West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin really did lament his loneliness at Chuck Hagel’s confirmation hearing today. Aww. It’s lonely out there for a red state Dem from the “No Labels” caucus.

Does Manchin not know about Twitter? Here’s an introduction, Senator:

The tear-stained blanky is where he hides his emo diary.


#ObamaNeedsFriends: Twitterers offer a glimpse into Obama’s lonely existence

  • oxpoqxo

    Why would someone fake tweet? That is just dumb.

  • $29561723

    Aww, poor gun-grabbin’ Joe. If you’d served with Chuck you would’ve had to use those evil 30 round magazines. Bad hoodoo.

  • BeyondPolls

    Jon Huntsman not much company?

    • Indiana

      Even so I do think Huntsman would do a better job as Secretary of State than either Clinton or Kerry.

      • BeyondPolls


  • V the K

    Maybe Bob Menendez can help find him a nice girl. (I denounce myself)