Aw, it’s Uncle Joe’s 70th birthday!

What do you give a man who’s just one terrifying heartbeat away from becoming the leader of the free world? If you’re President Obama, you grace him with a photo of yourself making him giggle uproariously.

Tickle-me Biden? Evidently, Obama built that.

Gosh, we haven’t seen Biden grin like that since he yukked it up over the administration’s massive overseas security failures.

This one’s screaming for a caption. Have at it, Twitchy readers!

  • ※ Diana O’Hara

    How do you like the way we stole that election in the swing states?

    • wendoxia

      or won fair and square?

      • Teresa Davis McCormick

        that’s not funny

  • MACH Tink

    Can you believe that we got away with it again?

  • E Mims

    “And then, when I started crying…”

    “Oh, yeah! I loved that one!”

  • Josephine (D)

    “Remember how those silly GOP thought they were going to defeat me?”

    “Oh yeah! They really put up a fight, pitting you against a moderate!”

  • Michael

    “I think this is what they call a bromance.”

    • yahneverknow

      #ObamaBands My Political Bromance

  • DeBaliviere

    “You really think I’m clean, bright and articulate? Really?”

    • Cy


  • Michael

    “Do you want to see what I can do on this pole?”

  • Cy

    Well Joe, at least you’re the second smartest one in the group.

  • DeBaliviere

    Obama doing his Kal Penn imitation.

  • LC

    “Let’s have a little fun. I’m going to suggest that Bengazi was a vast right wing conspiricy…”

  • Cy

    “He really thinks he’ll be president after me”.

  • Anton Dantes

    The Odd Couple

  • Baba Ghanoush

    Just a couple “homeboys” hanging out

  • Tipper Top

    I’m touchin’ your butt, Barack!!

  • Brandy Burke

    “You are right sitting like ladies is funny “! Hehehe

  • Choran Alaice

    “So then I told them I had full confidence in Susan Rice!”

    • Cy

      “So Susan Rice said yes, she’d be happy to do it.”

  • riddler1620

    I’d say how they are laughing that they won reelection and have four more years to destroy the country.

    • wendoxia

      or that they beat the small little minds of the GOP, who ran a footstool against them.

      • Teresa Davis McCormick

        not funny but i can understand how you didn’t read it before you commented. silly liberal, words are for adults.

  • rff512

    I farted.

  • Michael Wallace

    “Did you really say I have a Big Stick?”

  • MoxieLouise

    Wow…this year’s Convention of Small Business Owners sucks! Maybe they’re just running late. C’mon, Barry, I’ll buy you a beer!

  • wendoxia

    uh, a darling picture of THE TWO OF THEM. why you resort to the silly headline?

  • JerseyJoe

    “Hey Joe, I got you that remote controlled mouth I always wanted. With adjustable speed control and reverse”.

  • Kenner1953

    I think I’ll create a Bill called”Seeificare” and give it to Pelosi and have her explain at a news conference I’ll set up the day Hillary testifies about Bengazi.

  • Joseph Phillips

    …and then Candy tells him I said it was a terrorist attack!

  • ChuloDO

    How dare anyone send a birthday card of the birthday boy and the sender!
    (This article is typical right-wing desperate empty personal attack. Move along.)

    • Becky Sue

      You haven’t seen desperate yet until this second term is underway…even you will be in a dire panic when they really get going!! There is no such thing as pinpoint or selective destruction of America. WE will stand together or all fall at the same time. You really don’t even know who the enemy is, do you? And thus you do not know who they want to destroy!! Look in the mirror Chulo!

  • kong1967

    “The American people bought our lies hook, line and sinker.”

  • kong1967

    “We are taking America right over a cliff and the stupid idiots think we’re building a bridge.”

  • RblDiver

    “I don’t think there are enough chairs here to hold our combined egos.”

  • JerseyJoe

    “Can you believe they reelected us to a 2nd term?”

  • Purple State

    “I bet Twitchy tries to make a mountain out of a molehill with this photo, and runs a caption contest.”

    “Haha, I bet they do too, Barack!”

  • Jim Parkinson

    “Hey Joe, show me what you did to that biker chick again…”

  • TomJB

    “Mr President, good thing you were full of it on being the ‘most transparent’ President ever… I don’t think I’d want my wife to see where my left hand is!”

  • Johnny MoonOwl

    I think it is called petty. Petty politics. If you can’t argue facts, throw mud. Maybe that is why Obama has that beautiful ever-tan.

  • Donald Arey III

    And then I said, “your insurance premiums will go down 2000%”

  • Tom Connelly

    “I nearly lost it when you asked that dead seal’s dad if his son always had balls the size of cue balls.”

  • Diane Neumann

    We feel so at home amongst these empty chairs, right Joe?


    “Iran has nukes and will kill our friend Bibi”

  • RowdyRepublican

    “Thank god we are two cool cats, because we don’t have any freakin’ idea how to lead a country!”

  • SwTk

    “Hey B. My fly is open.” Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • Seewetoldu

    No…..your shmoooopy…….your shmoooopy……

  • JamesS

    I am happy for them

  • Teresa Davis McCormick

    Obama: “with you as my vp, no one will ever risk assassinating me!”

  • Bill Schlosser

    So Joe, did ya hear the one about a Seal, a Black Man and Benghazi???

  • Bill Schlosser

    So Joe, did ya hear the one about a Seal, a Black Man and Benghazi???

  • Rhogue

    “Just for sh!ts and giggles, after I throw Hillary under the bus, what say we have it back up and roll forward again?!”