As Fox News awaited Nancy Pelosi’s announcement about the snooze-y news that she’ll remain House minority leader, the network’s chyron mistakenly identified her as a California¬†Republican. Oops:

But Fox wasn’t alone. As Twitchy reported earlier, Pelosi excitedly announced that she’d won the Speaker’s gavel back. Does Pelosi think she’s a Republican too?

Sorry, doll. Dream on. The GOP still has control of the House.

Mockery from the Twitterverse and video here.

  • Tim Edward

    Someone toss a bucket of water on her, stat!

    • conservativechick

      God, you think she might MELT away?

  • TugboatPhil

    Botox has finally paralyzed what remains of her brain.

  • aceace11

    Do they have a nursing home at the capital for all these 70 and 80 year old fools who never leave?

  • Steve_J

    What does “majority caucus of women and minorites” even mean?


    She couldnt be mistaken for a republican she actually has a brain….The main reason Republicans hate Pelosi is because she’s effective.