Hey, look, it’s a day ending in “y” so it’s time for President Obama to pat U.N. Amb. Susan Rice on the purty little head again.  At the start of his Cabinet meeting today, President Obama called the potential Hillary Clinton replacement “extraordinary” and praised her effusively for “the job she’s done.”

No mention that the “job she’s done” included spreading falsehoods about the Benghazi terrorist attack, natch.

Rice, of course, ate it up.

Well, isn’t that extraordinary.

Forgive us for keeping this short. This love fest has us feeling extraordinarily queasy.

  • SpinMeNot

    Breaking on the weekly standard: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/wh-obama-not-particularly-concerned-whether-susan-rice-misled-american-people_664134.html

    Where are those people screaming about conservative/republican/constitutionalists/federalist (note lower case first letters) not respecting the BHO? What about BHO respecting the people that he is supposed be serving?

    Holy crap on a cracker … I need a beer.

    • carla5731

      His lack of regular press conferences (only two since March) and disdain for questions when he does address the press, speak volumes about disrespect for us peon citizens.


    Republicans hate: A woman in power What the hate more an african American woman in power…

    It is amazing that the Republicans do not see how foolish that are making themselves look.

    A once proud Party has taken an American tragedy and politicized it to the hilt…dancing on the graves of our fallen out of spite is deplorable.

    • JimmyNeutron

      Is that why Condi Rice was the first African American female Sec State? Wouldn’t that make her the highest ranking African American female in history?

      • kch50428

        Liberals don’t see Condi’s skin color. She’s not one of them, so she may as well be whiter than Chistmas snow.

      • MoxieLouise

        Jimmy, she’s just another “Aunt Tom”, dontcha know? [sarc]

    • Randal Redder

      Can’t tell if serious or parody…

      • SpinMeNot

        It is Tushie … therefore it can’t be either. Well, he might think he’s being serious, but lets be “serious” …

        Parody requires intellect, intellect is the result of being able to reason, and well, that brings me back to “It’s Tushie”.

        Circular arguments rarely work, in this case … well, it seems reasonable; at least it appears a bit like a balanced equation.

      • wwbdinct

        He’s been trolling hate here all day. If he’s serious, he needs Lithium. Otherwise, he’s probably just earning his living.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.dean.564 Lisa Dean

      I’m game ~ what exactly is her “power” again? She’s not Sec of State like Condoleezza Rice was.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    It’s always g
    appropriate to treat your floormats well, it helps them last.

  • wwbdinct

    Um….excuse me Barry. You couldn’t be “more proud” – not “prouder”. Dumbass.

  • http://blurbrain.com/ Boot Birnbaum


  • JustLikeAnimals

    “Prouder”???? Try “more proud” you illiterate dumbass.