doing everything we can to deport illegal aliens and other foreigners who are here on expired visas? After all, wasn’t it a bunch of middle eastern men on expired student visas who killed over 3,000 Americans in one day?

  • Guest

    Pavlich is a lovely woman…

    Tooray is an ugly woman.

    • Calcat36

      Correction: Turet’s needs to register as an UgloAmerican.

  • LordElrond09

    “That would be 180 children, 11 years of age or younger, who were killed by a firearm in 2010, according to the most recent report on violent deaths from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says Jonathan Lowy, director of the Legal Action Project for the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.” – FROM A USA TODAY ARTICLE.

    And I don’t even know if THIS stat is true but it sure ain’t ‘THOUSANDS’.

  • David Harrison

    Katie Pavlich is hot!

    • doublee64

      Hot and conservative, I’d hate for her to be a liberal, I’d have hard time finding her objectionable.

      • Jim Denney

        Worrying about seeing a hot liberal chick strikes me as being an irrational fear.

  • lainer51

    I will give Touret Syndrome credit for one thing – he loves the death of defenseless babies and defenseless women alike. He is consistent!

    • seek456

      I still shudder over his “fatherly thoughts” with not even a hello from the democrats. It’s o.k. though because he thanked God.

  • $27789750

    Well done Katie.

  • Roto

    Bravo zulu Katie!
    There’s nothing sexier than a pretty lady running a Crew Served weapon… :-)

    • Calcat36

      I think Colonel Jessup may have an equal, if not better, example! But a thumbs up and an Amen for the mental image!

  • Guest

    It’s an extremely rare event for Toure to have an intelligent thought.. so rare, in fact, one could say it never happens.

    • Pranoti

      or “is a once in a lifetime event.”

  • Calcat36

    Where’s the VIDEO? I demand to see turlet, or whatever it’s name is, respond as commanded from on high! Did he pee or vomit on Katie for correcting his error? Maybe we should ban him from owning pens or pencils! Did he spontaneously fall to the ground like Hillary in a fainting spell, convulsing? How fast can turlet RUN from a tweet that assaults his colossal ignorance? Does he have a safety buddy to walk home with? Will Crazy uncle Joe go “git” him a double barrel to fire out any window? So far, I have NEVER had that “one time event” and I hope for the bad guy’s sake that he won’t be feeling lucky any day I am around. Armed. Punk.

  • Calcat36

    Another “extremely rare event!” Turlet’s father didn’t wear a condom…

  • BlueStateRepub

    Hey Tardé, that once-in-a-lifetime event is why we carry. MOLON LABE, commie.

  • BlueStateRepub

    Hey Tardé, I’ve never had to use my home fire extinguisher either, by your logic I should just get rid of it.

    And I know CPR but I’ve never had to use it. By your logic, Tardé, I wasted my time learning CPR.

    • Calcat36

      I know how to apply a tourniquet. All I need is a Tardé and it’s neck to demonstrate the technique on!

  • michael s

    I see a pattern with Katie. A very predictable pattern. Attack Marc lamont Hill,not Jack Moore ,Matthew Cunnigham Cook. Attack Toure not David Frum Piers Morgan Rep Paul Rosenthal.

    • Calcat36

      You mean attack the people that didn’t say the stupid thing touret’s did? Now why would she do that?

    • seek456

      I see a pattern also. She responded to Toure who made one asinine statement after another. I think you should submit a list of who she should attack. Get on that will you?

  • ratizbad

    Katie please keep it up, Sooner or later the liberals might get it,But I doubt you can teach idiots anything…..

  • Calcat36

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a cotton pickin’ moment here. Did not touret’s daddy, the daddy of all daddies, DECLARE that he BRINGS A GUN TO A KNIFE FIGHT? Doesn’t the daddy of all daddies declare that we must PUNISH OUR ENEMIES for nothing more than REVENGE? Didn’t his liberal leftist politicians and union thugs DEMAND BLOOD IN THE STREETS?

    WHO are the whackos? If any girl about to be savagely raped, happened to look like soetoro’s daughters, or be in a place where predators were located, would he want them to be armed to defend themselves, or opt for peeing and vomiting? What if they were on a date with Bob Beckel?

    • kenai

      Uh…I’m not sure that it would take the threat of rape for a girl on a date with Bob Beckel to commence vomiting and involuntary urination.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    a once in a lifetime event.


    You mean a singular event where (our victim of violence) being armed increases, by an order of magnitude, the percentage of that victim continuing his/ her “lifetime”?

    To put it another way. It happens just one instance in a life. Armed = high percentage “lifetime” continued. Unarmed = high percentage “lifetime’ terminated.

    Talk about “Rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.”

    Thank you, Toure. (BTW, your Straw Man is on fire)

    • dickG

      Let him pee on it! He got rid of his fire exting wisher

  • Danny Wheeler

    Shut the f*** up, Toure!

  • Jim Denney

    Mini-Pinko doesn’t believe in guns cuz he can blow a whistle with the best of ’em.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton
  • Sean Fields

    One thing is certain – encountering a bad guy is much more likely to be a “once in a lifetime event” if you don’t have a gun.

  • Tantalus XVI

    Anyone have a twitter account here? On behalf of me please tweet Tourettes 1. You only have one lifetime. 2. If someone gunned you down with a gun from F&F, and you lived, will you make a sound?

    • Tantalus XVI

      oh and one more. “Cute kid in your picture, thank God for abortion right?”

  • Kaffee

    Once in a lifetime event to use a gun defensively. Also, once in a lifetime event to be murdered by a gun.

  • David B. Cade

    funny that democrats argued about a war on women when they are the Pol Pot of the gender debate

  • Todd

    I don’t know I’m pretty sure like every other time a woman walks out of her door she is getting raped and pregnant at the same time. That’s why we need so many abortions and access to them on every street corner in America.

  • Mike Forester

    More children die in swimming pools than by guns!

  • BNK

    While Katie Pavlich already had Toure by the neck, Kurt Schlichter’s comment was an incredible finisher. He hit the nail on the head there, and for Toure to be a supporter of abortion and against gun rights makes him more anti-black (or anti-American) than anyone he can cherrypick from the right. Back when I watched MSNBC I loved seeing S.E. Cupp rip him apart, Toure is a joke.

  • Johnny Blade

    An extremely rare event like mass shootings? Or the even more rare use of any kind of rifle while committing any crime? You mean that kind of rare? Why do I think calling Toure simply ignorant on this issue would be doing him an unfounded kindness?

  • James McEnanly

    “Data shows that for the avg person the chance to use a gun against a criminal is a once in a lifetime event.”
    So is having a house on fire, but you’d want to be prepared for that too

  • Randy kyzer

    Toure. Why do you set there and lie trying to prove you thoughts. Where is your understanding? There is no proof of what you clame. A wepon is for my protection, why would you are any one else want to take it away from me. I am 70 years old and no one has died because with my wepon. You are really some kinda stuped.

  • Brian Davies

    What’s that old saying ….. Oh yeah – it’s better to have a gun and not need it, than need a gun and not have it.

  • Randy kyzer

    Toure, iI may have been a little harsh on you, but it is what is in a mans heart that causes hem to kill.and taking a persons weapon away from them does not change his heart. Until you change his heart he will remain the same no matter how many wepons you take away from him. Do you see now?

  • Steve Krauss

    better to have it and not need than need it and not have it

  • pinkelephant22

    I’m sure it’s been said on this thread already but many, many more people die in car wrecks. It could be a person who accidentally hits another driver, malfunction of the vehicle, negligent homicide, or, criminally such as DUI.

    There are also more kids each year age 10 and under who drown in bathtubs and swimming pools.

    Liberal idiots

  • Dietrdeb

    I simply say to Toure’, “come and get my gun, I would love the once in a lifetime experience of needing it!”

  • Scott

    I find Toure’s comment amusing. Why is it that only the liberals can use the one in a million chance as their WHOLE reasoning for a policy or a law?

    I mean with regards to abortion how many woman actually get abortion due to rape or for other medical reasons? I don’t know if the data has changed, but last I read the stats it was .06% of all abortions were do to medical/rape reasons.

    Most all abortions are used as nothing more than a means of a woopsie birth control.

    The simple fact is Mr. Toure, whether it’s a rare chance or not, if the situation does occur, I should have the right to protect myself!

    The simple fact is Mr. Toure, is the police seldom “protect” anyone! Unless the police are right there when an incident occurs …. police clean up a mess, not prevent or save people.

    Even the police motto says it all: In the event of a crime when every second counts, remember, the police are only minutes away!

    The funny thing is …. for you to respect MY right doesn’t affect you, but for you to IMPOSE your belief on me, does affect mine. The simple fact is, those that want guns are going to get them. Gun control or not. You don’t believe me? How’s that drug war working out for you buddy?

    Once again a liberal argument that they only want to use for their issue but dismiss when it works against their cause. Drugs! They will tell you since we can’t stop drugs from coming into the country …. we should simply make it legal. Since people are going to get needles for their heroin, we should just supply it. But when you explain to them that people are going to get guns anyway .. even if you banned them. They seem to be perfectly okay with law abiding citizens being defenseless and helpless.

    Liberals make NO SENSE!!!

  • Alex Sellman

    The best gun control is a combination of two items: using both hands and hitting your target.

  • Guest

    Death seems to a once-in-a-lifetime event.

  • Guest

    Death seems to be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

  • WWhiskey

    47 years and not a single car wreck, yet still I must carry car insurance,,,, stupid libs!!!

  • tony greene

    Notice how Toure the towel showed no proof for his asinine comments? SLAM !


      Providing proof would require real WORK. Mr. “Always Play the Race Card” doesn’t like that.

  • alvin691

    Data shows? Link, now!

  • Charles Conrad

    Silly liberals. Hey, it only takes one time to die at the hands of a criminal. There is no guarantee of a second chance if you can’t defend yourself. And if you live in a “gun free” zone such as Chicago, your chances of being a victim are probably more than once in a lifetime. Silly liberal logic. Rhetoric minus reality.

  • jeffho

    I live in a good neighborhood in southern California. However there are gangs to the west and east of me. The next time there is a large earthquake that disrupts law enforcement, I make sure my AR15 is locked and loaded.

  • rcerke79

    Obviously this guy Toure has not looked at any real facts or figures, according to the CDC there are around 600 accidental deaths from firearms each year. Less than 60 of those are children so there are not “thousands”. Mean while according to police stats about 1500 Women are killed each year by their Husband or Boyfriend, About half of those a gun was involved. Opposed to that are the 85000 rapes that occur each year. So Toure you don’t have a freakin clue what you are talking about.

  • Ricochet

    In my case, it happened to be TWICE in a lifetime so far. And I am still alive. I hope it never becomes 3 times, but I will be ready.

  • John Andrews

    Toure~ In this intellectual battle brings a spoon (as usual) to a gun fight.. :)

  • vino veritas

    What exactly is the source for this data which this fool is trying to pass off as some sort of absolute proof for banning all guns? Wish someone would call him out and challenge him to provide sources for his absurd data. I’d like to know where, exactly, this ‘average’ person is located at in America. Average people living in poorer neighborhoods have a much higher level of crime & gun violence to deal with than the average person living in a middle class or rich area does. I can state from experience that those people have many more chances to use guns (and they do) against criminals than those residents of other economically successful areas would or ever have the unfortunate experience to. This is a fact that Toure should & would know if he had ever lived in one of those high crime areas. People who live in those poorer areas use guns for self-protection all the time (either legally or illegally) because they don’t have much of a choice. Gun ownership is probably highest in those inner-city high crime areas than anywhere else in the country if you take into account legal and illegal owners and just because someone owns a gun illegally it doesn’t make that person a violent career criminal. In fact, the reality is that illegal ownership of a gun is very likely that person’s only crime and this ends up being a crime out of necessity, not for some nefarious purposes.

    I’m calling his data bull, at least until he provides sources for it. Either way it does not jibe with the actual reality that people living in economically desperate areas have to deal with. I also don’t think Toure has ever lived in one of those areas or even visited, quite frankly, without a phalanx of body guards accompanying him. Maybe he should go talk to some of those people who actually come from the poor neighborhoods that he and his ivory tower & perpetually ignorant liberal ilk claim to represent. Go on down there alone and weaponless then tell them they don’t need guns to protect themselves, especially those people who have lost family members over gun violence. I would love to personally see the reaction he gets.

  • BethLC

    @Toure The women who are killed by guns would have a better chance if they had their own gun! Don’t cha think?

  • Steve_J

    Maybe one day he will be in that once in a lifetime situation. The next day we can ask him how things went.

  • Randal Smith

    Why don’t the folks against guns also fight to get alcohol banned. Upwards of 70000 to 80000 people a year, many children, die from an alcohol related incident. DUI accidents being the biggest but also many homicides are committed by people who consumed too much booze. So I don’t buy the “if we could save just one life” argument unless they want to talk about background checks at liquor stores and bars too.

  • Eric Battenfield

    Hey Toure, From what dark place did you pull the “statistic” of thousands of children dying after finding parents guns? Completely made up. Try again..

  • Christopher Huber

    Once in a lifetime?!? Maybe not…

  • Herkpilot

    I once read that parachutes and guns are exactly alike in one respect. If you find yourself in a situation where you need one and you don’t have one, you will likely never need one again. I guess Groucho Marx said it best, you’ll “bet your life” on the outcome. As for me, you’ll find me at the range perfecting my aim.

  • Bob

    Saying we don’t need guns, because we can call the Police is like saying we don’t need fire extinguishers, because we can call the Fire Dept…?

  • Terry C.

    Death is a once in a lifetime event. Without an armed citizenry that event will occur sooner than later!

  • Rhonda Wright

    although most of these comments are valid – especially the one about the commonality of women being harmed by men they love – I feel safer with my arsenal. Seriously, try me….

  • vsdgrandma

    What part of “right to bear arms uninfringed” do the liberals not understand. I hope bumer and his low-informed followers understand they have bit off more than they can chew by politizing the death of 20 children in one location. While that is horrible and may those children rest in peace…the same people yelling about banning guns would have applauded and encouraged the death of each child prior to thier birth and called it a choice. Two can not be reconciled or explained away.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Roe v. Wade? Written in stone, unchangeable forever and EVER!!!

      RKBA? Ah, that was just old white guys and their hunting rifles, it doesn’t apply today.

  • allhaileris

    So we don’t need guns because being in a situation where we might have to use one is a once-in-a-lifetime event, but we can ban guns because being caught up in a spree shooting is a one-every-hundred-lifetimes event? 10-15% more people are killed by drunk drivers every year than are murdered with all types of firearms combined. 53% of gun murders are committed by young black men, and 50% of murder victims are young black men…even though black people are only 12% of our population. You are statistically more likely to be struck by lightning than killed with any type of rifle. Still, if one person somewhere can be saved it’s worth taking away everyone’s constitutional right to bear arms. Requiring book stores to report people who buy books sympathetic to our terrorist enemies if it might save a single life…that’s right out. The first amendment is unassailable. The second amendment is disposable.

  • fed-up

    I’ve seen an excellent example comparing guns to fire extinguishers. It say that many homeowners own fire extinguishers because it’s better to fight that fire while the fire department is on the way. Same applies to gun ownership.
    I’ll bet you a dollar to a doughnut that Toure owns or did own a gun.

  • Ronen Magid

    A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and don’t have one, chances are you’ll never need one again.

  • Ron Hughes

    Mr. Toure, Are there security guards armed with guns there at the MSNBC building where you work? It is easy to tell others that they should not have armed protection while hiding behind others willing to give thier lives in defense of yours….while being paid minimum wage no less!

  • James Youngblood

    school shootings are also extremely rare. Murders with AR 15s are also extremely rare. Yet you and your ilk continue to scream for more gun control.

  • ThorOdinson

    How do 300 accidental gun shootings by children equate to “thousands”? Yes, they’re terrible tragedies, but we also have 300 accidental deaths of children in swimming pools every year. So where’re the calls to ban ASSAULT POOLS? Hell, when are we going to ban ASSAULT AUTOMOBILES? 2,000 children die in car crashes every year. When is Mr. Toure’ going to give up his car, since a child is seven times more likely to be killed by his car than to accidentally shoot themselves?

  • Guest

    On average, 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in the United States. EVERY day,Toure !!!
    This incidence of abortion has resulted in a tremendous loss of life. It has been estimated that since 1973 Black women have had about 16 million abortions according to black genocide’s website.

    I have always been pro-choice. I still am in certain circumstances. But even I had to come to grips with these kinds of numbers over all and rethink my position. Something is not working if we have these kinds of numbers . So,yes,if you care about children..even if you are pro choice you cannot say you care about human life and ignore these types of numbers while arguing the right for women or men to choose to protect living family members that are guaranteed rights!!! You cannot ignore numbers of deaths of children that are higher in other ways that cause death. If you care about children at least be consistant and do it across the board. Stop your cherry picking and grandstanding,Toure’ for the sake of all children.

  • DavidKramer

    Don’t worry folks, the cops will come and draw a white outline around your dead body and begin an investigation to find your killer. If he or she is found, 50% of all murders go unsolved, he or she will get 5-10 years in prison-the average sentence for murders now.

    Toure is looking out for you, who else will be advocating for chalkline specialists?

  • GTFOBigGovt

    I love how almost 100% of everyone on TV etc refuses to state the absolute: defense from tyranny. Bunch of punks scared of looking like a “wingnut”.

    Meanwhile, Obama is a once in a lifetime thing, too, and buying up millions and millions of rounds of ammo.

  • Fred B. Baker II

    A once in a lifetime event for the criminal if you have a gun. A once in a lifetime event for you if you don’t.

  • blueniner

    Hey Toure you moron, Afros went out decades ago, you and Piss Morgan ought to get a room!

  • TocksNedlog

    Touré: “Thousands of children die each year after finding their parents’ guns.”
    — Over a million children die each year after inconveniencing their moms.

  • TocksNedlog

    Touré: “All violent crime against women is horrible. But far more women are injured or killed by guns in the hands of men they love.”
    — Compared to what, the number of women that successfully fight off their attacker? So your point is what, that the woman that dares fight back is gonna have her gun taken away and used against her? Patronizing sexist pig.

  • mike_in_kosovo

    The salient issue isn’t the *odds* of it happening… it’s what’s *at stake* if it *does* happen.

  • prolibertate

    Anti-gun-nuts are totally clueless: a normal person in the US has a 15% chance of facing a violent crime in his lifetime. But criminals are PROVOKING violence numerous times every year. The average small-time criminal faces maybe 50 victims per year. If there’s a 1% chance that the victim will be armed, then the probability that he gets shot after 50 confrontations is 40% (1-0.99^50, as his chance of NOT being shot at is 99% each time, so the probability of NOT being shot the second time is 0.99 times 0.99.

    The risk that he will be shot at, P(victim armed), is 1-P(victim unarmed)

  • prolibertate

    @Toure, THOUSANDS of children die every year due to their parents guns? What drug are you on? No data supports your claim!!! At most 150-300 and that includes intentional homicide.

    • prolibertate

      @Toure In fact, more children die of drowning in a BUCKET FULL OF WATER every year in the US than die of gun accidents.

      Of course Clinton already talked about “children” when he meant violent 14-18 GANG MEMBERS who were shot by competing gangs.

      That’s not what we consider INNOCENT CHILDREN, so that’s an outright lie and pure propaganda.

      The arbitrary age limit means nothing. A 14 year old who packs heat and sells drugs is not a child and is not a victim of easy access to guns.

      In the UK, the same 14 year old may not be shot, but he gets stabbed instead.

      And the real criminals in the UK do keep guns handy. They give them to 10 year old kids who cannot be arrested, along with a mobile phone and tell them to stick around. When the criminal needs his gun, he calls the kid, takes the gun, commits his crime and gives the gun back to the kid.

      Wonderful, what gun prohibition did to culture in the UK!

  • Dave Hoffman

    Toure is afraid of getting shot.

  • Bill O’Rights

    Guess the libtards can cancel their fire insurance for the once in a lifetime fire.

  • peoplectr

    Actually in a way it is kinda right………..If you DON’T have a gun to protect yourself, it definitely WILL be a ONCE in a lifetime event

  • JR48

    Actually his stat sounds small only if you generalize it across the entire American population. What it doesn’t address are those people who live in communities where violent crime is more prevalent. Example, this might not be a necessary thing for someone who lives on a 20 acre piece of property in the middle of Montana, but what do you say to someone that lives in Chicago?

  • kryp44

    you’d think libs would have aborted themselves out of existence by now. It’s got to start showing up in the numbers sooner or later.

    • Butterfly Dragon

      Never underestimate the power of being a victicrat. When they see it works one time, it’s like an extremely addictive drug and they’re hooked.

  • Butterfly Dragon

    @Toure Data shows that for the average liberal the chance to open their mouth and say something stupid is a daily event.

  • Dunnyveg

    I’ve already had to use a gun to defend myself against a criminal once. Am I really supposed to believe Comrade Toure that a similar incident won’t happen again? No, we should ALL have the right to defend ourselves not only against criminals, but against predatory post-Americans like Toure.

  • Guest

    Our *esteemed* Governor Brown just let out 377 KILLERS! YES, Convicted MURDERERS onto California streets! Now….tell me I don’t need a gun to protect myself!

  • golftilidrop

    I flush better men then toure down the comode.

  • waynef43

    So you’re saying that once in everyone’s lifetime they enter into a situation where, if the don’t have a gun, they’ll be murdered?

    • gekkobear

      If you get murdered then it was certainly a once in a lifetime event.

  • gekkobear

    You live in a gated community or safe suburb with 98 other people.

    I live in a crime-prone area of town and see a violent crime every week.

    Hey, on average we only see 1 crime every other year; nobody of the 100 of us needs any form of defense… and your 98 friends in your gated community agree.

    Not everyone is at the “average”… if you don’t get that, perhaps thinking isn’t something you’re good at.

  • Rodney Brungardt

    I look at my firearms like I do the seat belts in my car. I have them, I sure hope I NEVER need them. Better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them!


    The first time you need to defend your home your family or your friends and you can’t who do you call? Someone with a gun that’s who. Idiot liberals

  • Chuck Koontz

    Thee 2nd Amendment is recognized in the Constitution as a defense against a oppressive and tyrannical goverment. Kindof like the one Barack is fundamentally tranzforming America into.

  • John Cabel

    My understanding is that the average house burns down once about every 500 years. So why have fire insurance? Toure is an affirmative action hire and his low IQ and lack of historical knowledge is showing! Folks, the gun debate is not primarily about crime it is about out of control governments check out

  • Michael Miller

    Maybe we can get all the anti-gun nuts to wear “I support gun control t-shirts” that way when we see them being attacked by a criminal we will know that they don’t want our help.