Wow, indeed.

Today, “Good Morning America” covered the allegations that Chris Brown skipped out on court-mandated community service, a sentence he received for assaulting Rihanna. As the reporter launched into a description of Brown’s court date (complete with Rihanna blowing him a kiss), she called the convicted woman-beater “the bad boy of R&B.” Really.

Brown is routinely referred to as a “bad boy” in media reports, and we’re sure he just loves to think of himself that way. It sounds a whole lot better than “violent, degenerate gutter sludge.” But let’s start calling him what he is:


  • Steve_J

    “Bad boy”, so that’s what they call a woman beater.


    Needs to be in Jail!!!

  • CatHerder

    ‘Bad boy’ is my dog taking a dump on the carpet. This guy is more like ‘violent thug.’

  • Jimni27

    This is the same show that had him on even after he beat Rhianna, and he proceeded to throw a chair out the window when questions didn’t go his way, so… yeah. Wonder if he will be performing at the Grammys again this year. Three times maybe like last year.

    • Noah Lee

      he’s still less of a douche than Kanye West!

      • Jimni27

        Never heard of Kanye beating the crap out of a woman, so I have to disagree.

  • Tangchung

    R&B don’t want him. Don’t drag them into this.

  • jacksonjay

    I tell my daughters that they are called “bad boy” for a reason! Hello??

  • Matthew Koch

    Why would any woman be IGNORANT enough to look fondly upon this (blank)?!

  • Liberals Needhelp

    Why do we not call him what he is: Abuser of Women. Man who beats up women.

    I would like some in our media so eager to toss terms like Nazi, Hitler, Gun Killers,
    Anti-Women, if they are Republican, named Bush or Reagan or Romney, or part of Pro-Life groups…….call Chris Brown exactly what he is: A MAN WHO BEAT UP A WOMAN, SPOUSE ABUSER………. Hey, Stephanie Miller, Chris Matthews, Mario Lopez, David Letterman…… this man out please for what he is.

    Beat up Rihanna. Choked her. Slapped her. Punched her. Threw her out of car.
    Fight w/Ocean. Fight in nightclub w/ another rapper & group. Destroyed NBC studio office.

    Abuser of Women. Michael Vick is a convicted animal abuser and killer. He went to prison for that. No one mentions his name in a news or tabloid story w/o saying that.

    But, Chris Brown, he gets a pass. Why?

    Charlie Sheen has a history of beating women, hitting them, he strangled the last wife, per his last arrest in Colorado. He got away w/ it. Heck he accidentally shot Kelly Preson years ago.

    That’s not a Bad Boy. That’s a Man who thinks women are punching bags…..and knows he can get away with it.