After days of seeing soul-sucking tweets from the worst that Twitter has to offer, here’s a little something to restore your faith in humanity.

This man came over with his snow blower & helped us clear the rest of the snow. Thank you kind stranger, that was so nice! ❤❤❤❤❤

A stranger is plowing my driveway #Aw #thankyou #sweet #snow #nemo #appreciate #it

A random guy is snowblowing the rest of our driveway #randomactofkindness #nemo #sograteful


Two more stories to brighten your weekend:

Awesome: Waiter who stood up for boy with Down syndrome brings gifts, donations to child’s school

Photo: Baby really doesn’t like the snow accumulation in Massachusetts

  • 2ifbyT

    As Barry would say, ‘you didn’t shovel/plow/snowblow that.’

    • RblDiver

      He’d fine ’em for operating a plow/snowblower/shovel without a license, failure to have the union do the work, creating a health hazard (bad backs and all), etc.

  • d1comment

    Americans are fundamentally kind and giving people..despite what you read on Twitter…#don’tlettwitterjadeyou.

  • nc

    Kudos to Random Stranger, his brother Kind Stranger and their cousin Mysterious Stranger.

    (apologies to possible female members of the Stranger Family)

    • $23629333

      I’m with you regarding the first two Stranger brothers, Random and Kind. Mysterious Stranger I have my doubts about. Isn’t he the one with the trench-coat?

  • detroit19

    The best comment? ‘KINDNESS RULES’! Too bad we have to be reminded of this everyday; goodness is inherent to mankind, not evil. To God, the greater glory, always :)

  • NeoKong

    Our neighbors behind us are out of town and we blew all our snow right over the fence and laughed about it.

  • Maxx

    We’re going to need those shovels and plows on Tuesday night when the nation is knee deep in it.

  • $23629333

    No one has ever doubted that America still has millions of decent people. The question has always been what is the relationship such people should maintain with the no-good-nicks. Should they quietly maintain the status quo, wherein the latter group contributes little if anything, and – as a group – grows? Or, should they detach themselves from this growing group?