Black Friday got its earliest start ever this year. In what has become an annual tradition the day after Thanksgiving, some shoppers were ready to score discount electronics by any means necessary. Those braving the Black Friday sales tweeted on-scene reports of fistfights at the nation’s retail stores.

How’s this for the holiday spirit?

Tackled … at Victoria’s Secret?

Some “shoppers” were a lot more interested in face-busters than door-busters.

Others figured they could save on the cost of a pay-per-view fight.

Note to mall-goers: there’s a smarter way to check items off your Christmas shopping list:

  • DeBaliviere

    And another baby child is born #InTheGhetto

  • Seewetoldu

    I think if these smart shoppers actually waited a couple of weeks they could get the stuff even cheaper. But I guess the word ” Black Friday” has mystical powers I cant see.

    • $30423294

      People want to find their purpose in life.

      They look around and see few options other than achieving fame or acquiring junk.

      There is a purpose in life. But if you find it in the traditional ways, celebrities and comedians mock you. Maybe even your neighbors.

      So you stand outside a store on black Friday morning thinking this is as good as it gets. You’re looking for something and you know this is not it, but it will do.

    • Brett McMicken

      the way some people talk about it, i think they enjoy the “status symbol” of being a black friday shopper more than they enjoy the bargains. it’s sorta like those people who will camp out at a theater a month before a movie premieres.

  • NRPax

    Unfriggingbelievable. Things like this are the reason I generally despise people. And yes, I’ll be doing as much shopping online as I can.

  • Lisa Dean

    News Flash Black Friday Idiots: You can get the same prices and usually bigger discounts if you shop the online version of Wal Mart/Target/Best Buy etc. Also, even bigger discounts are given on Cyber Monday, which is Monday Nov 26th. Is a pillow pet or lap top really worth this kind of bat sh*t crazy mob mentality?

  • stuckinIL4now

    Can’t help wondering on the one hand how hordes of people in this jobless food stamp economy have money to go shopping. On the other hand, wonder how many pockets are getting picked during these altercations.

    • Emily B

      My brother went to Walmart last night and said it was full of “white trash on foodstamps”. I told him that in reality, HE was buying their tv’s for them. :0)

  • Yeeheecom

    probably majority of Obama voters that think it’s their civil right to get free and cheap stuff

    • Seewetoldu

      Baraka Claus….ho…ho..ho

      • TheOriginalDonald

        HO is a bad word. Sandra Flake and Lena Dunham said so 😛

  • Emily B

    I have gone out on Black Friday before (only once at midnight), never seen a fight, but people are CRAZY!! I, too, am doing my Black Friday shopping online in my pajamas. I got deals just as good. People were camping out in front of stores LAST WEEK to be first in line. Insanity.

  • Let’em Crash

    Do you think bicycle shops, clothing boutiques, hardware stores, outdoor gear shops etc need to gear up for Small Business Saturday?

  • Jarhead83

    Definitely losing my faith in humanity….

  • Brian Merritt

    Stay home and enjoy the left overs and your family! That TV will be outta date in a year!!!!!

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    I have to wonder about where these things take place. I have gone Black Friday shopping in VaBch Va, Jax FL, Sac CA, and Des Moines IA. Never have I seen violence. As a matter of fact, last 2 cities were Jax FL and current Ankeny IA , and everyone was very friendly, and fun to be with. No fighting. Never experienced anger and childish greed like described.

    • TheOriginalDonald

      No fighting @ Sam’s Club here in Orange CT.