Vicki Soto, the heroic Sandy Hook Elementary School teacher who gave her life to save her students, was a Yankees fan. Wednesday night, Vicki’s sister Carlee tweeted that Yankee Derek Jeter had phoned her grieving mom, Donna Soto. “This meant a lot to my mother and all of us,” she tweeted.

Twitter users who saw Carlee’s tweet also appreciated the touching gesture.


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  • nkviking75

    I’m a Twins fan, but at this moment I’m a Derek Jeter fan. Classy indeed.

  • NRPax

    Admittedly, I have a low opinion of most athletes but this article and the two related ones are a good bit of reading.

  • DDay

    Derek Jeter has always been a class act. I’m a Red Sox fan but I have nothing but respect for Jeter. He get “it” and knows that his fame can help in many more ways than just the crowd cheering on game day.

    I’m glad Ms. Soto’s family smiled a bit from this gesture. Their Victoria was a hero, God Bless her and everyone else.