Ladies, if you like your panties, you can keep them … as long as you don’t actually call them “panties.” Giving new meaning to “panty raid,” the self-parodying language cops have your undies in their crosshairs. Really:

“Can this simultaneously too-sexualized and too-babyish nickname be retired?” asks The Atlantic.

With her panties in a full-blown twist, writer Sarah Fentem insists she’s not against “sexy words” like “lick” and “dildo” — it’s just that the word “panties” is “infantilizing” and borders on “degrading.” One of her friends suggests the terms “top undies” and “bottom undies” to replace “bra” and “panties.”

Fentem isn’t alone. She cites writers at HuffPo and Cracked who share her “disgust.”

Yes, the word “disgust” is used. Hilariously, the panty-police movement has some support on Twitter.


  • waltzingmtilda

    Is this for real ? Panties is a great word. Cute but kinda “dirty ” in an innocent way. Give us a break already , feminists. Seriously.

    • Jack Deth

      Wasn’t there a big argument over the word “Panties” in the courtroom drama, ‘Anatomy of a Murder’?

      And wasn’t the word finally accepted by the judge, lawyers, court stenographer, clerk and finally records?

      • Spatial Awareness
      • Susan

        Yes, after the judge admonished them that he would tolerate no more laughter about that word, panties. I’m going to use that word a LOT more now.

    • Worship Dancer

      well see THAT is why they don’t like it because THEY would NEVER be thought of as cute, sexy, etc.

  • $23629333

    You do realize that that picture which drew me here – of someone in her panties – is going to encourage Anthony Weiner to start tweeting similar pictures? Do we really need that?

    • waltzingmtilda

      Good Lord, no.

      No offense, men folk, but as a general rule, girls do not want to see that unless they are emotionally invested in the person it’s attached to. Realize guys don’t usually have the same hang up. News flash : boys and girls are wired differently. :)

      • SCinGB

        Agreed! I’ve told a few guys I know that us women don’t want to see stranger peen. Trolling for women by sending out dick picks probably only attracts gay dudes. Pics of your well muscled chest = yes!

        • $23629333

          Where’s Steve Reeves when we need him?

  • CR

    Here is the problem. These people are lacking real jobs (which they shockingly cannot get with their master’s degree in Feminist Women’s Studies and phD in Explorations of Sex Toys in the Modern World), children to care for (instead of aborted dead babies) or ANYTHING AT ALL worthwhile to do with their lives, so they need to invent ridiculous causes to fill their time as they wander around in the hipster apartments their parents are paying for. Only possible explanation (that and sheer stupidity)

    • $23629333

      Bingo. Many of these always whining women are over-educated and under-employed. You find them working for agencies operating on donations and public dollars where they have little to do to occupy their time, and the pay is lousy.

      I discovered that in my little corner of the world we have a neighborhood with many people – male and female – who fit the description above. While many of them are university students who – as such – are better educated than the average adult, and below average in income, there are many other people who are no longer students. As you can imagine, this is a neighborhood notorious for being VERY liberal.

  • David Bruce

    And I hate the words ” Liberal ” and ” Feminist ” .

  • CatHerder

    Funny, I couldn’t find The Onion’s logo anywhere.

    • bluewaternavy

      I was expecting to see it as well. All I could think was: “No way, this CAN’T be real-no one is THIS stupid”

      I was wrong..

  • GotMyLoveGlassesOn

    Wait… really?! WOW. Fortunately, I’m ahead of the game. I always call them ‘bloomers,’ anyway.

    • $36544368

      “Undies” is what I use…but I think I’m going to have to start using the word “panties” around liberals.

  • peteee363

    liberals never like anything. they keep changing thier names, and names of others that are now a laughing stock because of liberals own actions. they also don’t like panties, or babies, which is why they need to change the name of the item of clothing, and abort so many babies. i am in support of removing them, but i prefer to remove them myself, if i don’t get slapped for removing them :-)

  • Bumr50


    I’m all in!

  • Tessa I.

    If it annoys you, then call it underwear. Or skivvies. Or label it by the style–hi-cuts, low-cuts, boy shorts, bikini, thong. We have a truly marvelous language at hand here, so take advantage of it (oops, was that charged language?) and stop whining.

    • Guest

      They really are reaching for things to be Outraged About, aren’t they. “I Whine, Therefore I Am.”

  • bobbymike34

    But dressing up AS A VAGINA IN PUBLIC is OK?

    • Spatial Awareness

      #RenamePanties -Kitty Kondos ~_^

      • Craig Rhew


      • Craig Rhew

        I would assume “Banana Hammock” to be the next one to be banned

        • Mamaelk09

          Will be replaced with under the butt nut hut.

      • Worship Dancer


      • jmz

        “covered wagon”

      • Slackdragon

        Pony Feedbag.

    • 1SkepticalChick

      I do hope that those are not the new and now acceptable panties.

    • BlueGood

      I thought the name “panties” was changed to dental floss when “Thong things” came out a few years ago….

      Aren’t “Panties” in the 2nd Amendment??

      “Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess and wear “barely bloomers” hereinafter referred to as Panties”

      What does President O’Blamo wear??? Bloomers or Panties???

      • Worship Dancer

        pampers i think. or maybe they’re huggies.

        • Wrightclick

          That Depends.

          • Stephanie Warren


    • Raye09

      If it’s OK for them to wear vagina costumes in public, why can’t I say panties?
      Does this mean I can officially call panties vagina guards and bras titty holders?

  • Leroy Whitby

    As if women didn’t have enough problems when it was just men coming after their panties.

  • tjcuzns

    Oh my all means “undies” is definitely an improvement. It sounds so,so unisex.

  • RIChris

    Does this mean the word ‘panties’ will have the same effect on feminists as garlic has on vampires? No downside there.

    • 1SkepticalChick

      Well, there ya go! I’ve been wearing my panties in the wrong place! Should have hung them around my neck where they would be available to wave at silly females who ignore the fact that the battle for women’s rights has already been fought and won. The laws are on the books and, like so many others, just need to be enforced. That’s why they can’t come up with anything serious to campaign, protest, or otherwise act pissy about. Other than haaaaard words.

    • Raye09

      I have new terms for bra and panties:

      Titty sling

      titty hammock

      knocker mug

      ass flosser(for thong underwear)

      booty sling

      titty goblet

  • rivers

    These people are the population of Portlandia.

  • spot_the_dog

    Bloody hell, ladies. Get yer knickers in a twist why don’t you.


    • Guest

      Suffer in yer jocks, ya drongos!

      /in for a penny, in for a pound

    • Judy B

      Culture is disintegration, deficit is exploding, economy collapsing, war is waging, homeless are homeless, babies killed in the womb, animals are tortured in unspeakable ways & “panties” is an issue? Puuullllleeeezzzzzeee!

  • Conrad2010

    Vigina Jockies.

  • Joseph Phillips

    Asinine. Is this what American feminists are really worried about? How about women’s rights in Iran? Or helping women in China? Or gettin’ me a sammich?

    • V the K

      The Atlantic: Your source for thoughtful commentary on the most important issues of the day. Up next, Andrew Sullivan explains obstetrics.

      • Spatial Awareness

        “Andrew Sullivan explains obstetrics.” O.O ==>

        • Joseph Phillips

          That is hilarious! Bookmarking for future references!

          • Spatial Awareness

            My version of Grumpy Cat! ~_^

      • Joseph Phillips

        Oooooh…. yuckie.

    • Rulz

      Women’s rights in Iran?


      The feminist movement in the Western EU is crumbling before Islam out of PC.

      Just find a conservative Muslim to speak on our behalf and watch the secular left flee!

    • Luke Givens

      How about American Christians stop whining about stores saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” and do something to help Christians in Iran or China?

      Yeah…. crickets.

      • Stephen K

        Actually, they do already. You’re just too busy cheering when those governments round up Christians and execute them to notice.

        • Luke Givens

          What do American Christians do, besides pray? And you’re doing some serious projecting if you think I am cheering Christians being executed in other countries. Maybe that is what you are doing whenever an Iranian woman has acid thrown in her face? You wish you could get away with that in this country, but instead you just whine about “feminism” because no woman will touch you.

          • JCRocks

            American Christians raise funds for missionary work, charities and placing priests and care-workers in those countries. If you went to church you’d know that. If you cleaned out the gunk between your ears you’d know that. But if you only believe what fits your narrative then there’s no getting through to you.

          • Noah Lee

            umm, yep. that’s exactly what we want to do throw acid in people’s faces. get bent arsewipe!

          • 1CatEye

            The inanity of your posts is matched only by your vulgarity.

          • 1CatEye

            Sorry, my response was for Luke.

          • Noah Lee

            no problemo.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            So, you complain about projecting, in a post that is nothing *but* projection on your part? #liblogic

      • Joseph Phillips

        This isn’t about Christians or Merry Christmas, you ignorant twit. It’s about feminism and politically correctness gone amok. Nice try to bait an argument – now get back down to your mom’s basement.

  • Spatial Awareness

    Panties, Panties, Panties, Panties, Panties, Panties, Panties…. #MyFavoriteWordOfTheDay and…. #AssPain

    • JustLikeAnimals

      The P-word.

    • $36544368

      Hashtage #PantiesRCool?

  • Jack Deth


    Isn’t it refreshingly cathartic to learn that knee jerk, Pavlovian students of Wymmin’s Studies get upset at a word accepted as common parlance and vernacular for more than a century?

    Where was all this Sturm and Drang when these same items became edible thirty years ago?

    All I can say is “Squirrel!”

  • Ken Alan Draper

    OK, you can get rid of the word Panties, but only if you substitute “Under the back crack sack”

    • Jack Deth

      Let’s create something to make their wailing and gnashing of teeth worthwhile.

      The new and improved, Old School “Chastity Belt”!

      In Chain Mail, Bronze and Copper only.

      And yes, I am going to Hell.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Boxers, or Briefs? XD All I can say is, I like ’em best when they’re coming off a woman… PANTIES! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Yeah, like, I hate the words “Barack”, “Hussein”, and “Obama.” They make me want to puke. But what can you do? =)

    • $24414377

      Change the words to Barky and Kardashian.

      • Judy B

        Communist bastard says it all, who cares about Kartrashians?

  • Steve_J

    If they don’t like the word panties they shouldn’t use it. Also, we now know how to get at least one of them to leave – say the word “panties”.

  • kelsy

    So am I to assume a new word will be “undiehose”

    • 1SkepticalChick

      Or Spanks, so as to avoid any trademark infringement or sexual innuendo.

  • TugboatPhil

    I agree with Feminists that “panties” is not an appropriate word for what THEY wear. Those garments would more correctly be called Stench Guards.

  • Cochetope

    I find it funny that panty is so bad, but when referring to the individual styles, boy shorts is ok. I’d have thought their heads would explode in referring to a pair of women’s underwear with a masculine adjective. The horror!
    And also just for reference, I associate panties with women’s underwear in general, not as a sex term or object. Just as when you say boxers, I assume you are talking about men’s underwear.

    • Christy000

      Yeah, “boy” shorts doesn’t infantilize women at all. *sarc*

  • RightThinking1

    This is right up there with the petition asking Obama to “stop using the ‘wives, mothers, & daughters’ rhetorical frame that defines women by their relationships to other

    These people are so possessed by their ideology that they are sick. That isn’t news, of course, but I say, resist we much… I still use ‘Mrs’. and ‘Miss’ in addressing letters. When I refer to the gender of a woman, I call her female. Why in the world would I refer to, say, a female doctor as a ‘woman’ doctor? I certainly would not refer to a male doctor as a ‘man’ doctor. ‘Female’ is an adjective, ‘woman’ is a noun. I’m sick to death of the creeping PC.

    So far as the ‘panties’ thing goes, there is always the British option of ‘knickers’.

    • Jim Denney

      … or for Sandra Fluke, “knockhers.” The word around campus is if she had as many sticking out of her as she’s had stuck in her, she’d look like a porcupine.

    • TexSizzle

      I always thought “woman doctor ” referred to an OB/GYN of either sex.

    • Judy B

      And libs knickers stay perpetually knotted.

  • douchie

    Feminism peaked sometime around the passage of the 19th amendment. It’s been downhill from there.

  • ClinkinKY

    “Boxer briefs” evoke too many images of pugilistic male attorneys fighting over justice. Time to retire the moniker.

    • Jim Denney

      “fighting over justice”????
      ROFLMAO, they’re fighting over money.

  • Gothguy

    These people honestly have nothing better to do? I know…rhetorical question.

  • 24fan

    BeIng a woman I’m so not a feminist. I’ve called em undies when I was younger and now im calling em panties. Scream and rage all you want won’t change my mind.

  • HARP2

    OK……loincloth it is then.

  • Jim Denney

    From an inspirational poster on the Fruit of the Loom lunchroom wall (translated from the original Chinese, of course) … “Forward workers; we cover the asses of the masses.”

  • $24414377

    Hey feminazis, how about using the word Bobs to replace panties? Or would something named after Menendez also remind you of things young?

  • radicallyalyssa

    I hate the word “panties,” too, but I think in light of that article, I’ll have to learn to love it.

  • Guest

    however, if this had been some Christian writer making such a big deal, it would have been yet another example of being an extremist.

  • Bad things coming

    Well maybe the libs should petition to call them “rug guards” or “bush protectors”. That should make it slam dunk for content wouldn’t it? Really, THIS is what stupid feminists these days are fighting about? Not equal this or that or the right to attend a certain school but what we call our underwear? WTF?

  • $24414377

    When I hear “panties”, I envision something feminine and sexy. When I hear feminist, I envision something labeled by Omar the Tentmaker.

    • Worship Dancer

      & when i hear feminist i think of critters like hillary, janet reno, janet napolitano, helen thomas, mooch

      • Frank Drebin

        With hair ..Everywhere

        • $23629333

          There goes my breakfast.

        • JustLikeAnimals

          That pic is so f*&^%$#@$%^ing funny!!!!!!

  • LoriGirl

    Let’s bring back the term “pantywaist” to the men whom feminazis have purposefully emasculated.

  • NY Republican

    Just go back to wearing the vagina costumes and stop talking ok? do the world a favor

  • $24414377

    Didn’t mean to post twice…seems the comment section here is having issues. The quote function didn’t work earlier.

  • notenoughtime

    My goodness madness is all around. Panties describes a piece of clothing. Obviously, the word police have too much time on their hands.

    • Jack Deth

      To quote Al Bundy from ‘Married with Children’.

      “Hooters. Hooters. Yum Yum Yum!
      Hooters, Hooters on a girl that’s dumb!”

  • Lisa Dean

    Here are some suggestions for the “Panties hating feminists”. Knickers, crotch pocket, seat protector, bloomers, underpants or moist catcher. However, if you hate them that much then just go commando and STFU!

    • Jack Deth


      Well said, Lisa!

      • Lisa Dean

        Thanks @disqus_sd8CCAl8aq:disqus – sometimes I just have to let my Army brat shine through and say it like it is!

    • Spatial Awareness

      COMMANDO!!!! WooT! WooT!

  • snyper77

    The word “abortion” offends me also ,so lets call it “killing unborn babies” Is that more PC for you idiot libs?

    • Judy B

      Good one, & true, maybe better to use murdering unborn babies, more accurate me thinks.

  • kateorjane

    That must be why so many of the young celebs don’t bother wearing them

  • $24414377

    These femi-nasties are so full of sh!t, why not call them pull-ups.

  • $24414377

    Spanks would be too close to Spanx, but Skanx is available.

    • Worship Dancer

      psst no it’s not – that’s a female libturd.

  • Tony Houston

    Next word to target is “Twinkies” ’cause it sounds so gay. Cream filling and all 😉

    • Jack Deth

      That may be a bit tougher. Since the gay community adopted that phrase ages ago.

  • Joe W.

    As Confucius say: “Panties not best thing on earth…but next to it!!!”

  • Emily B

    I’m not a fan of the word either, but, seriously?? Is this what’s important in this country?? The thing that made me laugh the most was calling a bra “top undies”. hahahahaha!!!

    • peteee363

      i prefer over the shoulder boulder holder myself, or band aids for the skeeter bite girls.

    • Christy000

      Undies sound more childish. This has to be some weird joke.

  • Craig Rhew

    they are just upset my that whole “Liberal Panties in a wad ” statement that is so often said

  • $7610427

    This is soooo dumb! Why can’t women just embrace their femininity and move forward? Being a woman only makes you less than if you feel less than! Seems like a personal problem to me. Hey feminazis…guess what I wore on Valentines Day? My sexy PANTIES! Are your heads exploding??? Good.

  • nc

    Does anyone else see the irony in the following tweet from one of the twits above?

    “I hate absolutely fuckin hate the word “panties”. ?”

    ps: I’m not referring to the frowny face.

  • Spookybuscus

    I hate the word “panties”.But I also hate the words “pulp” “dub” and “delights”.

  • Stephanie Warren

    No thanks. I’m going to keep them and call them whatever the heck I want.

  • Michelle

    It’s just a word. Don’t like it? Don’t use it. Put on your Big Girl Panties and get over it.

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Is this the real life?
    Is this just fantasy?

  • louisiana_mom

    What else do you expect from someone who thinks with her “lady parts.” Those of us who think with our “lady smarts” have better things to occupy our lives than to think up crap like this.

  • Penmar

    What a bunch of pantywaists (yes, I had to do it), like leading sheep to slaughter, it’s just pathetic watching them all fall in line.

  • $35072932

    So it looks like the Proppressives are now moving on to attacking free-speech.

    What is about them that the hate the idea of liberty to it’s core?

    • Stephen K

      Hate to break the news to you, but progressives have been attacking free speech since the day they slithered out from under their rocks.

      • $35072932

        Yeah, I know – let’s face it Proppressives cannot abide the concept of Liberty. Despite their use of a self-label meant to fool people into thinking that is the case.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Feminazis are very afraid of femininity. It blows their cover.

    I like the word “panties,” because it reminds me of ruffles, lace and feminine, pretty things.

    Sorry, commielibs, women are NOT men. Go buy boxers.

  • Chris Mears

    I prefer women don’t wear them, does that count?

  • Worship Dancer


  • Rodney Brungardt

    Panties sounds a whole lot better than “underwear”. Somebody getting their “panties” all in a bunch over nothing? Don’t like a word, don’t use it but leave me the *** alone.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    I agree with some on here. I was raised in a house full of boys and we called them ‘undies’ or just underwear. But now that I know it ticks off liberals, PANTIES it is!!

  • Laurel

    WOW! That is some serious stupid feminists. You look for any excuse to get your knickers in a knot don’t ya?!

  • TocksNedlog


  • liberalssuck

    I wonder what Sen Menendez calls them?

  • Melissa Eplee

    Amazing………..our country is going down the tubes and these wack jobs are disgusted by the word ‘panties’?!?!? Christ on a cracker……..get a life!!!!

  • Dion Corrigan

    panties panties panties panties panties panties panties panties panties panties panties panties panties panties panties panties panties panties panties panties panties

    • Dion Corrigan

      The idea that this is making Liberal feminists twirl just makes my day

  • JesLHW

    I admit that I don’t particularly care for the term “panties” but I don’t let it upset me. I just call them “underwear” and if someone else says panties, it doesn’t ruin my day. I barely think about it.

    I wonder what it must be like to have so few actual problems in your life that you have to make up something stupid to rage about.

  • Chrystal Grn

    PANTIES. Panties, panties, panties, panties and frilly little lacy “WOW! $30 for 2inches of cloth?” Panties!!
    Sorry Feminazis, But even as a strong independent woman, I like it when my man’s face lights up and he asks ‘Did you just say you bought new PANTIES?”. So bite my sexy lacy covered ass!

  • Johnny Blade

    Is there ANYTHING on the planet that doesn’t get the ‘ME generation’ panties in a twist? Seriously you people bitch about everything.

  • Jim Rasmussen

    So “undies” = good, “panties” = bad? Why? Personally, I’m more annoyed by people who use “impact” instead of “affect” or “effect”. Also, why does anyone over the age of seven use the word “yummy”?

  • Matt Cash

    So the article cites a comedy article that was meant to be a comedy article by a website that is meant to be funny.

    Good research.

  • $43829849

    Leave my granny panties alone, dammit.

  • Chris Bogh

    I would assume that most of the panty haters probably don’t look to good in them… so.. since the pantys make there arses look big they need to be outlawed. It’s the pantys fault.

  • PAttyconservatopia


  • Randy C. Lindsey

    You ask “Can anything be done to get rid of it?” The answer is a resounding “no.” You cannot simply change the English language just because a word offends you, dimwit. I will call them “panties” until the day that I die, and there isn’t a damn thing that you or anyone else can do about it. In addition, whenever I hear the word “panties,” a tingle will go up my leg just like with Chris Matthews.

  • windycitygurl

    War on panties…? too funny. Not sure if this is a parody or not, because it grates against my senses to read sites like The Atlantic.

  • Rich Macdonald

    Down with panties!

    • johnnosk

      Down with all forms of underwear!

  • NCRelite

    ….wow, just wow. next thing you know they’ll be calling for a ban on standing while urinating, because it’s not fair or something

    • TexSizzle

      There’s a political party in Sweden (leftists, naturally) already pushing this.

  • Rich Young

    panties panties panties! Marsha Marsha Marsha!

  • megandrewsmom

    I actually hate that word too….but I just don’t use it I don’t try to ban it…

  • $3838536

    What about bras?

  • Ralph_Gizzip

    If “panties” offends you so may I suggest you stop wearing them?

  • Hep

    I don’t care for the word either. I have no idea why. My mother called them “underpants”, which is what I call them. My husband just said that, in the way olden days, they were referred to as “small clothes”.

  • Gary Rudick
  • oneword

    Panties offend feminists, yet they have no problem with late term abortions?

  • jms130


  • jms130

    you mean the panties your mother laid out for you?

  • ltgreen

    It’s hard to believe there’s a debate on the word “panties”.

  • sunshineconnie

    Now they want to do away with a perfectly functional and universally understood word once again. Would they prefer the other word known as bloomers? Somehow I doubt bloomer waist will ever catch on!

  • Tim jones

    I like the word panties.

  • Fidget

    The word ‘panties’ is too babyish, but ‘undies’ isn’t??? How about we go back to calling them bloomers, would that keep the language Nazis happy? And ‘bra’ is now offensive, so we need to call a bra a ‘top undies’? How stupid! I always figured panties and undies were both short for underpants. Was I wrong? The word police really need to get a better hobby, and I’ll keep my panties, thank you very much!

  • Robert Kluver, Sr

    Is their something fishy going on here?

  • Tel-Jonah Stern

    You can’t handle the panties, pantywaists.

  • Thevelvetkitten

    Women getting stoned and brutally beaten in ME countries…these women should have it so bad…it is a free country call the damn things whatever you want.. Seriously what kind of mind altering drugs are these women on?

  • Mike Peterson

    A horse by any other name is still a horse. But still dumb.

  • 56Survivor

    Lefty women are a joke. This is just more proof. As a woman, I like the word “panties”. It sounds feminine and frilly. Let the lefty women go buy their Fruit of the Looms in the men’s department. They fit in better there anyway.

  • Cyndi Martin

    I hate panties, too, but the word doesn’t bother me.

  • Utahlady

    Some ladies seem to have to much time to waste on trivial things. Go volunteer to help someone in need. Honestly,when you are busy and productive, what underwear is called really is not important.

  • Shira Avram

    I’ll get you a sammie in my pannies, how’s that?

  • Steve Sharp

    I agree. “Panties” is crass and bordering on vulgar. Don’t even get me started on “granny-panties”. Call ’em bloomers and petticoats. That’s what my Mom called them. It worked for a more “G” rated time.

  • Steve Sharp

    Does the Intelligentsia tell us what we should call them? Still voting for “bloomers”.

  • Raye09

    What a dumb campaign, this is why modern feminism is a joke.
    I wonder what it must be like to go through life offended by every little thing imaginable.
    Political correctness is part pf the reason why the nation has turned into a bunch of over senstitive pansies.

  • dunst43

    Whole lotta women going commando out there. Just sayin’.

  • arrow2010

    What about knickers?

  • almarquardt

    Panties! There I said it.

    Hmmm. Nope. Not offended.

    And if you are, I have another word for you: Pbthththththththth!

  • Proud2bfromtheUSA

    OMG is it a slow news day or what? What the heck is wrong with panties
    they are short for pantaloons which is what they where called for
    centuries. Way to research a topic, you stupid schmucks. God we are
    surrounded by idiots. Let me rephrase that ….over sensitive idiots who
    look for offense in the most mundane and innocent of words. Get the
    freak over yourselves.

  • aliwilcox

    I hate the word “frock.” It makes a dress sound so feminine. When I hear that word, I just walk away in disgust. Because what woman wants to be considered feminine?

  • JustLikeAnimals

    If you hate them so bad ladies then, by all means, feel free to take them off.

  • Bumr50


  • thomas moore

    Wow, read the article and all I could think was “How can I get a job writing stuff like that?” Seriously. Thousands of decent journalists out of work and someone gets paid (I bet a decent salary too) for that pointless drivel.


    What do they want to call them?

  • GTFOBigGovt

    LOL I tried to repost the last 7 panty haters’ twitter feed word usage and got censored even though I censored it myself.

    They use ALL the words fk, dk, bi,ahle, wh, sh, mfr, (use your imagination)

    One has Chris Brown as a background and stuff like this:

    “wearin a thong under jeans”


  • fred

    yep!!! first your bras then your panties, that’s pretty much the natural progression of things

  • JCRocks

    Sure, more important than having our consulate attacked and four Americans killed in Benghazi. More important than supporting women’s rights in Iran, Afghanistan, and India. More important than protecting the lives of millions of aborted babies. Yeah, maybe the word ‘panties’ isn’t such a big deal after all. If you really want to attack something, how about getting rid of all the cleavage women like to flaunt? That’s way too distracting for me and degrading to the women who insist on putting their breasts on display instead of keeping them covered in their ‘top undies’.

  • John Clement

    so ladies, remove the panties.


    Panties! something to poke the libtards with…because you just know those tomboys are freeballin it and sweating down there. Nasty.

  • dancingcrane

    You know what’s coming next… “The Boxer Rebellion”.

  • lcky9

    LOL I usually call them undies BUT now I will refer to them as PANTIES..any other words they don’t like I will use and teach the kids to use to..

  • Herman LaClair

    how noble and completely relevant these feminists are!

  • Lisa

    I hate the word LIBERAL so can we just get rid of all of them!!

  • CitizenEgg

    OMG. I thought someone on another thread was kidding about this. Take me now SMOD…or better yet, take them.

  • Marcy Cook

    As a woman I say….let’s get rid of “panties” altogether….

    but pull your dress down a little bit when you get out of a car.

  • Lin Jarvis

    I think I’ll change my user name to Angry Red Panties.


    LOL! BigFurHat over at iOwnTheWorld has some hilarious alternatives for the word “panties” >>