Because nothing says “relief for Sandy victims” like a pleated leather skirt paired with a hoodie, here’s what Kanye West wore to the 12-12-12 benefit concert:

Imma let you finish, but the Twitterverse is pretty sure where Kanye got that skirt.

Could it be? Did Kanye raid his girlfriend’s closet?

Kim loved the look, natch.

More importantly:

Of course! It had to happen:

  • conservativechick

    Anything for attention, like two year olds.

    • Gina007

      I agree Elaine. Both of these narcissistic, arrogant whoremongers disgust me.

    • Gina007

      I agree Elaine. Both of these narcissistic, arrogant whoremongers disgust me.

  • jeffunde

    Did he say that Obama don’t like white people?

    • TugboatPhil

      I was wondering that too. I also noticed that the same folks, more or less, did a concert for Katrina within a week or so. Why the delay for Sandy victims?

      • KALKAM

        Chris Rock answered that in a way…he mentioned Staten Island right before he went on…Staten Island is the ONLY borough that leans right.

        Kanye is taking Axl Rose’s kilt wearing idea now….

    • Jillane Kent

      One down voter doesn’t appreciate irony or history. Such a shame….

    • tredglx

      Dang, somebody beat me to it. I am a few days late, though.

  • TocksNedlog

    That’s funny — I thought he already had a pair of matching hooker boobs . . . er, “boots”.

  • coreopsis has set in

    Prepare to see this fashion masterpiece catch on like baggy jeans. Instead of holding up their pants whilst running from the po-po, gangstas can now simply hike up their skirt. Form follows function.

    • $36544368

      Watched a strange police pursuit shown here on TV news last night…long story short, guy gives up, jumps out of his car, runs across a field…holding his pants up with one hand while running from the police. As awful as the story was behind the whole pursuit, I could not help laughing at the perp trying to run and hold his pants up at the same time (smh)….personally, I run faster when my pants fit…never tried running in a skirt. I’ll have to try it see how that works out. Maybe we can get Mythbusters to do a whole bit on it…”can you run faster in baggy pants that you’re holding up with one hand, or faster in a skirt”. Sorry Kanye, I just don’t get the look you were going for there…however I do understand Kim’s response to it…(another smh!)

  • stuckinIL4now

    Thank God he didn’t go commando. So did Kim MAKE him wear it?

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      Pass the mind bleach!

  • Guest

    Kanye wore the leather pants and kilt throughout the Watch the Throne tour. The bottom half of the outfit was designed by Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy, and the upper half (i.e. sweatshirt) was designed by Virgil Abloh of Pyrex Vision.

    If you ask me why there was a delay, I’d imagine that it is much more difficult to organize a concert consisting of really old rock legends (plus Kanye West and Alicia Keys) than it is to organize a television benefit 2,000 miles away.

  • Josephine (D)

    LOL what an idiot!

  • NCRelite

    bwahaha the skirt account is too funny

  • Tyler V. Grady

    The worst music I have EVER heard!

    • v1cious

      Well your name is Grady, so…

      • Jillane Kent

        Your name is tyshunn. See, we can all engage in the Christian name game, although I fail to see your point.

  • marcellucci

    What? No bra?

  • Dickens Thecat

    The dress makes Kanye look fat

  • TiLiNi

    next concert, will he wear the li’l black dress?

  • Joe W.

    Talentless, classless, degenerated, race hustler. And y’all are making him rich with your childish idolization of him. Pathetic.

  • sally1137

    Guess we know who wears the pants in that couple…

    • Brian P


  • Brett McMicken

    he’s just trying to push taylor swift off the cover of the fashion magazines.

  • Steve_J

    The skirt explains a lot.

  • Lyle E Long

    Hey Kanye, nice skirt. Do they make those in mens too?

  • jerry

    Did he turn transvestite???

  • Howard Caughy

    Dave Chappelle has long commented on the strange Hollywood/Illuminati practice of feminizing male black artists in skits – mostly by having them dress in women’s clothing(see E. Murphy, Wayans brothers, M. Lawrence, etc.) Kanye’s music is simply horrible, but I doubt the skirt was his personal choice.

  • Liberals Needhelp

    The world is coming to an end. Kim K. and Kanye West are world famous and wealthy, and we comment on their rather ugly wardrobe.

    Yet, men and women in harms way in uniform all over the world, are living at poverty level wages, and go about their work w/o attention or notice.

  • Rob Stevely

    Kims skirts are used to having big asses in them.

  • People Corporation

    His biggest mistake was showing and singing with that sorry assed autotune voice, bookended by real singers. The contrast was STARK.