Earlier today, linebacker Jovan Belcher of the Kansas City Chiefs reportedly shot his girlfriend before committing suicide. At 1:00 p.m. ET, the team’s Twitter account sent out this tweet:


The Chiefs are still scheduled to play the Panthers tomorrow.

Here’s the “Photo of the Day” that accompanied the tweet:

Owly Images

The tweet was quickly and quietly deleted. Was it a scheduled tweet?

If so, hopefully the Chiefs’ social media team has scheduled tweets turned off now. Although the Chiefs clearly have today’s tragedy occupying their minds right now, many fans were appalled.



While immediate reaction was not very forgiving, some Twitter users are a lot more understanding.


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  • wallwatchman

    I live here in kc. Give them a break fans. I’m sure it was an auto tweet. Not the time to pile on!

  • Conrad2010

    Crap happens. Chill already.

  • Michelle

    So, a quick look at their twitter feed, one learns the following: Their “Photo of the Day” goes out at the exact same time each day one goes out. Tada: Scheduled auto-tweets. Relax people. Considering what the entire team was dealing with this morning, I so seriously doubt someone in the office thought, “OMG! I have to stop the Photo of the Day auto-tweet!” Pretty sad to see how people think the worst without doing some critical thinking and using some common sense.

    • JimmyJusticeUSA

      but this is twitchy every minor twitter mistake has to be criticized because its “news”

      • Michelle

        I don’t see that Twitchy is criticizing, they’re simply showing us what happened. They even include tweets from folks pointing out it was probably auto-tweet. My comment spoke of the idiots who slammed the Chief’s twitter person around, one even suggesting the person be fired. Why is it so hard for folks to do a little research these days before going on the attack? Took me less than two minutes to scan KCChief’s feed and see that every Photo of the Day is posted at exactly 1:00 p.m. Eastern time – Hellooooooooooo idiots, that means scheduled auto-tweet.

        • JimmyJusticeUSA

          Twitchy is giving validity to these idiots tweets buy publishing them, almost no one would know about that auto tweet mistake if twitchy hadnt posted it. Posting non-news can be a form of criticism.

      • TundraThunder

        JimmyJusticeUSA: People like you just have to come here and leave snarky remarks! I have seen nobody here criticizing the Chiefs. Those doing the criticizing are those on Twitter. You’re just trolling since you apparently have nothing else to do.

  • John (it true me am)

    Even if it weren’t an auto tweet, so what? Life goes on. You can’t put everything on hold indefinitely anytime something bad happens.

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    Our President watched 4 Americans be executed, after they fought for their lives and hoped that help was on the way. After viewing the action on a high definition video screen, he went to catch some ZZZs for his campaign trip to Las Vegas, so he could tell them how Al Qaeda was dead.

    No, KC Chiefs, what you did isn’t tacky or a bad image. By comparison, it’s a long way from being inappropriate.

    • Emjay Grakykat

      Amen, brother