Aw, it’s a bipartisan lovefest! Nancy Pelosi’s director of new media agrees with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor: Free the Spotify!

Twitter reaction is mixed to the congressman’s plea to “Let the music flow!”

Ha! Priceless: BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith has developed a strange, new respect for federal fiscal discipline.

Some suggested that there are more pressing issues at hand than whether the House comes between Cantor and his Spotify.

Perhaps we should negotiate?

Hey, Cantor needs his Wiz Khalifa fix.

Now back to work, Cantor.

  • Cletus

    Hey Eric, Virginia’s a “Right to Work” state. You don’t like it? Find a new employer. Please…

  • kayakingfatso

    Require A Plan Act? Is that for real?! Isn’t there already a requirement for passing a budget?! That owhatshisface has broken, oh how many times? This shit is what is wrong with this damned country. I got an act for these asshats…