Gee, a lady parts-obsessed Obama cultist like actress Sophia Bush strapping on a “binder full of women” for Halloween? How original! It’s a shame no one else thought of that.

Maybe next Halloween she can dress as one of the women former President Obama paid 18 percent less than men in his White House.


Actress Sophia Bush invokes her lady parts because, well, we’re not exactly sure; Update: Attacks Michelle Malkin, continues with Vagina Squirrel

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  • Right Gun

    “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  • Jennifer JaboHaskins

    I don’t understand her costume. What is she supposed to be?

    • Jennifer JaboHaskins

      I wonder if the idiot even watched a debate.

    • anna4sarah

      a tramp oh yeah she already is

  • Kate

    Gotta hand it to Sophia Bush- she managed to make a costume that is both stupid AND slutty. Congrats to her!

    • Owen007

      I get the feeling she just attached two big pieces of cardboard to the hooker costume she wears every Halloween and at every audition,

  • Mistertbones

    Once again, Sophia Bush shows her lack of lady smarts.

    • Owen007

      While trying to show off her lady parts.

  • Conrad2010

    The hooker wore Prada.

  • Carter_Burger67

    So I guess just anyone can call themselves an actress and they are then considered one? “O.K. from now on I want you to call me “Jerry the Great”.”

  • Peyton

    Well I see one woman in that Binder who I wouldn’t hire for sure.

  • Alice KAW

    It just shows how out of touch these people are. Women are hit hard by the economic situation and many would give anything to have their resumes in a binder of qualified candidates for jobs that pay well or equal to their education level.

  • AJ

    who is Sophia Bush? Never heard of her. Does anyone pay attention to these B grades looking for work

  • Tootie MCGee

    Even if it had been original, it’s sooooo tired by now. Just like Big Bird. Talk about fatigue.

  • Grandma HeadInjury


  • Owen007

    Why couldn’t she had gone as Big Bird? Then we wouldn’t have to see that C-lister’s face.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    i tried to go as an empty chair but people kept trying to sit on me…

  • $129448

    She really thinks she is something else

  • Jamie Wilson

    Or she can dress as one of the women Bill Clinton raped. There’s no shortage of War on Women aggressors in the Democrat party. I’d feel safer with a random Republican man than a random Democrat man any day.