Lying liar and dedicated femme-a-gogue Stephanie Cutter insisted Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony was “more special” because “Latina Justice Sotomayor” administered the oath. Evidently lady parts are her go-to prescription for pretty much everything.

E.J. Dionne writes:

Throughout history, it’s not uncommon for women to be brought in to put right what men have put wrong. A female pope would automatically be distanced from this past and could have a degree of credibility that a male member of the hierarchy simply could not.

Even better: Maybe the Church can find a female pontiff with Stephanie Cutter’s renowned integrity. That’d strike a blow against the phallocracy!

Thanks so much for your concern, Stephanocchio.


    Wow Stephanie Cutter, that’s incredibly smart. Because, gee, what would help the church out more than doing something that is completely WRONG and sinful. Please stick to offering advice to the media and white house where lies are acceptable.

    1 Timothy 2:12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.

    • Sons Thunder

      Are you saying it is sinful for women to teach or to hold positions where they have authority over men?

      • TETREE

        Nope. Paul (the Apostle) is. At least, that’s what he said when he wrote 1 Timothy 2:12.

        • Stephanie Warren

          I believe you took that out of context.

          • TETREE

            Really. So if I were to say “love your neighbor as yourself,” would that also be taken out of context?

            Funny how whenever individuals find something in the Bible they do not wish to obey they 1.) say it’s taken out of context 2.) demand someone look at the greek/hebrew 3.) cry “legalism.”

            Or, maybe (just maybe), Paul actually meant what he said.

            As a side note, just after this command, Paul explained the “context” by stating “And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner.”

            So then, if the context is Eve and her sin which effected all in existence, how then can Paul’s original command possibly be taken “out of context”?

  • independentjones

    Stephanie Cutter is to Integrity as Barack Obama is to … well, Integrity.

  • Angie (D)

    Stephanie Cutter is a sexist — she thinks one sex is superior to another.

  • Stan Gerlt

    First of all, the next pope is chosen from the current group of all-male cardinals under 80 years old. Second, the pope is the Bishop of Rome – not some person off the street that you throw into office. Third, she has no clue about the scripture or tradition of the Church – women are not eligible. Women fill many other important roles in the Catholic Church.

    • peteee363

      doubt she ever read the constitution, let alone the bible.

      • disqus_asRExhpO2v

        The process of choosing the pope is not in the bible. People made it up.

      • Harry A

        reading the bible has nothing to do with picking a pope.

        • peteee363

          never said it did, i said she never read either. the pope comes from the college of cardinals. and not the ones who play baseball in st. louis, or the guys playing football in arizona.

          • Stone Bryson

            An NFL Cardinal becoming Pope? That would be cool!

            Wait a sec, though, Steph wants a girl-Pope, thus it would have to be a cheerleader instead of a player. Wait, wait again… ‘cheerleader’ denotes a level of attractiveness that would undoubtedly be offensive to a hatchet-momma like Steph.

            Um… nevermind.

        • Stephanie Warren

          you got that right. There were no popes in the bible.

    • Luke Givens

      Actually anyone can be chosen just that for quite a few centuries it happens to have always been from the set of cardinals. But congrats on posting the closest thing to a coherent counter-argument.

    • Osumashi Kinyobe

      Thank you. Well said.

  • Tangchung

    Cutter thinks she’s god, Hillary is a saint,
    Sandra Fluke is the Virgin Mary…etc.

    • GaryTheBrave

      Sandra Fluke as the “Virgin” Mary? I think it has been decades since Sandy could claim to be a virgin.

      • Rabid

        It grew back :)

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    This original piece actually appeared in a real newspaper? I’d expect something like that from a petulant tenth-grader, or in some kind of gay magazine.

  • peteee363

    i am shocked, she didn’t suggest they wait for obama to take the job?

  • Noah Lee

    every time i see stef cutter’s face, i wish a bulldozer was silently gliding towards her.

  • TocksNedlog

    Two peas in a stupid-pod.

  • Jack Deth

    Yeah. Right.

    Wish in one hand and defecate in the other, Stephie.

    Like the Pope, Vatican and the Holy See has ever listened to any suggestion from a presiding U.S. administration or its heinously slimy little minions?

  • Luke Givens

    Wow, so the best rebuttal any of you have is “Stefanie Cutter is a big dumb poopy head”. I’m sold.

  • Guest

    Comrade Cutter…the habitual liar with the overbite,
    it is good to be known for something.

  • rivers

    Yeah, so what. We all know what sort of people value Stephanie Cutter’s opinion.

  • Agent_Zeero

    Eminem was right when he sang: “some girls they act retarded”

  • Maxx

    Did this nitwit even THINK about what is required to be chosen as Pope? More reactionary and predictable liberal positions. Never mind selecting a qualified individual, let’s just dash to what is politically “correct.” What makes them “feel good.”

  • sqeptiq

    I think a female pope would be great, along with female mullahs, imams & ayatollahs, & heads of atheist organizations, too. Oh wait. There already are. Those immoral atheists don’t discriminate by sex.

  • Axelgreaser

    STEPHANIE GUTTER (s.i.c?) WOULD PROBABLY AGREE WITH CHRIS ROCK: OBAMA IS OUR ‘HEAVENLY DAD.’ So nothing from her surprises, but good idea, re; a female Pope. I nominate America’s ‘self-appointed’ Pope Nancy Pelosi as a replace-Pope for Benedict XVI. After all she has done more than anyone to ferret out the true meanings of the Holy Scriptures, and to fully expose their subtext: First, to ‘Diefy’ Barack Obama several thousand years after being recorded. And to of course pass the entire Democratic political agenda, because that is the true meaning of a ‘Good Catholic’. After all, as she’s said when fighting for bi-partisan underwritten abortions billed to the kicking and screaming taxpayer via merciful ObamaCare: “I’m a Grandmother and a Catholic.” It would be an interesting choice, since Benedict’s foot print is still on her ass. The Papal Stamp Of Disapproval. Ouch! To his credit, the Pope survived her arguments for abortion which she conveyed in person. And with both Bobble Headed Pelosi and the multi-lingual Pope advancing in years, it must have been a painful exchange, the Pope craning and listening intently as Pelosi ‘ticked’ and spoke in tongues that even American’s still cannot comprehend.

    Question is, did anyone actually see Benedict kick Pelosi down the staircase of the Vatican when finally fed up with listening to her blood thirsty abortion views and a Papal nod of approval? Of course, only she an the Pope know if that conversaton ever took place, but the astonishing lunacy of liberals would not exclude the possiblity. The MSM who purifies all Democrat’s lurid transgressions would blow white smoke up her Robes in any event and restore her to a ‘Pope-worthy condition.’ That would naturally require renouncing all worldy excess including her private, tax-payer funded Jet with its top shelf booze, fresh flowers and dipped strawberries. The upside: We could ship her off to Rome to be ‘their problem.’ She’s in the lip-smacking phase of whatever form of dimentia she suffers, but she can ‘blink her blessings’ to the faithful in the latter stages. Amen…and good riddance.

  • Osumashi Kinyobe


    Sorry. I don’t know what came over me.

    Oh, yeah- idiots who think a woman pope would solve problems that exist in their imagination! HA!