Yesterday Twitchy reported that Lena Dunham, the actress who likened voting for Obama to losing her virginity, was honored with a Glamour magazine “Women of the Year” award. How’s that one gonna go over with President Lady Parts’ tool Sandra Fluke?

Ha! Actually, Fluke attended the awards ceremony and even live-tweeted it. Any mention of Dunham?


Not yet.

Nuh uh.

And … no. Dunham doesn’t get a shout-out from Fluke. Somebody’s jealous!

Could there be a femme-a-gogue on femme-a-gogue cat fight in the works? And will anyone show up if there is?

  • fuguewriter


  • Typewriterstreaming

    Oh dear. How absolutely sad. These women haven’t a clue. They willingly cheer being objectified and Glamour Magazine puts on an evening to applaud that. It’s beyond disturbing that they believe they have made any kind of contribution towards women’s rights. The sheer arrogance and ignorance is breath taking.

  • Steve_J

    To honor Gindsberg for modifying judges robes to work for women? Really? That’s deserving of a honor of some kind?

    • Peyton

      Aren’t robes by definition unisex all ready?

  • Right Wired

    Wait, shouldn’t she be “Vagina of the Year”? You know, since they vote with their “lady parts”?

    • Kate

      Don’t worry- Glamour or Cosmopolitan will probably come out with a “Lady Parts Issue” in 2013. I’m sure it’s in the works now.

  • Lord Foggybottom

    Two morons who will be aborted from the limelight and thrust into obscurity in a very short time.

  • KornKing

    I rather fail to see how “Lena Dunham” and “Glamour” belong in the same sentence.

  • Bristel

    Me-ow, someone’s pissed. *snap*

  • Peyton

    Modifying judges robes for women? Isn’t it unisex? I mean it is a robe.

    • yahneverknow

      1. You obviously have never tried to buy regular clothes that fit over big boobs and/or curves without looking like a tent. Let’s just say that things similar in shape to mumus are really not flattering to anyone, but when you have any kind of boobage, they kinda make you look about 50 pounds heavier.
      2. If women are too idiotic to find a tailor to fix the stuff themselves, they probably should not be judges.

      • Peyton

        Number 2 is a great point. On Number 1, Look at the bigger men judges on the court and tell me they don’t have the same problems with their man boobs.

        • yahneverknow


  • Peyton
  • SpinMeNot

    I was talking to a fellow at work today … and the thought occurred to me that 10,000yrs ago, people like Sandra Fluke and Lena Dunham would have been “selected out” by their own inability to realize that the under the shiny light is not really a good place …

    The sun sets on the edge of a subtropical forest, a small group of humans has setup their camp for the night, and has established the fire that help to keep the long-tooth away. A particularly stupid example, notices two small glowing spheres of light off in the bushes just outside of the circle of brush that here group has cleared for their camp, and wanders over to take a look …. *GROWL*SCREAM*CRUNCH*

    We need a little collapse, just a little one … the irrational and lazy ones will go first, then we move on.

  • Conrad2010

    Fluke’s a fluke.

  • KansasGirl

    What I find hilarious, is these women actually think they are feminine.
    They don’t have a clue.