Mr. T began tweeting last month, but this week, the Twitterverse sat up and took notice after “the professional pitier of fools” became verified.

One reporter joked about the cartoonish “A-Team” gunfights in which everyone managed to escape without bullet wounds.

Heh. That’s the truth.

But the pressing question of the day comes from HuffPo reporter Jennifer Bendery: What does Mr. T think about banning guns?

Here there be trolls.

Mr. T’s gonna stop you right there:

  • NRPax

    Mr. T grew up in the kind of neighborhood where gun bans didn’t do very much to stop the crime rate. His pity towards such a stupid question is understandable.

  • Maxx

    Bendery is nothing more than a twitter trolling Puff who thinks banning magazines over 10-rounds will somehow strike a chord with criminals, who then will start invading your home with slingshots instead of black market polymers.

    • Secede

      There are NO “reporters” at HuffPo- only Democrat schills pushing the propaganda and censoring everything they don’t like.

  • madian_kikyou

    lol he schooled them.

  • Teresa Davis McCormick

    yay following MR T now!!

  • tredglx

    Mr T pities the fools that don’t follow him!

  • Ken Alan Draper

    I pity the fool who trolls Mr. T’s twitter.

  • S Davidson

    Loves me some Mr T.

  • Jonny Red

    It is impossible to read his tweets without hearing his voice in your head.