On Wednesday, President Obama said he “couldn’t be prouder” of the “extraordinary” UN Amb. Susan Rice. Really? Heckuva job, Susan:


Yep, that sea of green and black was Rice’s followup to her role in misleading Americans on the nature of the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Only eight nations joined the United States in voting “no” on granting Palestine¬†nonmember observer status at the United Nations. Only eight. And instead of being fired, she may be up for a¬†promotion to Secretary of State.


Richard Grenell, a former U.S. spokesman at the UN, blasted Rice for her miserable failure.

Indeed. And as Grenell notes, Rice “skipped the last open meeting before the planned UN vote to recognize Palestinian statehood.” That’s what Obama calls “extraordinary.”

Check out all 30 of Grenell’s reasons Rice has no business serving as our country’s top diplomat.

  • Bill

    how the hell is this a bad thing?

    • TocksNedlog

      How the hell is WHAT a bad thing?

    • Cold War Grunt

      Gaza/Palestine/PLO — meets none of the generally accepted qualifications of a nation-state. This is a political move to enable Hamas/PA/PLO/MB to bring charges against Israel in the UN for human rights violations.

      I won’t deny the situation in Gaza is bad, very bad, deplorable even. But it is the fault of PA for not controlling their people. It is also the fault of Israel for ever going along with the concept of Gaza as an autonomous region.

      Lets talk about those violations — what violations would those be? The perceived violations that resulted from the Israelis granting autonomous status to the Gaza Strip, and turning it over to a group (PA) that can’t control the region. So Israel has to lock it down for her own safety. They risk their forces and citizens to avoid collateral civilian damage in Gaza, while the Hamas/Hez and other militant groups attack Israel, explicitly targeting civilians, in a proxy war being funded and armed out of Iran. Poll after poll after poll of non-Jews (Muslims mostly) in Israel, outside of Gaza, indicate that those Muslims would rather live under Israeli governance and democracy than the PA or other Islamic theocratic system of government.

      c.f., Golda Meier on when the violence ends.

      c.f., me — If the Israelis stop defending themselves, we have genocide tomorrow. If the PA/Hamas/Hez and others lay down their arms, we have peace tomorrow.

      The resolution in the UN only emboldened the PA/Hamas/Hez/Militants. There will never be a two state solution now … it will end when one, or likely both sides are destroyed.

      The world took a turn for the worse yesterday, and the useful idiots applaud.

  • Grumpa Grumpus


    This will cement support for her from among those who previously stated they were “troubled” by Rice.

    After all— she is getting the Progressive foreign policy accomplished.

    Consider: isolation of Israel, offence of all our allies, clearly signaling our impotence in foreign affairs, strengthening support for the M.Brotherhood, coordinating the replacement of arab leaders sympathetic to Western Civilization, strengthening the murderous juntas in Africa…

    Ms.Rice has been a very busy person!

    Also there is this: it is very difficult to cause deliberate action to be perceived as incompetence!

    And keep in mind: she deserves to be rewarded for her loyalty to The Emperor.

    I’m sure others could come up with more– these are just the obvious ones– but the few listed are more than sufficient for any Progressive-Republican who wears the Republican label!

  • Brad_Brzezinski

    I have to object to this reporting. I understand why Rice is not wanted as Secretary of State by conservatives and that she has not generally performed well at the UN. In this particular case however, the US stuck to its guns in the face of wrongheaded world opinion. Rice played her part well enough. It is not appropriate to use this event to call her a failure.

    • Cold War Grunt

      She is a failure as a leader within the UN. She will be an equal failure as Secretary of State. It is fair, but fairness is only important to liberal-progressives when it means taking from those that have, and giving to those that do not have.

      Fairness in outcome is not fairness — its Marxism, its Fascism and it has never worked, will never work. The world is not fair. Weak leaders in the US make for emboldened dictators, terrorists and encourages the spread of evil.

    • TocksNedlog

      Her obligation was to convince as many US-friendly nations as possible to stand with us. The vote tally shows her failure.

      • Elena0412

        She needs to convince herself first…And our president.


      are you stupid, the lady is incompetent in many cases. She should be tried for treason right along with your hero obama.

      • Brad_Brzezinski

        Whether I am stupid or not is irrelevant. (I have known many university professors who could not be called stupid in their field, to act what seemed stupidly to me in other areas, especially politics.)

        I agree she is incompetent but this was not a case that really shows her incompetence. I prefer conservate arguments to be on point and that we not act like a bunch of brainless liberal yahoos.

    • ceemack

      Gaza is basically Lord of the Flies with missiles. Their government is essentially a gang of terrorists dedicated to the complete destruction of a UN member nation, actively engaged in the deliberate targeting of civilian populations.

      Not being able to drum up more than eight “no” votes on making Gaza a UN member could be called a failure of diplomacy.

      In a similar vein, running the Titanic into an iceberg might be called a failure of seamanship.

  • TocksNedlog

    France voted “Yes” and then surrendered.

    • Penmar

      I think France surrendered a long time ago.

    • my preciousss!!

      bonjour! we surrendered!

  • Lady 12

    Didn’t Obama want Palestine recognized as a country?

    • Cold War Grunt

      Publicly, POTUS Obama has stated his opposition to a UN based solution to the question of a Palestinian State. He has indirectly stated that he supports a two state solution, offering quips of “the solution must be the result of negotiations, not mandates” (paraphrasing).

      He obviously supports a Palestinian State — my guess is that a few months from now, he will have considered the issues, in a manner similar to his change in position on same-sex marriage; and we’ll see him line up behind a UN mandated/enforced 2 state solution — which will only usher in a full blown shooting war in the region that will end when Israel launches her nukes.

      • Lady 12

        Okay. Thanks, I was confused.

  • clarioncaller

    Amb. Rice’s name being considered for SOS is just a reinforcement of the “Peter Principle”, or to avoid a ‘sexist’ label as well as a ‘racist’ label, the “Susie Principle”.

  • GaryTheBrave

    If Palestine is recognized as a country can someone please tell about their economy?

  • Ex-pat Rick

    Doesn’t the US still have veto power at the UN? The Russians use theirs and the Chinese use theirs, it’s time for us to use our veto power over this vote.

  • mhojai

    I don’t understand why it’s consdiered as a “failure,” unless it’s referring to her inability to get the 8 to vote “yes.”
    This is just what jugears wants-a failed country!

  • J.Milliscone

    If you think that the way nations vote at the UN can be controlled by anyone is the US, than there is a high probability that you’ve never been outside your own state, let alone the US.

    He hasn’t even nominated her and already this crap is going on. All the reasons I heard from the opposition has been things the last Rice did…. Pathetic