Paul Ryan headed home to Janesville, Wisconsin, for Halloween where he and wife Janna took their kids out trick-or-treating. Charlie, 9, dressed as the Unknown Phantom and Sam, 7, was the Grim Reaper. Liza, 10, wore a Katy Perry costume (sans the latex Obama ballot dress, natch).

Ryan was the designated scythe-carrier.

Doesn’t it, though? We believe it more and more each day.

  • Brian_CK

    Nice! A real, true American family!

  • LuCha

    Love that. Kids are beautiful!

  • RDPortland

    Sweet family. :)

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    Even posed with “Big Bird.” Ryan is definitely a class act. He’ll make a great VP.

  • jones.barry

    I see Ryan dressed up as Guy Going To Hardware Store, Then Starbucks

    • Darkstar1661

      I see what you mean, but also looks like a Wisconsin Badger Coach to me

  • disqus_dfDbqHnkJR

    THIS is an American Family! Not the fakes you see in Washington looking for Photo ops!!

  • Leroy Whitby

    Nice looking family. Hello America!

  • Gallatin

    What a wonderful family.

  • Right Wired

    Janna dressed up as Nancy Pelosi!?

  • Right Wired

    Janna dressed up as Nancy Pelosi!?

  • Kate

    I’m waiting for Katy Perry to release a statement condemning Liza’s costume.

  • Armando

    I like his Eddie Monster costume!

  • disqus_eric

    OMG, he’s killing Big Bird.

  • rbtpowell

    Get a good look……….perhaps the last vestige of Americana, you remember the America where Mothers and Fathers raised their own children……together.