GOP lawmakers have sent many letters to President Obama asking for an accounting of the White House’s actions during deadly terrorist attack in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 1012. There’s been no response from the administration.

Now Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte have narrowed their questions down to a single inquiry and they’re asking for a written response from Obama.

Full letter here.

Graham said on Sunday he will block confirmation of Chuck Hagel and John Brennan if he doesn’t get answers on what happened in Benghazi.

More from tireless investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson and her colleague, Steve Chaggaris:

  • Gothguy

    And the sound you will hear from the White House is the sound of crickets chirping.

  • TocksNedlog

    The president is busily writing his memoir: “I, Obama”.

    • $27789750

      His version of The Robe…it will be titled The Teleprompter.

  • Tangchung

    At first i thought the WH screwed up because they were running around in panic unable to decide to do plan A, plan B or C,D, Etc., Sadly there was no plans, no action, No worries about USA being attacked, Americans killed and your number 1 man in the Middle East being missing 8 hours. WH and Obama put no effort to save them. That scares the hell out of me.

    • rogueco

      If Dems wanted a smaller military, I think they may get their wish. Who would willingly sign up today knowing that the CiC, DoS, DoD and joint Chiefs all are willing to leave them to die, if there is the possibility of a negative political outcome.

      I weep for what our nation has become.

    • SpinMeNot

      Democrats don’t plan with regard to anything that is not related to grabbing power and subverting the constitution. Everything else is the result of being infected with “We have to do something now”-itis.

  • Kevin Krom

    This is actually good strategy by Ayotte, et. al. — if you include multiple questions, the respondent will answer the one(s) (s)he can that will look good, and ignore the others. By asking only one question, it’s obvious you’re either going to get an answer (true or false) or an outright evasion.

    There were potentially several good questions to ask. Not sure this is the ONE I would have chosen, but it’s a pretty good one nonetheless.

  • $30423294

    I’m certainly not a tactician but might Graham throw down a date and time, like this Sunday at 12:00 noon?

    Then at precisely 12:01 pull the lever and officially place the hold on the Hagel and Brennan nominations?

    And then wait for Li’l Duce to blink?

    Of course not, that would be partisan which makes our country very sad :(

  • walterc

    I would have asked, since Hillary testified that she was monitoring the situation the whole time, and Panetta testified that he had no contact with Hillary (and only once with POTUS), how was Hillary monitoring?

  • michael s

    I have 1 question. Were Biden Hillary panetta clapper Brennan asked the same question?

  • mark thomas

    he just throws your memos in the trash

  • nc

    My question: Why do you think you can continue to stonewall the American People about the truth regarding Benghazi?