Conspiracy crackpot Alex Jones is a “normal,” run-of-the-mill gun advocate, says Business Insider deputy editor Joseph Weisenthal. That’s right, the 9/11 truther who thinks gay people come from potato chips and juice boxes is pretty much the mold from which gun advocates are cut.

You know what, Joe? Forgive us if we don’t take our cues on “normal” from a guy who finds the idea of minting a trillion-dollar coin to deal with the debt ceiling “really thrilling.”

Oh, hush now. Alex Jones appeared on CNN!!!11! with model of normalcy and journalistic superstar Piers Morgan. So one can only assume he’s “what a normal gun advocate is like.”

CNN and Piers Morgan wouldn’t steer you wrong, would they?

A forgiving take on this ludicrous tweet would be that Weisenthal is simply delusional, or possibly trolling. But either way, chances are he knows perfectly well he’s full of it.

That’s certainly why Musket Morgan invited Jones to appear on his program.


Weisenthal goes with the ol’ “trolling” explanation.

Shocking, we know. Who could have predicted that? (Feel free to scroll back up.)


Joe calls out others for trolling. No further comment necessary.

  • Steve_J

    Wiesenthal’s first clue that Jones isn’t normal should have been that he was on CNN and his second that he was on Musket’s show.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    You know who else was a big control advocate, Mr. Wiesenthal? HITLER! THAT’S who, Mr. Wiesenthal! Dontcha think there’s a peculiarly personal lesson in that?


    • kbielefe

      And Hitler must be a normal gun control advocate, because they’ve talked about him on CNN.

  • v1cious

    I have still yet to see a reason why #mintthecoin is a bad idea. I mean it’s stupid, but it would work.

    • mdtljt

      What do you think would back up that Trillion dollar coin?? Fairy dust and unicorn farts?? Research any country who has plunged into communism and see how “valuable” their currency became once the market was flooded with money the government printed…when it takes a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread, wouldn’t you say the value had been diminished?

      • oblivia

        Today’s money is already back by unicorn farts. Indeed, no country in the world has a currency that is “backed” by anything more substantial than that.

        The only real question is: how much money does the economy need to fulfil its potential? Many economists think the US economy has been crying out for more money since about mid-2008. The trillion dollar coin is nobody’s idea of a good way to achieve that goal, but it would work.

        The Republicans, on the other hand, want to take money out of the economy by imposing drastic spending cuts. This is much more idiotic. Does it feel to you like there’s too much money in the economy right now? Really?

    • Shawn Smith

      Do you understand what inflation is and how it works? Look at what happened to German currency between the world wars.

  • Justin Case

    Quick change the subject to_insert name here_. Must not focus on real issues. Must be robotically programmed to defend or deny a messenger.

  • sqeptiq

    Actually Jones seems mild in some ways as conservatives go. I’ve never heard him wish for mass slaughters of liberals and massacres of gay pride parades, as so many conservatives fantasize about in private. Let’s keep it real. Anyone who spends much time around conservatives in private settings has heard a LOT of that talk.

    • Rick Stones

      Uh… Let me tell you something as a conservative in a “private setting”… You need to seek help. Seriously, do it now while there may still be help for you.

      • sqeptiq

        C’mon. Twitchy is publicly trafficked. Hardly a private setting. I mean the way conservatives talk in the privacy of their own homes, for instance. And anyone who knows many conservatives knows what I mean.

        • Emily B

          How do you know what we talk about in the privacy of our homes? Are you there? I can only speak for myself, but I’m sure others will agree….never have I wished a mass slaughter or a massacre of any kind on any person/group. Ever.

          • sqeptiq

            That’s what conservatives say in public. In private it’s a different story. I know a huge number of conservatives, have conservative family, and know whereof I speak. Enough with the denialism.

          • Emily B

            Again, how do you know what we say in private? You are not in my home, nor are you around my conservative friends/family. I repeat, I have never wished mass slaughter or a massacre of any kind on any person/group ever and neither have any of my friends or family. Not in public OR in private. I am not in denial about anything. That is the truth. If your “conservative” friends and family have wished these things then they should seek help along with you.

          • sqeptiq

            Classic denialism. See no evil; hear no evil.

          • Ntr

            I think you’re getting Conservatives, and what you think they say behind closed doors, confused with what you racist whitey liberals say behind close doors. Well, at least when your ‘see, i’m not racist’ token black friend(s) isn’t/aren’t around.

    • Shawn Smith

      Oh, you mean like Dan Savage wished on his enemies in public? Is that the kind of talk you mean? Or like black fans of the movie Django were recently talking about white people? Like that?

      Unless you’ve spent time with conservatives “in private”, don’t presume to know how most conservatives think and talk. Your paranoid hatred and the reality of our lives have no connecting points.

      • sqeptiq

        I spend a lot of time with conservative family and acquaintances in the privacy of their homes and that’s exactly how many of them talk. And even those who don’t say such things voice no objections. Also it’s very telling that you considet Django Unchained racist against whites. The whites attacked in the movie are slaveholders. Evidently you and other white conservatives who complain about the movie think all blacks should have just meekly submitted to white slaveowners.

        • Shawn Smith

          I haven’t seen the movie and I’m not defending or attacking it. However I have seen the comments posted by various fans about how they just wanna go kill white people. I have heard Jamie Foxx say not, “then I killed all the slavers, how great is that?”, but “then I killed all the white people, how great is that?”

          I think people who are enslaved have a moral right to fight back. The law may be against them, but in that case, a man’s law stands against a higher law. I’m not terribly happy about people inciting racial hatred today and then lashing out at those who call it what it is.

          Are there vicious, hateful people on the right? Sure. Are there vicious, hateful people on the left? Absolutely, I’ll introduce you to some. Don’t tar the whole movement with the same brush.

          By the way, where do you stand on the idea of a higher law than whatever congress happens to pass? I’m not referring to the U.N. by the way, I’m talking about something above any or all of us humans.

          • sqeptiq

            Well, the slavers in the movie were white and indeed antebellum slavery was about whites holding blacks as slaves. Blacks sure as hell didn’t have white slaves. It wasn’t a race-neutral deal.

  • $23629333

    Hate to say I told you so, but I did tell you – “7 hours ago” – that Alex Jones would be pointed to as your “normal* gun advocate.” I also told you that we’d be seeing a lot more performances like the one last night. Don’t be surprised if he winds up with David Gregory on “Meet the Press.”

    Yes, Gregory deserves some of what Piers Morgan endured last night – after his treatment of Wayne LaPierre. Jones would point out Gregory’s hypocrisy vis-a-vis having armed security in schools.** Nonetheless, such an exchange would do nothing positive for the cause of maintaining the right to own guns.

    (* “normal” here meaning typical)

    (** his public position is that it is ridiculous. In his private life, his children attend a school with such security)

    • mdtljt

      …that you did, Rome…that you did…

  • mdtljt

    @philipaklein @GarrettQuinn Well I assume he is, since he was on CNN
    It appears Herr Weisenthal has never heard the old adage about making assumptions… which would go a very long way towards explaining why he’s such an ass…

  • Frustrated Teacher

    Jones is good for a laugh now and then, and occasionally he has some valid points, but he is NOT what I would call representative. This loon needs to walk around and discover how many REAL people are gun advocates. I know a lot of people seem surprised that I am…because I am just a working person who owns weapons, like most of the millions who do. BUT…the best way to demonize a group that you hate is to equate them with crackpots and fringe lunatics. The left does this all to well, aided and abetted by the Main Stream Media.

  • whattheheck

    What is wrong with this? I was clapping, Alex was yelling at Pierce and it was FUN! Yah, he has a way of shoving the Illuminati and new world order crap (even though it might be true, but goes the wrong way about it) in our faces, but who cares, I wanted to holler and he hollered for us!

  • whattheheck

    What is wrong with this? I was clapping, Alex was yelling at Pierce and it was FUN! Yah, he has a way of shoving the Illuminati and new world order crap (even though it might be true, but goes the wrong way about it) in our faces, but who cares, I wanted to holler and he hollered for us!

  • AimToMisbehave

    There’s nothing at all surprising about Piers Morgan using Alex Jones as a big goofy strawman to demonize gun owners. Musket Morgan treated John Lott and Larry Pratt just like Jones treated him, when they were guests on his show within the past few weeks.

  • dburghart

    Read this article – – It does a nice job of peeling away the bombast to examine the rise of, and politics of Alex Jones. Much better than the Business Insider, that’s for sure.