Yesterday, Kenneth Cole had a billboard put up in New York City to congratulate President Obama for the whopping “two jobs saved” by his reelection. (That would be Obama’s job and Big Bird’s.)

Today the classless designer flaunted his ignorance by sharing the billboard he would have posted had the election gone the other way.

Condolences to Big Bird and family? “Sesame Street” generated $200 million in revenue from product sales between 2003 and 2006. How would the Sesame gang possibly have survived on those meager crumbs?

Obama’s reelection is already forcing small business owners to kill off much-needed jobs. Evidently the “Romney wants to kill Big Bird” meme is one of the few things that just won’t die.

  • Trill Laura Palmer

    do they not understand? BIG BIRD ISN’T F*CKING REAL.

    • TugboatPhil

      Reality in any form is not understood by the left.

  • Mary

    Another one for the boycott list!!!

  • Alicia Hake

    Well, i’m glad my reaction on the previous post about KC wasn’t wrong.

  • Liberal Hater

    The Big Bird thing continues to show the lack of any brains on the left.

    • kate_middleton

      People are seriously suffering out there. It still boggles my mind that this is what they decided to make a huge issue of. And it worked. WTF?

      • Michelle Blackwell

        I’m sure Big bird was the top reason on everyone’s mind when they voted against Romney. It couldn’t possibly be anything else.

        • kate_middleton

          I didn’t say it was the top issue for Obama voters. But the Obama campaign decided to make it a big issue for a while, and nearly everyone, including very Obama-friendly media people, said that was absurd.

        • Maria Seeger

          No, actually, most women voted with their lady parts.

    • Heidi

      Big Bird’s Net Worth Is 50% Greater Than Romney’s

    • my preciousss!!

      am not even sure if what’s inside those liberal heads are brains. or anything remotely like gray matter. ughh!

    • Kim Pryce

      You can’t beat obamaclaus…I also wonder how this election will effect charitable contributions from conservatives?

  • vespo08

    Thanks for Speaking up Kenneth Cole! He’s spot on, but Obama actually saved three jobs – Obama, Biden and Big Bird. Taxpayers will pay dearly the next four years, as we’ve done the previous 4 yrs!

    • Michelle Blackwell

      How do you figure? Your taxes haven’t gone up in 10 years? Are you paying the government something else?

      • Maria Seeger

        Unless I’m badly mistaken, taxes are going up in 2013.

  • Cyrena

    WHAT A SHAME. I’m a shoe/bag/outerwear diva and I won’t be buying this brand any longer. Good one Kenneth Cole.

  • Stephen

    who’s kenneth cole?

    • Gallatin

      Exactly, who is Kenneth Cole? What does he do that is productive? If he loves Big Bird so much why doesn’t he 100% fund Public Broadcasting rather than putting up billboards broadcasting what an elitist boor he is?

  • JesLHW

    Hurray for imaginary Big Bird and his job that was never in danger. Too bad for real people that want jobs.

  • Craig Edwards

    1st Men’s Warehouse kissed the arse of the Occupy Movement, now I can avoid Kenneth Cole

  • TugboatPhil

    I don’t know if Mitt Happens, but since Tuesday night I’ve had a bad case of Obamarhea.

  • MoxieLouise

    New billboard for you. KENNETH: COAL IS DEAD. OBAMA KILLED IT.

  • The_Original

    Just another company off the “buy” list.

  • Rashied Rushing

    When was the last time Mr. Cole made anything decent? Seriously, get with Charles Tyrwhitt…

  • TomJB

    Never bought Kenneth Cole anyway due to them having some of the stupidest ad campaigns ever imagined.

  • Cynthia Banks

    this can only mean higher unemployment

  • Baba Ghanoush

    Way to alienate the only group who can afford your clothes. Solid business move there Kenneth!

    • Michelle Blackwell

      I’m sure Kenneth, who is part of the 1%, will miss all of your business.

      • Eliza Smith

        Weird, isn’t it, how the Left says the Right is only out for the 1%, but the majority of 1%ers support the Left? Almost like the Left is lying or something…

  • Burt Zerker

    We can still vote with our wallets. We can vote every day, in every interaction, with every dollar we spend. We can choose to support what we approve of and believe in.

    We have the power to ignore and starve those institutions and companies that parasitize the fruits of our labor and demean our values.

    Power unused is power lost.

  • Psiwolf

    I’ve read both billboards and they both seem to be mocking Obama..

  • LJam

    Another vendor I will not be purchasing from again….this is the power WE have in a capitalist society. Let’s use it!!!!

  • Jerilyn Westwall

    It astounding that this designer does not want 49% of American’s business. He will never have mine again.

  • Michelle Blackwell

    You guys have me laughing over here. I hope you get your tin foil hats from true Republican designers.

    • JeannieJ

      Don’t you have an abortion to schedule? Maybe go smoke some legal Colorado weed? Or marry your girlfriend? Surely someone as brilliant and witty and superior as you has better things to do than be here, condescending to us. Go talk to your baby daddy on your Obama phone.

  • Cindy Lee

    Thanks for the information. I won’t be purchasing any of his products!

  • smiley_t

    Okay…boycott Kenneth Cole. He’s a douche.