Thousands of Egyptians are gathering in Cairo’s Tahrir Square today to mark the second anniversary of the uprising. One protester slammed President Obama, calling him an “idiot” and “jerk” for cozying up to the Muslim Brotherhood while the MB is “killing the Egyptians.”


Anti-Morsi protester to Obama: ‘Your bitch is our dictator’

  • Rich Carter

    I couldnt agree more

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Israel hater Obama is arming the Muslim Brotherhood, who want to destroy Israel and take over the world.

    “Islam”-Submit or convert.

    • Pendog

      And Hillary was heard to reply…”What’s the big deal?”

      • Mapache

        That is what they’ll say after Israel is destroyed. “Whats the big deal.Why look at why or how it happened but instead lets focus on the way forward.” That was her Benghazi talking point.

        • Assclowntroll

          Benghazi and the Boeing 787 issues in the news are both government misdirection attempts for the story leaked in my profile.

          • daveca

            go see a psychiatrist

        • J.Q.Smith

          If Israel is destroyed, she will not go alone. Mecca, Medina, Cairo and Tehran will be smoldering pools of radioactive glass.

          Only a fool forgets; Never Again….Believe it.

          • suzanna

            never again???? I wish you were right but you aint. They teach nothing in schools and the kids know nothing what was happening, it will happen again, sadly.

          • J.Q.Smith

            Yes, I am sure you are right about the schools in the USA. But the schools in Israel make sure the children do not forget, and are never again subjected to the horror of the past. Israel will defend herself and her people.

            There can be Peace, but not until Muslim Fathers and Mothers love their children as much as they hate Jews and Christians. Israel will not begin the next war, anymore than they started the last; But you can be sure Israel will finish it.

        • ChocoCatSF

          no, it wasnt. That was a sentence in a statement that you have not the courage or dignity to read.

      • Typewriterstreaming

        If they were in the least honest, that would be the slogan for this admin

        • $36544368

          …just the “Obama, you jerk” part…(lol)

      • $1895978

        It’s never a BIG deal when it’s more dead Americans , like our troops and border patrol agents .

        • catherine

          It seems it’s not a big deal to *publicly blame and perp walk* an American for the 9/11/12 Egyptian riots for weeks due to an inane trailer rather than speaking the truth of terrorism from the start.

      • bonesrd

        What’s the bid deal with supposedly 20 dead kids? None.

      • daveca

        It is no big deal to a PSYCHOPATH and career liar.

        realize, to a Liberal, its all about them.

        Its not a big deal to her, especially when if its not a big deal, she can skate.

    • Scott Primeau

      just thought that I would provide option number 3 for those who don’t know all of the options for non-muslims in islamic lands. Submit (ie. pay jizya to muslim rulers), convert,……… OR DIE!!!

      • tedlv

        Being enslaved is also an option, as I recall. Oh, and if you are female, don’t get raped – they will kill you for it.

        • daveca

          I have another option:

          Cowbows and Islamists

          • gnracer

            Well said…..

    • daveca

      “”Islam”-Submit or convert.”

      Ill take “none of the above”

  • Lord Foggybottom

    Pfft. Ask any American liberal who has never been to Egypt and they’ll tell you this guy is an idiot who has no clue how good he now has it because of Obama.

    • Big Buford

      Bob’s your uncle, Lord Foggybottom.

  • fishydude

    But they are killing Egyptian Coptic Christians. They don’t really count. At least not in O world.

    • $4119491

      They’re murdering muslims too that disagree with them politically. They thought that Mubarak was bad. They’re gonna LOVE the Brotherhood. Basically, they’re Saddam and Assad’s old Baath party.

      • TomJB

        I’d say they are worse. I still predict within 5 years, we see Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia all under MB rulers, who then unite and declare the birth of the caliphate.

        • Aleric

          Using US made arms to attack their neighbors.

          • TomJB

            Aleric yep, sadly that is true. Not that this makes anything better, but if anything can be said about our selling them arms, however, they aren’t getting the full bells and whistles that we have. Armor, targetting systems, and much more is a lot less than we have on our tanks. We don’t even allow their visiting officers to see the inside of our top-line tanks. What they get were our best during the Gulf War period. I imagine the same goes for the F16s and other equipment we send. A well-trained Merkava unit today could probably easily beat the best-trained Egyptian units of comparable size manning M1A1 Abrams. If I had my personal way, though, they would have to deal with old Soviet T72s…

          • Teddi

            Yup, that was the Obama/Jarrett plan…

            That’s what you get with a POS muslim loving radical left non-leader that believes in appeasement as foreign policy.

          • Daniel Martin Gray

            “JERK” is hardly a stong enough epithet for our DEAR LEADER.

            After all, since the Earth revolves around him and the Sun shines out his AXX, he DESERVES Superlatives, even when roundly CONDEMNING his anti-Constitutional, anti-Christian, anti-FREEDOM activities.

            But WHAT did they EXPECT?

            That some glib, facile Politician would tell them the TRUTH?

            Fool me ONCE…

          • SJ’s Dad

            1st, ^ Eleventy Bazillion!!
            Secondly, don’t sugar-coat it, tell us how you REALLY feel!!!

        • daveca

          Im not sure “worse” but “more opportunity for power grab”:

          If theres nothing in the pinata, why swing a stick at it?

          Whats at stake here is control of oil pipelines and a back door position to attack Israel.

          There wont be any end to their sick, violent attempts to grab power.

          “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

          And to the Obama poster – EXCELLENT. I see we arent the only ones that recognize Obama is a War Criminal

          second-amendment DOT tripod DOT com

          • John (magnum)

            KING OBONGO’s ‘Arab Spring’ was a test to see if he could screw up the Arab world.

            He now has 4 more years to implement his socialist ‘American Spring’ !!!!

          • $138382

            Make that COMMUNIST American Spring, because that’s what he and his senate comrades really are. “Democrat” is just a code word.

            ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

          • Teddi


            Obama’s “Arab Spring” appeasement policy set the Middle East back 50 years. Just think what his radical leftist economic policies will do to what’s left of America ?


          • Patrick Murphy

            the flyman is not only a war criminal but a major jerk.

          • catherine

            hahaha,,,let’s add smelly trash to your list. Fly’s always swarm around smelly trash!

        • GaryTheBrave

          It won’t take that long.

      • $30158943

        But Obama is a secret Muslim how can that be?

        • OneAmericanAmongMany

          Obama is in love with absolute power, and anyone who disagrees – Muslim or no – is “collateral damage.”

      • vinnie

        You’re totally wrong and could not be more so. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood was radicalized and supported by Saudi Arabia. They’re the ones behind Salafism and Sharia law! Saddam hated the Sauds, wanted to roll them. But the Sauds are protected by U.S. military.
        Assad is also enemy to the Saudi/Bahraini/Quatari (Gulf States.) That’s why the Sauds are supplying Islamist fighters to defeat him, and western media says NOTHING.

        • TomJB

          That is not how the culture works there, vinnie, don’t believe the “But Sunni and Shi’a are mortal enemy” crap the MSM likes to spew to sound intelligent on that part of the world. Yeah, the different sects of Islam may fight amongst themselves viciously, but when an outside threat appears, they will band together in a minute to defeat them and resume their fighting after it is over. Think of an onion: neighbors will help neighbors against people from another town. Towns will help other towns against people from another province, all the way up to dar al-Islam (muslim world) will unite against dar al-harb (non-muslim world) if push came to shove. Individual differences are put aside when a threat comes from a layer of the onion farther out.

          • suzanna

            you are right on the money

    • azjustin

      The only thing that counts in O world is big O himself. Everyone and everything else is beneath him.

      • Artemis Entrari

        Now tell me, who didnt see this coming?

      • nostudme1


    • Auntie_Lo

      and women

      • albertasaurus

        Don’t you know? The most pressing civil rights issue for women on this planet , according to Imam Obama, is that well off young women attending ivy league universities should have someone else pay the $10 or so a month for their birth control.

        • daveca

          IN my day, we used the BIBLE for birth control

          Worked great. its called MORALS.

          We didnt have $10.

          • suzanna

            they could never ruin a MORAL nation and have worked for years to get us where we are now. And now they have us exactly where they want us.

          • gnracer

            That is the best answer. I could not have said it any better.

    • Typewriterstreaming

      Notice how the MSM gives not one whit about Christians anywhere. Justice for some but definitely not for Christians. Sick.

      • $138382

        Because they’re all Communists, that’s why. Ask ANYONE who managed to escape a Communist country and they’ll tell you that Obama is just that. They lived it and know…the lobotomized citizens in this country have no clue what they voted for but they’re going to find out…soon enough.

        ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

    • $20872692

      Who are “they”?

    • $30158943

      So you don’t support democracy and would prefer a dictatorship. The idea of democracy is that outside powers don’t get to decide who rules, the people do. I guess you only support democracy when it works in your favor, kind of like the last US election?

      • daveca

        “he idea of democracy is that outside powers don’t get to decide who rules, the people do”

        Delusion and lack of education is your main problem, and how lies like that spread.

        Democracy is from the Greek demo-kratia and was invented by Alexander the Great.

        Demokratia was Alexanders military conquest of Cities in Asia (W Mediterranean, N Africa and East) capturing and controling a City and promising to leave them mostly alone if they paid TAXES.

        Go get some history BOOKS like The History of Greece by JA Bury and LEARN.

        Youre spreading insanity.

        You have ABSOLUTELY no idea what youre ranting about.

        • $30158943

          Are you living in ancient Greece? As its unlikely, why don’t you adhere to the modern definition? A government by the people; especially : rule of the majority. Maybe, because its inconvenient to your specious argument, so you conjure up an ancient definition and attack my education, which suggests to me that you got nothing.

          • OneAmericanAmongMany

            The definition hasn’t changed, Mitch. See my previous post and learn something about language as well. You clearly are ignorant about civics, language and history.

          • Sandy Balboa

            Mitch…you are really not getting it! For the record it’s “you HAVE nothing”..not you “got” nothing. Maybe you should read a book or two before commenting on Democracy in the Middle East. Like we have a democracy in America…lol oh you jest!!!

          • $30158943

            Its obvious you don’t want to address the question posed, so instead you try name calling, grammar lessons, etc. Its clearly uncomfortable for the right who have called for democracy in the middle east for decades but when it comes they don’t like it because its messy so you abandon your precious principals in favor of nondemocratic solutions.


            mitch you are in total error…the egyptians now have a islamic theocracy…not a republic nor a democracy. The right clearly did not nor would not call for that and the left is bent on communist totalitarianism and is doing a good job of implementing it here in the U.S.A.

        • john

          Demo means people, Kratia means government. Seems to me you like ( and voted for) king obaMAO.

        • carol

          The USA is a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC. The peoples’ wishes are supposed to be represented through their representatives. Unfortunately that is not the way we’re being governed now.

          • J.Q.Smith

            We are a Constitutional Republic as well…That is, a Republic governed by Law, and not the tyranny of the Majority.


          And again, your pithy response from the wikipedia look up have no bearing on what is happening in Egypt…nor anywhere else for that matter. Stop trying to impress yourself.

      • BodieInSD

        Egypt a “democracy”?
        Do you get a paycheck or are you paid in Sinai hashish?

      • J.Q.Smith

        The USA is not a Democracy…but don’t let facts and reality get in the way of your brainless rant.

      • luke orem

        Wrong. Democracy is mob rule, and mobs are guided by fear and nationalism. It’s a dangerous and stupid way to rule a country. FDR was elected 4 times, hitler was elected, mussolini was elected. All you need is a hungry mob with a vote and you will easily get a dictator.

        • suzanna

          you are right we have one now and all it needed was a free cell phone. An easy buy and cheap for Obummer, didn’t cost him a dime.

        • carol

          Thanks Luke Orem. They haven’t taught American history or civics in publics schools for 35 or 40 years, so many people don’t know the true definitions.

      • OneAmericanAmongMany

        The US is a representative republic, Mitch. Time to learn enough civics to pass a citizenship test, like my immigrant grandparents had to.

      • carol

        The USA is a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC. It is NOT a democracy. A democracy is defined as ‘rule by the majority’. ‘Democracy’ represents the principles and policies of the Democrat party of the USA. It does NOT represent the founding documents. If we were to rely on the Democrat party’s principles and policies we would be unable to protest, there would be no right to appeal verdicts, etc.



      • brian thompson

        That is not democracy’s definition idiot. Go back to school. Democracy is about FREE elections. If they are rigged at the start then the results are not legitimate.


        what the hell are you responding to? Egypt didn’t get democracy they got theocracy. O just fooled them into fighting Mubaraks govt to help get it there. The Aabs need a master…Americans need none nor want any.

      • Mariamante

        Soros is running our country. Although Soros is persona non grata in most nations, a convicted felon in France, Obama is now Openly working with Soros.

        This has been happening for years, but Obama didn’t dare make it known. The media calls Soros’ influence peddling “charity”. His charitable causes included lobbying for drug legalization. Just what our American youth needs. He got that and so much more after Obama was elected. Soros has all of his people with Obama appointees ans Czar’s.

        A billionnaire megalmaniac who once claimed to own the Democratic party, is pulling the strings. Look up George Soros campaign contributions. He has NGO’s all over the world that he uses to corrupt governments in vulnerable 3rd world countries, Our last election had rampant fraud with 160% voter turn out in some precincts. Even more ominous is the media silence. we’re done

        • $30158943

          Far less influence than the Koch brothers and AFP.

    • fishydude

      MB version of democracy is “I’ve man one vote one time.”
      Coptic Christians are being told to leave or be killed.
      They do not have a rule-of-law “democracy” in Egypt. They have mob rule. Those who resist the mob are the enemy.
      Too many Americans don’t even know what form of government we have. It is not democracy. We are a representative republic. The latter prevents tyranny of the majority. The former is 3 wolves and a goat voting on what to have for dinner.

      • WVS

        THANK YOU. We go about supporting democracy and this is what we rightfully get. The founders were terrified of democracy.

    • J.Q.Smith

      The Muslim Brotherhood is also supported by Iran…They receive money, training and equipment from Iran, and are in-fact Iran’s surrogate and have been for years.

    • john

      One of the slogans of the MB is ” Jihad is our way” also, “dying for the prophet ( a pedophile) is the highest of our aspiration” And we are giving these pedophile lovers 16/20 F 16’s and 200 Abraham tanks!!! Aaaand 4.5 billion IMF $$, of which 22% is our (borrowed) money. There should be an uprising in the streets.

      • Fthoma

        Actually, they have over 240 F-16s and over 1100 M-1 Abrams tanks, all of various models. Do a Wikipedia read on the Egyptian air force. Huge numbers of aircraft.

      • catherine

        We are insane to keep doling out money and military help to the middle east. They hate us! I wish we would get out of that entire part of the world and get fracking in the US! Let the Arabs fight their own battles as they’ve done for centuries.


        I’ve seen these arab morons fight…they suck and israel will shoot those birds and fry those tanks in five minutes. Arabs are good when the opposition can’t resist, but as soon as you show them the end of your gun they hide.

    • harborsenior

      Obama and Clinton put a Coptic Christian in jail for exercising his first amendment rights here in the good old USA.


        yes, called the guy a criminal and blamed him for his own mistake in Bengazi.

  • nc

    Doing the work Americans (media and libs) won’t do.

    • Assclowntroll

      What media? After the coup and cover up we have a state controlled propaganda machine for a media now.

      • ChocoCatSF

        how did you get so informed? Info wars? WND?

  • Al Schneider



  • freedom_is_good

    Take guns from law-abiding Americans, but supply the muslim brotherhood with arms, supply Libyans with arms so they can kill Americans. This turd has the audacity to call Americans “the enemy.”

    • Vette66

      The real American people are the enemy. We don’t want sharia law or socialism. So yes, we are the enemy. So remember BO’s words, Muslims first, Americans later.

      • Assclowntroll

        Sorry, the biggest threat to national security has become our own government who staged a coup and are using Obama to play catch the communists at all expense to us, our economy, quality of life, and Constitution.

        • hogprint

          Not sure what communists Obama would catch. I’m positive he’ll be just like every leftist since the ’30’s, appease, obfuscate, comply with the cause. Remember, his dear mum was a red communist and many of his former (can’t bring them around now) associates were card carrying party members.

          Barry didn’t fall far from the tree.

          • Assclowntroll

            you’re missing the point (likely intentionally), Obama isn’t in power.

      • ChocoCatSF

        Obama killed Osama bin Laden, and there is simply nothing you can do to change it. It makes all of your comments look pathetic.

        • Duddlepuck

          You are correct. I remember clearly when Nixon put men on the moon.

        • Rkowalski1954

          I heard he was the one who shot Bin laden in the head. Must of been all that affirmative training he received in college.

        • bonesrd

          A mere sacrifice of one to promote the muslim good for all.

        • lpat

          Got nothing to do with nothing.

        • Aleric

          Yeah because signing a paper with a CYA clause is a true sign of a leader.

        • bigshambala

          Show the proof – you cult member glove-puppet.

        • grais

          “What difference does it make?”

        • Bob G

          Obama called upon the United States Navy Seals to kill Osama and make himself look good. The United Sates Navy Seals called upon Obama in Benghazi and got what?

          • daveca

            They looked good in their COFFINS

          • Bob G

            You just made a lot of friends daveca.

          • 1SkepticalChick

            And that’s all they got. COFFINS, Courtesy of O.

          • carol

            And their families were given the flags that were draped over them. Even Mr. Obama doesn’t mention Bin Laden any longer because he knows that it’s public knowledge that he and his pal Valerie Jarrett kicked around for weeks the question of what the impact on his
            image would be if he did or did not give the kill order. She was adamant that he NOT give the order. In the end I suppose smarter people prevailed, and the chump gave the order. That is ALL he did, and he knows it. But his ‘no information’ acolyte ‘takers’ will forever consider his giving the order a ‘heroic’ act. Jeez, he came in from the golf course to witness the real time videos. And notice that he never gave Bush any credit for making it possible.

          • nostudme1

            Up the kiester

          • Bob G

            take your meds alisonhynes

        • CitizenKaner

          He nailed him with a 5 iron between sips of coffee.

          • suzanna

            a good one!

        • Assclowntroll

          Obama killed Osama 3 days after releasing what was presented to the public as a birth certificate which no one believed. Osama was a diversion story.

        • Cathrine Martin

          You are pathetic, spewing the same garbage all the fraud’s worshipers do, that wimp didn’t do anything, he just got lucky and was in the White House when the seals got Bin Laden, after George Bush spent years laying the groundwork.

        • suzanna

          oh truly????? I thought he was on the golf course having a fun day again. Great having such a brave “man” in the White House, talented too.

        • OneAmericanAmongMany

          Obama killed Osama bin Laden and set off the chain of events that led to Benghazi – and four Americans tortured and slaughtered. Which makes YOUR defense of the Bamster pathetic as well.

        • catherine

          BO is only capable of batting at the fly’s that swarm around his stench or reveling in the spotlight as he prances about on multi million dollar vacay’s on the tax payers dime, telling us serfs we must tighten our belts.

          Were it not for the Navy Seals and years of intel that had been put in place before BO took office OBL may still be alive.

          It was an effort that took years and required many levels of government to achieve.

          Yes, it happened on BO’s watch. It’s a stretch to say BO *killed* OBL. To be correct one would say he gave the order to kill him …
          but of course …


        • gnracer

          Where’s the proof? I seem to remember when Sadam Hussein was killed there was at least some pictures released to the media. We were told they buried Osama Bin Laden at sea so as not to cause anger amongst the Arab world. Why was this same protocol not followed when Sadam Hussein was executed?

    • daveca

      An attempt at a Government Coup in both cases.

      Obama is attempting to take the Executive over by raising his own militia and subtile changes in EOs. Proof of those statements:

      Subversion of the EO process:

      24 March entry,


      Obama attempting to raise his own private militia.

  • cwms2005

    The Democrats are totally trashing our Country. No values, insane actions.

    • ChocoCatSF

      Egypt is America now?

  • Dustoff

    Not to worry. O-dumber just gave them F-16.

    • Mapache

      and 200 Abrams tanks….better to clear the square with.

    • Vette66

      And 200 Abram tanks. Now the Taxpayers will get to pay for all the repairs, ammo, fuel and all needed supplies to destroy non Muslims and Israel.

      • ChocoCatSF

        and you will be on line whining like a little girl either way.

        • Rkowalski1954

          Your EBT card is in the mail, go get it.

        • gnracer

          You are absolutely clueless. Enjoy your Cool-Aid

    • Ray Valdes

      They will use those on Israel, Obummer is counting on that. I believe he wants Israel destroyed

      • Brad

        Israel has nuclear weapons and before they get destroyed by Obama’s MB pals they will launch them…and the rest of the world will also end. Of course as the missles fall, Obama and the media will blame Bush and the GOP.

      • daveca

        Good luck with that. They may have a plane, but they DONT have IDF pilots.

  • BurtonM

    Can we send all the democrats to egypt? Or maybe they would prefer north korea or cuba, cause thats where it seems like they want to take us.

    • Manuel Martinez

      you would have to send both they are the same at the top i dont think you got the memo most peasants dont.

  • Kevin Stowell

    He knows…he knows.

  • Mapache

    Simply reporting what our own US Media will not.

    • ChocoCatSF

      good thing you are here to fix it

  • Big Buford

    God bless the REAL Egyptians.

    • ChocoCatSF

      Right, Muslims are not real Egyptians

    • Typewriterstreaming

      Yes, indeed.

  • AZsmitty

    All you of the House of Judah living in America who blindly follow party democrat, these signs may as well have your names in place of Obamas’. Speilberg, Streisand, Weinstein, the Muslim Brotherhood is alive and well, Egyptian President Morrissey has made no bones about where he thinks you decended from and what should be done with you…………yet just as those who thought that their positions and fame would protect them from the Third Reich you too will fall along with your lessor Jews. Perhaps you will be chosen to play music like those talented symphony players who accompanied their fellow prisoners as they marched to the death chambers.

    • daveca

      Well said. Ive personally seen Liberal Judaism in America and it AINT Judaism.
      It aint American either.

      Its having brunch with Islam

      • suzanna

        in other words, we have a lot of stupid jews in this land.

  • NRPax

    It’s OK. People will just call him racist and all will be right in the world again.

  • ZigZ

    And Obama is arming and training Al Qeada to take over Syria. Does he expect a different result.
    I do not think he does. John Kerry is a fool for taking the Sec State position for Obama’s insane foreign policy.

    • motoman22atgmail

      We can only HOPE that Kerry will take his job seriously and not just be a puppet of Obama. Part of the cabinet’s responsibility is to keep the administration on a straight course, unfortunately that the radicals Obahama put in place don’t do that. Just ‘YES’ men to make his will be done. Sad.

      • Vennoye

        Senator John Kerry said today in his opening statement in his confirmation hearing for Secretary of State before the Senate that he will do his best to implement “President Obama’s vision for the world” by giving “a voice to the voiceless.”
        Story on Breitbart.

      • 1SkepticalChick

        Kerry is a lying liar, too. Just like the rest of the Party. He will follow the Party line, carrying that message of appeasement (read: giving in) to the rest of the world. Withdrawing support from those who fail to fall in line, and supplying weapons to those who do. Isreal is not the only target. Anyone who resists is. As they take our weapons, do you really believe they will destroy them, or will they end up in the hands of TMB and others like them?

      • Typewriterstreaming

        I’m sorry to say Kerry is another sock puppet for O.

    • ChocoCatSF

      Obama killed Osama bin Laden

      • That Dude

        You bored troll… Fact is Obama sucks and the military killed Osama. Go back to the foodstamp line and leave conversation to those with something to contribute.

      • ZigZ

        Seal Team 6 killed UBL.

      • Rkowalski1954

        Didn’t know he was a marks man. The only hole that Obama made was during a round of golf.

      • sleeper48

        Well, he wouldn’t have done it without being videoed, so link that, I would be interested to see it.

    • sleeper48

      You could just leave it at John Kerry is a fool.

  • ImJustAGuy

    Obama will ignore the sign, and the Obama Faithful will love him no matter what.

    • ChocoCatSF

      you think Obama should base policy on signs put up by idiots?

  • j dub

    The US is in Syria right now… on the ground. Watch the video and tell me they are arab, muslim, persian, or syrian……
    the debt enslaved robots are obese, dumbed down, encircled within a police state, and about to lose their right to self defense. Get to work SLAVES!!!

  • Steve_J

    Weren’t the Egyptians paying attention to Obama’s actions during the “Green” revolution in Iran a few years ago. If they had been what he’s doing now wouldn’t be a surprise to them.

  • Fred

    Message from Obama to this guy: “I won.”

    • cgreno

      Yes, Obama did win…. he won the presidential prize for the biggest jerk of the United Stupid States of America. Congratz.

    • 1SkepticalChick

      And now he has a mandate to take over.

  • Brandigo

    bwahahaha – well Obama will ignore him. Al Sharpton and other black leaders will scream “how dare you criticize our savior you racists!” And the media will keep the public distracted with Oscar talk and celeb gossip and zeroing in on ANY Republican or conservative that pops-up and says something liberals don’t like. Like any other day.

  • JoeNJ8

    That guy better leave Egypt as fast as he can.

    • 1SkepticalChick

      He’s probably already in chains somewhere. Or in peices.

    • ChocoCatSF


  • larrys

    Obama knows he set up a murderer. He will be doing the same to Americans.

  • John Bourne

    There is a sign in America’s square that reads “Obama you Jerk”

  • speakingpolitely

    Good Morning Egypt…

    Welcome to the Real World.

    Obama does not like Coptic Christians.. They are the Original Egyptians, from before the time the Muslim Arabs took over their land.
    Well, if company will make you feel better here is a list:

    Obama does not like Israel.
    Obama does not like the West.
    Obama does not like America.
    Obama Likes Socialism.
    Obama Likes Islam.
    And, most important:
    Obama Likes Obama…

    • Vette66

      Wrong, Obama LOVES Obama

      • BlueMax372

        And apparently flies love 0bama.

        • bonesrd

          And we all know what else flies love!

      • bonesrd

        but hates America!

    • ChocoCatSF

      Obama killed Osama bin Laden after W failed. Kinda makes your entire story look ridiculous, dont you think?

      • Rkowalski1954

        Cinton had the chance to get Bin laden but what motre interested in a hummer instead.

        • tedlv


        • GrumpyOne

          Yep, Bubba always preferred instant gratification over substance…

        • daveca

          Well, Id rather have a hummer than risk someone elses life.

          Actually that shows he DID take quite a risk, he could have gotten a terrible STD from his hummer, thats more of a risk than telling someone else to go stand in harms way.

          Now THATS sarcasm

          second-amendment DOT tripod DOT com

        • suzanna

          is that what it is called? Hmmmmmm!

      • aliwilcox

        You’re wrong. Seal Team Six killed bin Laden, based on work done by the C.I.A. Obama’s lucky break is that he was the one in office when it happened.

        • JonSno3

          YOU are WRONG! Anyone who believes the MSM state run obama mythological, spoon fed BOVINE SCATOLOGY is cranially impaired. You keep on believing that story 😉 I know go watch that new award winning propaganda piece, “zero dark thirty,” there’s the REAL truth you FOOL!

          • aliwilcox

            Complete your point. Who killed him?

          • JonSno3

            Ummm the “pink floofie nutter bunnie” did it.

            Well if you can expand your critical thinking skills ever so slightly you might come up with other possibilities. First contemplate this quote: “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” ~attributed to Joseph Goebbels, in
            addition: “The greater the lie, the greater the chance that it will be believed”. ~ Attributed to Hitler.

            No but seriously it was well known that bin Laden was in the midst of kidney failure in the early 2000’s. Needless to say would be way hard dragging a kidney dialysis machine with him through the Hindu Kush, possible, but not likely. I am not saying that’s the way he died, but is actually way more believable than the tall tale that was spun to make the POTUS look like the hero in shining armor.
            Oh just so you know, I detested Bush, Cheney and Rummie, just as much as I greatly dislike Obama. It is just the amazing amount of effort to get the Sheeple to bite on this story should make one suspicious. Now reasonable thinking minds would question this story. I spent twenty-two years in the military, one of my favorite subjects being PsyOps. Now I am not an expert mind you, however when events such as this happens one MUST question the story. The story is just too stupid! Also when something of this nature is “trotted out for mass public consumption,” not to mention many
            different stories surrounding the story, SEAL team member writing a book, Pentagon bashes him, press bashes him, NOTHING happens to him in the end. The famous picture of the POTUS with “all the
            president’s men,” at the very moment of BL being “smited,” Hilary’s performance in that picture was greatly out “performed” by her portrayal yesterday. Laden’s carcass being dumped into the Indian ocean, “are you kidding me”?

            Then to top it off Kathryn Bigelow “allowed” to “make” the movie?
            Yea you go right ahead and suck it up;-) Tell a lie long enough and loud enough it will eventually become truth” yea Goebbels again! I’m guessing you also believed Shill-ary’s charade yesterday, Buahhahaha!! But hey…WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

          • aliwilcox

            As my favorite president used to say, “Now, there you go again.” You know nothing about me and you know nothing about what I believe. I WILL tell you a couple of things so that you think twice before you shoot your mouth off the next time. I’m an Army brat, my dad served heroically in two wars; my brother (aka Magnet Ass) saved countless lives as a med evac pilot in Viet Nam with multiple valor awards to prove it. I am a conservative woman who honors the principles that created this country and despises those hypocrites who want to change the constitution. Run for office if you’re so smart and know it all. Go ahead and expose the lies. But do it with a little class and reason.

          • JonSno3

            Ok I’m guessing I should thank YOU for YOUR service vi-a-vis your father and brother?? Yea that’s classy, considering I actually flew CSAR in the AF for many of my 22 yrs in the service, some of that time in Afghanistan, I’m sure you know what that acronym means based upon YOUR time in the service. I could give 2 shikes whether YOU are a CONSERVATIVE woman… BFD! That makes you even more gullible!
            I’m guessing you are another sheep that voted for “Mittens”? When you eventually come to the realization the two party system is nothing but a facade to keep us all at each others throats (as presently shown by our conversation) you will finally understand what I am humbly attempting to articulate by shooting my mouth off. In all seriousness…to you Father and Brother, Please thank THEM for their service for me!

        • daveca

          No, YOURE wrong, TWICE

          The BBC interviewed a local (not a story you got from the US Lame Stream Media) that said they did NOT get OBL, they got a neighbor.:

          From the BBC, a CREDIBLE news outlet:

          Second place youre wrong and proven a Lame Stream Media syncophant, is that the Seals did not do that, it was a JOINT SPECIAL FORCES mission.

          • aliwilcox

            Calm down, you hysteric! I’m not a media sycophant at all, but you should wipe the spittle off your mouth. If I’m wrong, I am fine with being corrected, but not by someone who is as rabid as you.

            Hahahahaha– I just went to the link you provided. Now I get it. I was under the impression that I was speaking to rational, if somewhat excited individuals. Now I see you are paranoid truther. Forget about anything I said and go take a xanax. You’ll feel better in a little while.

      • bonesrd

        Obama killed nobody you fool!

      • AreOweBeeEyeN

        You want to give Obushesfault credit for “killing”” Osama and no responsibility for the torture and killing of the Americans he and his ADMIN left stranded in Benghazi. Your entire story is ridiculous.

        • SJ’s Dad

          Like what you did there ROBIN, well played!

      • poppakap

        You’re a one note cat. Doesn’t it get boring blathering the same inanity over and over? “Since Obama killed Bin Laden (forget the fact he really didn’t, but merely was forced to accept a continuance of Bush policies he actively campaigned against and begrudgingly accepted as being politically expedient), he can rule forever.”

        Perhaps you’d prefer Obama to be king? Messiah? Peasants are often so easily led…

        • daveca

          ” Doesn’t it get boring blathering the same inanity over and over?”

          Like it said in the famous Monty Python series:

          “But its my ONLY LINE!”

          Liberals lying about obama being in charge is contradicted by this:

          “Only the memo doesn’t show a gutsy call. It doesn’t show a president willing to take the blame for a mission gone wrong. It shows a CYA maneuver by the White House.

          The memo puts all control in the hands of Admiral McRaven – the “timing, operational decision making and control” are all up to McRaven. So the notion that Obama and his team were walking through every stage of the operation is incorrect. The hero here was McRaven, not Obama. And had the mission gone wrong, McRaven surely would have been thrown under the bus.”

          breitbart DOT com/Big-Peace/2012/04/26/Get-bin-laden-memo-CYA

      • GrumpyOne

        Er, O’bammy gave approval for the raid after repeated urging of the military PLUS the fact that the info that was responsible was gained by rendering, a practice that the anointed one condemned.

        Yo’ cain’t have it both ways…

      • triplets

        Clinton, Bill, is the one that could have killed Osama, but refused. 9/11 would not have happened.

      • suzanna

        Clinton had at least two opportunities to kill the guy, one time he was on the golf course and couldn’t be bothered, sounds familiar? lazy Demons. Choco Cat sounds kind of black?

        • catherine

          oh suzanna, tread carefully …. or choco cat will accuse you and me both of hating black cats and being racist … hahaha! ;-))

      • catherine

        Choco, are you rachel maddow or tlngly legged chrissy mathews? I’m very concerned about your blind allegiance to your dear leader…haha

        but then again … WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!!!!??? 😉

    • Frank_Lee

      You’re a lunatic.

      • daveca

        Prove that.

        Saying “youre a lunatick” proves that you are an angry 4th grade child.

        A quote of what (s)he wrote and an explanation of how (s)he is a lunatick would at least elevate you to the College level

        • Frank_Lee

          It’s “lunatic”, and it’s not necessary for me to prove it. (S)he does just fine (her)himself.

  • ricardo_maxwell

    Of course we all know this but the liberal anti-American media is covering for th emulsim in chief Obaba.

    • ChocoCatSF

      good thing you are here to save us. Get on it Soldier!

      • Rkowalski1954

        have a hard on for Obama?

  • Melvin Leppla

    Come people, “What difference does it make,” its just a few dead Egyptian Christians. The Muslim Brotherhood is the victim here.

    • Dave

      10 million Egyptian Christians, to be precise.

  • Guest

    Ha… We need that guy here. He’s an excellent judge of character.

  • Josephine (D)

    He gets it; why not others?

  • GB

    Wait this won’t help my legacy!!! Ignore it!!! Eo 306957…. BHO

  • Disqus-ted

    I think it’s fairly obvious: Barry is in with the jihadists. He’s planning to give tanks and jets to Morsi, who is a dangerous jihadist. The only idiots are the Americans who voted for him and don’t impeach him for treason.

    • ChocoCatSF

      right, that is why he killed Osama bin Laden *facepalm*

      • Rkowalski1954

        Clinton should have killed him but was more worried about a BJ instead.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Aw, there ya go again, dissin’ POTUS’s BFFs.

  • DeeDee1213

    When Egypt gets their F 16’s we Promised them in an Arms Agreement, Lets see how long it takes them to fly them over Israel, think we better start calling Congress and letting them know they need to Defund this , A.S.A.P

    • caligula

      this has been barry’s plan all along.

  • caligula

    Islam has ruined the cultures of the Middle East and Northern Africa: Egyptian, Persian and Sumerian, to name a few. These people aren’t even allowed to speak their native tongues or practice their native customs under Sharia Law. But…they have done it to themselves by letting the cancer metastasize.

  • Ananymous

    divide and conquer, has turned into terrorize then go in to conquer…

  • RightStuff

    Karma is about to manifest itself on Barack Obama. It will occur as a result of giving the jets to Egypt. It won’t be pretty.

  • Charles Donaldson

    What would Hillary say ? What difference does it make !

  • Ralph Brooks

    One thing we’ll learn eventually, is that the only difference between the murdering tyrant and the freedom fighter over there is who is in charge at the moment.

    • TocksNedlog

      It’s probably a safe bet that the freedom fighter is a teensy bit less mutilate-subjugate-eliminatey.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Gee, Egyptians are racist H8ers too?

  • Mark Longhi

    As planned by Obama!

  • peteto1

    Very astute observation, Mr. Egyptian……

  • Baghdad Bob

    Just send them some more f-16’s and tanks. It’ll be okay.

  • Resist_Tyranny

    The Muslim Brotherhood are playing Obama for a fool… and why not, he’s perfect for it.

    • TocksNedlog

      True, Obama is Egypt’s dupe; but, unfortunately, he is a WILLING dupe.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    The Dali Bama so wishes he could rule like that and I’m sure once he collects all those naughty “assault” weapons, he can get the box cars lined up and clean up America of all those who do not worship Duh Won.

    • Yaspar

      Massive props for “Dalai Bama”!!

  • Scott Stroup

    U.S. elections are over so your sign has no influence…nice try though…

  • Martha Washington

    ATTENTION: Congress @USsenate @USHouseOfRep
    WHY is Obama sending BILLIONS of BORROWED $s(we will owe China)2 EGYPT?Why is Obama Giving NOT SELLING 200 TANKS &16, F-16s 2 Egypt’s DICtator Morsi who is an ENEMY of WESTERN CULTURE,America& Israel ?
    Surely it is TREASON 2arm&Support **************hood who SEEK 2 DESTROY #America – &our ALLEY ISRAEL?
    Looks like Barry gearing up 4 his 2nd CIVIL WAR.
    He’s pinning all his HOPES&Dreams on CIVIL UNREST-He even SIGNED 900+Executive Orders so he can DECLARE MARSHALL LAW&send GOD FEARING,HARD WORKING American People 2 ‘reEducation Camps.’
    The camps are ALREADY BUILT&STAFFED-
    The RADICAL ISLAMIST TERRORISTS who ALREADY HATE ‘WESTERN SOCIETY’&everyday they pray 2 their god 2 aid them in JIHAD Against
    cause ‘U DIDN’T BUILD THAT’…..’SOMEBODY GAVE it 2 u’….’U need 2 SHARE the~WEALTH’..’.pass it around.’…–.’.a redistribution of WEALTH’
    -Obama &his Chicaco ,Dirty Playing, thuggish FRIENDS owe their RISE 2 POWER 2 the
    MUSLIM BROTHERS&the SaudiRoyal House-
    He’s OPEC’s PUPPET that’s WHY he bows 2 TERRORISTS&
    unless CONGRESS ACTS 2 impeach the SOB,we’re SCREWED-

  • ObamaSucks911

    Yeah Obama just gave them F15s to kill even more people!

  • mauloa

    This whole mess started with Obama’s Cairo speech! Since then Obama’s actions have unleashed al-Qaeda in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Algeria, Malia – on and on and on. This poor man/people in the street trying to tell the world they are no longer free, shariah law is the choice of the day, women can’t walk the streets, etc. What a wonderful “gift” was given the world with the election of Barack Hussein Obama and his lovely wife, the angry Michelle. What do we all do now?????? Whether you live in Egypt or America…it is the same – bow to the Emporer that has no clothes.

  • dawndawnb

    And we’re sending them 16 f-16’s and 200 Abrams tanks.

    • caligula

      obama is ready to align with his muslim brotherhood and go to war with netanyahu.

  • BobinNC

    Think of Obama as you read these words from Cicero written 2000 years ago –

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.””

    • clbrown

      Excellent post. But you didn’t attribute it. This is a quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero, a popular “opposition leader” in the Roman Empire as the democracy in Rome was being replaced by the dictatorship it became.

      Read his quotes… ALL of them you can find… and think about how many of them are TOTALLY applicable to today.

      Yes, we’re living through the downfall of Rome, all over again.

      • daveca

        he DID attribute it, can you read?

        • clbrown

          I believe he edited it, Dave. I’m 99% sure that first line wasn’t there initially. The first time I saw that line was just now.

          Which in no way diminishes the relevance of the quote. My comment was made to expand upon that, for those who may find it worthwhile to do more reading on their own.

      • ChocoCatSF

        call the whaaaambulance

        • clbrown

          “Choco Cat” is “troll of the day” on duty at the Soros Phone and Computer Banks, it seems, today. Earning minimum wage to go post on whatever politically-oriented sites he’s asked to by “his masters,” no doubt.

          I always have to laugh at the “paid trolls.”

  • Xanadu2

    I feel sorry for the guy..really he’s talking to a man that likes the fact that the MB Islamist goons have taken over Egypt. Heck King Bam Bam has put MB members and sympathizers in his regime!

  • Jayjay1963

    Where is the outcry from the other side of the aisle over these “killing machine gifts” that you just know, will someday be used against the Israeli’s??
    How did we allow such authority to one person, albeit, the President??
    I’m not into conspiracy theories(yet), but , please, someone explain to me why we’re giving 1 1/2 billion and planes and tanks to Morsi??

  • Ericzipp

    Why aren’t you Egyptians happy with NATO and the peace prize prez Obama putting the inbreed freaks of the Saudi royalty in charge of your country? What’s wrong with that? You better study up on wahabism if you your children plan on not being assassinated.

  • Fred

    srry Omuslin doesn’t care! hes busy destroying America

    • ChocoCatSF

      and killing OBL

  • FireMan

    Obama’s encouragement of the Arab Spring has cost the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands of Christians throughout the region. Not ONE word uttered by his state dept or the WH.

    • clbrown

      That’s because they WANT that. It’s all “part of the plan.”

  • TaxRevolt

    DO you really think obama cares? HE wanted this. He wanted the muslim brotherhood to take over as he is one of them.

  • Beckslee

    Obozo is much worse than a ‘jerk’. He is: Traitor/Liar/Poser/Socialist. Anyone regret voting for the SOB now?

    • clbrown

      He’s worse, even, than that. He’s a “servant of Hell.” And he knows who, and what, he’s serving. He does it because he wants to be a “King” (and he will be, over all of North America). But there will be someone else, a step above him, who he’ll answer to.

      • ChocoCatSF

        My God is better than your God


        • clbrown

          Oh, how charming… a leftists troll trying, and failing pathetically in the attempt, to apply “Alinsky’s Rule #5.”

          Your attempts at “mockery” fail, because (since you “argue” from the perspective of an underdeveloped eight-year-old’s mindset) the only real “mockery” which comes from your commentary is SELF-MOCKERY.

          I’m curious… what, exactly, do you think you’re accomplishing by posting all the BS you’re posting here? I mean, you’re welcome to keep on doing so… it’s serving only to demonstrate the idiocy of your arguments in a way that no “second-party” description could ever accomplish… but surely YOU think you’re “accomplishing” something, and something you, personally, view as “worthwhile.”

  • MrCrashHappy

    If that sign accompanied a million dollar contribution, he might get five minutes in the Blue Room.

  • Debra_jean

    Obama is a kindred spirit with the muslims, and the only thing Obama really cares about anyway is Obama, he cares about as much for what is going on in Egypt, as he did for the four americans who died in Libya last year…. and he has a willing lapdog press that will follow him over the clift to make him look like what he is not, a human caring person. When what he truly is, is evil incarniate, bent on bringing America down, and anyone who opposes him.

    • ChocoCatSF

      You must have been very confused when Obama killed Osama bin Laden

      • clbrown

        Yep, when Obama put on camouflage, rappelled out of a Blackhawk, locked and loaded a 30-round magazine, put in his night-vision goggles, and personally shot Osama Bin Laden, all while saving dozens of innocent puppies and kittens…

        Idiot leftist paid troll…

        • catherine

          Yep, and was back to the White House in time to dance with moose without breaking a sweat. He’s just that cooooool! …. NOT!

      • Pro_sanity

        Insert with a “b” or an “s” which terrorist has caused the US more grief:


        I vote “b”

  • Tony Lentini

    I’d say that Egyptian knows O a lot better than most Americans!

  • allah_speaking

    Yes, it’s true, Obama is an idiot.

  • astralweeks

    There’s another one that the main steam media won’t cover.

    • Typewriterstreaming

      exactly. it’s time to uncover the MSM gate keepers.

      • ChocoCatSF

        yes, they all sit in a room each day at 5am and decide what they are going to share with the world. Serious, that actually happens, every day, at 5am

  • HarryObrian

    They’re being kind calling him a jerk… what they don’t realize is that he is a muslim and that he not only condones the killing of Christians but welcomes it.

    • ChocoCatSF

      good thing you are here to set the record straight

      • Rkowalski1954

        The only record you have is sucking black sausage.

    • clbrown

      He’s really not a Muslim. He’s far, far worse than that. He’s USING the Muslims… tricking them into believing he’s one of them… but he’s not. He’s encouraging them to do what they’ve been up to, but his goals are not to “establish Islam” so much as it is to “Establish himself as King.”

      The thing is, he’s not going to be “the guy in charge.” He’s going to be one of the top “sub-leaders” under that global leader, but he’s not the “guy on top.” That guy isn’t going to be an American at all (and no, please let’s not go down the “birther” path here, OK?).

  • Stan Howard

    The entire world gets it but major U.S. cities are in a cloud of marijuana.

    • ChocoCatSF

      Yes! hahahahaha

    • clbrown

      Well, that… but that’s just a small adder to the problem.

      The real problem is with the US population being lulled, so totally, through “bread and circuses” (in Roman language) or, in more modern terms, “welfare and reality TV.”

  • Dave

    Obama just approved a deal to give the MB some F-16s and Abrams tanks. Who will save Egypt’s religious minorities when the MB uses these weapons upon them?

    • ac287149

      Or on Israel.

    • clbrown

      They need tanks which are as capable as those owned by Israel if they’re going to invade Israel, you see… that’s why the sale is so important to the pro-Caliphate crowd.

      Egypt’s government already has more than enough firepower to control their internal population. The ONLY reason for this sale is for the weapons to be used against Israel.

  • er43er

    and This guy is no longer alive

    • clbrown

      Very likely true. It’s an act of true courage, in that environment, to stand up as he has done. And that’s going to make him a TARGET.

      Hopefully he lives in a strong, closed community. Because if he doesn’t have a LOT of support, he’s almost certainly dead already.

      But either way, someone is going to take him out, to “send a message.” The only real question is “will it be Obama” or “will it be Morsi” behind the murder?

  • ac287149

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Obama is putting more energy into Organizing a global caliphate than he is representing American interests and defending our rights.

    Obama is restricting American access to guns for self-defense, while providing arms to al Qaeda in Libya, Syria, and Mali and to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • ChocoCatSF

      you should stand out on your porch and shake your fist

      • ac287149

        How dare you mock Egyptians living in the hell that Barack Obama helped to create, who are speaking their minds about what is happening there. Disgusting. Let them speak their minds… and if I agree with them what business is it of yours? You may not like the truth about president Obama giving weapons to our enemies and manipulating the Middle East and North Africa, but you should know about it for your own sake.

      • Rkowalski1954

        you should be on your porch shaking your rod.

        • sleeper48

          Or maybe stop standing on the porch shaking his rod…enough is enough.

  • Niteworm

    Why not pull everything, our people, our money, our arms, our support – everything out of North Africa. Support Israel as they have a legal right to exist. But leave the rest and let it return to the 4th century. 50 years from now it will be a quaint eco destination where everyone lives in peace an harmony – kinda like the Garden of Eden. Expedia will offer tours of the huddled families living in unheated, powerless hovels. We can step over the latrines dug along the roads.
    After all, that’s the way it was before the West came and invested a gazillion dollars in their infrastructure, energy development, military and more. They don’t want to be part of the Western culture, that’s fine. But let’s quit pouring money down a rat hole. If Russia and China want to take on babysitting these cultures in hopes of ending the violence – hey, knock yourself out. You too can enjoy the fuits of aid and humanity they never appreciate.

  • Brandon Donavan

    Obama and his cronies have more blood on their hands than anyone else.

    • ChocoCatSF

      Yes, I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, but yes, Obama controls everyone in the entire world.

  • justamom

    This is absolutely crazy!!! We are paying, basically, to destroy ourselves. Wake up, people.

    • ChocoCatSF

      who is ‘we’? America is not being destroyed by Muslim Brotherhood, why do you think America is so weak?

      • ac287149

        Muslim Brotherhood has been here since 1962. They’ve always been open with their goals to be here. They’ve been all over the federal government for years, including in the White House. Hillary Clinton’s aide is the daughter of an MB member (and a friend of Egypt’s Morsi).

      • Paul Evans

        What do you think 9/11 was? You don’t think that’s helping to destroy America? Fort Hood? the low-life Pakistanis in their convenience stores all over the country? You don’t think these people are part of the MB?

  • Alfred E Newman III

    AUH, THE plan is finally taking shape. The world will be my apple to pluck and put in my pocket (Obama 2013).

    • ChocoCatSF

      Paranoid delusion

  • Typewriterstreaming

    It’s really a wonder that the average Dem has no clue what side O and this admin is on. And that’s largely becuz it’s the same side the MSM is on. Absolute corruption.

    • ChocoCatSF

      Good thing you are here to straighten the record, lol

  • Django

    Didn’t we just sold these murderers F-16 fighter jets, our foreign policy is a joke! It seems we arm terrorists all over the globe!

    • Typewriterstreaming

      Sadly, it seems that’s the idea.

  • 2inthehat

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • kishkeyum

    Why did this dope drag Israel into it? Egyptians are fighting amongst themselves, and suddenly it’s Israel’s fault.

    • ChocoCatSF

      Not because he is a rocket scientist, i can pretty much assure you

  • Lady 12

    Brave, brave, brave man.

  • ChocoCatSF

    hahahahaha, pathetic small minded people

  • tr99tr

    obama is doing to Egypt what carter did to my country of birth, Iran. As if nothing’s learned from history, one leftwinger jerk replaced by another worst virulent leftwinger jerk. But both are much worst than that because THEY MEAN to destroy everything and rebuild in their own pathological, sick, degenerate, image/vision.

    • ChocoCatSF

      what did Carter do to Iran? Take a history class, no, instead, take an ethics class, because you obviously have none.

      • tr99tr

        I have learned not to begrudge leftwingers’ utter ignorance and idiotic usefulness to their megalomaniac demagogue heros, but don’t dare patronize me with your version of history or lesson in ethics.

        • Jonny Red


      • sleeper48

        The common theme in your posts leads me to believe that you are one of the “useful idiots” that Lenin liked.

  • General Dindu

    Barack baby killer obama arms terrorists in Syria Egypt and Libya and Algeria while trying to take away the rights of Americans to own the same guns. Lol what a pile. No wonder why flies are attracted to him.

    • ChocoCatSF

      what rights have you lost? none.

      • Rkowalski1954

        Assault weapons that he has given to Syria, Egypt and mexico.

    • AreOweBeeEyeN

      Cuckoo Cat is one of Obummers flies, just flys around eating up Obummer’s crap and bothers people.

  • Unmitigated-Truth

    Shouldn’t someone tell those Tahir Square protesters that Obama works for the Muslim Brotherhood? He has been maneuvered into this position for the sole purpose of doing the bidding of his masters. Of course, he enjoys the “perks’ that come with the job.


  • ChocoCatSF

    I remember when Obama killed Osama bin Laden. It made me think, ‘if Obama could do it, how come W could not?’ The reason is obvious, W is a Muslim.

    • Joe W.

      Obama “killed” Osama??? BS, loser. The US Navy SEALS accomplished that feat. And they could not have done so without utilizing the policies and procedures put in place by President Bush. Your boy is a poser and a fraud. Married to a Wookie.

      • $40639563

        Obama will get another Noble Peace Prize for killing Osama. It wouldn’t suprise me one bit.

    • caligula

      i remember that night as if it was yesterday. obama and i exited the helicopter under the cover of darkness. the strength of obama as he repelled down the rope unintentionally brought down one of the helos. no worries, we soldiered on. obama’s 6-pack abs and ripped muscles shimmering in the moonlight. oh yes, he was shirtless. intimidating. we ran toward the building firing random shots at windows. some would call is reckless; we called it confidence.

      obama kicked in the front door and shouted, “say hello to my little friend!” (that was me). as the guards approached he saved his ammo and ripped their hearts from their chests. he tasted one. “Tastes like dog,” he quipped. we had a good chuckle and a hot cup of coffee before proceeding upstairs. There we saw Osama cowering in a corner.

      obama approached him slowly, and stroked his head. “It’ll all be over soon, my friend.” Obama then raised his gun and fired two rounds into Osama’s face. It was done.

      We sent the operational helicopters home, and obama smashed the damaged helicopter to bits with his bare hands. we then started walking back to base. Our worries were over, and Obama took a minute to pee on the wall of the compound while accepting flowers and gifts from the locals. It was an amazing scene, and one you’ll never hear from the Right Wing Media.

      • sleeper48

        Kudos for your writing…I LOVED it, and am still laughing.

        • caligula

          ha! gracias.

      • Jonny Red

        I heard that version on MSNBC once

    • Jonny Red

      Yes…. Obama drove around Pakistan for years by himself with nothing but an M4, a Humvee and a tattered old map. He killed UBL and graciously gave the credit to Seal Team 6.

  • GBSS

    I think its time we stop pointing the finger. Its not the Muslim Brotherhood killing anyone. its the American people allowing their government to foment riots and destabilize the region, arming so called “Rebels”, installing US backed puppets, and creating war in the name of corporate interests bent on controlling the regions resources. Its the American peoples apathy to the murder being carried out with their tax money. If you give someone financial support, and that person uses that money to murder a family, by you allowing it to happen and continue, makes YOU responsible! you are responsible. The US government is using your finger to push the trigger on innocent people overseas but because its not happening here, you feel as if its not your doing. did you participate in the election? you give them your hard earned money every pay check don’t you? THEN YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE!

    • $40639563

      My hands are clean, I do not support Obama and his administration. I was against America going to war with Afghanistan and Iraq under Bush, Obama is no different than Bush, I knew if we attacked these countries it would cost the US tax payers billions, it has.

      • GBSS

        Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of Liberty. – Thomas Jefferson

        • $40639563

          True, and “Smart men don’t fight wars that they’ll never win” theotheken

  • $237777

    Thats obviously the plan

  • Bobothree

    For all we know, Obama may be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • ChocoCatSF

      for all you know? dont you mean ‘for all you can imagine’?

      • Bobothree


    • $40639563

      The ring he wears proves it.

  • John Brittingham

    Arm yourselves.

  • cooldela1966

    The Egyptians should listen to Obama and their problems will be solved.


    So Romney actually won the election, but a naion-level covert org simply cuased his ballots to be undercounted? I’m not surprised.

  • Kleverabevera

    What a right wingbagger teaparty Faux network nutjob. He just hates the peoples.

  • OhYeah

    So Romney actually won the election, but a naion-level covert org simply caused his ballots to be undercounted? I’m not surprised.

    • $40639563

      What company tallies many of the ballots in America now? It is a company in Spain, owned by George Soros, it is very possible that not all of Romeny’s votes were counted. The hanging chad is nothing compare to this.

      • ChocoCatSF

        yes, tell someone that cares

        • sleeper48

          Why aren’t you in school today little girl?

        • $40639563

          You think you’re funny don’t you? You aren’t.
          I care, and you and everyone else should too. You had rather sit there and make snide remarks and try to piss people off, that’s fine. It amazes me that so many Americans are uninformed and lazy and don’t give a crap, I don’t see it getting any better.

  • Garys_opinion

    I personally think that Obama is a member.

    • Typewriterstreaming

      it really seems that way. Along with Harry Reid and Pelosi. My former party is absolutely teaming with corrupt liars. Makes me sick.

      • William Rhinehart

        I was a Proud Democrat once. Then I grew a brain.

        • Suzebeez


        • catherine

          Me too! It frightens me to remember I once was so lost!

  • HeyWoodJaBloMe

    So Romney actually won the election, but a naion-level covert org simply caused his ballots to be sufficiently undercounted? I’m not surprised.

    • William Rhinehart

      “You know comrades, I consider it completely unimportant WHO
      will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will
      COUNT the votes, and how.” — Josef Stalin

    • ChocoCatSF

      yes, so go out on your porch and shake your fist

  • $40639563

    I agree with the man in the photo, Obama is a jerk.

    • Typewriterstreaming

      I wish I thought he were just a jerk. I think it’s worse than that, he’s a corrupt socialist leaning towards a commie

      • $40639563

        He’s all those things and more.

      • tr99tr

        A jerk is someone who is annoying. obama is certainly that, but there’s more. He is also a fruitcake as he is absolutely blighted and plagued in the head, done in by the spite and anger and bitterness injected into him by his white commie grand-parents and single mother and their associates, as well as of course his own unfortunate megalomaniac makeup. A megalomaniac fruitcake jerk Occupying the WH, what fate.

        • ChocoCatSF

          Obama killed Osama bin Laden, and you are going to have live with that for the rest of your life. You are going to get upset and tell me that is not true. How long are you going to be upset that Obama killed Osama bin Laden?

          • sleeper48

            Post the link to that video plz.

          • Suzebeez

            You mean he’s a murderer too?

          • caligula

            Yes, and Nixon put a man on the moon. That comparison is probably lost on you though. LOL

          • catherine

            chat noir, you should be upset then as your boy toy BO probably used one of those mean scary assault weapons with a hundred rounds to get OBL. On second thought, nah, … I doubt he’d ever get his prissy black hands dirty. Thankfully he could give the order to some real manly men to do the dirty work, under his watch. The Navy Seals jumped into action and got the job done.
            … a monkey could of given the order if it were president though ….

  • clbrown

    This is what we have to remember.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is really an “umbrella organization” which encompasses many other groups… such as Hezbolla, Al Qaeda, Hamas, the PLO, CAIR… the list goes on and on and on.

    Several independent, loosely affiliated groups, all working towards a common goal… of, first, reestablishing a unified “Uma” (all Muslims worldwide) under an single government, then “recapturing” Israel… or as they want to call it, “Occupied Palestine”… wiping out ever last Jew there, and setting up the seat of power for their “Mahdi” on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem… and then, from there, waging a war to convert the entire world to Islam.

    That is what “Allah” commands them to do, and what their prophecy tells them will happen, and MUST happen. And remember, none of this is “subject to debate” within the “Orthodox” Muslim belief system. And further, remember, those who attempt to remain Muslims but who reject this (and there are many of those, by the way) are considered to be worse than mere “infidels” in the sight of Allah, and are subject to immediate execution under Sharia law.

    Many in Egypt are good people… nominally “Muslim” but rejecting of the hate-filled, violent aspects of the faith that the “true faithful” cling to so faithfully (and thus “apostates” in the eyes of their leaders). These are the people who, like the man above, are the immediate VICTIMS of what has been done, and what continues to be done.

    Two “Kings” out of ten have fallen… the first was in Egypt, and the second was in Libya. The third is in Syria… and once Assad falls (which is inevitable, but has taken a lot longer than the Brotherhood, who are behind the “rebellion,” hoped for), with the three kings overthrown, and the seven remaining being fully loyal to the “Little Horn” who is behind their overthrow… that’s when things will get VERY interesting.

    • $40639563

      Excellent post, I couldn’t have said it better.

    • Typewriterstreaming

      great post. thanks.

    • ChocoCatSF

      Why did Obama kill Osama bin Laden?

      • grais

        Yeah…what difference does it make?

      • John Q Public

        pure political expediency is the only reason why he allowed the navy seals to kill bin laden

      • AreOweBeeEyeN

        Why did he order the same Military he used to kill Osama stand down while he watched Ambassador Stevens and four other Americans in Benghazi die ?

      • clbrown

        Several points to respond to in that one, seemingly simple sentence:

        1) Obama did not kill Osama Bin Laden. Navy Seal Team Six killed Osama Bin Laden.

        2) The intelligence which eventually led to finding Bin Laden’s location came from “enhanced interrogation techniques,” something which Obama has always publicly opposed (though I have no doubt he’ll gladly “approve” their use when it suits his own purposes, and likely has done so already).

        3) Osama Bin Laden is ONE MAN. He is not the entire organization, or even an especially key figure within that organization… for years he had been handing over operational control to others. It was a stupid, yet very “American,” mistake to treat THIS ONE MAN as though he’s somehow “the organization.”

        As a parallel… when John Gotti was taken down, did that eliminate all Mafia organizations within the United States? No? Then why would you assume that a man who held a far less important role within his own organization… essentially that of FIGUREHEAD… would be far more influential on his own organization?

        4) I have never seen any hard evidence that Bin Laden is even really dead. I’m not saying he’s not… he PROBABLY is. But the public was never allowed to see the “on-site” photos, and the “burial” was done in such a way that there’s a great deal of “flexibility” in what we choose to believe.

        The relevance of this is that his “defeat” is not really “real” in the minds of many, worldwide, on both sides of this conflict.

        5) Obama apparently “took several days” to decide whether or not to give operational approval to the raid. Under most circumstances, key figures are moved regularly. The delay Obama caused COULD have resulted in the escape of Bin Laden.

        Had I been in that same situation, I would have taken all of about three seconds to say “operation approved.”

        6) Obama has attempted to the killing of this figurehead into “political capital,” and it seems that it’s worked, at least with people like you who say that “Obama killed Bin Laden.” This may have been a key element in his getting re-elected.

        7) They talk, all the time, about how “Abu Graib” (sp?) became a big “recruiting tool” for terrorists. Yet, strangely, nobody talks about the killing of an apparently UNARMED Bin Laden, and the fact that he was not given a “proper Muslim burial” (which, frankly, would have included a big public procession with the body and so forth… we’ve seen it before). Imagine how what happened played out in the “hardcore Muslm street.” A MAJOR “recruiting tool.”

        In other words, to the cause of the forthcoming Caliphate, Osama Bin Laden was, at the time he was killed, “worth more dead than alive.”

        I could continue. But I hope that’s enough food for thought.

      • $40639563

        To get another Nobel Peace Prize.

  • billindallas

    The Obama crowd is great at playing checkers. They are not so hot at chess.
    No one in this administration is gifted with vision that lets them see way down the road at possibilities and consequences of anything.

    • tr99tr

      With all due respect you give the obambots too much credit. They are good at cheating, lying, vote rigging, cowing and intimating unionista thuggery, and they are sweet with the media, their most valuable asset. Basically they are street hoodlums with media machine-guns servicing them, but without that where would they be? Nothing but an annoying zit easily extracted.

      • ChocoCatSF

        Obama is really good at killing Osama bin Laden.

        • Noah Lee

          you mean the navy seals are good at killing bin laden?

        • Suzebeez

          Why did it take him 3 days to give the order? Why did they have to pull him off the golf course to do it? Why did he have to ask Valerie Jarret’s permission to give the order? Can you name one person who wouldn’t have given the order?
          Yeah, he’s real good.

        • gnracer

          If he did.. the fake president would have had his Pravda media record it it and play it for all to see. You must have the only copy. Grow some brain cells.

  • Shagnasty1

    Well now the Muslim Brotherhood will have shiny new F16s and Abrams tanks to kill more Egyptians thanks to Obama an US taxpayers who are forced to fund the gift.

  • Megatron

    It isn’t Obama’s fault, tis Hillary’s.

  • DMartyr

    Didn’t Egypt have an election that put the Muslim Brotherhood in power? I guess Egypt is learning what Americans learned on Nov 6th, that elections don’t always result in whats best for the country and the “majority” doesn’t always have the country’s best interest in mind.

    • ChocoCatSF

      so you oppose democracy?

      • DMartyr

        Democracy is mob rule. I prefer a Republic.

      • DMartyr

        I prefer a Democratic Republic. A true democracy is just mob rule.

  • Regina Pereira

    oBummer and his media don’t express the views of conscious Americans and who aren’t comatose! On the one handle knows what he’s doing.. knows what he’s doing..yet what the devil intends for evil, God turns around for the good for those who love him-

    • ChocoCatSF

      yes, Obama is going to defeat God if you dont do something about it

      • catherine

        defeat God? I thought he WAS the Messiah! Black cat….shooo! go back to the huffpo. Your litter box awaits you there… ^..^

  • Ernest Murphy

    This guy assumes Oboma supports Israel. Oboma supports his muslim brotherhood. As the Beghazi murders has proven.

    • ChocoCatSF

      Obama killed Osama bin Laden, which proves you are not super bright.

  • $1895978

    it’s terrible when our Government Obama sends weapons to the moslim brotherhood to kill innocent women children and men in other countries at the same time it’s trying to disarm America’s Legal gun owners . HYPOCRITE DICTATOR LIAR

    • ChocoCatSF

      it would be if it ever happened

      • Corsair18

        Maybe you haven’t heard, dummie. He’s sending Abrams tanks and F-16 fighters to Egypt (Morsi). They will have more power than Israel when he’s done. Could also be used on demonstrators.

        • ChocoCatSF

          So I assume you got very upset when Reagun and Bush were selling arms to Saudi Arabia?

          • clbrown

            When is the last time the Saudi royal family openly stated their intent to invade another nation? When is the last time the Saudi Royal family actually engaged in warfare against another nation? When is the last time the Saudi Royal family argued in favor of wiping an entire ethnic group off the face of the Earth?

            Show us those things, and then, and ONLY then, can you argue that there’s an equivalency here.

            We sold weapons to the prior Egyptian administration… because that administration’s policies and practices, and ideology, were reasonably compatible with our own.

            However, the NEW “Arab Spring” leadership… aka the “Muslim Brotherhood”… led by Morsi, make no secret of their goals.

            There is no equivalency, unless you believe in “judging people based upon the color of their skin” rather than “judging people based upon the content of their character.”

            You say “all Muslims are the same?”

            That makes you a racist. As, frankly, most on the left eventually slip up and prove themselves to be.

            And, after all, your other posts on this thread make it so unmistakeably clear that you’re consumed by hatred… and take pleasure in your hate… I find it not at all surprising to see that racially-oriented hatred is part of that.

        • clbrown

          Don’t forget, the whole deal in Libya with the Ambassador had to do with us “supplying arms” to the pro-Caliphate “rebels” in that area. Many of those weapons have now made their way into other hands, as well… they’re being used in Syria, and for the record, it was US-MADE WEAPONS which were used to kill Ambassador Stevens and his would-be rescuers.

          So, yeah, it HAS happened. Don’t pay any attention to the Soros-paid troll-for-a-dollar, “Choco Cat.”

  • Felina Flash

    Odjango does what he told to do by his muslim controllers.

  • matador527


  • billstu

    Who cares about the dirty night shirt crowd … start fracking here and let them1st century dogs kill themselves …

  • Is it just me

    What is it knave?, you question the intelligence of good
    King Obumbo?

  • Rann Day

    And Obama is sending them 16 more jets and 200 tanks. It’s like he wants this to happen.

  • slowboat2

    Looks like the Egyptian’s know more than 51% of the American people and the state run media.

  • hogprint

    When will the American “media” start to ask questions on Obama’s complicit support and now failure of the arab spring? This admin has been able to spin this as some kind of success yet we see daily that it is a failure. Please media, do your job.

    • Corsair18

      Don’t hold your breath!

  • William Rhinehart

    The media will NEVER do anything that benefits America. The media has been and still is totally Anti-American.
    My evidence? 40 years of left wing reporting. Even Fox news is Left of center.

  • Fathom

    To the brave Egyptians who are speaking up: Many of us here in the USA think Obama is a jerk and an idiot as well. Half of the citizens in this country did not vote for him and are in agony watching what this “Dear Leader” is doing to us and the rest of the world.

  • Kendra Sigurdson

    Obamao is Muslim Brotherhood….Thats obvious

    • ChocoCatSF

      Obama killed Osama bin Laden, and instead of celebrating, you deny it. That is not about Obama

  • Oinia

    I’m so glad Obama has restored America’s image abroad.

    How’s the whole Muslim Outreach working, President Obama? You’re on the wrong side of history.

    • ChocoCatSF

      he just won re-election, how can he be on the wrong side of history?

  • joecool

    Speak truth to power, brother.

  • Tim

    Why does this reporter call the protest sign a ‘slam’, when all it states is the truth?

  • $6078343

    Why is it that the rest of world knows what O’bysmal is but his moron voters in this country do not?

    • TheTruthIsNotPC

      Not the rest of the world (Europe was overwhelmingly rooting for Obama), just those people living in formerly communist countries. And I guess they know what the logical conclusion of Obama-esque policies is.

  • $20872692

    How much again did it cost the US taxpayers to “free” Egypt for “democracy”?

    • ChocoCatSF


      • Suzebeez

        Guess who’s paying for the F16s.

  • ChocoCatSF

    I love it when tea partiers latch on to something so obtuse. They have no idea who this guy is, they just know he said Obama was dumb, and anyone that says that makes them feel better about themselves, it offers them affirmation. They dont give a rats behind about this gentleman, they dont know who he is or what he believes, but they finally have someone that agrees with them, so they take what they can get. It rarely works out well, and that is not surprising. But prideful ignorance is their MO. Got WMD’s?

    • John Q Public

      wow, where to start on your rambling menagerie of comments…first, you might want to look up the word obtuse so you can use it properly next time you try to look intelligent. second, yes, many of us do care a lot about the plight of these people and actually understand what oppressive theocratic regimes like the muslim brotherhood will do to them. as far as people who agree with us, i believe about 61,000,000 people voted against obama. last, wmds? really, you going back there? if you must, please research all who believed iraq had wmds and supported the war….idiot

      • ChocoCatSF

        ob·tuse ( b-t s , -ty s , b-). adj. ob·tus·er, ob·tus·est. 1. a. Lacking quickness of perception or intellect.


        wmds? your excuse is that there are lots of idiots? Let me remind you Patriot, that I marched, along with millions of people around the world, against that war, because we knew the WMD’s story was a lie. You, on the other hand, are still making excuses for believing something so stupid. Calling me names seems like a great idea from where you are, but lots of things look great from the scum pond

      • ChocoCatSF


    • sleeper48

      Kindly do not suppose that everyone is the same as you are. Most of us on the right like to make up our own minds, and that leaves you totally out.

      • ChocoCatSF

        yes, most people on the right critically analyzed those claims that Saddam had WMDs, and most made up their own minds. oh, wait, that never happened

    • $40639563

      Once again you are incorrect, the USA sold WMD’s to Iraq, they used some of them on the Iranians during the Iraq-Iran war, they also used them on the Kurds. Any WMD’s that were in Iraq when W started his little war on Iraq were sent to Syria. Now the Syrians are using them on their own people. Do some research, your ignorance is showing.

    • Fathom

      Hey Choco Cat – you have the entire US media to make you feel better and give you affirmation. The rest of us are looking for more to the story than what comes from this administration’s cheer squad. BTW: good for you using the word “obtuse.” You must be very familiar with that one.

    • catherine

      ummmm, so enlighten us. Who is this guy? And what does he believe since you can decipher the english meaning of the words written on the sign better than the rest of us can.

      Oh re: WMD’s? Out of the mouth of Hillary in 2002: “In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including Al Qaeda members, though there is apparently no evidence of his involvement in the terrible events of September 11, 2001. It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons. Should he succeed in that endeavor, he could alter the political and security landscape of the Middle East, which as we know all too well affects American security.” — Hillary Clinton, October 10, 2002

      Yesterday Hillary shrieked: WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?????? Yep, prideful ignorance at its best….

  • GrumpyOne

    O’bammy ain’t no jerk I tell ya… His is a well orchestrated attempt to grab power and render HIS subjects powerless right here in the USA!

    It doesn’t look good for either of us…

    • ChocoCatSF

      yes, either you are 100% correct, or you are a complete moron. it has to be one of those two things

      Either way, things are not looking good for you.

      • John Q Public

        things are not looking good for you either…you are just too ignorant to realize it yet

        • ChocoCatSF

          Wrong, things are looking great for me, I am a commie Islamist and you better hope you dont have any daughters

          • dareisay

            You are indeed a vile person! I hope you do not call yourself a US citizen!

          • gnracer

            Commie Islamist=AssClown

      • CitizenKaner

        People …do not feed chocolate to your cat. It causes more use of kitty litter , a bio hazard.

      • GrumpyOne

        Things ain’t lookin’ at all good for or to me…

        • ChocoCatSF

          things look great to me, the world is an amazing place and it keeps getting better

          • dave148109

            Enjoy the bigger government checks until the collapse, then get ready to kowtow to the stronger capitalist countries (unless we have a revolution first, which is quite possible).

          • GrumpyOne

            Hmmmm…. Strong rose tinted glasses I see.

            As for the “rest” of us who have been around it is anything but.

            But then I’m not wearing blinders…

  • TheTruthIsNotPC

    This is an obvious mistranslation. I believe the original sign must have been in Arabic, and actually stated: “President Obama, thank you for your wisdom. You truly know what is in our best interest, more so than do we. We are so glad to have used disposable pre-paid debit cards to help finance your campaign. We also acknowledge your insight insight in realizing that the murder of Egyptian civilians by the Moslem Brotherhood is what we really wanted.”

  • ChocoCatSF

    When Obama killed Osama bin Laden, this place must have been a riot, lol

    • John Q Public

      didn’t realize obama killed bin laden…thought the navy seals did…my bad

      • rkoen

        Hm, yeah–O just took the credit for it.

        • ChocoCatSF

          and that made you mad, didn’t it?

      • ChocoCatSF

        you mean the pres used the military to kill Osama bin Laden. But I thought he was a Muslim

  • Cunning_Linguist

    Oops… Islam has been murdering and raping the entire middle east for 2000 years, and you stupid MF’ers are just now figuring out that the “Muslim Brotherhood” might not be a good idea? Oh well… “Progress” is painful and deadly. Enjoy.

    • ChocoCatSF

      True, democracy is a VERY bad idea

      • clbrown

        “Mob Rule” IS a very bad idea. That’s why the Founders gave us a representative republic instead.

    • catherine

      Islam will continue to murder and rape for the next 2000 years. While we finance their hatred for us! This insanity needs to stop.

  • kotylyn

    they got the jerk part right

  • Michael Haluska

    Until this region of the world wants to leave the 14th century, we should have no involvement with them other than humanitarian aid. Government and religion are indistinguishable to these people, and no matter what version of Islam gets power it tries to convert or destroy the other versions. In any case, we should cease all weapons shipments and support to all of them.

    • BadWhisky

      That is because Islam is a form of Government…….. That is why it is not conpatible with our form of government.

      • ChocoCatSF

        that is why you oppose democracy?

        • BadWhisky

          Go back and read the comment again, no where did it say anything about My opposision to democracy.

          • clbrown

            Choco is the current “Paid by Soros and Gang” troll-on-duty. He/she/it isn’t trying to make reasoned, rational arguments. He/she/it is trying to interfere with our communication… to “distract and deflect.”

            Don’t fall for it.

          • BadWhisky

            Yea I got that, I seem to attract them, got another on that has been spouting BS at me for weeks, “descender” about Texas…… there are a lot of trolls out there my friend, it’s like we moved to middle earth or sumin…… LOL

        • clbrown

          The Founders got it right… when they chose not to give us a “democracy.” They gave us a representative Republic.

          Why did they choose NOT to go with a “democracy.” Because they recognized the same thing we’ve been seeing for a while now…

          Sometimes (in fact, USUALLY) “democracy” is just another term for “MOB RULE.”

  • Ed

    Wait until they find out Obama is going to be giving them sixteen F-16s and 200 Abrams tanks as “aid”.

  • deerhound

    Someone didn’t get their Obamaphone.

  • lucky2befree

    wow…Glenn Beck was right about a CALIPHATE!! Everything in Obama’s AGENDA is directed toward the Muslims….CALIPHATE, DIMMITHUDE (in Obama”care”) and too much more to be listed here….

    • ChocoCatSF

      yes, buy gold, lol

  • Disco Obama

    How about that recent fighter jet gift to Egypt. This administration is stupid and/or evil. I can’t believe that you people elected him AGAIN. Half my country is filled with morons. Now I have to watch Mr. Fly Face, his wonky eyed biotch and their degenerate crew for another f ing four years while they slowly destroy my home. Thanks.

    • ChocoCatSF


      • clbrown

        Choco, you keep trying to play “Mussolini’s 3-minute man.” But you lack the intellectual capacity to do so. You’re beneath the intellectual level of a first-grader, and your arguments are below a first-grade level.

        Please, keep on posting. You’re really, really entertaining.

    • BadWhisky

      Actually……. both……… BTW, most of that 50% is along the east and left coast….

      • ChocoCatSF

        BTW, most of the nations population is on the right and left coasts

        • BadWhisky

          YOU GET A Cookie for openly stating the obvious…..

        • clbrown

          False. The greatest concentrations are, true enough, but there’s a difference between localized concentration and overall distribution.

          However, it IS true that most of the people who believe that nothing exists between the coasts… who use terms like “flyover country”… live in LA or NYC. So I guess you guys don’t want to count those who don’t live in NYC or LA… you want to count everyone who lives elsewhere as being “3/5 of a person.” Right?

  • mewp12

    Why am I not surprised. All of Europe thinks he is very pro MB.


    That was the plan and they will be coming here soon…..

    • ChocoCatSF

      True, get a bomb shelter and swallow the key

  • BadWhisky

    Would you look at that? it only took the Egyptians a year to figure out what at least 50% of the US citizens are still in de-Nile……..

    • ChocoCatSF

      your life is going to suck for the next four years, sorry

      • BadWhisky

        As will yours…….

  • Bobby Jackson

    dont worry egypt, he will soon be killing americans too

  • Will NV

    Hey Obama, you jerk, your executive orders are killing Americans.

    • ChocoCatSF


  • Will NV

    Muslims have killed more muslims then Christians.

  • tvance929

    He’s just a racist.

  • cb2000a

    Didn’t someone tell them that Obama is a closet Muslim? The crime is that we are still selling arms to the radical government in Egypt.

    • ChocoCatSF

      was it crime to sell weapons to the Saudi’s, Genius?

    • bonnieblue2A

      Arming the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, arming Al-Qaeda in Libya & Syria, arming mexican drug cartels. Each of these actions meets the Constitutional definition of TREASON.

  • Sara Johansen

    Obama IS part of the “brotherhood”……he doesn’t give a damn about THE PEOPLE!!!

  • Nick11766

    No need to worry Obama supports endless wars for Israel, it all started a decade ago after a false flag attack.

    9/11, US and Israel:

  • dareisay

    I understand tax payers dollars are given to a company that makes F16’s to provide Egypt with the planes…so in essence it is our money being spent…

  • Booker

    Man, Egypt is just spinning all the way down to the bottom of the barrel isn’t she? What a shame. Keep these folks in your prayers.

  • GodProtectAmerica

    Same could be said about Libya.

  • suzanna

    we seem to have mostly IDIOTS in the White House and Congress, whatever they touch turns into a disaster. On the other hand… look who voted for these guys…. give me, give me…… nothing else seems important.

  • betty

    Understand something it is not the USA that is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, it is Obama

  • cincyjs

    Pop quiz: Iran is to Jimmy Carter as Egypt is to … GUESS WHO! LIbya too.

  • mindingmyownbiz

    This is what happens when governments intervene. Politicians, by definition, are people in charge who have little to no experience. All day long, every day, your local, state and Federal politicians sit around trying to justify their existence. Small government works, not because it takes away people’s goodies, but because it keeps inexperienced and unqualified people from making serious decisions. It’s ok to work for the DMV, but that doesn’t make you a senator.

  • VeteranJack48

    They understand President Acorn much better than the 53 million + delusional voters here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seanobi

    Obama, you jerk. Full stop.

  • $138382

    Amazing how people in foreign countries realize just who and what this illegal Kenyan Muslim Marxist racist Chicago street monkey is but the brain dead voters here have no freaking clue!

    ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

    • CherDash

      That’s because the media didn’t want us to know who he is and what he is about.

  • $26194435

    Lol, one nut on the street is now supposed to be indicative of a whole country? Nice try, wingnuts.

    • Pro_sanity

      Has anyone pulled it down … No. Wingnut.

  • Peter York

    Not knowing our cypher in the oval office, we can’t really know if these consequences are unintended, or not…

  • conrelae

    Oh this just can’t be true, Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow haven’t reported on this yet. Must be lies then.

  • JonStarknight

    People of Egypt, Not our fault, it’s Obama’s.

    • Pro_sanity

      If it’s Obama’s fault, it’s Bush’s fault.

      • JonStarknight

        Of course He’ll say that but how many times can he blame Bush?

  • Dominic

    So beside half of America there are other people who realize Obama is an idiot.

  • Ray Weldon

    Sorry Egyptions, but this is not news to Obama. He knows exactly what he is doing and this is exactly what he wants. He supports the MB as do they him.

  • Kim Mika

    I love when I see people in other countries defy The One. Still does not beat this though:

  • carol

    This article is why the liberals want ‘net neutraility’. They despise Drudge, Fox, Beck, etc. If it was not for these outlets, we’d never have seen this photo or had access to this article. Net Neutrality must never be permitted, even though the Useless Nations and our homegrown liberals want it desperately.

  • oatmeal

    we have a muslim brotherhood in the whie house.
    he just sent them 20 F-16’s, signed, sealed, delivered w/ love!

  • KuhnTewk

    This guy is a Tea Party plant obviously.

  • Ron Brueske

    Wait a minute, were they not happy with the guy they had? Did they not get rid of him? Now they want to blame the U.S.A.?

  • jshell123

    Obama is not an idiot — he knows exactly what he’s doing.

  • Patrick Murphy

    the flyman has made a mess of that region.

  • Melvin Leppla

    I take it back what I said about the Egyptians, who can argue with this protester, give the man a medal.

  • Patrick Murphy

    in the meantime the flyman is busy planning his next vacation.

  • Attilashrugs

    Well Egyptian people, overthrow him and his Brotherhoodlums.

    • aberdeenvet

      But they will not get aid and comfort from Muhammed Obama.

  • GaryP

    I’m on the protesters side….for a change. They seem to have a handle on reality.

  • Lucas Fegel

    I am really sorry to the Egyptian citizens. For our politicians know not what is really going on and the ones that do, do not seem to care. I pray for you good people of Egypt and for all the crooked leaders of our world to find the truth of god. Forgive us of our sins Egypt we the people of America are awakening and it will not be long before we are in full revolt.

    • 34543353454

      Yes, can’t WAIT for the “full revolt” to start. Its a brewing and its not gonna be pretty

  • JTravianDTeriusJacksonIII

    He’s a d a m n muslim, you fools. What did you expect? You loved him at election time. What happened. Idiots.

  • Vic

    We are helping Saudi Arabia and fighting their war. All for OIL. The modern democrats are complete idiots. Didn’t they always rail on Bush (and every other republican) for the same thing, yet love Obama and his lies. Completely brainwashed.

  • $18780199

    The guy is right on both points.

  • Artupstairs

    Sorry, buddy, Obumbo’s meddling in Egypt was for HIS OWN aggrandizement, it had NOTHING to do with you poor schmucks. Now sit down and SHUT UP. So sayeth our King, Obumbo.

  • 34543353454

    Its AMAZING that they know OVER THERE, what Obama’s doing, but Americans have no clue. Typical media, they refuse to tell the truth. There is a place for them, and they deserve it.

  • Arlo Ogden

    Lybia, Egypt, but not Seria when 10’s of thousands have died. Oh I forgot everytime Putin says boooo obummer stains himseld. Spinless POS

    • ked5

      or in 2009, the uprisings in Iran where the students were calling on the US for help in overthrowing the ayatollahs. (but bozo likes them. in fact, he’s jealous of them becasue they can shoot their own people with impunity.)

  • magnetik

    Egypt.. the most populous muslim country in the mideast.. turning into a terrorist haven right before our eyes.. as a result of meddling by people who have no idea of the intricacies of the region. Obama doesn’t even know the pulse of America outside of his pandering to the entertainment industry. As far as the protester holding the sign.. that’s why they call it the muslim “brotherhood” because Obama bff’s are now in control.

    • ked5

      . . . as a result of meddling by people who have no idea of the intricacies of the region . . . . . have you considered this *is* the outcome bozo wanted? that he was only ever paying “lipservice” to the idea of freedom in the ME to gull people into not paying attention until it was too late?

  • nostudme1

    Hussein cannot read unless it’s on a teleprompter

  • DockyWocky

    But, but, Obama don’t read no Egyptian…even if it happens to be in English.

    He has that does-lexia problem that prevents what he sees or hears from penetrating to his monumental brain.

    He does, however, have the executive order-lexia, where he can write up anti-Constitutional stuff in about 5 minutes.

  • JS42

    How’s that Ayrab Spring thing working out for you, Obie? I’ll give you a hint–peeing off EVERYONE doesn’t mean that you are being even handed, just amateurish.

    • ked5

      it’s working out just like he wanted. He got rid of mubarak – who was keeping the radicals in egypt under control.

  • Kedzie

    Obama doesn’t care. To quote America’s Her Royal Highness and Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?”.

  • gotham1883

    Waste of time. The Great One has gone on to the next crisis to screw up. He doesn’t even remember what Tahrir Square was without a teleprompter. .

  • catherine

    To quote our SoS: “What difference does it make??”
    … It’s always those pesky little details we hammer on and on about. In the meantime we are sending tanks and fighter jets to the brotherhood!

    Truly, we, as a nation, have LOST OUR MINDS! Our current leadership is disgraceful.

  • Foudini

    Couple this with the new secretary of state John Kerry telling everyone that he intends to instill policies that reflect O’Bama’s view of the world, and one can get a sense of where the US is headed…..and the world. God help us all.

  • Okee VanOpdorp

    no no no! Not the Nobel peace prize winning international relations genius. He has changed the way the world feels about us by just being himself. Let us hold hands with the Muslim brotherhood and sing kumbaya

  • Unreal Uknow

    As an American who understands the Egyptians plight, i am ashamed we have a president that supported long time terrorists. It was the MB who set up Hamas, a terrorist organization. It was our president who installed Al-Qaeda backed fighters in Libya. It is our president supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria. What the is he thinking? What we have done to the stability of the region is a tragedy

    • ked5

      what is he thinking? seriously? He thinks he’s one of them. He supports what the MB stands for. instead of believing he’s “just misguided” as so many in the middle keep telling themselves while burying their heads in the sand – look at what he does in the context of he hates america and supports islams radical goal of a worldwide caliphate. then you can decide for yourself how well it fits

      e.g. NASA’s offical mission is muslim outreach. that after killing the shuttle program and its planned replacement.

  • sue-marie

    The American media with the exception of Fox supported the MB calling them “moderates”. I hope more Egyptians reach the media outlets to let them know they lied to the American people.

  • blahblahblah_imBOREDAlready

    wow he’s saying what we all “normal people” already know.

  • MizValerie

    At Obama’s future congressional hearing:

    Blubbering GOP Lifer Senator (pick one): So Mr. President, do you admit that funding terrorists in the so-called Arab spring uprising was a fool’s mission?

    PsychObama: You worry about the Arab spring while I work on improving my swing!

  • David Bailey

    The Muslim Brotherhood also want to destroy the pyramids and other ancient Egyptian icons as they believe it is a tie to Egypt’s pagan past. Just like the Taliban blew up the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan.

  • Texmex32

    Hang in there, Yo Mamie Obamie is sending the MFMB 60 F-16s and 200 Tanks to keep you in your place. The good thing about this is there will be 60 F-16s and 200 Tanks lessto keep Americans in line!!!

  • Michael

    Dear Egypt. For those of you who danced in the streets on 9/11, turn a blind eye to the persecution/ killing of Coptic Christians and hate those dirty Jews, you get what you pay for. Enjoy the Muslim Brotherhood and the prosperity they will surely bring.

    • Dwight Daniels

      And now the American dictator sends the muslim brotherhood fighter jets and 200 tanks…..progressives must be proud as we march in lockstep like hitler did in the 1930’s….as hillary would say….what difference does that make now????? I am ashamed of the president and his minions….but he does seem to attract lots of flies (see obama flies on youtube)

  • revenge

    Don’t any of these people know that The Marxist Puppet Dictator is supplying these Brotherhood Idiots,with Guns and Weapons?
    Done through Al CIA ADA!
    Wake Up Kiddies!

  • Buff Stud

    To all those around the world: Please remember that it is NOT ALL the American people that brought Obama to the world, just a few left wing socialist and communist that ran a great advertising campaign. A campaign that motivated young people to vote; uninformed as they are, but they voted. And those votes were meant to show the world American is a true post racial society. However, it has divided America greatly because of his radical left leaning agenda that has threatened Americans rights and helped to piss off the rest of the world… well, piss them off even more than they already were. When you get tired of Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, and all the other groups like that and decide it is Americas fault, please take the time to carefully choose your targets. Hint: If the car has a “W’, “Mitt”, or “Romney” sticker they are not to blame. If it has an Obama / Biden sticker on it, then by all means, fire at will.

  • Patrick D

    Y’all liking the new Amerika now? lol

  • Bill Morgan

    It looks as if Obama is backing the take over by Muslins world wide


    Our idiot muslim president said, “the Arab spring is fantastic.” We continue to send them billions and the IMF just agreed to give them 2 billion.

  • elevenhundred

    And we are not even 1 week into the 2nd term yet.

  • BeeKaaay

    This is not a bug. This is a feature.

    says Microsoft about their software, and Obama about his Marxism.

  • Etta Harper

    Obama, giving planes, money to Egyptian military

  • zjak10

    Even people in other counties can spot an idiot and a jerk when they see one.

    How has our “mainstream” press gotten so un-American?

    • adm454

      They’re commies, too. Nothing more than an extension of the “radical 1960’s” Democratic Party.


    when syria falls, then jordan, the muslim brotherhood will have ready made militaries surrounding israel…then they can do what the moderate leaders of those nations would not do…all a part of obamas puppet masters evil plan.

  • dmart81

    he kinda sounds like the man

  • Don

    Once a Muslim always a Muslin, theres no President or Polition in the last 200 years that been more aganist Christians in the world than the current Dictator that you liberals voted for.

  • lavallette

    Obama is a THE Manchurian Candidate! Both his homeland and external policies and the facts on the ground over the last four years are the evidence of his total dedication to the destruction of United States of America and all its has stood for. His objective is a “failed state” in the manner of the Old Soviet Union starting with “spending what it ain’t got” and thus becoming and indebted state to very foreign countries, who desire the elimination of the USA. as a social economic and military power.

  • Banksters_Rule_the_World

    Doesn’t this guy know if you say anything negative about Obama you must be a racist.

  • JakeOvomit

    Thank Obammy for this. Like anybody couldn’t predict at the time what was happening.
    When the fk are we going to get rid of this criminal?

  • Guppymonster

    obama is a jerk and an idiot but that doesn’t do any good. Continuous united court challenges to everything his administration does or attempts to do will do a great deal more good. When holder’s department of injustice appeals today’s federal appelate court decision they will get smacke again by the supreme court. (sic)

  • spuy767

    This is the Arab Spring. Obama told us this was a good thing. I’m pretty sure he knows what he’s talking about. He was elected president, twice, guise.

  • FreudianSlip

    The entire world knows Obama is a dangerous jerk on a megalomaniac course to destroy everything and help rebuild a new world order with it’s boot on the necks of every person in the world.

  • Kevin Retcho

    All Muslims stick together ……..

  • flybwoy

    republicans like karl ro-gue are the very reason why american is in such bad shape, and ironically all they do is blame obama and democrats, who are actually making american better, or trying to.. typical republican, old, fat, white, immature, sleazy, self-serving, incompetent, callous, childish. typical disgusting republican!

    • vino veritas

      Wow, its just amazing how the truth couldn’t be any farther from your moronic propaganda-filled rant.

    • John Smith

      *yawn* New day, same rhetoric, same bullshit, same propaganda, same blame games, same finger pointing, personal attacks and showcasing of how a Liberal can be classless and stupid at the same time.
      I have news for your “boy”, Your hero Obama has been in office for the last 4 years, and the Senate is Democrat controlled too. Please tell me again how the current mess is the fault of the Republicans? It is a historic trend of you Liberal morons to escape accountability and blame the other side. It is always someone else’s fault. Just last couple of weeks, the jobs reports show close to 8% unemployment, American citizens got killed in Mali, and all you Libtards were busy is swooning over Michelle Obama’s new wig and her so “middle class-ish” $10,000 per dress inauguration fashion show.
      Same thing as always, it is never your fault. Not the fault of the racist who slammed the “evil white” for Katrina response, not his fault if he borrowed more than any president in the history of the USA, not his fault when tramples on civil and religious rights, not his fault when he takes a vacation in Hawaii yet the very same people that he went for photo op with them are still languishing out in the cold in NY and NY no heat, no water, no electricity. Not his fault when he put 24 million Americans out of jobs to the point that they stopped looking, not his fault when 47 million Americans are on foodstamp today, not his fault when he lied to the American people blaming a video for the death of 4 American citizens in Benghazi for 15 days, not his fault when you and the rest of the immature race bating goons attack people based on skin color or sex or sexual preferences or national origin, Yeah, it is all Karl Rove’s fault, all of the above is done by him, what an idiot you are. You are a great example of how loony, self righteous, ignorant, race peddling, arrogant, foul mouthed, race bating, uneducated, immature, and down right criminal Liberal idiots (I know, that is redundant) are .

    • clbrown

      Ah, so “choco cat” has gone off duty and has been relieved at the “minimum wage George Soros Phone and Computer banks” by this zero.

      Don’t bother to respond to his tripe… unless you really want to point out how sad and pathetic he is.

      For example… isn’t it cute how he brings up Karl Rove? The man has been “out of power” for more than four years now… but naturally, the brainless left has their tropes they can’t seem to get past. it’s a symptom of their limited intellectual capacity, you see.

      I’m surprised he didn’t use the term “tea bagger” in there at some point… or just start typing “NO BLOOD FOR OIL” over and over…

      Their playbook is VERY limited. And if it weren’t for Saul Alinsky’s “rules,” they’d have no idea at all what to do.

      SO… mock them, or ignore then… but don’t treat them as though they’re worthy of serious response. If you want to address a point they make, make it clear you’re talking to “the rest of the audience,” not to them… because, frankly, they are not worth your time, folks. They’re really, really not. Not unless it’s for the entertainment value you can derive from watching them make fools of themselves, as “Flybwoy” just did.

  • Anna

    I agree with the posts below stating that no one is reporting on the Christian persecution from the Islamic “brotherhood.” Check out this week’s story (Facebook wouldn’t let her
    post it—shocker)

  • ancientmorgana
  • ancientmorgana
  • Mariamante

    The most ominous sign in all of these disastrous policies, is the deafening media silence. The media simply disseminates white house talking points. We are no better than China in terms of government control, deception, and corruption. Simply creepy what has happened to this country. May God help us.

  • lana ward

    Omuslim and Morsi are butt buddies. Soon this will be happening in America

  • Timothy W. Lucas

    I see they don’t much like him either. At least Obama gives us something in common.