The U.S. Embassy in Cairo is closed to visitors today as police and protesters in the area clash, blocking access to the gate.

In an emergency alert, U.S. citizens in the region were warned to avoid the area.

The embassy also warned of potential violence during a Muslim Brotherhood “march” planned for Saturday:

Looking ahead to the weekend, media reports indicate that the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for a “million man march” on Saturday, December 1 to culminate in Tahrir Square.  While there is no indication that the Embassy is a target of these protests, the Embassy’s proximity to Tahrir Square, as we have seen this week, exposes it to any violence that develops.  The Embassy strongly urges U.S. citizens to avoid Garden City this weekend.

  • Libertyship46

    What, did the Egyptians see another video and want to sack our embassy? Hey boys, you voted for Morsi and now you’re stuck with him. Don’t blame us.

  • Moue La Moue (D)

    Seems like they are suffering from Buyers Re-Morsi. Bad pun, I know. Could not help myself as I SMDH.

    • Burt Zerker

      rather clever,..I may end up ‘borrowing’ that.

  • nc

    Looks like our Embassies are no longer “safe havens” like they generally used to be. Did the tweet from the inside seem weirdly bland? Kind of like, closed for inclement weather or something.