Sen. Ted Cruz was unable to speak at Wednesday morning’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration reform, explaining that he had lost his voice.

He followed up by joking that perhaps it was due to cheering too much for President Obama.

Check out this awesome animated GIF of Cruz stomping and hollering for Obama’s immigration agenda as Sen. John McCain does the “Shamnesty Shake.”

  • Cold War Grunt

    I’d have loved to seen the look on the Democrat committee members faces … If i had a time machine, after a visit to Christ’s Crucifixion, this would be my second stop …

  • V the K

    “He’s just a showboating blowhard!” – shouted Chuck Schumer’s supporters.

    • Robert Anthony

      And all of whom had Metamucil with their egg creams! My little joke as to everytime I hear that lefty Jew fool Schumer speak. AND SOMETIMES IT FERMENTS CAUSING MASSIVE BRAIN FARTS!

  • AZWarrior

    My guess is they had to spread a lot of saw dust around the floor on the Dem side of the aisle after the SOTU Address.

    • V the K

      I would just hate to have been the intern who had to clean up the piles of sticky, wadded Kleenex from the MSNBC booth.

      • TugboatPhil

        And you’d PRAY that Al Roker hadn’t been there!