Departing EPA corruptocrat Lisa Jackson recently admitted to using an email address under the alias “Richard Windsor” to circumvent pesky Freedom of Information Act requests. Not related to her resignation, natch.

Where’d Jackson get the pseudonym she used to send over 12,000 emails?

Yep, part-dog, part-hometown, all class. We’re not sure whether that’s better or worse than using her stripper name.

Naturally, happy warriors couldn’t resist the sweet call of a hashtag game to go along with the revelations about Ms. Richard Windsor.

Now we can all avoid the prying eyes of plebs and their FOIA requests!

Go ahead and start using your new aliases. You might have to resign from your job (eventually), but at least you won’t go to prison or anything.

What’s your #EPASecretEmailName?

  • conservativechick

    It will be just a coincidence that her e-mail accounts will be released under the FOIA right after the big inauguration and on a Friday night.

  • AJ

    well well well mine is Lisa Jackson #EPASecretEmailName won’t she love that.

    • Insubordinate

      Ha! Now that’s a good one. Yes, my dog’s name is AJ, AJ
      – AJ Omaha

      • Jay McHue

        Sounds like a porn name.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Jack Deth

    EPASecretEmailName: Bacchus Lanham.

    Sounds cool. In a “300” kind of way.

    And yes, tweeter Kristina. “JoJo Van Nuys” definitely sounds like a porn name!
    As does, to a lesser extent, tweeter LizzieK’s “Bootsie Chicago”. Which sounds more pole dancer than porn.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Bootsie Chicago has more of a Roaring 20’s sound to it.

  • TheChuckr

    Max Brooklyn, Oh yeah!

    • Jay McHue

      Porn name. Definitely.

  • Uncle Buck

    Just call me Steve Rutherford. I could be a Private Eye with a name like that… and investigate Richard Windsor.

  • peteee363

    i would use harrison j bounel (look it up: ), but somebody alreay used that name. the guy lived in hyde park in chicago.

  • peteee363

    and why would obama be bo honolulu? wouldn’t it be yum nairobi?

    • Big Meanie

      Scamp Dayton here…..yum nairobi is funny as hell!!!

      • Carrie Benavidez

        Now we can all avoid the prying eyes of plebs and their FOIA requests!

      • peteee363

        so far i haven’t had to explain it, it seems everybody gets it.

        • Israel G. Vazquez

          Sorry, I don’t get the “yum” part…

          • peteee363

            i do not want to torture you, and make you read obama’s books, but he claims to have eaten dogs while in indonesia. so i would guess he would have called one of his pets yummy.

          • BlueGood

            Yes, and O’Blamo prefers Mint Sauce on his Dawg meat….tastes like Laaaaamb!

    • Catchance

      Omigosh… best line ever.

  • NRPax

    Hm. I grew up in the military so I can’t really say I have a home town. So I’ll just use the one I was born in.

    Nigel Limestone.

    I like it! Somewhere between upper class Brit and common man.

    • Jack Deth

      Hi, Pax.

      Nigel Limestone: Very “Spinal Tap”!

      Right up there with Chauncey Uppercrust,

      • NRPax

        ooh! That’s cool too!

  • Penmar

    Question is, can we be sure she’s resigning or is she just going to be shuffled to some other position like the State Dept people.

  • almarquardt

    Rufus Mandan. Not bad.

  • disappearing moderate

    Tippi Rome! I like it.

  • EastValleyConservative

    Be careful kids–hope you don’t use any of these as passwords or secret questions! :)

    • Jay McHue

      Even without this, that would still be pretty dumb. Passwords should be impossible to guess and so should answers to “secret questions.”

      • thetreyman

        maybe so but these are some of the most answered security questions. it amazes me how much info people let be known about them to complete strangers. you could probably get all the info you need to hack an account from most peoples facebook page.

  • john1gun

    Let’s see, Regis Tupelo? I can’t think what that would be, not even a good porn name.

    • Zane Henry

      I’m thinking carnival barker or game show host.

  • CLChicago

    Cookie Houston.

    Very classy.

  • AMSilver

    Cadence Meridian. I think I must fly a spaceship with tacky uniforms designed in the 70s.

  • Zane Henry

    hrm…..”Belle Odessa” Has a vaguely “Soviet by way of Paris” feel to it. This Richard Windsor guy is a pretty smart fella.

  • walterc

    Rusty Rozet? Sounds like a used car salesman.

    • RightThinking1

      Dunno…., for some reason, it sounds like a 20’s bubble dancer to me.

  • brewerandpatriot

    Squints Clinton, bluesman turned adulterous politician.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Lol @Squints. Cute^^

  • GaryTheBrave

    Smoky Monrovia, the suave and sexy sidekick of Zorro!

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Hmm. Is this anyway related to how porn stars pick their stage names? I’d be “Thor Rolling-Meadows”….. by EPA standards.

    That’s the town I grew up in… maybe “Thor Charlotte” sounds better.

    • MoxieLouise

      It’s the “Thor” that’s going to give you a problem, I think…Thor just SOUNDS like a spy name!

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Well, I didn’t see that it’s your ‘favorite’ pet you’re supposed to use, not your current pet… Thor is current, but Brandy is my favorite… so, Brandy Charlotte! Sounds like a fancy drink, like Brandy Manhattan…

    • RightThinking1

      Ah! You are a NC person? I was born in Charlotte myself.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Only born there, I was raised in IL, sadly. Rolling Meadows is the city I would call ‘my hometown’.

  • MoxieLouise

    Well, the upper crust of the family would have been Barkley St. Joseph. But then we also had the black sheep of the family who ran off with the neighbor’s mutt and produced a dozen or so societal parasites…her name was Cookie Hopkins.

    • RightThinking1


      Pets aside, my aunt married a ne’re-do-well who ran off with another woman. The lady in question was something of a floozy apparently. As a child, I asked my mother what her name was, and she told me that it was Laurel Rhododendron.

      • MoxieLouise

        Ha! Good handle…I would have told my kids her name was Poison Ivy.

  • o0Nighthawk0o

    Mine would be Coco Anderson. Works for porn star too, if I was female.

  • TundraThunder

    Ha! @jimmiebjr said: “Nemo Waldorf? I sound like an 80’s action movie hero.”

    It sounds more like Fish Salad to me.

  • RightThinking1

    Duchess Charlotte

    Not bad, eh?

  • Tman

    Muddly Oak Park just doesn’t work for me

    • dmacleo


      :) :)

    • Jeanette Victoria

      Sound like the name of the guy who puts people in cement shoes

  • WisconsinPatriot

    Frankie “the pug” Muskego. Not bad,all I need is a high level cabinet position!

    • MoxieLouise

      Is he any relation to Vinnie the Chin Gigante??

      • WisconsinPatriot

        Not as far as anybody is saying…..Is Vinnie in the Obama administration?

  • ZoriahShepard

    Tequila Acton…not too shabby

    • Jay McHue

      Another porn name. :)

  • Garth Haycock

    I reversed the order so my hometown is first because it sounds better: Sandy Brooks.

  • Tessa I.

    Pip Chicago. I sound like a cheeky comic-relief gangster in a Laurel & Hardy vehicle. If we’re allowed to use dead pets, I could switch to Mackenzie Chicago and be a . . . well, I’m not sure what I’d be, but guns are definitely involved. I could live with that.

    In other news, “Richard Windsor” is scum.

  • dmacleo

    DJ Etna

  • maplebob23

    I would be Tiger Franklin.

  • Disciple

    Frisky Independence here!

  • Moue La Moue (D)

    Angel Montrose. Not too shabby!

  • screamingmad

    Ziggy San Francisco or Doodle Apache Junction. Not bringing anything to mind.

  • lisaphil

    Stinky Houston! That’s not gonna work.

  • radicallyalyssa

    Apollo Millington! Heck yeah!

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Muggie Sag Harbor. LOL now that is a name that doesn’t even make sense

  • Richard

    No, Obama cannot be Bo Honolulu. Because I’M Gabby Honolulu

  • Mitchell Hendricks

    Michelangelo Port Charlotte.

  • Jay Stevens

    Goodyear Millwood. Sounds like a fifth rate politician.

  • $1014973

    No coincidence her email alter ego is a man’s name

  • Lady 12

    Tigger Seattle. I love being Tigger.

  • HWGood

    “Bootsie Schenectady” doesn’t make it as far as I’m concerned. But as an aside, wouldn’t these be a “nom de net” rather than a “nom de plume”?