The weekend after the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre, the New York Giants paid tribute to the victims and wide receiver Victor Cruz honored 6-year-old fan Jack Pinto by writing “Jack Pinto, my hero” on his cleats. The Giants continue to reach out to those affected by the tragedy and will host hundreds of them at tomorrow’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The daughter and son-in-law of heroic Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung tweeted their gratitude for the Giants’ gesture.


NY Giant Victor Cruz dedicates game to Newtown victim Jack Pinto; writes ‘Jack, my hero’ on cleats

Pics: Tenn. Titans’ Chris Johnson writes the names of every Sandy Hook victim on his cleats

‘This meant a lot’: Family of Sandy Hook hero Vicki Soto grateful for phone call from Derek Jeter

  • Jim Cooper

    Dang dust!

  • Ralphie85

    What a beautiful honor to the victims! Enjoy Sandy Hook families! We will not forget!

  • Joe W.

    Another callous PR move for the ghoulish Giants. They learn from Obama. They should just leave those people alone and quit glorifying that tragedy. Just my opinion, folks.

    • mickeyco

      Had the same discussion here a week ago about Jeter & Cruz. Can’t find it now. Young (I’m assuming from his comment) man said that to have Jeter call or Cruz write his name on his shoes was no help. Needed to address the problem. Lady named Jillane replied, and I so agree, that it wasn’t about him (the commenter). It was about what it meant to the families of the dead children. I commented that, having lost a child several years ago, the phone call or writing sure wouldn’t have comforted me, but, Jillane was correct- it wasn’t about him or me. Those actions apparently brought comfort to the parents. From the tweets from the families above, this is apparently bringing them comfort. That’s all that matters here. But, like you, that’s just my opinion.

      • Joe W.

        2 “Tweets” is hardly indicative of the community’s collective thoughts on the matter. As I said, it was only my opinion, and yes, I lost parents in a tragedy, and a football game was not on my agenda.

        • mickeyco

          we agree, Joe

          • Joe W.

            Its a tough call, I know, but privacy was important to me at that time. Happy New Year, my friend!!! :-)

          • mickeyco

            You, too, Joe.

        • pajamakat

          I’m so sorry about your parents Joe. Happy New Year to you also :-)

          • Joe W.

            Thank you!!!… :-)