Video at NRO:

Intern gone wild? Or was ABC’s Denver affiliate doing a little New York Post-style editorializing about the scandal involving Gen. David Petraeus and his biographer, Paula Broadwell?

Broadwell’s Petraeus biography is actually titled “All In” (already unfortunate and snicker-worthy).

The Weekly Standard reports:

A call placed the affiliate’s assignment desk confirmed the unfortunate “mistake.”

“That’s correct,” said the women working the assignment desk, confirming that the wrong book cover had been aired. “It was a mistake.”

A mistake? Hmm:

We have a feeling that “mistake” is likely to cost at least one person.



The KMGH-TV news director claims, “The editor pulled the image of the book cover from the Internet without realizing it had been doctored

  • Fire and Adjust!

    The “edited” book cover makes it look as though the book is about the Democrat Party’s get out the vote “with your lady parts” agenda……..

    “All Up In My [email protected]: The Democrat Strategy for Winning the Female Vote”

  • Jack Deth


    Ms. Broadwell does have that Amy Acker ‘Crazy Jealous Woman’ and ‘Damaged Goods’ look honed to psychotic perfection in ‘Angel’, ‘Dollhouse’ and ‘Person of Interest’ going on.

    It’s not about reality. It’s all about perception. The liberal Obama-bot media are going to stir this cauldron well into next year.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      She also has the appearance of one who would go “full NASA” and drive Houston to Miami in adult diapers to whack her competition.

  • Liberal Hater

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. The word “snatch” is what does it. Any other words for the vajayjay just wouldn’t be as funny.

    • philomena

      You are a prime example of Obama’s America. Stupid and vulgar.

      • Liberal Hater

        Maybe if you had something up in your snatch you wouldn’t be such a whiny thing.

  • Silenttype78

    Ha ha ha ha!
    Haven’t laughed this hard in a long time!!!

  • philomena

    No wonder why Romney lost Colorado. The vile has infected that state as well.

  • gman213

    Once real outlets of journalism apparently feel the need to become more like John Stewart and Bill Maher to garner viewers…pathetic…no wonder Bozo got re-relected

  • SineWaveII

    Remember people. Always listen to the news media and believe everything they say because they are (tapping temple) “smart”. LOL

  • TTori

    This is to funny but you know what the sad part of this is? 4 American men of honor died and a white house that is ducking and covering all this up. Please don’t let the news go away about the Dead.

  • patrick lynch

    HAHAHAHA that’s funny!! You know what isn’t funny….DEATH AND CORRUPTION!!! Back to Benghazi and fast and furious AMERICA WANTS ANSWERS AND WE WANT THEM NOW

  • EastValleyConservative

    B.S. As usual, intentional with the cover up following. Granted, they take their cues from the Obama white house. It’s the new normal….

  • http://Twitter.com/jkerrysforehead John Kerry’s Forehead

    Yep. And while everyone is looking at this “squirrel”, God only knows what the Obama Admin is slipping by everyone. Fiscal Clift, Beghazi, Voter Fraud, Obamacare…

  • Back 4 More

    Good ol’ Disney at it again. Funny how the biggest media corporation on the planet still can’t seem to figure out this whole TV thing.

  • http://IKnowBO.com/ Slam1263

    Farker’s. Got to love the photoshop challenges at Fark.