Citizens around the country are gathering at state capitols today to rally in support of the Second Amendment and exercise their right to bear arms.

Arkansas Lt. Gov. Mark Darr tweeted his support.

More from the rallies:

Second amendment rally at the state Capitol. #secondamemdment #2ndemdment #freedom #America #'Merica #billofrights #constitution #guns #comeandtakeit #Ilovemycountry

A Second Amendment rally is being planned for May 25 in Washington, D.C.

  • Ben Bollman

    As Charlton Heston said, “From my cold, dead hands”

  • Wes

    Need more turnout, any suggestions ?

    • Rabid

      Have it on a weekend.

      • Wes

        GREAT IDEA !

      • Wolf Moon

        Yes. The weekday factor kept Ohio’s numbers down slightly this time. The rally on the 19th was more spontaneous with fewer wanting to attend, but was actually bigger.

  • Maxx

    Well there you go libs….”eeegads! look at all those scary black guns” and yet civilized citizenry living the life. You know, there’s a reason you don’t read about mass shootings at Bass Pro Shop, Gander Mountain or Cabelas. Figure it out.

    • Johannan Baptiste

      Lib, “I’m not going anywhere NEAR THAT! A GUN might go off ACCIDENTALLY!”

      • FybrOptx

        Especially those deadly unloaded ones!

      • BristolGOP Backup

        “Ooh! Drone strike!” Leftist problem solved!

    • Rick Weesner

      Yea, our Christian school decided they wanted to be like all the government schools and be a “Gun Free Zone.” So no one is allowed to carry now except the mass shooter. Idiots!

      • Jeremy von Kesselburg

        The difference is – you can stop Paying them. Pick a new school.


    Just the beginning

  • Tangchung

    911 – Government sponsored Dial-a-Prayer.

    • journogal

      Press “one” for English. I am sorry, all of of operators are busy on other calls. Please hold the line and someone will answer your call in the order received. Estimated waiting time: 30 minutes.

  • tredglx

    Meanwhile, in Hellinois, the state legislature and governor are frantically trying to find a loophole to avoid compliance with the court ruling that their state must come up with a concealed carry law in 180 days.
    The clock has been ticking…and nothing yet.

    • ronwf

      The great part of all that is that if they keep waiting, at some point the clock runs out and there’s simply no law forbidding a legal gun owner from carrying a gun.

  • Jack Deth

    “When you need the police in seconds. They are only minutes away!”

    Remember. Gun Control is putting all six in the 10 Ring!


      AKA Grouping

      • Jack Deth

        Hi, JINNASH:

        Grouping is perfectly acceptable. I started out with wheel guns and still sometimes prefer my K-Framed S&W in .38 to my .45 ACP Commander.

  • LL1885

    Don’t forget, Day of Resistance is coming. Check for a rally in your area:

    • Wolf Moon

      Great. Today’s rally was nice, but we need to keep the heat on these guys. Big Sis is doubling down on ammo purchases – these folks seem to think their little one-party state is about to happen. Until we see some back-off from shredding the Constitution, they can expect more of the same.

  • thepoliticalchef

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    Has ANYONE else noticed that the recent “shootings” are all ultimately traced back to left-wing nutz and mental incompetents ?

  • bydesign001

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  • JFrary

    Gov. LePage appeared at the Augusta, Maine rally to pledge a veto for any bill encroaching on Maine’s constitution (“she right to bear arms SHALL NOT BE QUESTIONED”) Around a hundred demonstrators amidst falling snow and falling temperatures..

  • Robert Burke

    Mexican overlords in government really cannot trust, cannot give the
    right of peasants to go about armed. Neither Californian overlords in
    government THEIR peasants, or US citizens.
European overlords in government
    really cannot trust, cannot give the right of paupers to go about armed.
    Neither New York nor D.C. overlords in government THEIR paupers, or US

    But Our Founders knew it is actually different. The right to go about
    armed is an inalienable right, from God, and it cannot be surrendered, nor

    Mexican overlords in government, European overlords in government, New
    York, California and D.C. overlords have done what cannot last, and what cannot
    be believed in: They think THEY have an inalienable right as governors to use
    high capacity magazines and semi-auto weapons to defend their personages… but
    scheme and plan and do all to deny SAME RIGHTS to their peons, their peasants,
    their plebes, their paupers… their ALWAYS lesser people, whose rights they

    Put another way, Josh Whedon expressed the right thoughts in “Our Mrs.
    Reynolds” episode of the Firefly TV series…


    Are you going to kill me?


    What? What kind of crappy planet is that? Kill you?


    In the maiden’s home, I heard talk of men who weren’t pleased with
    their brides, who…


    Well I ain’t them. And don’t you ever stand for that sort of thing.
    Someone tries to kill you, you try to kill ‘em right back. Wife or no, you’re
    no one’s property to be tossed aside. You got the right same as anyone to live
    and to try to kill people. I mean, you know. People that are… That’s a dumb

This humorous vignette expresses the raw, unadulterated truths of
    America’s Founding. AND, at an even deeper, level… the discussion assumes that
    humans must not be players, humans must be honest brokers, and to play tricks
    on the human psyche… is worth than killing a person. You see, in this vignette,
    Saffron is a dishonest broker, a con artist operating at a high level. In
    another episode, she is dealt with severely, because she has abandoned the
    concept of Love.

    California, New York, Chicago, D.C. have really made this planet dumb.
    Time for them to realize how stuuuupid they are. And the wicked thing is, their
    policies kill (i.e. Chicago crime rate) their policies destroy (CA’s interior)
    their policies are based on the same kind of high-level con job artistry as
    Saffron… who played the part of the ultimate gamer, player and tramp. She ends
    up in a trash heap, just like leaders of CA, NY, Chicago and D.C. will in the
    trash heap of history.

    • Robert Burke

      edit: “worse than killing a person”…

    • Rabid

      +1 for the Firefly reference!

      • Jack Deth

        “You don’t know me, son, so let me explain this to you once: If I ever
        kill you, you’ll be awake. You’ll be facing me, and you’ll be armed.”

        Malcolm Reynolds.

        • Rabid

          Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Love of Country

    I’m sure this glorious spectacle irritated the Left 100x more than an actual lethal DNC flash mob where some unlikely white person would have been beaten to death by a bIack mob fueled by MSNBC’s and Barack Owebamao’s unholy race war. Heck, deadly DNC flash mobs don’t even make the evening news. In fact, progs bury those epic news stories just as quickly as they’re made aware of them (but only in the name of fairness).

  • BeeKaaay

    Well, let’s see.

    According to the leftwingwacko narrative, there must be a HUGE INCREASE IN CRIME where people are owning guns.

    So therefore there MUST be a lot of crime going on around the rallies right?

    Nope! NOT EVEN ONE.

    If there was even ONE VIOLENT incident, the Communist News Network would have a 24-7 coverage about it.

    Leftwingwacko narrative SHOT DOWN (metaphorically)

    • SJ’s Dad

      Wait, what, no rape tents?!?!?!?

      • BeeKaaay

        That’s right :) And not even a parking ticket!

  • ricciricci

    Where are the drones when we need them!

    • Randi Starr

      Give me your coordinates, we can send you one real up close and personal. Do you actually think DHS are the only one who has them.

      • ricciricci

        Who lives caring about “their coordinates”? Oh, perhaps idiots who feel that TYRANNY is a forceful moment where a government like ours suddenly turns on its people. Oh wait wait, historically, tyrannical governments are started by ignorant and uneducated civilians (contemporary uneducated America) who are led by emotional issues that have nothing to do with reality (see Germany circa late 30s/rise of Hitler). Do what you do buddy. Guns are cool and imposing a certain level of regulations are fine with most intelligent good honest gun owners. So, yeah, WHERE are the drones when we need them! I say either lets get it on so we can move forward, or give me and everyone else a break with this “repeated gun-regulation BS fad the left starts every 10 years”.

        • Randi Starr

          You make an ambiguous statement then lecture about your intended interpretation.

          • ricciricci

            Just want to see how HOT gun supporters are for a fight vs. being level headed. You wanted to fight. Thanks for my answer. I’ll support gun ownership and regulation with any group of people who arent ready to drone strike. “Where are the drones when we need them” is ambiguous. Anything intelligent said in response would be met in the same manner. How do you know I dont mean as air support for the people protesting? Regardless.. Good luck.. My bet is a few weak regulations will soothe most of the lefties and gunnies.. and about 10 years from now when Sandyhook/columbine/Virginia/Stockton Ca/-any of the mass murders that happen yearly, happens, we’ll be right back here with one side pretending they care and the other side showing they dont exist in reality. GUNS = USA, they will not be pried from our dead bodies.. They are buried with us. This whole charade is tiresome.

          • buckofama2010

            So if you don’t want a gun, don’t buy one idiot. And while you are at it, REALLY express yourself by posting a sign in your front lawn (if your trailer has one) that proudly proclaims you are unarmed (firearms wise and mentally). COme on, do it.

          • Tony0920

            I voted Romney. I carry concealed for over 30 years. And I live in a trailer. You want to express yourself intelligently? Don’t discriminate as per: housing. I pay my lot rent, work for a living. No government aid, period. Douchebag.

        • Vennoye

          Hate to burst your bubble of naïveté, but we have already seen 2 instances where our government turned on it’s citizens!! Ruby Ridge happened
          under Bush 41, Waco happened under Clinton. When Randy Weaver finally had his
          day in court, all charges were dropped except the failure to appear in court
          over a screwed up court date and called entrapment); but his son,wife and dog are still dead. No one in Waco
          ever had a day in court, but they are still all dead–men, women and children. The Founding Fathers were a whole lot more intelligent than they are given credit for!!!!

          • ricciricci

            and thanks for bursting my bubble with soft tissue. How did “being armed” help the people you are describing? Duh.. worked out pretty well right? No lives lost. You can go even further back to the US government or state government turning on its citizens. From what I recall, in all of the cases you can provide; the “armed and protected citizens” really made a point for the reason to own guns.. Oh, and by the way, I was PISSED when our government went after Ruby Ridge and WACO. But dont be stupid. Ruby Ridge was instigated by a CIVILIAN who pointed OUR government at someone he didnt like. WACO was simply a great pimp ride that went awry and should have never gotten as bad as it did..But hostage situations dont end with cake all of the time. Also, if you consider Waco and Ruby to be actions of tyrannical government.. please go and read a LOT more. The actions in both of those cases were started and led by CIVILIAN complaints and were both conducted with the idea of aiding civilians in need (not tyranny buddy). Rightful in the proceeding? HELL NO, but NOT tyranny.

          • Debbie Riddle Davis

            Yeah buddy…it kinda was tyrannical what they did to Randy Weaver. His friend was upset about losing in court and owing Weaver money. He set Weaver up by making accusations that Weaver had made threats against the gov., the president and everyone else he could think of. The government took it from there. Innocent until proven guilty didn’t apply in the Weavers case…Weaver even tried to clear his name before the stand off…Their intent wasn’t in aiding civilians in need. The only one “in need” was Harris who was making the allegations and he thought he needed to keep the money he owed Weaver. In the end…Weaver lost a child and his wife, who was breast feeding her youngest child at the time she was shot and killed. How exactly was the USMS “aiding civilians in need” by shooting her? What did they need from her? Breast milk?

    • buckofama2010

      We can only hope they are firing on your position as we speak

    • proudhispanicconservative

      They are at home, in the basement of their mother’s house with a poster of Obama collecting unemployment checks, and eating chips bought by their monthly food coupons, so unfortunately they were a little busy.

  • Elaine

    NH had approx 700 ppl at their state capitol. Listen to THIS GUY! He’s awesome.

  • Michael of the Green

    I keep my guns, my dry goods and water in the cellar with the wine. It’s only a matter of time. (zombie apocalypse)

    • MrApple

      The Liberal zombies are all around us now.

  • Thought Criminal #1

    Felt wonderful in Phoenix to be surrounded by citizens dripping with guns. I felt safer there than alone at home.