Uh oh. Jose Canseco is tweeting his political aspirations again, but this time he’s got a spiffy hashtag to go with his bid for office.


Should we expect #YesWeCanseco to trend soon?

Maybe Canseco should aim a little lower to start with? Say, the Toronto Council?

Nope, he has his heart set on challenging Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. And really, what could go wrong?

Hey, Jose, good news!

We wouldn’t steer you wrong! The endorsements are already coming in:


A vote for Canseco is a vote for endless possibilities!

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.mouland.908 Brian Mouland

    Good luck Jose,LOL!

  • BlueGood

    Yes Way Jose…for only $7,900,567,432.97 Plus GST, Shipping, Handling, Management Fees, Ecological Studies, and “other contingencies”, this Connected Canuck will help you obtain your latest desire to sit as head Wanker of Leftoid Toronto!….

    Call my people and we’ll arrange to take Manhattan, then we’ll take Berlin…then on to the BIG T.O.!

    P.S. BYOSS……(Bring Your Own Snow Shoes)