Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” a film set in the antebellum South, premiered in New York yesterday. As always, Tarantino can’t resist his not-so-guilty pleasure: tossing around the N-word.

Drudge’s take?

The sensational headline links to a Hollywood Reporter film review. “Quite naturally, given the historical setting, the N-word gets a heavy workout, by whites and blacks alike,” the reviewer writes.


Yes, it’s shocking and uncomfortable. As it should be for decent people repulsed and unsettled by the dehumanizing term.

But rather than go after Tarantino for his apparent delight in liberal use of the N-word, many journalists and progressives are going after Drudge for his headline.

Leading the pack was Mother Jones reporter Adam Serwer, self-appointed issuer of licenses to call out racism. See, only progressives are qualified to comment on racial issues. Or something.

Heaven forfend a conservative should highlight Tarantino’s fetish for racial slurs!

Serwer was not alone. Many accused Drudge of race-baiting and racism.

Let’s see progressives call out Tarantino for his infatuation with the N-word. Until then, this is nothing but predictable liberal pearl-clutching and hypocrisy.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Soooo, race-baiting a race-baiting movie?

  • Seewetoldu

    The Liberals are always confusing to me.I have to throw logic out the door to decode their thinking.

    • TocksNedlog

      Coincidentally, that is also Step 1 in their thinking process.

      • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

        Post of the Month!!

    • Lord Foggybottom

      Thinking? What thinking? There’s no thinking.

      • james

        This is quite a little echo chamber you righties have here.

        • Lord Foggybottom

          Sure is! Although it’s getting kind of boring making fun of you retards because you make it so damned easy. Kisses! <3

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

          Those with nothing germane to offer always seem to prefer ad hominem drivel. There’s always one in the crowd.

          • Dennis The Menace

            It’s funny because literally none of these comments have any substance, yours least of all. He’s merely pointing out that you all sound like a bunch of mindless, idiotic fools that are only capable of saying what the person above you said, and I think he’s got a point there. Can’t wait to see how you pass off this post.

        • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

          Anything of substance to share? No? Bye.

          • Dennis The Menace

            It’s funny because literally none of these comments have any substance, yours least of all. He’s merely pointing out that you all sound like a bunch of mindless, idiotic fools that are only capable of saying what the person above you said, and I think he’s got a point there. Can’t wait to see how you pass off this post.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

            Agreement indicates a weak mind? If I said you should not punch newborns and someone agreed with me, would that someone be an idiotic fool?

  • journogal

    I don’t expect liberals to read, but if they scroll to the very top and look above, there are links Drudge has provided that leads into his main headline. I noticed the first screenshot above didn’t include it. Of course it wouldn’t fit in with their meme.

  • spot_the_dog

    If confected outrage could run power stations, we’d have this domestic energy thing sewn up in no time.

    • journogal

      Too bad we can’t harness it. Or can you imagine how the country would be if they took this outrage and applied it to what’s happening to the country and in Washington?

  • TocksNedlog

    This is “the FIRST time” Kamal Khan has seen a site ‘libel’ the article it links to?
    Guess he’s NEVER been on the Media Matters site then.

  • Lord Foggybottom

    Liberals are nothing but liars and hypocrites who manufacture outrage to get what they want. If they really cared about the word “nigger” they wouldn’t star in Tarantino’s movies and utter the lines.

    • David Shrock

      You hit that one on the head Foggy. This is a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black……

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7RCD3Z75OBX3D6WNVOSO4VUBKQ Obamammy

        Dunno how many liberals I’ve run into that, when I use the kettle / black term, they claim that it’s racist. Their more enlightened liberal friends then take them aside to correct them.

        • Lord Foggybottom

          Enlightened liberal? Surely you jest!

        • Catchance

          Remember the outrage a few years ago when a teacher used the word ‘niggardly’ and all hell broke loose? Abysmally ignorant, yes, but even after the definition was explained to them, they still thought the word shouldn’t have been used.

      • http://Twitter.com/jkerrysforehead John Kerry’s Forehead

        You mean the pot calling the kettle African American.

  • kch50428

    Oh the Liberal hypocrisy… they’re not pizzed at Tarantino for his use of ‘that word’ to excess – they’re pizzed that Drudge is calling it out. It’s the same world where the right to life, or a choice to not join a union are both evil.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      It makes perfect sense to them. Tarantino used the word while showing the white, devil, crackers being offed. That makes it better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rafael.penariosribero Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    and yet; chicago, urban, and food-stamps are not

  • vcferlita

    “Have you gone berserk? Can’t you see that man is a ni?” – Mel Brooks

    • $36544368

      I think I’ll go watch “Blazing Saddles” now…LOL!

    • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

      What? The sheriff’s getting nearer?

  • michael s

    Many of us have called out tarantino for his racism since reservoir dogs. However can’t trust Drudge either.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

      Why is that, Michael? Drudge is a gatekeeper who provides links, but can you cite examples as to why you don’t “trust” him?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.durdin.1422 Tyler Durdin

    Well after the front yard scene in Pulp Fiction where Tarantino made use of that word over and over and over talking about Marvin (transient character) with his head blown apart in the back seat of a ’72 Chevy Nova Coupe, with his character’s black wife behind him, what was Drudge to say?

    How about the famous gun sales scene with Samuel Jackson (yet again) in Jackie Brown?

    By the way the woman I have loved for 8 Years is very Black and I used to be Al Sharpton’s Lawn Boy in Englewood NJ right after the Teaneck Riots.

    Conservatives are just as much collectivist liars as the Liberals. Niether believe in Liberty, Independence, nor Freedom. Both are just arguing about Deck Chair arrangments on the Titanic (also owned by JP Morgan), while the Elites get away on their Bailout Boats and establish their Fiefdoms in the Third World, like Belize and the Caymans.

    By the way CON servaiant Collectivists:
    A. Right to Work solves the Marijuana at Work issue, people can be fired with no cause, no recourse.
    B. O’Romney Care added to Federalized Social Security, Disability, Medicare, and Medicaid completely eliminate the purpose of Unions (another Collectivist Corporotocracy)

    Nobody is protecting the Individual from the Dependantists of the Right or the Left, there is no protection for anyone from either the Corporations Capitalist and Unionist.

    As if there was only two Collectivist sides to the problem of America the Dependant, where the size of your Soda Bottle is Politicized.

    • spot_the_dog

      I too Find that using random Capital Letters in comments helps to establish my Credibility and serves to effectively Emphasise to people just how Serious I am about Things.

    • $36544368

      Dude, take your meds…your thought process is all over the place!

    • wwbdinct

      Wow Potsie – what the hell are you smoking today?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7RCD3Z75OBX3D6WNVOSO4VUBKQ Obamammy

      Someone forgot their lithium again….

    • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

      Dude, you’ve got a lot of issues.

  • Jack Deth

    Tarantino lost a lot of his freshness, originality and panache after ‘Reservoir Dogs’. Which is a neat and grimy updated take on the French New Wave Heist Gone Bad style of film. Bulked up by a stellar cast and script.

    ‘Pulp Fiction’ worked well for its flashbacks and uneven time line that held the film together and tidies up its final reel.

    Haven’t been much of a fan of a director who blatantly steals from everybody since.

    • james

      So you say. No one’s movies look like Tarantino’s. Think what you want, the guy’s a great writer and director. You don’t think Pulp Fiction was original? Or Kill Bill? Or any of a bunch of his other films? And btw, in art, everything is somehow derivative of what came before. Everything.

      • Teresa Davis McCormick

        yes you’re right everything is the same. Liberal dems are still race-baiting to hide the fact that they are totally racists themselves.

      • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Yes, a movie named for an entire genre of cheap potboiler literature is COMPLETELY original!

    • michael s

      Actually its a ripoff of a film from Hong Kong called City on Fire.

  • Herman LaClair

    it’s the same reaction the left had when S. Crowder tweeted Joe Biden’s and Harry Reid’s racist remarks about Obama to #saysomethingniceaboutObama: it wasn’t racist for Joe & Harry to say those things; it was racist for Crowder to repeat them.

  • $23629333

    Isn’t it interesting that the tweets of indignation are – seemingly – coming from Caucasians. No one tosses the R-word around more than your pandering portsider.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZSKETECBAFDEAUOUML4ICTKLAA Alex

    It’s just a word. Words should have that much power.
    He’s not a racist but Drudge needs to focus on things that are actually relevant and important, not talented filmmakers like Tarantino who are trying to be edgy. Drudge burned away his credibility anyways in the primary attacking every non-Romney in favor of the RINO that lost.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

      He also linked Foxx’s and Tarantino’s own hypocritical words while lamenting the use of slurs. That was the point.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZSKETECBAFDEAUOUML4ICTKLAA Alex

        Fair enough. I didn’t know anything about the movie at that point.

    • Teresa Davis McCormick

      When Tarantino is using the n-word he’s trying to be edgy? But when Mel Gibson makes a movie about Jesus Christ’s Passion he’s an antisemitic? think about it.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZSKETECBAFDEAUOUML4ICTKLAA Alex

        I never said Mel Gibson was an anti-Semite lol! Are you serious? I’ll defend Mel Gibson. And I don’t support Roman Polanski.

        I didn’t know anything about this movie yesterday. Words shouldn’t have that much power. I don’t like the hypocrisy though. I know a little more about it now and Jamie Foxx etc. and I don’t like the movie or what it’s trying to convey but Tarantino has made a couple of good films before and is not a pedophile like Polanski is.

        The conservative sites I read have been mad at Drudge for his stances in the primary.

        • Teresa Davis McCormick

          i didn’t say you called gibson an anti semitic. I said there’s a double standard. Tarantino shouldn’t be race baiting and that was Drudge’s point, i believe. You need to calm down and stop assuming.

    • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Yes, let’s focus awhile on talented filmmakers like Roman Polanski, and if anyone remarks on his drugging and raping a little girl (was that legitimate rape-rape?) that makes HIM the pedophile. And since we’re at it, anyone care to watch another great movie, Birth Of A Nation? Surely any offensive racial overtones may be overlooked in that, since D.W. Griffith was such a groundbreaking and innovative director.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZSKETECBAFDEAUOUML4ICTKLAA Alex

        Did I defend Roman Polanski the child-rapist? Of course not.

        Let’s not imitate the left’s PC police. People like you got Dr. Laura fired for repeating what hypocritical rappers are allowed to say. In some specific situations the word might fit the movie but it looks like Tarantino’s just using it gratuitously there. Not out of a belief in white supremacy, but because he wants attention and ratings desperately. I don’t know his politics but am assuming he’s a liberal. Since they think the word is bad for whites (it should be looked down on in everyone’s case) if they’re fine with him using it that’s hypocritical.
        Maybe if it was in an 1800s drama and the storyline didn’t -like- using it so much, I guess that would be different.

  • Belinda Henry

    Foxx is an ahole. He tells us that as a boy in Texas he was called the n word all the time by whites. I’m from Texas and I was not raised to use that slur. He can kiss my butt.

  • lainer51

    God that Tarantino is one fugly dude

  • Citizen0000

    pointing out hypocrisy is the new racism, so is using words, like “urban”, “basketball” and the dreaded “them”

    Why is America the only country with hyphenated citizens?

    When will the NAACP be advanced?

    If you’re so concerned with racism, why do you keep fanning the flames and keeping it alive? @MSNBC

  • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

    “Quite naturally, given the historical setting, the N-word gets a heavy workout, by whites and blacks alike,”

    Funny, I don’t remember hearing it in “Gone With the Wind.”

  • v1cious

    Tarantino hasn’t used the N-word in almost two decades, and Django Unchained is based in the old south.

  • v1cious

    Tarantino hasn’t used the N-word in almost two decades, and Django Unchained is based in the old south.

  • BennyIsMyNameBeerIsMyGame

    With this one and the Jagger post,Twitchy lives up to it’s reputation of not having a freaking clue about anything,but still being very angry anyway…wingnut style.


  • Dennis The Menace

    You’re all a bunch of fools. Like this website, Drudge’s is clearly a sensationalist righty aggregation of news items that he exploits for traffic. I don’t think there is anyone here that would argue that a news article titled ‘NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER’ isn’t asking for debate, and a trip to his website (linked to in the article above) allows for numerous other examples of this exploitation. If you disagree with the previous statement, consider this: a great title is both informative and clever, highlighting the essence of article while, ideally, providing a bit of wit to draw the reader in. Drudge’s title lacks any mention of the movie itself, and does nothing to draw the reader in except use a word that invokes strong negative emotions seven times in a row, so that the reader is angered by racist remarks and proceeds based on shock value alone.

    As a movie fan, I have always loved Tarantino’s ability to showcase the parts of humanity that make me least comfortable. His talent for the shockingly provocative is supposed to be both revelatory and sublime. He allows us to experience unspeakable horrors, and provides us with enough substance to make our own choices about them. While many argue that his movies are gratuitous, it would be safe to say that, if you have actually seen a Tarantino movie (and your cross-clutching, capital punishment-loving, incest-doing parents probably haven’t let you, or at least taught you to be afraid of experiencing things unknown and uncomfortable), you would understand that the man is definitely twisted. You would also understand that it is your responsibility as the viewer to disturbed. This process is an important one because it allows viewers the opportunity to confront these issues head-on. It creates opportunities to illustrate the evilness of the violence and grittiness he portrays and confirm how disgusting it truly is. Therefore, the idea of gracing Tarantino with the title of ‘race-baiter’ is an ignorant one.

    These are two of three points I have seen on this website so far. While I’ll never be able to change your opinions, I’ve at least painted an accurate and eloquent picture of what the opposing viewpoint would be. I think you can all see some sense in what I’ve written so far, regardless of personal beliefs. The third point, however, is that Liberals are “nothing but liars and hypocrites who manufacture outrage to get what they want,” as our friend Lord Foggybottom puts so neatly. This, oddly enough, has nothing to do with the fact that Quentin Tarantino (who was and is still criticized widely for his choices on both sides of the aisle) was not called a ‘race-baiter’ and Robert Drudge was. It was this website who called that reality “predictable liberal pearl-clutching and hypocrisy,” not Drudge, or Tarantino, or anybody else. In fact, nobody brings politics into this debate except for websites like this. Drudge didn’t even bring it into his synopsis of the situation, he wrote what he wrote and left it at that.

    Politics is a funny thing. Many of the insults that you lot hurl at Liberals are, undoubtedly, hilarious. Not even because I believe they are false, but because they are genuinely funny. However, while you smugly sit and snigger with each other about your small internet victory over us “retards” as one of you calls us, you forget one greatly important detail. You “manufacture outrage” in the same way that you accuse us of doing. Your comments do not provide any fact or any substance to an on-going debate about the article. They simply perpetuate the indomitable stereotypes that exist about Conservatives. According to your discussion, you are all just as closed-minded, ignorant, slanderous, and pathetic as liberals believe you are. So, while you continue to obscure the true meaning of current events and construe them all as liberal attacks on an innocent conservative collective, realize that you are falling into the exact trap that liberals hope you fall into. Keep up the good work.

  • Guest

    Don’t pay a dime to watch any of these liberal idiots. ( Jaime Foxx)

  • $129448

    Liberals love to turn things around to their advantage. hypocrites in and out to the core

  • Donna W

    Oh Adam..you seem to have overlooked this:

    pitiful pock-faced race-baiting hag Andrea Mitchell, who says GOP blocks women ‘of color’ in reference to Susan Rice stepping aside from SecOfState appointment.
    Apparently Mzzz. Mitchell has never heard of Condalezza Rice.

  • Silenttype78

    Right, Matt Drudge is totally guilty of linking to stories that other people have written,about things other people have done.

    Matt is the bad guy here? Not the criminals and idiots behaving like animals?

    Our media has already stopped giving details on “suspects” such as race …so,now what?
    Are we reaching a point where we will be prevented from even acknowledging crimes committed by blacks—-because it might offend someone?
    Then what? Are cops going to stop arresting blacks when they commit crimes because it might be seen as raaaaaacist?
    Or will the judges decide to throw out cases that involve blacks because they will fear being called raaaaacist?

    This is lib-prog insanity.