That Photoshop? Why yes, Van, it is pathetic. Even Media Matters hasn’t fallen for it … yet.

Color us shocked that a truther like Van Jones would fall for such a blindingly obvious Photoshop.

Here’s the original screen cap from 2011 when, as The Right Scoop noted, Fox aired a photo of Tina Fey during a segment on Sarah Palin.


And here’s another pathetic version that’s been circulating since last year.


So, Van, care to issue a correction?


Van Jones hasn’t admitted he messed up, but the self-identified “education advocate” Jones retweeted did own up to the error (while taking another swipe at Fox, natch).


Jones acknowledges he was punked.

He also deleted his tweet slamming Fox News as “PATHETIC.” Perhaps he hasn’t heard: Twitchy is forever.

  • Sean Connolly


  • Garth Haycock

    Only a dumbass would fall for such an obvious photoshop. Need proof? I present Van Jones.

  • $24414377

    Obvious photoshop. What genius would believe the chyron that 1 million jobs were created over any 6 months of Barky Kardashians reign.

    • Avey Owyns

      I’m going to have to start using “Barky Kardashian.” LOLOL!

      • Elaine

        So desperate to vilify conservatives that they will spread any lie! Sorry, y’all? That’s it? How about I’m an idiot and this is not the first time I have used lies to discredit Fox and most conservatives, especially the Tea Party. He owes a LOT of apologies. ps: A true education advocate would be someone like Dr. Ben Carson. Suck on that, Van.

        • Augustus

          … You’re joking about Ben Carson right? Yeah he’s a great doctor but are republican going to jump on the Carson wagon this quick because there’s rumors of him becoming a candidate? It hasn’t even been 100 days in to Obama’s second term and they’re thinking 2016. Smh.

          • Jillane Kent

            Unlike the left’s promotion of Hillary Clinton 2016?

  • TugboatPhil

    Yeah, because meteors can’t melt steel!

    • Ken Alan Draper

      yes, & appearently 9/11 truthers have never seen a blacksmith work either. they don’t melt the steel, they get it just hot enough to become elastic enough to bend with tools. imagine how much less heat you’d need if you had several hundred tons of building on top of the steel to get it bending.

      • Scott Kennelly

        Uh, Ken, you need to do a little bit more research regarding 9/11 buddy. There is a HUGE tidal wave (tsunami, if you prefer) coming about that. Not just hundreds or thousands of people are aware now that it was an inside job, but millions now. Soon it will be hundreds of millions, and eventually the majority of the whole World will know, and YOU? Where will you be? Will you still be one of the ignorant ones who believes that the government is on YOUR side? Will you believe that GE and other big companies have your best interests at heart? Will you be one of the last hold-outs who think that Monsanto is doing everyone a favor by trying to corner the market on food production worldwide? Wake up Ken. It’s time to stop dreaming. Here’s where you can start. Watch Zeitgeist (it’s a movie) – available on YouTube.

  • LibLieExposer

    What would you expect from a racist twit such as Van Jones?

  • Spatial Awareness

    @VanJones68 AAAahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha
    hahahhahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahhahahahha!!!!! XD

  • lainer51

    I see no difference between this stupid comment and EVERY OTHER comment he has made, after all it is Jim Jones, er, I mean Van Jones, a self-proclaimed, proud Communist.

    • pjcinmt

      I see no difference between this stupid comment and EVERY OTHER comment FOXXX has made, after all it is Fixed News, er, I mean Fox News, a self-proclaimed, proud Communist (well, Murdoch’s wife is Chinese and he has joined hands with the Communist Youth League, a power base in the ruling party, ya’know.) All true. Ever watch Fox and Friends? That show is awesome!

      • lainer51

        very lame – sorry you tried to keep up but failed.

        • Gabe Bellinger

          of course you had no intelligent rebuttal to facts. typical faux news watcher.

          • Jillane Kent

            How can one craft an intelligent reply to one of the most failed rhetorical devices known to man? Generally, people are dismissive of straw men and non sequiturs.

        • pjcinmt

          It’s actually very funny because it’s so true. haha

      • Jillane Kent

        As Murdoch’s wife is not employed by Fox News, how is she germane to this piece?

        • pjcinmt

          Not in an official capacity. She does, however have much influence in the media industry as a whole in China. And care not to address Murdoch’s ties to the Communist Youth League?

  • Corey Dennison

    So, Van, care to issue a correction?
    What…you think he’s not just going to pretend it never happened? That he’ll actually admit to getting totally punked?

    I like your optimism. =)

    • Gabe Bellinger

      he already did, but you’re too stupid to read the entire article lol

  • RightThinking1

    That’s nothing compared to the Marxist joke that he has fallen for.

  • John Holliday


  • ZoriahShepard

    HAHAHAHAHA – those photoshops are pretty funny. I’m so glad Van Jones fell for it and made a total ass of himself – again.

  • HARP2

    Did you notice some of your handy work in there Van ?

  • nc

    Raise your hand if you believe this will cause Jones to reflect on some of his previous assumptions for even an instant. Anyone?

  • TocksNedlog

    — Man does not lie. His decision to retweet this WAS pathetic.

  • Rob

    Remember, The Narrative says that any “proof” conservatives are insane must be accepted and that time spent half heartedly confirming or discounting it is a grace period. Retractions are optional but must be mumbled at 2am or put somewhere in the classifieds.

  • garygramscom

    Smart he is not…. then again, he’s a truther, obama supporter and all around dumb ass…

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    He’ll just lie and claim he was saying that he thought it was a “pathetic” photoshop, just like his claims that he is no longer a commie.

    • George Markunas

      What’s wrong with commies?

      • Barack Hussein Sharpton

        If you like commies so much then please GTFO of America and live in the commie hell hole of your choosing. May I suggest North Korea?

        • pjcinmt

          Yeah! Because we are soooo free to do and say what we want here in Merica. We can walk around and mow down as many people as we want with our machine guns without any gumment interference. Eat as many horse meat big macs as we want. watch as much kiddie porn on the internets as we want. Destroy as many rivers with oil and fracking fluid as we want!!! Free at last!!!

          • Fletcher Wilson

            Check out China AND GO THERE!!!!

          • pjcinmt

            Just like Mr. Murdoch, huh? Married a Chinese woman and joined hands with the Communist Youth League, a power base in the ruling party. That’s a great idea!! Hot women, hardly any government regulations, low, low labor costs. Think I might just move my business there. Thanks, Mr. Murdoch. My hero!!

          • Jillane Kent

            I sincerely doubt that your “business” (aka basement dwelling internet troll) would be any more profitable in China versus America.

          • Barack Hussein Sharpton

            Do you have hooks in your ass? You’re free to leave any time you want.

          • Noah Lee

            you’re fucking crazy, jack. not sure how to respond to you numbfucks. do we simply ignore you until you go away, or just keep baiting you until you explode in a fit?

          • pjcinmt

            Is that what your hatred is called? Baiting?

          • Jillane Kent

            Invective does not always imply hatred, pjc.

          • Gabe Bellinger

            of course you aren’t sure how to respond. He called you out using facts. You’ve got nothing to respond with.

          • Jillane Kent

            What rivers are being destroyed by fracking today?
            Can you cite one instance of horse meat laden Big Macs?
            Aren’t machine guns largely outlawed for civilian use?
            Child pornography? Aren’t there already aggressive laws prohibiting that?

      • wwbdinct

        Oh Van! Just post under your real name.

      • Noah Lee

        pretty soon they run out of other people’s money, for starters.

      • Jett

        Ask 2 million cambodian teachers and educated business people that were executed by the Communist government there what is wrong with Commies…. oh you can’t because they’re dead.

        • Sense_n_Sensibility

          Uh …. yeah … because the conservative fringe is SO concerned about teachers. That’s why so many of them talk the schools down so much & promote home schooling ….

          • AMSilver

            That’s because conservatives are concerned about education for the sake of the children – not the sake of the teachers. Teachers are there to provide a service, and if they do a lousy job, then conservatives believe we owe it to our children to provide them a better option. Of course, liberals really don’t care about children. If they can’t kill them in the womb, they want to isolate them in government ‘child care’ as early as possible to prevent them from forming loving bonds with their parents and undermine any parental authority. Then liberals want to stick them in schools that fail miserably at educating – and the only reform they’re interested in is paying the adults more. Then liberals want all children to go to colleges whose tuitions have been so horribly inflated by easy government money that those same children will be in debt for decades – and the liberals want those loans to be exempt from bankruptcy so there is no way those children can escape the debt. Then liberals want to promote policies that kill jobs – especially for workers just starting out, meaning that those same college students won’t have the money to pay their loans. Then, once those children finally get jobs, liberals want to force them to pay into social security – a program that will be utterly bankrupt in ~15 years, meaning that instead of providing security for their old age, those children will really be slaving for their parents’ and grandparents’ generation (that same generation who voted for the enslavement of their children, without giving their children any say in the matter). Additionally, those same liberals are stealing from the children through Obamacare, where insurance companies are severely limited in their ability to charge older (and extremely more expensive) customers more than the cheaper younger customers (insurance companies can now only charge 3X as much for the elderly despite the elderly using many times that much money in services) – and liberals want to make sure that children can’t simply opt out of this mandated theft by not buying insurance. On top of that, liberals want to allow adults to keep the guns they’ve bought, but want to prevent any children from being able to exercise the same rights once they’ve grown into adulthood. Of course, that last one makes sense. Liberals are screwing our children over so totally that they have next to no hope for their future. Liberals absolutely have to keep those children from getting guns once they become adults because eventually those children are going to realize that they’ve become slaves to their parents and grandparents, and are going to give the middle finger to the world. Liberals know if they let the next generation buy guns, there’s a huge chance those guns will be used against them.

          • Jillane Kent

            Why should one not seek reform and options to the status quo, especially at a time when performance is waning despite increased funding?

      • Glitter

        Go to North Korea. They will prolly mow you down with a machine gun when you enter and/or escape…I mean leave. Enjoy the food there…I hear it’s wonderful.

        • wwbdinct

          Human stew! Yummy. Breakfast of proggies!

      • Bristel

        Ask the tens upon tens of millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Cambodians, Chinese, Romanians, etc that were killed by communism.

      • Corey Dennison

        Why do libtards hate history?

        • Augustus

          Why do republicans hate social progression and put socio-economic “natural selection” on a pedestal?

          • Jillane Kent

            What recent historical progress are you referencing?

          • Augustus

            Oh, I don’t know… Civil Rights (minus the southern democrats), they have lead the charge on union busting. Now, as far as unions go, thy may have some quirks about them as they grew, but if employers were treating the workers right, then there wouldn’t be a need for unions. I don’t want to get in to a discussion over unions, just merely pointing out facts.

      • robcrawford2

        What’s wrong with commies? The hundreds of millions they’ve murdered, for a start.

        • Canicula

          Jesus you people are gullible. How many folks do you think your ‘Merican freedom has killed around the world, how many terrorist organisations have been funded and armed in your name, how many democratically elected governments have been toppled in your name, how many dictators have been installed in your name, how many innocent civilians have been killed in the name of profit. And you still believe all that capitalism/socialism/communism bollocks. You’ve been sold the line that either side is more honest, fair, caring and committed to your benefit than the other, and you’d actually fight for their right to do it. Your politicians must love you all.

          • Jillane Kent

            Do you deny that communism is responsible for more human lives lost than the imaginary death toll of capitalism?

          • MolonLabe

            Capitalism and communism are about the same in that they’re both full of loopholes that allow power and wealth to be accumulated by the top 1% and create incalculable misery for the rest. The main difference is that capitalism has been around for thousands of years, while communism is a 20th-century failure, so yes, capitalism has killed far more people than communism.

  • George Markunas

    Yea this is hilarious! He should have just mentioned that this image is from when Faux mistook Tina Fey for Sarah Palin… lol!!

    • seek456

      you think it’s funny – Do you also think it’s funny that you and every other moron thinks that Palin really said “I can see Russia from my house”.

  • George Markunas

    and of course there are so many other classic Faux headlines… what’s so strange to me isn’t that someone would believe this could be true, but that people don’t get that it’s not all that far out of line for Faux

    • Noah Lee

      uuuuuuuuuuummm, go pound sand?

    • wwbdinct

      What’s the matter Van? You mad bro?

    • seek456

      Do you read the garbarge you are citing as “proof”? lol
      You should because it proves how dumb the left really is. Just because buzzfeed says so, if you could read, you’d find out how truly stupid buzz feed was.

      Honestly – brains – dynamite – blow nose – not.

    • Drea

      As “faux” as that peace symb next to your name?

    • J. Cox

      As dumb as people like you that think faux and fox rhyme?

  • wth?

    They believe it, because they do this type of bs propaganda every day.

  • Buffalobob

    Nobody said that Van ones was an up coming shooting star.

  • Silenttype78

    He had to try to make up for his truth telling about how dangerous Marco Rubio is to the liberal narrative.

  • Noah Lee

    this guy Van Jones has the IQ of an actual van.

    • Richard Bolen

      hey don’t insult the van, i have one . its smarter than he is.

    • Ken Alan Draper

      man, what a terrible slam on vans. bad enough that the commie was named after the vehicle he was concieved in, now your going to slander the fine automotive utility that is the van? LOL!!!

      • Noah Lee

        sorry, did not intend to impugn a fine automotive product such as a van. you clearly have very strong feelings for them. i feel the same way about vw bugs. damn you herbie! why don’t you return my calls!

    • Noah Lee

      who would down vote that remark? is van jones lurking on this site?

  • yahneverknow

    His only retraction will be to say that he was “joking,” of course. (duh!)

    • nc

      That’s the libbie standard reaction to being busted on anything. It’s either, “I was joking” or “Both sides do it.”

  • miguel

    Was in response to right wing wackjob’s Emily Miller’s tweet “Cue Obama to blame Russian meteor on global warming.”to so stupid breeds stupid!!

  • $23629333

    Has this guy heard about Sarah Palin going to work for Al-Jazeera?

    • Bristel

      I thought she was going to work for the Russia Times because she can see it from her house? 😉

      • Sharon Schlund

        Tina Fey said that when she was spoofing Sarah……But Russia Times is funny!

  • Linda (Lou) Norris

    But did he care that CNN’s Deb Feyerick asked Bill Nye if asteriod 2012 DA14 was perhaps a result of global warming? I didn’t see anywhere that he did. Pathetic.

  • LochGates44

    Lay of Comrade Jones. He was worried the meteor had done damage to Mother Russia so he wasn’t thinking clearly when he tweeted.

  • DiveCon

    whats really funny is there was a liberal talking head on DNCNBC that asked bill nye if the meteor was a result of global warming

  • Maxx

    For the love of God, Van HELSING would have seen through that photoshop effort.

  • Pat Bourque Jackson

    If Libs are dumb enough to fall for Obama’s lies….why wouldn’t they be dumb enough to fall for something like this? Color me “NOT” shocked!

    • @cvillecharlie

      What lies? Please state your sources…… Naturally you have none. You’re just butt hurt from being on the losing side so many times. I bathe in your tears :)

      • Lady 12

        Let’s start with the lie about going skeet shooting. Then there’s the one about not extending the Bush tax cuts. And about standing with Israel. About not raising taxes. Decreasing the deficit. Most transparent administration in history. Getting rid of lobbyists. Benghazi being the result of a YouTube video.
        I have a challenge for you: address every one of the above individually.

  • Jeffrey Everhart

    What do they say about blondes?

  • Captain America

    Marxist Jones is an idiot who’s re-inventing himself as some beacon of freedom. This socialist asshat needs ignored …

  • JeffDeWitt

    Since a CNN talking head was stupid enough to ask if the asteroid passing by was due to global warming it’s not hard to see why Jones would have fallen for this. So did Jones jump on that one or is he just prejudiced against Fox News?

    • Fletcher Wilson

      Jeff It really the opposite the Metorite passing will cause global warming there has been a large upswing in near misses in the last 20 years check it out yourself and we have been going trough the debra fields as the matterial inters the uper atmospere it will and dos increase the light deffussion and cause a warming effect on the earth

  • Ferdinand Marcos 2.0


  • Shaun Wheeler

    What a dumbass.

  • twoedgedsword

    The second I saw it I knew it was a joke of some sort.

  • Randi Starr

    Another proud liberal Jones moment!

  • Kelli Buzzard

    Poor, Shannon Breem. All she did was report the news and now her photo is associated with this crap!

  • Johnny Blade

    Except it wasn’t FOX that was dumb enough to link the two.. Oo

  • rg56

    Idiots beget idiots!! simple these leftists are so sure about the world and bash the right at every chance they get so they fall for such contrivances as these. They call themselves educated!! hahaha. IDIOTS ABOUND IN LEFTWORLD!!

    • @cvillecharlie

      lol you’re funny – bashing the left for bashing the right. brilliant. it must hurt so bad to be on the losing side all the time. there there now…..

      • Noah Lee

        nice photo. is that what you’re boyfriend sees every night?

        • Gabe Bellinger

          gay jokes. Not surprising coming from someone of your stature

        • Jillane Kent

          Isn’t it in violation of your liberal sensibilities to use homosexuality in such a derisive manner?

      • Noah Lee

        “all the time” ? well, dude, we did have like a pretty big run 2000-06. and we still control the house. so, suck on your boyfriends rotten pecker!

  • Greg Scott

    If things truly broke down and got really bad in this country. Commie comedian, Van Jones would be the first to run and hide under Obama’s bed. Right beside Barack Hussein and Michelle. If they could all fit.

    • Old Grunt

      Only enough room for the wookies fat ass under there.

  • Allan Howell

    When did Van Jones ever learn what are facts?

  • mtlhd1955

    As always, many have tried, all have failed to show FOX news to be instigators of false stories. They have been caught a couple of times, I’m sure, of misstating something, but they don’t purposely misconstrue the truth like the MSM do.

  • K-Dubya

    Further proof that Obama supporters will believe ANYTHING.

    • @cvillecharlie

      oh the irony coming from a teabagger :) please keep it up – its people like you that have made Republicans unelectable for a generation :)

      • K-Dubya

        You’re a teabagger? I’m not much on tea nor Kool-Aid myself. I’m more of a fruit punch kinda guy if you catch my meaning. 😉 Thanks for the words of encouragement though. I didn’t realize I was so powerful. Now that I’ve pretty much destroyed the Republican party, I’m working on the Democrats. Maybe when my work is done, I can assist you with your grammar and punctuation skills. Let’s keep in touch.

        • Jillane Kent

          Before you offer your grammatical assistance, you would be wise to correct the glaring errors in your first comment.

          • K-Dubya


      • Gabe Bellinger

        he knows they’ll continue to be unelectable. That’s why he’s so angry. It’ll be a very long time before another republican is voted in as president.

        • K-Dubya

          I hope you’re right. Republicans are almost as annoying as Democrats. Always blaming their failures on Clinton. We better be careful what we say though. Charlie is a teabagger but I don’t think he’s angry.. He seems like a decent fellow (see the smiley faces?) but better safe than sorry, I always say.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    He actually reminds me of Stepin Fetchit.

  • John Free

    If he’d had ANY sense, he’d have Joe Biden and Al Gore ‘legitimize’ his statements, THERE’s two that you can trust….

  • Chase Anderson

    Um, didn’t CNN ask Bill Nye if the meteor had to with global warming?

  • jimeye

    …Van,..My man,…Let’s throw some shoes,..Horseshoes,..A weekend full of ‘Pitch and Bitch’,..You in…???

  • DList

    He thought Fox was dumb enough but turns out he was dumb enough.

  • Kristie Torres

    Maybe someone should tweet him the video of the CNN anchor asking Bill Nye if the Asteroid was caused by global warming. Fox isn’t that dumb but CNN seems to be.

    • Fletcher Wilson

      HOw Di BIll Nye answer. he should have told her the truth and tell her how the meterite passing so close warms up the earth

  • Chris W.

    Van Jones is a communist sh*tbird, who cares what he thinks about anything?

  • $31502328

    I don’t think this is smearing Fox.I think it is smearing the Climate Nitwit Network…

  • nickshaw

    Uhh, excuse me Van but, only CNN thought to give the meteor Gorebull Warming status!

  • JoJo58

    Steven Singer is the dumb one…NOT Fox news, or those that watch Fox (BTW, majority of Fox viewers have a college degree) Liberalism is obviously a mental issue.

  • mike_in_kosovo

    @StevenSinger3 : CNN *was* dumb enough to link meteor/global warming. Be proud.

  • algebra

    actually I thought it was somebody on CNN who said meteor showers are caused by global warming

  • Political Splash

    Sorry, y’all! #Pobody’sNerfect #Punked MT @StevenSinger3 Thought Fox was dumb enough 2link O, Global Warming & meteors. Facts matter. Sorry! Looks like the only dumb ones in this scenario are @StevenSinger3 and @VanJones68.

  • Jack Deth

    Oh, how ironic!

    “I’m not perfect!”

    An incredibly humorous and embarrassing phrase from someone who has made a career telling everyone he is!

  • Glitter

    Some people just need to get off Twitter. I’m talking to you Van (and Cher),

    • el_polacko

      why not just stop reading their tweets ? who cares what they think about anything ?

  • Joe Dutra

    Does Jones even have a real job?

    • Noah Lee

      pretty soon, we all might be asking ourselves that same question!

  • wwbdinct


  • wwbdinct

    OK – You won’ t post a-hole how about ignorant D-BAG!

  • RichardBlaine

    He still has this delusional piece of bullwash in his timeline, though:

  • Steve Sharp

    Yeah. He probably believes Obama shoots skeet too. Poor skeet. Never hurt anybody.

  • AvgDude

    Meanwhile, CNN did try to link asteroids to global warming and failed miserably.

    • Corey Dennison

      And that little bit of irony is lost on Van apparently…

    • Fletcher Wilson

      Really a novice can prove this point, How did CNN mess up? Oh wait they really didn’t want to prove that point did they

  • Axelgreaser

    CAN YOU BELIEVE BARACK OBAMA APPOINTED THIS MAN, VAN JONES ‘GREEN CZAR’ based on his and slumlord commie Valerie Jarret ‘admiring his work’ in Oakland.” Which resulted in serving time. Unvetted, as was the case with Obama himself, and paid by the citizenry of the United States. What in God’s name do we have in this White House?!

  • John Varner

    Van Jones is a pathetic nincompoop.

  • Rod Rambler

    This from one of Obama’s main advisor and a out of the closet Communist.He made one smart statement in warning Democrats to watch out for Marco Rubio as he was dangerous.

  • smartone

    I’m continue to laugh at these libs.
    They have no sense whatsoever!
    What a bunch of ignorant/stupid fools!

  • MA Jack

    Van should try spending some time to find a REAL JOB.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    Oh don’t worry, Singer later tried to blame a “Republican Family Values page” as the source and his apparent lack of thought process.
    Steven Singer [email protected]
    @theforgetler @VanJones68 It looks like they took it down. Nice to be left holding the bag.

  • lana ward

    ALL dems hate Fox News because they tell the truth. Can’t have truth getting out to low information voters, they would change their minds about their darling queer Omuslim!!

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    Obvious photoshop aside, Pobody’s Nerfect” reminds me of the montage in Idiocracy where Fuddruckers becomes Buttfu#ers.

    As Jim Treacher would say…”We’re living that movie…right now”.

  • el_polacko

    the only place i see anything about what this nobody has to say about anything is on conservative sites. why are we promoting him ?? is he our ’emmanuel goldstein’ for purposes of holding our 2-minute hate sessions? wouldn’t it be better to ignore him and leave him in obscurity ?

  • Noah Lee

    if that was an “apology”, than i am gonna be pope next month.

  • Sick and tired

    To be fair, Fox puts stupid headlines up all the time. It’s not outside the realm of believability. And what is with all those wigs. Not one female reporter wears their own hair. I think it’s so they won’t get recognized on the street.

    • Mark Benninger

      Suuure they do. whatever you say

    • M.Brenn


    • Charles

      the only Faux is Fauxbama

  • J.N. Ashby

    I thought CNN ACTUALLY did that with the meteors and global warming…

  • Debra Blouin

    So Van got “punked”…if only Fox were that foxy. Van simply revealed both his rabid demagoguery and stunning lack of critical thinking skills.

  • Southern fried

    Sorry, y’all! #Pobody’sNerfect #Punked MT @StevenSinger3 Thought Fox was dumb enough 2link O, Global Warming & meteors. Facts matter. Sorry!

    9:16 PM – 16 Feb 13

    no van cnn is that dumb because a reporter actually did it while talking to Bill

    nye the science guy

    • Charles

      i was watching it live when she said it, i was in shock

  • Socialist/Marxist/Moozlem/Nazi

    This thread is pure gold. I think I just lost a tooth, and, I’m craving skoal mint suddenly. Minorities are becoming more frightening, and suddenly I’m becoming aware that our president is black with a non-Anglo name. I’d better tune in to FOX to maintain my hate, fear, and anger or else I might actually look up up from my own misguided paranoia and see that there’s not any ACTUAL communism goin’ on. In fact, with the exception of some fiscal details, this administration has taken everything that the left hated about Bush II and intensified it. So, go fuck yourselves on the whole, ‘Communism’, thing. Hypocrites. Any Progressive who doesn’t know that headline isn’t in FOX’s font would believe it, ’cause it’s the kind of thing you dipshits do ALL THE TIME. BTW, I hope that you all wake up every morning squirming that he was reelected. Asshats.

  • Mark Benninger

    So ironic that Van actually would be the first to link meteors with global warming. He’d certainly do it if he got paid and even one clueless college kid would join his cause. Maybe he should talk about how al gore sold his network to an oil nation. Not “big oil”… A nation built on oil. But Pobody’sNerfect I guess.

  • Clark Price

    You guys act like Fox News isn’t above ridiculous hyperbole like this. Anyone remember the whole, “Terrorist Fist Jab” BS.

  • walterc

    Correct em if I’m wrong, Vna, but wasn’t it CNN that asked Bill Nigh the Science Guy if the meteor was caused by global warming? Right idiocy, wrong network.

    • Charles

      Deborah Fayeric from CNN

  • BeeKaaay

    Communists. Are. Stupid.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Van Jones is just another example of the blindly stupid characters that King Hussein has chosen to surround himself with. And some still wonder where all these problems came from.

  • horizontalmoses

    Fox News is pathetic. Getting tricked by a photoshopped picture pales in comparison to the people that watch the channel and are tricked by the complete lack of journalism at Fox News. Fox News is nothing more and nothing less than right wing propaganda. Give Van Jones a break. After all, Fox News brought us the “terrorist fist jab.” They blame Obama for everything. It hardly seems like a stretch that Fox News would make this claim.

    • Charles

      is that you Van?

  • harkin

    Turns out the only one who was “dumb enough” was Jones.

  • lebronjeremy

    There’s the difference between him and conservatives. He actually corrected his error.

  • Tasha Rose White

    uh…did you remember when Obama and Michelle did a fist bump on stage? Fox news said ” was this some type of code or terrorist fist bump?” I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t hear it myself. So its not too far fetched that Fox would say something this idiotic. But Van should have done a little searching before he RT.

    • Liberty Ranger

      lets us not forget it was an OZombie at CNN that asked Bill Nye the “Has no credentials in any form of Science Guy” if the Asteroid was in fact linked to Global Warming. You liberals will believe just about anything as long as the outcome is anti-America or anti-Freedom.

  • Chris D. Clay

    van jones is a loser. get a life. you slammed fox, were proven wrong, then slammed them again for no reason. get some fucking integrity!

  • Charles

    ah, that felt good

  • coltrane25

    Give me a f***ing break you mouth breathers. Acting like Mr. Jones, an educated man, is suddenly a buffoon for falling for this. Care to count how many time Faux News has been tripped up by The Onion?

  • Why

    Actual story about conspiracy from Fox. But rather as a weapons test.

  • Ralph Haines

    Like dogs licking feces, liberals pant for ANYTHING that could possibly link Fox News with their hate-filled preconceptions. Pitiful.