Not a day goes by without Twitter rolling over to expose its repulsive underbelly. The manhunt for suspected murderer Christopher Dorner inspired admirers to quickly jump to his defense and he has his own social media fan club. Dorner has also been hailed as a “hero,” a “modern day Django” and a “real life Rambo.”

And, like the accused Aurora shooter’s groupies, some say their admiration for Dorner goes even further.

Others say they’d gladly help the fugitive evade capture.

Fascinating typo:

These are not Twitter accounts created for pro-Dorner trolling. Most of these accounts have thousands of tweets and are more than a year old.

Rather than pulling for Dorner’s capture and the safety of his targets, these lowlifes want to help a murder suspect hide from authorities … and maybe jump his bones while they’re at it.


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  • Jimni27

    Can you post something like the cute kids angry at Nemo or some Lazy Cory Booker tweets or maybe the fan/ sign lady at the press conference GIF’s to kind of counteract this? I’m starting to lose faith in mankind.

    • dmacleo

      I found nemo.
      hes covering my cars and shows no sign of….floundering…..yet :) hope that helps :)

      • Jimni27

        Thank you :)

    • RadicalRebelWhoMeToo


  • TocksNedlog

    Any time you see “I honestly would” or “for reals” you know you’re dealing with a straight-up liar. These are the same idiots that said they were gonna either kill themselves or move to Europe if Romney won the election.
    If Dorner REALLY showed up at the house of one of these emboldened-by-the-Internet types, the only thing (and the LAST thing) you’d hear would be “Oh shit! Why was I so opposed to owning a gun?”

  • Sarge_87

    I see the reality TV demographic are being represented.

  • Steve_J

    Just don’t offend him otherwise they’ll end up on his hit list. The list things that seem to offend him are just about everything.

  • Stone Bryson

    Perhaps Dorner will take these utterly clueless Darwin Award nominees up on their offers before he is captured… natural selection, right? Sometimes nature simply HAS to thin the herd…

  • Pat Loudoun

    Obama voters, one and all. This is what we’re up against.

  • Joe W.

    Helter Skelter——-Charlie Manson got it right…….

  • tjcuzns

    What a bunch of sick & demented morons. God help us.

  • CatHerder

    I’d help take the hide off’n him.


    Oh sorry, wrong hide.

  • Tommy

    The very fact people would find a hero within a monster such as that stupid nut expresses in great detail the moral deficiency and level of rot permeating what mind the left has remaining.

    I must say those idiots are nothing more then societal trash feeding off the backs of others and deserving of no compassion should any of them come face to face with retribution.

    Karma indeed is a bitch and she most surely comes full circle and those racist amoeba brained garbage pales deserve exactly the same.

    I’ll say it again, liberals are shipyard rats and human trash.

  • $7610427

    A prime example of why the rest of us should stay armed!

  • V the K

    Remember all the conservatives who pledged to hide Eric Rudolph and help him evade the law? Neither do I.

  • ssg A

    i agree with a lot of the statements he made in his manifesto. i can see why he’s frustrated. it seems pretty obvious that the guy was screwed over for doing the right thing, and it’s pretty sad that we live in a society that punishes people who hold others to the standards that are expected of them. but unfortunately, thats just the way it is. i get it. that being said, if Dorner showed up on my property i would not hesitate to shoot him.

  • meeester

    More credentials for Obama supporters. I bet there isn’t a conservative voter in this list or the other twitter cluster that thinks Dorner is a hero.

  • Maxx

    I read the above and recall a quote that just seems to fit: “Before we work on artificial intelligence why don’t we do something about natural stupidity?” –Steve Polyak