The Twitter account of powerful Muslim Brotherhood deputy leader Khairat el-Shater was hacked last night. More than 11 hours later, tweets linking to the Twitter account of hacker @T4ct and the Facebook account of “Anonymous Middle East” remain on his account. One of the tweets includes the message “TacticiaN WAS hErE.”

The Islamist leader’s Twitter avatar was changed to a photo of Gaber “Jika” Salah, the teen anti-Morsi protester who was killed during clashes with Egyptian police last month.

In addition, el-Shater’s Twitter bio has reportedly been changed to include a pro-revolution message.

  • Peyton

    If I got ahold of someone’s twitter like that, I’d post messages that were at least somewhat credible enough to be believed.

  • coreopsis has set in

    I’d just link to a bunch of porn sites, and watch his followers’ heads explode.

    • therantinggeek

      Nah, he’s already lost credibility for allowing someone to gain unauthorized access to his account and posting a pic of an anti-Morsi protester. Proof positive that passwords need to stay as complicated as possible (uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers, special characters) and avoid using anything that could be found in a dictionary (or easily guessed).

    • Smart Grunt

      Actually, Islamists are porn fanatics. And it’s not just the free stuff, but the paid websites.

  • American Infidels

    Should flood his page with porn n Jewish news…

    • LibLieExposer

      Also ads for bacon, pork sausage, Jack Daniel’s, Christmas gifts, etc.