Look, guys, President Lady Parts is all about diversity and he loves him some women in the White House! Sure, he prefers males when it comes to key positions. And yes, he doesn’t care for girl cooties in his inner circle.

But there’s no White House war on women. He’s the first feminist president, dammit, and he’ll prove it.

Take this photo, for instance: This counts as two women in the White House, right? Right?

Hat tip: Jeryl Bier


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  • TroyGates

    In this picture: Obama is admiring himself in the mirror and doesn’t hear anything other than his own thoughts on how great he is.

    • 1azuce

      Silently singing to himself “I……I’m so in love with you, whatever you want to do…..”

    • Maxwell

      I think this song sums up the situation quite well…


    • Teresa Davis McCormick

      He looks somewhat annoyed to me in the pic, but it just may be me.

  • V the K

    He actually casts a reflection; I somehow suspected he wouldn’t.

    • http://twitter.com/who_me_too RadicalRebelWhoMeToo

      That was staged with a cutout. ~_^

    • Patsplacepp

      @twitter-4487301:disqus @TroyGates:disqus @twitter-792942738:disqus wow my dad use to say how amazed he was of his American friends in regards to their Presidents over the years, regardless of their leaning. Always full of respect because that was the American way he’d say. Figure he couldn’t have been speaking about you guys. Pathetic. And hey I get it, because I’m sure the left did/does the same, but man you want a better America? Start by respecting the actual will of the people. After that, get off your lazy asses and actually make change. Unless you think calling Your President names actually moves the needle. Just my two cents. Carry on

      • NachoCheese (D)

        Americans have been insulting our “leaders” including our Presidents since Washington’s second term. It is something of an American tradition.

        What you are likely conflating is “respect for the office, but not necessarily the occupant there of”.

        • Patsplacepp

          @disqus_9kTwBSawj9:disqus you know what…I’ll take answer. But if no one President can live up to level of “respect for the office” why would anyone want to seat in that damn chair. Just seems regardless what side your on left or right, you’ll never gain the respect needed to run the country. Kind of sucks, though at least you’ve got an office. Here in Canada no one gives a shit about our PM. As long as keep our health care, pay taxes that go to proper services and can retire at 65..nope 67 we’re good.

          • Zane Henry

            which is kinda funny, since Canada is considering privatizing their healthcare. Seems it gets a bit expensive, this national health thingie, what with the several months waiting period for specialists, long lines to get a primary care physician and other gems. Oh, and they’ve lowered their corporate tax rates to encourage growth of industry. All of which are things we’re moving away from at a rapid rate here in the USA. Guess you’ll be moving here soon to suck up the “freebies”, right?

          • Patsplacepp

            Thats kind of funny since we’ve had privatized health care in Canada since the 1970s. Kind of works in tandem with out public system. Yeah there are wait times for specialists but for the most part the death rate is pretty low considering. Actually corporate tax rates haven’t gone down that much over the last two governments (15 years) but complaints have been coming full force. The likelihood of a mass exodus of Canadian to America, not likely. Canadian (well I’ll speak for myself and family and friends) like it here. But @facebook-100000442035391:disqus you’re welcome to enjoy your country. Thanks!

          • Teresa Davis McCormick

            makes me wonder why you as a Canadian would be on here defending our Prez. I mean you clearly have no input whatsoever in our voting process. Must be boring as hell up there in the great white north. So since you’re not even an American, why don’t you go suck a moose d*#k!! Have a great day.

      • V the K

        I have zero respect for this president and zero respect for anyone who voted for him. He’s just a man; an arrogant man making very bad decisions that are very bad for this country.He’s not a god-king I am obligated to kneel down in front of; although I know that is how his personality cult treats him.

        • Patsplacepp

          @twitter-4487301:disqus WOW Who do you/did you have respect for in that office. “He’s just a man” isn’t that what every President has been? “making very bad decisions” I can’t argue your opinion and can only say that the majority of people you have zero respect for voted him. Maybe next time try harder to get people on you side of thinking so that you get the man or woman you want in office. take care. Wow

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcy-Cook/1001619613 Marcy Cook

    Pocket pool?

    • TocksNedlog

      Handling the president’s package is Rahm Emanuel’s job.

  • TocksNedlog

    He had that mirror installed.

  • http://twitter.com/conservag Aaron

    Can’t tell if that’s boredom or contempt on his face.

    Either way, he’s certainly not engaged.

    • grais

      He’s thinking, “Nag, nag, nag…blahblahblah…they’re all the same….”

  • TocksNedlog

    Girls DO have cooties!

    Sweet, sweet cooties.

  • rinodino

    Dude is cool as hell and righties still hatin’ as usual

    • David Shrock

      Please explain what makes “dude” cool? Epic list incomming?

      • rinodino

        Because he just gets under conservatives skin so bad, from him looking in the mirror, to who is following him or not following him on twitter, you guys just flip out on whatever he does; that’s pretty cool in my book

        • journogal

          What are you, 15 years old? He is the President of the United States, he is suppose to represent all of us, not who he picks and chooses. But he’s cool, because he tells you he hates rich people and you think he is going to give money, a house and a job, and you’ll never have to work again.

        • http://twitter.com/conservag Aaron

          So, by that logic, nobody is cooler than G.W.

          • Maxwell

            Or Rush Limbuagh.

          • Michelle

            Bingo! According to dave travis’ logic of what makes a President cool, that means George W. Bush is hands down The Coolest Dude to Ever Exist.

        • SJ’s Dad

          Hmmmm . . . “pretty” & “in my book”
          . . . does your widdo booky-wooky come wif cwayons?

        • Ronald

          Haha! I personally don’t care about the twitter thing, or the mirror thing. That’s not news in my opinion. Much of what is on Twitchy appeals to the lowest common denominator, but not all of us conservatives “flip out” over silly stuff. That said, there are some very important issues being discussed here if you listen closely. The cacophony of insults and name calling — on this site and others — is nothing new; both sides do it (that doesn’t make it right) but that doesn’t make Obama a cool dude unless you think that upsetting folks is a noble undertaking.

          • Teresa Davis McCormick

            hey this is where I come to bitch about liberals. I think most people here feel that way. So if you don’t like it then you don’t have to be here.

          • Ronald

            Carry on then.

        • David Shrock

          Well you took the loaded question hook, line, and sinker. Look I landed a 140 pound liberal! I rest my case on the “cool” list.

        • Teresa Davis McCormick

          So you answered your own question. But you were still wrong! LOL Get an education.

    • grais

      you been hosed

    • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

      its going to hurt when reality bitch slaps you.
      hope the parents don’t change the locks on the doors to your basement.

    • Teresa Davis McCormick

      “cool as hell” ?? duh

  • http://twitter.com/godofthunder_17 ian scott porcaro

    They honestly both look depressed..

  • http://www.examiner.com/conservative-in-atlanta/harriet-baldwin ★♥ Harriet Baldwin

    Call Tonya Reiman! That body language just screams “DISDAIN” to me.

    • http://twitter.com/equaltreatment Elaine

      Probably reminds him of his mother or grandmother. He had disdain for both of them!

  • dunst43

    Not to be critical but what’s up with Kathryn’s outfit? Seriously.

    • Emily B

      Exactly! She works at the White House for heaven’s sake!!

  • NachoCheese (D)

    How dare that mere woman raise her hand at the Dear Leader?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!!

  • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

    you know hes looking at himself in that mirror.

    • Zane Henry

      out of the corner of his eye, every 3.5 seconds.

  • Judy B

    Males in key positions is not the only time he prefers males…

  • Lalena

    Is that Chris Christie’s TIME mag on the table?

  • Adela Wagner

    I see that autographed copy of Christie on TIME mag. finally arrived.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    He looks like he’s propositioning her…
    His body language is so condescending.

  • Tommy Joe

    They had to have the mirror there so we could see Barack’s lovely face.