National and world champion pistol shooter Jessie Duff wowed the “Hannity” audience with her shooting demo on Friday night. Second Amendment supporters hailed Duff as awesome, amazing and well-spoken. Check out the must-see segment:

Duff thanked viewers in a gracious Facebook post.

The full message:

Thank you everyone who watched, and supported while doing this! This was an amazing opportunity, and I am honored to have been a part of this show! I pray these messages do not fall on deaf ears, and that our country can come to terms with the real issues.. A big thank you to all of my sponsors for their understanding my absence of the SHOT Show, and supporting me as well!

Viewers loved the educational segment that left them wanting more Jessie.

Naturally, Media Matters didn’t care for Duff’s demo.

Score! When the Soros monkeys go after you, you’re doing something right.

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    Liberal handbook for dealing with conservative woman: if she’s beautiful, insult her intelligence. If she’s intelligent, insult her beauty. If she’s both intelligent and beautiful, insinuate or flat out state she’s a disgrace to her gender. When all else fails, create a red herring

    • ozconservative

      And she happens to be black or any other ethnic minority, do all of the above.

  • BlueGood

    Awesome Woman with fantastic talent with firearms….her moves are all measured with safety clearly in the forefront of her mind. Watched through the post at therightscoop the other day!

    Now that it’s on UTUBE, will send out the link to all on contact list!

    Well Done Jessie Duff and thank you!

  • Julian Chan

    Apparently Media Matters never got the memo that AR does not stand for Assault Rifle. The politically correct, liberal made up word for it is Assault Weapon.

    • Jack Deth

      Hi, Justin:

      The “AR” that has everyone so scared stands for “Armelite Rifle”. The company created by master engineer, Eugene Stoner. The father of the M-16 and its many later variants. Basically, Kalashnikov’s major US competition. Though the AK-47 has been the most mass produced rifle in history for decades. Due to cheap Com Bloc and African labor.

      Oh, by the way. Mattel Toy company had a license with Armelite and later, Colt Firearms. To supply the high impact plastics for the M-16’s first triangular fore grip around its barrel. Stock assembly that wrapped around its spring loaded buffer assembly. And its pistol grip.

      • ozconservative

        Good idea to consult a toy company. If a five year old can beat the crap out of the plastics and they not break, then they ought to be good for modern combat 😉

        • Jack Deth

          Hi, oz and animal:

          Mattel actually had a toy, non firing rifle built to the M-16’s specs in the 1960s. Called the “Marauder”. Very cool looking piece of work that came in green splotch camouflage pattern.

      • JustLikeAnimals

        Yep. My issue M-16 had “Mattel” stamped in the steel. Wonderful little toy!!!

  • RblDiver

    Good stuff.

    I also love how libs try to say “The second amendment only applies to militias.” I want to ask them “Well, the militia is defined as all males 18-49. Why are you so sexist? Are you saying women can’t have guns?”

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Nothing sexier then a beautiful woman with a gun, I am in heaven.

  • Jack Deth

    Ms. Duff illustrates so well why I prefer the Colt 1911 ACP than Euro Trash 9mm.

    More cross section. Much slower. With a larger powder charge behind the bullet creates an easily manageable recoil that drops the piece back on target.

  • StevenDobbs

    sexy and conservative ….

    • WisconsinPatriot

      Its a good thing you do not work for ESPN!

    • beebop1952

      That’s the part that makes them crazy. I love it to pieces.

  • Booker

    That was a good segment. I wish Hannity did this a while ago.

  • Insubordinate

    Thank you Jessie for pointing out that the difference between an “assualt rifle” and a rifle is cosmetic and has nothing to do with killing potential.

  • Ana Castro

    For me, it wasn’t about “a girl thing.” (I don’t care about stupid stuff like that.) Instead, it was about the excellent info she gave! THAT’S WHAT WE NEED! We have enough liberals pushing their lies on ignorant people. The rest of Hannity’s show was great, for the same reason.

  • TitzyFritzensimmons

    Wow! This old lady is very impressed! Thank you, Jessie Duff.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Jessie Duff puts the “WOOOOO!” in WOMAN. Wow! And her shooting ain’t bad either!

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Reminding me of one reason I went Right: conservative women look like models and shoot like SEALS.

  • Rodney Brungardt

    Watching this talented young lady and the way she handled all the firearms in the video should show people the reason why you never see or hear about any accidents at shooting competitions. We practice proper firearm safety so much it becomes habit. Thanks to miss Duff for a great video!!

  • DavidKramer

    What happened to the first 9mm round?

    • ObieVIP

      It hit the bottom of the blue sign.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Every woman should be able to protect herself. Jesse showed that it’s possible…and that the sport of shooting is enjoyable. Hannity should have her on often. Thanks for remarkable demonstration. Hoo-yah for our 2nd Amendment Rights!

  • Moue La Moue (D)

    Went to the Gun Appreciation Day in Denver, Colorado. Had a sign that seemed to garner good reviews from my fellow females there. It stated: Protect My Right To Choose, My Arms! And that is just so. I want to be able to defend myself to the best of my capabilities. That will only go so far as the tools that I can take up to arm myself. I can in no way out wrastle (yeah, I typed wrastle, not wrestle because you know, us folks from the plains of Colorado are hicks and rednecks apparently), a man who is 215lbs to my dainty 110lbs. But by arming myself I have the opportunity to equal the field just a little more. Whether those arms be pepper spray, a hand held bullhorn, sharp keys, a 9mm Walther, taser, umbrella or knife.

  • msueh


  • Red Fred

    Jessie is amazing. Loved her demonstration on Hannity. Very informative. The only glitch on the show for me was when the officer thought he was qualified to correct her. “Squeeze don’t pull.” Would LOVE to see them shoot side by side. :)

  • disqus_Mqmst85xIN

    So what does this lesson have do do with crazy people getting guns?