BuzzFeed senior copywriter Josh Fjelstad went silent on Twitter today after deleting the super classy evidence of his oh-so-enlightened tolerance directed at gay conservative group GOProud.

“WOW GOPROUD FINALLY CAME OUT IN SUPPORT OF GAY MARRIAGE. SO PROGRESSIVE. SO PROUD OF YOU. SUCK MY DICK,” he tweeted, along with a link to a BuzzFeed post about GOProud’s adoption of a pro-gay marriage resolution. The resolution supports the right of each state to define marriage and calls for decisions to be made via referenda or legislation rather than judicial activism.

The tweet was also archived by the automated Twitter aggregation service Topsy.

Great argument, Josh! Changing hearts and minds, one “suck my d*ck” at a time.

He followed up with another since-deleted tweet: “It appears my last tweet’s point was somehow unclear: I’m saying that it’s offensive how long it took GOProud to support GAY marriage.”

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As for Chris Barron, he’ll pass:

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And a good question from GayPatriot:

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GOProud’s Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia told Ali Akbar, “It is not an appropriate tweet from someone who is a senior copy writer at BuzzFeed. I was under the impression that BuzzFeed was a news outlet.”

So true:

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  • Christian Heiens

    Aren’t Liberals just so supportive of Gays? Wait….that’s only when they support them politically.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Liberals ARE supportive of equal rights for gays, not individuals who have, until recently, been against equality. Think of GOProud as the Lance Armstrongs of the LGBT community and we all know how things are with Lance these days.

      But then again, I am taking a risk in assuming you have some cognitive ability…….I could be wrong.

      • Lisa Dean

        I love how Canadians defend liberals.

        • Ronald

          Canadians are a much more liberal society. Even their conservatives are fairly liberal. However, I’ve spent much time in Canada, and it is a wonderful country and a very good friend to America. They just have a different mentality about social issues.

      • J.N. Ashby

        They only have one testicle?

        • TugboatPhil


      • NCRelite

        Liberals are posers.

      • ssenecal5000

        There is no such thing as “rights” for or from your sexual desires.
        No one has that.

        Professing rights for invalid reasons and claiming lesbians and gay men are the same group only exist in the bubble you people are living in.

      • Michael Butler

        If that is the case, shouldn’t the Liberals be telling Obama to suck their d*ck? He only recently came out in support of gay marriage, he only did so because Joe Biden beat him to the punch. I think it’s hilarious when Liberals say “I can’t vote for a republican because they do not support same-sex marriage.” Why did you vote for Barack Obama then? . . . . . . . . .

        • BruceMajors4DC

          There are persistent rumors that Obama has sucked plenty of dick, though they may not be as credible as the stories by current faculty at Occidental that they remember when he was selling pot there as a student.

  • ceemack

    Looking at the picture of this Fjelstad character, I’m not even sure he’s got one of those anyway.

  • Fire and Adjust!

    Lets not get too hasty here and castigate the guy without a chance to explain himself……….We really need to ask whether or not he intended it as an insult or a pick up line…………… maybe he was happy GOProud came around to his line of thinking and wants to get to know them better.

    • BruceMajors4DC

      A lot of we non-Democratic gays have made a New Year’s Resolution to give up small in between meal snacks.

  • Let’em Crash

    GOProud changes to GOProgressive. Left still hates.

    • shimauma

      sexual deviants support sexual deviancy but want to keep more of their paycheck, that is why the left still hates. If it’s not about getting their “o”, then its about getting someone else’s money.

    • ssenecal5000

      LOL Because there is no way to jive fiscal conservatism or social conservatism or actual liberalism with the notion of rights coming From your sexual desires
      GOProud was always just a far left group posing as “conservative” to influence the right.
      Breitbart found that out before he died and broke alll ties with gay “conservative” groups

      • $21367552

        Nice, well, comments like yours pretty much explain why most self-respecting gays detest gay conservative groups like GoProud. They suck up endlessly to you Tea Party types, and you still dismiss them as far left groups trying to get special rights because of their sexual desires.

        • BruceMajors4DC

          Is that why he is attacking them? And what do his opinions have to do with the tea party?

    • BruceMajors4DC

      All they said is they support the 10th Amendment. The right to define and regulate marriage is reserved to the states, not the federal government.

  • lainer51

    ewwww….why the delete? huh????????

  • V the K

    Perhaps Fjestad was attempting to initiate a mating ritual.

  • ZoriahShepard

    Buzzfeed proving once again they employ nothing but foul mouthed Leftist ghouls.

  • vino veritas

    This is likely how gay employee’s at buzzfeed find new boyfriends. Why would any logical person still give these hacks an ounce of credibility if they cant even control the rabid bias and vulgar language which their senior staff employ?

    • BruceMajors4DC

      Dangerous office policy. If you ask interns at Media Matters you will find that some senior staffers will not ride in the elevator with interns. The interns I talked with think its because the staff is crazy; I wonder if it’s because there have been some out of court harassment settlements.

  • Randi Starr

    Impressive, intelligent(cough) classy(lol) and somehow no surprise. Which is another reason gays are greeted at times as a perverted joke, rather than a serious person deserving honor and respect.


    BuzzFeed=Hang for losers with no real jobs skills.

    • TJay229

      No more that Twitchy fans…

      • lainer51


      • JINNASH

        Sorry but your not clever, intelligent or what self-serving adjective you attempt to attach to yourself. Makers need to take over society again. Takers have always proven their worthlessness.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Damn man, if you need a date, don’t come on so strong.

  • $129448

    nothing like reducing Gays to just ‘sucking dicks’ kind of people

    • BruceMajors4DC

      Lesbian invisibility!

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    I just have to laugh at all the Fauxtrage being posted here. That said, it is Michelle Malkin’s website and anyone familiar with her rather dubious credentials, can’t be anything but amused by her minions commentary. Thanks for the laughs.

    • Lisa Dean

      I have to laugh at Canadians who troll American Conservative websites in order to feel relevant.

      • lainer51

        especially ones with 4 names.

    • TugboatPhil

      You didn’t include a “laugh” in your comment. You wrote that you “just had to laugh” and you even thanked us for the “laughs”. How about next time put LOL or Hahahahahah or anything comparable so we will know when you’re laughing.

      Oh, and you’re welcome for the military protection we gave you all during the Cold War.

      • BruceMajors4DC

        He’s miming the laugh; if only he had done it with the rest.

    • BruceMajors4DC

      Public flatulence is embarrassing outside of France, even when you are too stupid to know this.

    • BeeKaaay

      I would like to laugh at bloodthirsty leftwingwackoism, but bloodthirsty leftwingwackoism is disgusting and should be condemned, not laughed at.

  • Lisa Dean

    Way to keep that “Liberal Classiness” (just threw up in my mouth) going @Josh Fjelstad cause as a liberal “we love everybody”. /sarc

  • BeeKaaay

    GOProud is a “gay conservative group”?


    With their acceptance of “gay marriage” they’ve embraced cultural Marxism.

    • BruceMajors4DC

      Actually gay moderate, conservative, independent and libertarian writers, like Jonathan Rauch, started the argument in favor of gay marriage. Before the gay left took it up as an issue, it was to bourgeois for them.

      • BeeKaaay

        Again. This is cultural Marxism.

        Homosexuals have 5,000 years of history without clamoring for “gay marriage” (and they’ve had TONS of places where they were celebrated throughout history, ancient Rome, ancient Greece, Corinth, many places throughout history…) Zero. Nada. Nothing about “marriage” – that was a heterosexual thing and they wanted to stay in their culture and not adopt parts of the heterosexual culture.

        • BruceMajors4DC

          Yes and 5000 years ago a 40 year old man could marry several 13 year old girls by buying them from their fathers. Allowing more people individual choice over their own lives is the opposite of Marxism.

          • BeeKaaay

            Its not about individual choice. If it were, we would not see what the results of “gay marriage” are around the world.

            Pastor gets fined $2500 for preaching from the Bible that homosexuality is wrong.
            Methodist church gets fined for not renting a hall to lesbian wedding.

            All around the world, where “gay marriage” exists, freedom of speech and freedom of religion have declined.

            Remember, this is all about cultural Marxism, not individual choice.

            And it is odd that you can “buy” someone and call that individual choice. I’m sure the girls had a “choice” right? But Orwellian redefinition of language is 100% part of Marxism.

          • BruceMajors4DC

            You are conflating and equivocating separate issues, which I will grant you is easy to do on this issue. The gay political class and gay media are statist (if not Marxist), wannabe members of the tax predator ruling class. You are correct that many of them will sue or legislate to forbid heterosexuals from having the freedom to associate if they choose to associate only with other heterosexuals via churches, wedding planners, adoption agencies, dating services. They would happily outlaw free speech of anyone critical of them or their agenda. They are fascists. But ordinary gay people, including gay libertarians, apoliticals, conservatives, etc., have the right to form couples and have or adopt children, and to have legal equality. The fact that the fascist gay political class would pervert this into more state control just means we need to combat statism. Not legal equality for gay couples.

          • BeeKaaay

            And legal equality does not require “marriage” since Marriage is a heterosexual institution. 5,000 years of homosexual history shows them rejecting marriage, because it was a heterosexual institution, and rightly so! Homosexuals should be proud of who they are instead of trying to copycat heterosexuals by getting “married” If they want to be couples, they are free to do so. Nothing legally stops them.

            The gay marriage movement is nothing but cultural Marxism, it has nothing to do with the homosexual subculture. It has everything with taking away other people’s rights to free speech and religion. And they’re trying to talk conservatives and libertarians into joining the cultural Marxism.

          • BruceMajors4DC

            So if you would allow that any adult couple can enter a legal union and the legal unions are equal under the law, identical before the law to all other couples in the same jurisdiction, how will you stop everyone from using the word marriage for their particular union? And why would you allow the government to label the unions it liked marriages and the ones it did not something else?

          • BeeKaaay

            Please pay attention to what I’m saying, and not saying what you think I’m saying.

            I didn’t say “legal union” in what I said. Homosexuals are free to form couples without the law saying they cannot.

            Since it copycats marriage, “legal unions” are also part of the cultural Marxism.

            Why are homosexuals trying to copycat heterosexuals? This has nothing to do with the homosexual subculture. Nothing at all. Homosexuals are being used by the cultural Marxists as pawns, and brainwashing them all into giving up part of the homosexual subculture and copycatting the heterosexuals.

            “since both heterosexuals and homosexuals are equal under the law, both must behave the same and get married!!!!”

            “Gay marriage” and “gay civil unions” are all the same thing: Cultural Marxism.

          • BruceMajors4DC

            My apologies. I did mistake you for someone who basically thought I had the same individual rights whether I was gay or straight, who was simply worried that equal legal protection of my rights would be perverted by the gay political class to violate those same individual liberties. But that’s not your position.

          • BeeKaaay

            I do think you have the same individual rights whether gay or straight. Nothing in the Bill of Rights says otherwise.

            But you’ve bought into the “gay marriage”/”gay civil unions” cultural Marxism lie, hook line and stinker. You really need to study history and sociology more.

            You ignore the fact that “gay marriage” or “civil unions” have nothing to do with the homosexual subculture (and 5,000 years of homosexual history confirms this!), and this is all part of cultural Marxists to get homosexuals to act like heterosexuals in one key area that way that both populations can be controlled by the Marxists.

            So yeah, go on. Go and push for “gay marriage” and “gay civil unions” – you’re betraying the homosexual subculture, and going against everything homosexuals stood for, for 5,000 years, and in addition, being used by the Cultural Marxists for their agenda.

            For a moment I thought that you believed homosexuals were proud of who they were, and were not interested in copycatting the heterosexuals. Looks like I was wrong there.

  • J.N. Ashby

    Yeah, they should’ve done it seven months ago…

  • GenH

    So the message I’m getting here is: “If you are against gay marriage, the gay people will get pouty if you change your view because you didn’t change it earlier. So don’t change your mind.” Done and done.

    • BruceMajors4DC

      Unless you are Obama.

  • Mapache

    A cry of a lost soul who needs somebody to “S*** h***** D*****.” Pitiful…..not the cry, his dick!

  • BruceMajors4DC

    He’s not awful looking but he may have no luck. So many of we non-Democratic gays made New Year’s Resolutions to cut out in between meal snacks