Thanks, Ricky Martin! We were so hoping that yet another know-it-all lib would desperately try to tie Hurricane Sandy to global warming. And the jab at Romney was a nice touch. We can’t wait for “blame Bush” to morph into “blame Romney” after Inauguration Day.

Hey, Ricky, remember when President Obama made a lofty promise to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the earth?

Mitt Romney didn’t mock Obama’s “concern” about rising oceans during his acceptance of the GOP presidential nomination. He rightfully highlighted the president’s messiah complex and unparalleled hubris in believing that his elevation to the Oval Office would alter the very face of the planet.

But, you know, understanding Romney’s words is hard when you’re livin’ la vida Baracka.

  • ImTheNana

    Obama’s next speech will concern attempt to part Mediterranean Sea, next to #Benghazi.

  • Thomas Byron

    He needs to keep singing to his all male crowd and stay out of politics.

  • Steve_J

    That’s probably one of the most ill informed tweets in the last couple of days.

    • Kevin Krom

      And seeing the crap that gets posted tot Twitter on a regular basis, there’s a lot of competition for that title.

  • Kate

    So let me get this straight- the lefties are accusing CONSERVATIVES of politicizing the hurricane, correct?

    Seems to me that Obama and all of his supporters are desperate to save the sinking ship that is their campaign, and are hoping that his handling of the hurricane will be his Hail Mary pass in the last week. Doubtful…

    • $30423294

      You are partly right, but you give them too much credit for the amount of thought that went into today’s flailing.

      At this point they’re just unloading random phrases hoping something will trend. They aren’t even focus-grouping their “ideas” anymore, as can be seen in the recent spate of creepy and pornographic ads they are inflicting on our children.

      I think it’s scorched earth time. I really do. We’ve breached the gates and the barbarians who had briefly seized control are now throwing sticks and garbage at us while they shred documents and smash anything of value they can find.

      Sad but true.

      • Kate

        The actions of the Obama campaign and the liberal special-interest groups (, etc.) are pretty embarassing, in my opinion. Just when you think they can’t sink any lower…they do.

        #BigBird, #MyFirstTime, #Binders, #Bayonets, #Romnesia, #47percent, #Forward!…this is what a campaign imploding looks like, folks.

  • $30423294

    Speaking of one hit wonders, I think Mr. Obama’s attempt at being president was a total one hit wonder.

    The hit single was: Hope & Change.

    There was no B side.

    (youngsters won’t understand — ask an old person).

    • Brian E.

      The B side was Blame, Blame, Blame. (alternate lyrics of Hope & Change)

      • DLSliter

        Great. Now I have that stuck in my head to the tune of “Chain of Fools”. Blame, Blame, Blame…

        • Brian E.

          Theme song for Obama term: “Blamin’ Fool”

    • Maria

      Good one! And what a waste of a tape.

  • SAndrews

    Hey @ricky_martin remember at the DNC when God was removed from the party platform and they voted 3 times to keep Him out, and they built a giant #SandObama false idol? #JustSayin

    • Maria

      It’s weird how only Blue States were hit with the hurricane..and the part of PA that is heavily Democrat.

  • TugboatPhil

    Martin may have a point here. Just where were Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Halliburton Hurricane Machine&reg?

  • $30423294

    Li’l Duce had mad psychic powerz to predict that there would be a hurricane, and Mr. Romney laughed at him!

    Who knew this would happen, in the autumn, on the eastern side of our continent? What were the odds?

    Scary stuff, our president is like, freaky smart.

    • Maria

      I wonder if he can tell me what the other 7 states are? I only got 50.
      Not to mention he’s to blame for the hurricane since he didn’t slow the rise of the oceans like he promised he would.

  • Typewriterstreaming

    Ricky you and Megan McCain need to help Bette Midler fill up her bathtub.

  • michael s

    Pres Obama doesn’t have a messiah complex. That’s just a insult his enemies put on him. That’s all Romney is doing mocking his popularity,meanwhile if he had it wouldn’t dismiss any of it. When he ran in 08′ republicans made fun of his appeal and were jealous of it. Yet you republicans tried To have your own superstar in 08 . You tried to make Palin his equal,you tried to say she’s as popular she draws more crowds etc. That worked very well didn’t it ? 18 million cracks in the ceiling indeed.I could go on. Also talk about messiah,no politician was handed a governorship like Andrew Cuomo. Even though he’s a Democrat,your side doesn’t go after him with coronations,installing,He is the One that Ny needs(which NY papers stated). But then again Andrew’s complexion is his protection.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Pfft. I almost feel bad for them.

      • TomJB

        LOL when the left tries to accuse the right of projection, somehow the word “irony” just doesn’t seem to be strong enough…

    • NCRelite

      The media created the mythology that surrounded Obama, and he didn’t live up to the expectations they put forth. They believed that simply by virtue of the color of his skin and the nature of the historic election that he would be the best president the country has ever known. Instead we got a former potsmoking marxist community organizer with little to no experience, who has gotten where he is based on promise. He had a golden opportunity, and even folks on the right were willing to give him a chance. He blew it. He was a prisoner of his own ideologies and he couldn’t bring himself to do what was right. In addition big government statists hijacked the historic nature of his election and imposed controversial legislation on the American public. In 2010 the American people sent a loud message to Washington and the “elites” didn’t listen, and didn’t care. The chickens are coming home to roost, and Obama and the Democrats have no one to blame but themselves.

    • Maria

      Yawn. Your post was too long and ill-written. However, Obama is overly narcissistic, and it’s fun to say he has a Messiah Complex because it drives Liberal Wingnutties like yourself crazy thus making them say we’re jealous, plus a plethora of other overused and expected so called “insults”. Mission accomplished. You’re welcome.

  • Right Wired

    He Ricky, remember when you were famous?! Me neither.

  • Silenttype78

    I remember when Obama promised to stop the oceans from rising…guess that’s just another broken promise.

    • Kevin Krom

      Yeah, I have to say that this tweet from Martin has pretty much the opposite of its intended effect – a stark reminder of Obama’s failed hubris that the oceans would stop rising simply because he won an election.

      • Silenttype78


  • Gallatin

    Hey Ricky you’re so blind you blow my mind, Hey Ricky.

  • The Daffodil Times

    Why are conservatives so opposed to science?

    • NCRelite

      We don’t oppose it, we embrace it, which is why we don’t buy into the AGW hoax and why we believe life begins at conception.

      • Maria

        You can’t reason with Daffodil. It doesn’t have its own mind. It’s a Liberal and because it suffers from the mental disorder, Liberophrenia™, it believes anything Obama and his cronies like Al Gore spew forth. Afterall, it and its kindred spirits believe Al Gore invented the internet all by himself.

        I guess weather patterns throughout history aren’t science. Shame.

    • Owen007

      Why are liberals so willing to embrace people without scientific backgrounds?

  • philomena

    Ricky suffers from AVC syndrome: Another Vapid Celebrity.

  • NCRelite

    Living la vida loca indeed. Oh the irony

  • munacra

    All we needed. Another LIBtard blaming this HURRICANE on GLOBAL WARMING. Dunce…

  • LeishaC

    I remember when Ricky Martin was relevant. Boy, that’s been a while.

  • $7421226

    remember when that psychopath obama said he could slow the rise of the oceans, he stood there thinking he was so magnificent….yeah just another sociopathic narcissistic FAIL FAIL FAIL on that fraud’s part! everything he says and does is a big fraud and LIE. what a CON MAN and those dem morons fall for it.

  • Maria

    Yeah, Obama failed the East Coast since he didn’t lower the oceans or slow the rise, whatever he said. He’s to blame for Hurricane Sandy.

  • Maria

    Yeah, Obama failed the East Coast since he didn’t lower the oceans or slow the rise, whatever he said. He’s to blame for Hurricane Sandy.