The Obama campaign has been spamming Twitter followers via direct message for a while now.

Normally, you can only send a direct message to someone who follows you on Twitter. But today, Reuters columnist Anthony DeRosa revealed that he received a DM from @MichelleObama even though he doesn’t follow her. And he wasn’t the only one:

Odd, we’d think spam wouldn’t be on the first lady’s approved menu.

So what’s going on here? One possibility:

In July, Mashable reported, “Twitter has given some accounts the ability to receive DMs from accounts they don’t follow. Accounts with this feature must opt in.”

Did these Twitter users “opt in,” or is the FLOTUS account just special?

Twitchy will let you know if other Twitter users who don’t follow the first lady report similar direct message spam.

  • sparxie

    I received an email from Twitter this morning (at 12 AM) informing me Barack Obama shared a photo. I do NOT follow his account and never have.

  • Andy Jacobson

    Block & report her for spam! Hell block her just because you can!

  • afvet4america

    That is just wrong! If the folks didn’t opt in then she has no business intruding AGAIN on peoples life’s.

  • afvet4america

    Another example of just how much these two think they are entitled to invade other’s life’s.

  • steveegg

    When did Google buy Twitter? They both seem to have the same motto – “Don’t Be Conservative”.

  • raz0r1

    Got several from her and Zero. Just kept replying they should find a good real estate agent and moving company before January 21st.

  • yahneverknow

    Twitter also allows their employees to tweet political on their official Twitter-business-related accounts. I asked about it several time, but have yet to get an answer.

    And, yes, the tweets I saw were anti-Romney, anti-Mormon, and Obama-fawning.