What, no foot-rubs? Won’t there be someone to feed her grapes as she reclines on a luxurious bed of pillows?

There was also plenty of kissing … of Clinton’s backside.


Whatever it takes.

  • tjcuzns

    Another giant waste of time. These fools don’t want to determine what really happened. If they did find out they would have to act on it.

  • Andrew


  • xsnipe

    To expect anything of substance to come from this farce is unrealistic… she was one of them… none of them possesses the integrity to ask the hard questions never mind demand answers to them.

  • http://apostrophejones.com/ Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    The Clintons and the truth are strangers in the night (and day)

  • grais

    She talked and she had meetings and she talked and she called and she talked and she had conversations and she talked…about how to blame the whole thing on a crappy video that almost no one had ever seen or heard of.

  • Jack Deth

    Was Hillary wearing a Sparring Helmet?

    You know, should she feel faint and suddenly pass out.