House Dems are holding a retreat in Lansdowne, Va., today, and President Obama showed up to promote his agenda … er … promote Nancy Pelosi’s unparalleled ability to make pretty grandchildren.

If a Republican said that about a female politician? Cue the feminist OUTrage. But it’s President Lady Parts, so meh. Nothing to see here.

In addition to focusing on Pelosi’s skill at beautifying the gene pool, Obama mentioned she’s got a great shot at becoming Speaker Pelosi again. And soon.

Comedy gold.

  • Leroy Whitby

    Don’t let Obama be a Scout Master in retirement.

    • John Giovanni Bellomo

      Let’s hope he is a prison inmate in retirement

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    cant tell if he is unable to say a good thing she has done as a congresswoman
    BTW: isnt that phrase sexist in liberal terms?

  • Drew Longview

    He’s a man’s man. In his world, he has no use for women unless they can get him some votes, i.e free contraception. That one thing did wonders with single women. Sure they are naive, but the campaign was so effective reaching the uninformed voter.

  • Elaine

    UGH! We must pay attention to the Senate races as well in 2014! When these people start with their predictions, know that they really do know something we don’t know! Like the 2012 election results being aired across the bottom of the screen on MSNBC, earlier in the summer, predicting Obama the winner, even showing voting numbers? Or Pelosi stating to the press that she was positive Obamacare would be ruled “constitutional” by the SCOTUS? They manipulate everything, so voter ID will be a must. Local and state elections will take a lot of involvement if we are to ever win again! Focus on your state or any state that a Senator up for re-election. Keep the House, take the Senate. Prove them WRONG this time, please.

  • Marcy Cook

    Always preoccupied with whatever generates from lady parts.

    • Leroy Whitby

      Oh, I love trash! Anything dirty or dingy or dusty. Anything ragged or rotten or rusty. Yes, I love trash . . .

      • brewerandpatriot

        My kids had that toy!

        • Leroy Whitby

          “Elmo’s toy! Hehehehehehe!” I think that’s what Elmo says. I’ve had 3 kids that loved it!

  • brewerandpatriot

    All this time, I thought Pelosi was a pre-op transsexual…

    • Right Wired

      ’cause if she’s post op, she’d better ask for her money back!

  • ZoriahShepard

    Ugh. I don’t know if I’m glad that I haven’t eaten before I read that because my appetite is G-O-N-E.

  • TocksNedlog

    Pelosi ladyparts — it’s what’s for lunch.

  • BeyondPolls

    What is Obama on today?

  • ceemack

    Do Nanzi’s grandchildren have her eyes?

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    Whenever Obama speaks of babies or children, I believe in the back of his mind he’s thinking, “The little suckers made it through, if you can’t kill ’em, use ’em.

  • Tangchung

    Chris Rock will start calling Pelosi mommy.

    • ember

      Baby Grandmommy

  • ember

    OMG…that’s just creepy.

  • ember

    Nancy looks like an older version of Casey Anthony. O_o

  • RadicalRebelWhoMeToo