Ladies and gentlemen, the 44th president of these 57 states:

Pesky numbers!

President Obama dropped by “The Tonight Show” to chat up Jay Leno on Wednesday as part of his two-day “campaign extravaganza.” Perhaps it’s just two days because counting higher is a bit of a challenge?

Leno asked the president a viewer’s question about what subjects he struggles with when he helps his daughters with homework.  “Well, the math stuff I was fine with up until about seventh grade,” explained Obama. “But Malia is now a freshman in high school and — I’m pretty lost.”

Watch the video at The Free Beacon.

Million, trillion, gazillion … same diff!


Obama’s “math stuff” remark on “The Tonight Show” might help explain his conversation with a teacher at Krispy Kreme this morning.

Well, yeah. Of course the future of education reform is bleak without the “whole math and donut connection.” Just don’t tell the first lady.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Hence the deficit!

  • Josephine (D)

    Geez, even I managed to squeak by in fractions and algebra and (barely) geometry.

    • Tiffini

      Unless you’re an engineer like my husband geometry is hard for all and I bet even barely passing you can still balance a budget unlike Obama. I’ve decided I want a new Potus, one who actually has respect for the office he holds and less respect for the sound bites he can make.

      • Warren C. Bennett

        I found geometry to be much easier than Algebra. I guess I just have a visual mind? I don’t know. It was the only math class I actually enjoyed

        • cheeflo

          Same with me — geometry was easier. If I ever learned any algebra, it’s useless to me now — I don’t remember a bit of it.

      • Josephine (D)

        Well, I am taking Economics, Accounting, and American Government this year, my senior year. Even this being my 1st quarter of work, I could probably own Obama on the budget and economics. 😉

        • Kevin Krom

          Not exactly setting a high bar to clear there, though.

      • Hiraghm

        I’m not an engineer, and geometry wasn’t hard for me. Calculus, on the other hand…

        • Tiffini

          I’ve decide with all these comments my husband was just being kind to me when he told me geometry was hard. when I was trying to do it.

  • Dan Sprunger

    so how does he know that his math adds up on his next 4-year plan? And, Romney’s doesn’t?

    • therantinggeek

      I was about to ask the same question, in light of President Obama’s candid response that he had trouble with math after the 7th grade.

      • SineWaveII

        I think this is just another kernel of truth slipping out, and it fits what I’ve believed since the end of his first year as president. I don’t believe that he’s a high school graduate. I believe that his credentials were all purchased for him by the people who have been using him all of his life.

    • ML438

      Great comment!! He keeps saying the math doesn’t add up. Well, if he can’t handle math above a 7th-grade level, no wonder!

  • William J. Miller

    The person with the briefcase handcuffed to his arm answers to this guy, folks.

  • Marty Luther

    Note to Obama: Math is not an opinion.

  • PistolsForPandas

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: if Bush said this…

    • SineWaveII



    Republican math: 4 years, doubled stock market, 5 point lower unemployment, millions of jobs= falling economy and Obama is a failure.
    Got it

    • PistolsForPandas

      First off, when the DJIA was sizzling from ~Jan 2006 to Oct 2008, every leftist commentator and his mother was saying that it didn’t mean anything. Either it means something or it doesn’t. Pick one.

      5 point lower unemployment,

      You do know about U6, right?

      Oh, and let’s not forget about this:

      millions of jobs

      Yeah, in government (because of Obama’s policies) and oil and natural gas extraction (despite Obama’s policies).

      Plus, aren’t we still $16T in the hole? What happened to that 2008 promise that the deficit would be cut in half by 2012?


        what POTUS has done to revive Bush’s lifeless economy in the face of GOP
        obstruction, he deserves a Nobel Prize in Economics

        • Vivian Perez

          Poor President Pop-culture… he can’t handle so many zeros to the right of 16…. for which he is responsible in a BIG way…

        • SineWaveII

          “It’s all Bush’s fault” Sorry Bush hasn’t been president for four years. Obama owns this now.

        • WVS

          Obama’s idea of reviving the economy is splashing water on a drowning victim to wake him up.

        • Maria

          If he’s reviving it..why is the debt still $16 trillion plus? is the economy being stimulated? How come people are going broke still? How come a lot of people can’t find work? A lot of business are slated to shut down if Obama is re-elected as they cannot afford to stay open..

          The Military is being cut to its nubs and a lot are going to be unemployed if Obumma gets re-elected including my own Father.

    • Dara Tancredi

      The unemployment rate in Clark County has increased 25% under Obama. Multiple years of trillion dollar deficit. The Stock market has increased under inflated dollars under extreme easing. Obama is a failure.

      • Maria

        Amen to that, my husband is one of those statistics in Clark County. He’s trying to start a business, but finding investors in this economy is hard since smart business people know if Obama is re-elected they may well lose their businesses, so they’re waiting until after the election and hoping Romney wins.

        • BeautifulAmerica

          Dennis Prager recently said that SMALL Businessmen are conservative, want limited government, support our Constitution. Big/GLOBAL Businessmen support big government to enrich themselves with government handouts–that we pay for.

          • Maria

            I can believe it.

    • SineWaveII

      Doubled inflation of stock market price, not real value. Lowest labor participation rate since the great depression,(Plus the latest “official” employment level didn’t include’s been revised upward now) millions of jobs..lost. a failing economy (it has been declared to be officially back in recession by the Federal Reserve…that’s why we now have QE3) and yes Obama is a failure. < the only thing in your post that's correct.

      • PistolsForPandas

        yes Obama is a failure

        I’d go farther. I’d say that he’s a failure of the miserable, stuttering clusterfuck variety.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    There. It’s confirmed. Obama does not know what “a trillion” is.

    • SineWaveII

      Someone should make him do the math proof for 1 trillion. I would be willing to bet that he can’t do it.

      It looks like this (I’ll use words so it takes less space)
      1 trillion = 1,000 x 1 billion
      1 billion = 1,000 x 1 million
      1 trillion = 1,000 (1,000 x 1 million)
      Now ask the brilliant scholar to explain how you close a 1000(1000 x 1,000,000) annual deficit by raising taxes on the rich alone.
      To put this it into perspective here’s the net worth ( not the income) of the richest man in the US (Warren Buffet – no longer the richest man in the world thanks to NAFTA) expressed mathematically:
      1000(51 x 1,000,000 )
      now ask him…where do you get the rest of
      1000 (949 x 1,000,000)
      needed to close the deficit for one year after you’ve taken every single penny that Warren Buffet has earned in a LIFETIME?
      I bet he can’t answer that either.

  • grais

    So, he’s basing his economic policy on 6th grade math.


    Rapepublicans Math:ADD to the number of lies told about Obama. SUBTRACT every good thing he has done. MULTIPLY hate by using envy,and DiIVIDE by fear

    • Maria E

      And what are the good things he’s done. I actually understand him better now, he has no concept of numbers. He criticized George Bush about the debt of 3 trillion in a span of 8 eight years, irresponsible and unpatriotic but when it comes to his 4 and more trillion dollars debt in less than 4 years, is what?


        “Recovery” from the worst recession going back to the Great Depression!

        Hoover caused the Great Depression. GW Bush caused the Great Recession. Both were “businessmen”…like Mitt Romney. Any questions?

        • Jace Thompson

          And a worthless hack is causing the Great Oppression”. My question is “What would you prefer HE be called?”

        • SineWaveII

          ..yes did you get hit on the head with a really heavy object or were you just born with a cognitive insufficiency?

      • Maria

        IF Obuma got another term (hahaha) what is he going to blame the crashing economy on? Still Bush? Obuma can’t take responsibility for anything since he hasn’t become an adult yet mentally (must be the blow he did as a teen/young adult). He’s almost at $6 trillion debt that he’s added himself in just 4 years. He can only blame himself and his fellow Democraps.

        If he had such a problem with Bush’s policies, having both a Democrap House and Senate, he could have overturned everything in his first two years. But he didn’t. Actually, Obama’s own policies are what are killing this Nation. But Democraps are too brainwashed to see that, and they never will. Instead they resort to trolling in the name of their Obamessiah because anything that goes against Obama must be bad and evil because Obama said so!

    • Randy Wilde

      0bama’s class warfare math… DIVIDE by ZERO

    • Momthing

      Congratulations. You’ve just described the Obama campaign strategy to a T. Let’s try this again shall we? ADD to the number of lies told about Romney. SUBTRACT every good thing he has done. MULTIPLY hate by using class envy and DIVIDE by fear (don’t forget to use the Race Card). What does that all equal to? Oh, yeah, the demonization of Mitt Romney!
      Methinks some Tush needs to take a remedial math class.

    • Evil Otto

      Mmm, that’s good hate.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      I HATE what obamao has done to America.
      I HATE communism, his fave.
      I HATE that his plan is to DIVIDE Americans against each other by race and income.
      I HATE the MULTIPLICITY of crimes he has committed.
      Let’s SUBTRACT this illegal communist jihadist criminal from out COUNTRY.

      See? Even you can FIGURE this out.

  • Tanyanant Saomoke Hunsaker

    That explains why he kept saying Romney’s economy plan doesn’t add up even after economists (include the ones he hired) said it otherwise. He uses his own math strategy just like his own term of “Good” economy and “Better shape” of this country. He is living his own illusion.

    • GaryTheBrave

      “Obama’s idea of reviving the economy is splashing water on a drowning victim to wake him up.”

      His idea of supporting the troops is to send 30,000 when the field generals requested at least 40,000.

      If you were drowning 10 feet from shore Obama would throw a 6-foot rope then claim he met you more than halfway.

  • demmi

    And they said Palin was dumb….

  • WVS

    No offense to people who struggle with math (or other subjects), but if you can’t even do algebra I, you do not need to be president. It means you don’t have the ability to think critically and work through multiple, sometimes complicated, steps while keeping an end goal in mind. We see this in most of Obama’s policies–they start out looking great, but he isn’t thinking down the road. For someone like the President who obviously does have the mental capacity (sorry, Ann Coulter) to handle low-level math, it also suggests an unwillingness to put in the work required to learn it.

  • Teresa Thevary

    Omg, you honestly think he’s stupid?? How many of you honestly remember all that stuff you learned in trig class in high school? And don’t give me the bullshit answer, “Well, he’s the president of the United States…” I just graduated from college and if you set some similar problems that he MIGHT be referring to in front of me (and probably more than half of you), I would have trouble. It was a “late-night,” casual conversation… Jesus.

    • Jimni27

      That’s all he is good at is late night casual conversations, oh, and daytime “The View” conversations. If Obama was actually smarter than a 7th grader, he would release his college records. The fact he won’t do it for 5 million tells you he is most certainly not.

      • Maria

        He won’t do it because it’ll bust him for having been an Indonesian citizen and taking foreign student aid. Not to mention his bad grades.

        • Jimni27

          lol true- forgot that one.

    • TheAmishDude

      I am truly astounded at how people, who consider themselves “intelligent”, are free to say “math is hard” and it does not seem to redound to their detriment. Here is the deal: Nobody in math says the social sciences are “hard”. Mathematics is only intellectual filter. If you are intelligent, you are intelligent in math. Period. Everything else is fluff. Obama’s administration demonstrates this.

      But Obama said more. He basically said that when he was in school, math was too hard for him, not that he forgot it, that he wasn’t good when he was studying it.

      What does this say about him? What does this say about Harvard Law School?

    • Maria

      Yes I do think he’s an ignoramus.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Snakeoil salesmen like obamao & his grandfather usually have some intelligence, are gllib, fast-talkers, are undeducated due to lack of interest & effort, and are amoral.

    • Iluvto Btmarxists

      Odummy and all his liberal supporters ARE stupid and don’t know math. Your college graduation in useless liberal studies does not make you smart or useful to society. Please don’t vote.

    • Iluvto Btmarxists

      Odummy and all his liberal supporters ARE stupid and don’t know math. Your college graduation in useless liberal studies does not make you smart or useful to society. Please don’t vote.

  • Randy Wilde

    That also explains why he thinks we have fewer bayonets now than in 1916… he never did get the hang of the “less than” and “greater than” signs.

  • weRbroke

    Liberals don’t LIKE math, it is precisely why they have screwed around with it enough in Public School to effectively dumb down a significant portion of our youth. Our future depends on kids that don’t understand you can’t get out of a debt hole by BORROWING more.

  • hankswenson

    I hope there weren’t any more U.S. Embassies under attack and calling for help while the Preezy was doing the Leno gig…

  • Corey Vaughan

    what a friggin embarassment


    & yet some peeps will STILL vote for him!! :-0

    • Maria

      And they all have less intelligence than HE has. Scary.

  • Guy_Montag_OG

    This explains his inability to understand a balance sheet.

  • Michelle

    Probably one of the most astonishing things this man has said. Math for him is hard after the 7th grade, but he’s spent an entire campaign saying of Romney’s plans “The math doesn’t add up” I take that to mean Romney’s math doesn’t add up for Obama because Obama can’t do the math. Every undecided voter should be able to decide their vote based on that alone.

  • angusks

    Actually Math is easy. 4 years + 4 more years = disaster!

  • RightThinking1

    C’mon O, let’s see those transcripts.
    Time after time, it has been made apparent that O (“We’re going to restore science to its proper role!”) does not understand *anything* about science. That he is not good at the ‘math stuff’ surprises me not in the slightest, after all, we seen the evidence.

  • TocksNedlog

    Remember, he IS the smartest guy in the room!

    Uh, um, er, I mean, as long as that room is inside an elementary school — and there’s a teleprompter inside that room . . . and Joe Biden is there, so that the curve skews downward.

    • SonofaCV15

      If he is the smartest guy in the room… I’m just thinking about what a cabinet meeting would be like… if he ever had one.

  • TocksNedlog

    The president IS smarter than a fifth grader!

    Well, except for that Asian kid, but that’s an anomaly — what with his studying and paying attention and NOT joining the Choom Gang, and . . .

  • Paul J. Citro

    Gee, is this why we are 16 trillion in debt?? One can’t do math and the other can’t speak, God help us all.

  • Sarah Heard

    And he went to columbia?

  • SClanding

    Obama is in reality one of the STUPIDEST persons to ever hold the Office of the Presidency.
    Truly, just how ignorant and a moron does one have to be to turn a Ivy League diploma into conducting ACORN seminars in the sewers of Chicago because you couldn’t hack at any other job.

  • Maria

    Why am I NOT surprised? Well, actually I am surprised he could do math at a 7th grade level. I thought he tapered off in elementary school–or whatever they have in Indonesia. It seems math is just too damn hard for Democrats. That’s okay, Romney and Ryan will help us get back on track since they’re well versed in mathematics.

  • People Corporation

    Romney/Ryan are both good at math. Just saying.

  • People Corporation

    Uncle Joe is good at lint picking. That makes up for the math.

  • PurpAv

    And this is a guy who knows how to do the jobs of all his advisers and campaign staff better than they do…smartest guy in the room!

  • TomAL

    In the first debate, Obama said, ” And the fact is that if you are lowering the rates the way you
    describe, Governor, then it is not possible to come up with enough
    deductions and loopholes that only affect high-income individuals to
    avoid either raising the deficit or burdening the middle class. It’s —
    it’s math. It’s arithmetic.” I wish Romney had replied that “it is not arithmetic”, but closer to calculus, because the tax base varies in relation to the tax rate. That is above a 7th grade level though.

    • Maria

      Obama wouldn’t have understood. Romney would then have had to explain it and that would have taken the whole debate–no, the whole night.

  • Baba Ghanoush

    Obama’s math skills = #notoptimal

  • Sog1077

    I’ll be pleased when this Marxist Indonesian citizen (and the many people who have aided him in his cover-up) is standing trial for his crimes against America.

  • David Gillies

    If you are incapable of handling the ‘maths’ above the level a 12 year-old is doing (which is to say, arithmetic, mainly) then you suffer from a pretty grave cognitive deficit. This isn’t calculus or group theory or advanced combinatorics. It’s trivial, obvious. Admitting an inability to grasp this sort of stuff is like saying you move your lips when you read.

  • sb36695

    I’m waiting for the admission that he’s just playing president!
    Vote Republican for Recovery.
    Vote Democrat for Depression.

  • el_polacko

    well i guess that this could be at least part of the reason that his college records are under lock-and-key.

  • Terry

    At my kids school there is no way the teacher could give the kids a donut. I wasn’t allowed to send him to school with a birthday treat for the class when he was in elementary, and that was more than 5 years ago. Must be a non-union Private school teacher that Obama ran into.

  • toocoldinwa

    You didn’t calculate that! Someone else did it for you…

  • JamesMc

    Obama promised to half (1/2) the deficit but doubled (2/1) it.
    Obama: “Numerators and denominators… fractions are HARD!”