Last fall, actress Lena Dunham compared voting for Obama to losing her virginity. Reducing young women to no more than walking, talking “lady parts,” she starred in an OFA ad urging them to give up their “virginity” to Obama.

But, to use a phrase that might speak to Dunham, was she willing to hook up with Obama a second time? Back in November, she told the Twitterverse she voted.

As it turns out, the “voice of her generation” might have abstained from voting. Hilarious.

Room Eight, a New York political blog, reports:

[A]ccording to New York City’s voter file, a Lena Dunham registered in registered in Brooklyn did not vote in the 2012 general election or in any local elections since she moved from her prior address in Tribeca.

Bow chicka … just kidding!

Of course, that’s “a” Lena Dunham, not necessarily the Lena Dunham. And Dunham’s publicist disputes the report.

Not that her vote would have made any difference.

But if true, it’s more Hollyweird “do as I say, not as I do.”

No response from Dunham on Twitter, but she is tweeting this morning.

Stay tuned.


Dunham responded to the allegations on Twitter. Put on your shocked face: One of her tweets begins “So not to be a martyr about it but.” But … she’s totally a martyr!

Sexy … degrading … take your pick.

  • CatHerder

    What a tease.

  • wwbdinct

    Figures she would use the “c” word from her filthy mouth that comes from her disgustingly filthy, butt ass ugly tattooed body. Don’t be surprised now when everyone turns around and calls you that. Let’s not call it a War on Women when you use it first.

  • Tangchung

    Liberals hate liberals that don’t vote twice. Don’t vote once and their heads explode.

  • Jack Deth

    To paraphrase Freud:

    “Sometimes a douche bag is just a douche bag.”

  • Bob Smooper

    She is a GOP plant.


      Then we need to do better. Not getting our money’s worth with her.

    • CatHerder

      An ugli fruit?

      • wwbdinct


    • Noah Lee

      that’s a big fucking plant.

    • Catchance

      >Snort<. That was funny.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    I don’t believe for a second her people’s spin. How many other Lena Dunham’s can there be in the United States, and she is the one who famously grew up in NYC. She didn’t vote and that fact is totally hilarious in a depressing ,amoral sort of way.

  • BeeKaaay

    Aww, too bad the rest of her leftwingwacko ilk didn’t take her lead and didn’t vote either.


    Why do people get excited over this unattractive nut job? Ican’t figure it out.

    • wwbdinct

      She seems to be the dowdy version of Carrie Bradshaw without the horse face.

      • bluewaternavy

        My horse has been insulted, be nice and apologise! 😉

        • wwbdinct

          Sorrrryyyyy….(hanging my head in shame)

        • Noah Lee

          did he cry out “Willllbbbbbuuurrrrrr, i’m sad”?

          • 3seven77

            No. Ed was heard to say, “Wilbur, turn off the TV. That uggo girl/guy is naked again.”

    • koopapoopas

      I agree. She’s gross.

    • Alarie M Martin

      Replace people with liberals or elite and you will quickly understand.

  • BeyondPolls

    “Voter abstinence works!” –quote of the day

  • $29561723

    Wow, what a pig

  • $30423294

    This was never about principle. The plan was to convince young adults that they would be popular if they voted for Obama.

    Life is going to get tough for these young people now. Sure, they will see Lena Dunham for what she really is, but they need to realize that their mistake can’t be undone now.

    Pray for wisdom. Please let that generation learn a valuable lesson from their mistake.

  • louisiana_mom

    Talks a generation into voting and then she doesn’t… I went to high school with girls like this, they would talk girls into having sex, then call her a slut once she did… I had a name for girls like that, but choose not to use it online.

  • HerneTheHunter

    After all that, movie and a dinner. She didn’t even put out.

  • kayakingfatso

    I wonder how many of these hollywood assclowns actually voted. Some can’t be bothered to pay their taxes (lookin’ atchu wesley snipes); perhaps voting is too much of a hassle, also. I think they just spout their ignorance to “fit in” with the others.

  • Joseph Phillips

    She’s a fat hipster chick with a tattoo who tells people to vote though she doesn’t do so herself: Lena Dunham, inspiring the Future of America.

    • Elena0412

      Are there any slim hipster chicks?

  • Howzah123

    She did the ad to further her career

    If you want the awards and gushy praise from the liberal elite, that’s what you have to do

    • SJ’s Dad

      I agree, this has become this generations “Casting Couch” for up and coming . . . ahem, Starlets! (eeeewww, anybody out there have some Scope?)

      • Raye09

        I agree 100%, she had to pander to the people that hand out the awards.

    • kayakingfatso

      I agree with you completely. I think her show needed ratings and this was the way to gain attention. While I despise those who pander to the masses, she made a stink and in the process received ooooh’s as well as boo’s. It’s the hollywood way to stay relevant and to pretty much stay out of the hollywood lion’s cage, politically.

  • Guest

    If that heifer did not put out, nobody would talk to her.

  • Brent Guthrie

    Wasn’t Obama’s mother’s last name Dunham? I know it’s coincidental, but…….

  • Hal Burton

    Demorats just proved they will elect a guy running for congress while confined to a nut house, awaiting sentencing on felony convictions by a 70% electoral margin. See Jesse Jackson Jr.

    • Noah Lee

      i was gonna say “confined to a nut house? I had no idea JJJ was back at work again!” but that would be a corny and very obvious joke. I will say that JJJ should be anally sodomized by rabid circus elephants while his race-baiting dad is forced to watch.

  • Rulz

    ‘Money has no odor.’

  • Rulz

    By the way, I’d love to see who Bill Clinton voted for!

  • mmoore229

    Who is Lena Dunham? Wasn’t that Barack’s mother’s last name?

  • Liberals Needhelp

    The voice of a generation! That’s what she wishes to be. OK……..
    Classy broad all the way…..
    I guess that odd column Kareem Abdul Jabaar wrote was not so far off the mark afterall…it is the voice and show of a generation – a wealthy, elite, NYC-East Coast, certain class, educated, very, very, very white group of women who seem to like to have sex the way men do or are thought to want………..

  • Paul Panici

    The only thing that would be better than this is if she’d voted for Romney!!

    • DizzyMissL

      She did

  • LL1885

    Given Obama’s penchant for murdering American Citizens by drone and getting them killed by terrorists in Libya, we can surmise that Ms. Dunham was comparing voting for Obama to sex with a serial killer.

  • bluewaternavy

    She didn’t want to vote, so she had a lot of dead people vote for her.

  • Maxx

    If I was stranded on a deserted island for six years and suddenly woke up to Lena Dunham walking towards me naked, the only thing I’d want from her is the price of my Exxon shares.

  • Hal Burton

    She later say’s – “I did vote. I tried to get an absentee ballot but, because our nation’s voting system is a steampunk cornmaze, it didn’t arrive.”


    So…. uh… that’s called not voting.

    • Sasha Williams

      Way to misquote Hal

      • Hal Burton

        Misquote? Its copied and pasted verbatim from her tweet above. Scroll up.

        • Sasha Williams

          A tweet that was part of a larger statement thar went on to say she DID vote via affadavitt

  • TruDat

    Amazing that such a horrible creature can actually be successful. I guess this is a great Country.

  • Sasha Williams

    There was a *mic drop* after that last BOOM tweet

  • bicentennialguy

    She needs to fix her damn teeth.

  • Mike Peterson

    She’s so popular, how come i havent heard of her until today?

  • lillymckim

    More evidence of the hypocritical left.

  • KayGee

    SO she DID vote, thus making this yet another silly front page NONtroversy. Keep it up though, I come for the drama, and stay for the trolling.

  • conservativemomma

    Funny that she took her daddy along in case there was a problem. Typical Julia

  • Jim Rasmussen

    “our nation’s voting system is a steampunk cornmaze”. “Steampunk Cornmaze” would be a great name for a rock band.

  • Drive2Slow

    Goodness, she is absurd! I am shocked that she is successful as a performing artist because she is as plain looking as a mud fence. She looks like a pre-teen boy to me :-(

  • NCRelite

    She’s lying, sea donkeys aren’t allowed to vote

  • EastValleyConservative

    I wish all the irrelevant Dems and race hustlers would no longer make any news whatsoever. if that were to happen, nothing but good could come of it.