Many Twitter bios claim a retweet is “not necessarily an endorsement.” But based on Eva Longoria’s other debate night tweets and her prison rape analogy during the VP debate, it’s a fair assumption she didn’t retweet this because she was disturbed by the condescending, vulgar sentiment:

And why shouldn’t the co-chair of President Obama’s campaign promote laser-like focus on identity politics? After all, the campaign encouraged women to “vote like your lady parts depend on it.” Ladies, don’t worry yourselves with the pesky the thinking stuff. Eva and President Obama have it all figured out for you.

Reminder: Campaign co-chairs like Longoria are recruited to “advocate for the president, advise the campaign and motivate voters.”

Evidently she motivates voters by reducing them to the color of their skin and whether their private parts are innies or outies. Women and minorities would “have to be stupid” to vote for Romney? Oh, the horror of individuality and free thought! Who’s got a War on Women?

We suspect you’d have to be stupid (or a left-wing partisan hack) to demand any race, sex or ethnicity march in ideological lockstep with a president whose policies have failed time and again to pull us out of an economic slump. And we’d love to see her evidence that Romney is a misogynist and racist.

Longoria also retweeted this bit of ignorant piffle from a Chris Rock parody account.

You know, because a move toward fiscal sanity would be catastrophic for the wimmenz, minorities and students. Not to mention the dogs.

And by the way, Eva, Obama ate a dog.

Longoria also tweeted this last night:

“No one should be disrespect opinions.” Unless those opinions don’t conform to her vision of women and minorities as an ideological monolith. Then it’s a-OK to “be disrespect opinions.”


Twitchy founder/CEO calls out Longoria for calling conservative women and minorities “stupid” and for spreading lies about health care for women.

Does Longoria have the guts to respond to a smart, informed woman armed with those always pesky facts?

Conservative women won’t be swayed by Longoria’s pathetic propaganda campaign. The ladies of Twitchy will be voting with our lady smarts, not our lady parts.


Apparently Longoria could no longer dodge the logic bombs being lobbed at her by women exercising their lady smarts. She has deleted the initial retweet.


After claiming a Twitter gremlin was retweeting from her account, Longoria issued a faux apology on Thursday.


Eva Longoria says there’s ‘no way’ women can vote Republican

Eva Longoria stumps for Obama and identity politics

  • Elaine

    I think if you do not AGREE with these people, they turn evil? Why? Defend your position, don’t name call and attack wtih vulgar language or false, nasty accustations.


    The President talked about women as breadwinners for Americans families; Mitt Romney talked about them as resumes in a binder.

    Mitt Romney thought last night was a great time to
    bust out Rick Santorum’s “you b*tches need to get married” line

    Mitt Romney is not only sketchy, he’s also etchy

    • grais




    • SansMercy

      All you are to BO is one more voting vagina, soooo *thumbs up* vag.

    • Shawn Smith

      One question, how are women breadwinners if they’re making less money because of this “wage gap”? That seems self-contradictory.

      Oh, you say the wage gap is over? Then shut up with this “war on women” BS.


        Mitt Romney still
        won’t say whether he’d stand up for equal pay, but he did tell us he has
        “binders full of women.”

        • Shawn Smith

          Hey Bama-bot, you didn’t remotely answer my question.

          • GEORGE_W_TUSH


          • Pater Tempus

            Your question was stupid, Shawn. Your status as a breadwinner isn’t determined by the amount of money you make.

          • Shawn Smith

            The breadwinner is the person who brings the majority of the money for the family. If women are breadwinners, they’re bringing home the majority of the money, that is, more than the men. If they’re bringing home more than men, they’re not being paid less.

        • Shawn Smith

          I’m very worried about Romney’s approach to this terrible smallpox epidemic. What is he going to do about that?

        • Nance51

          Just how ridiculous to you have to be? The WHOLE conversation was about “equal pay for women” and how there are “binders” full of resumes of them WANTING equal paying jobs. The rhetoric from the left on that truly makes me think your brains take temporary vacations and only pick up a few words here and there and then the evil takes over as to how that word, or few words can be “spun”.
          Try reality and civility for ALL for a change. You might be surprised that you too can come out of the “Homer Simpson” stagnant stage the left so vehemently desires to keep you in and you might find that you too can be a successful individual with absolutely no need for the hatred!

          • GEORGE_W_TUSH

            The phrase objectified and dehumanized women. It played right into the perception that so many women have feared about a Romney administration – that a president Romney would be sexist and set women back.

            A binder full of women? Is this how you spell ‘polygamy’ in Mormon tongue?

          • Colleen Kelly

            What phrase are you referring to exactly? The binder part? In all honesty, even when taken grossly out of context, how is talking about a binder filled with resumes from women more objectifying and dehumanizing than a phrase such as lady parts?

          • ColleenMA

            Saying he asked for so many resumes of qualified women that they filled up binders objectifies a dehumanizes women, but telling women to vote with their lady parts DOESN’T? What planet are you from?!?!

          • Hiraghm

            your bigotry is showing.
            A guy is taking an inkblot test. To each picture the doctor shows him, he says, “sex”. The doctor concludes that he’s obsessed with sex. “Me?” he says. “You’re the one with all the dirty pictures!”

            “Binders full of men” or “Binders full of applicants” wouldn’t have been “dehumanizing”, so all this controversy is inside your head. Where it must be very… very… lonely.

        • Hiraghm

          I love how you progressives have dropped the other half of that statement… “equal pay for equal work”. For awhile you tried getting away with “comparable worth”, but that made as much sense as… well, as you do, which is to say… none.

    • Johnny Sins

      (Matt Damon /Good Will Hunting voice): So are you gonna just regurgitate Obama’s timeline all day?? Do you have any thoughts of your own on this mattaah??

    • J. Cox

      Awww,the fail troll just c+p the same crap on thread after thread.Can’t come up with anything new or true right?Same as your failed chair.But please go on about polygamy and binders..sure winners in any grown up argument.

    • elijahzabmom

      If he has a binder full of resumes wouldn’t that mean he is looking to hire them?

      • Nance51

        Thank God someone has a brain! YES! That is EXACTLY what he said as the whole context of the conversation.

      • Zane Henry

        Romney had 50% women in his cabinet as Gov. of Mass, including his Lieutenant Governor. And guess wage gap. Obama? not so much. 21% less pay for women in the cabinet.

        • elijahzabmom

          This “War on women” stuff is insulting to my intelligence.

    • Right Wired

      Can you read?

      I”m not sure, but I”m going to link this anyway. Women in the Obama White House get paid less than their male counterparts:

      “Using the 2011 annual report of White House staff salaries that was submitted to Congress, an $11,000 difference is clear between the median female employee salary and the median male employee salary.”

      Go ahead, troll lib, spin away while I go earn a paycheck to support your ungrateful *^%&*(.


        Pres. Obama does Not sign any of their paychecks. He is not a CEO of a company. It is a government pay scale and gender is irrelevant . Government pay is base on qualifications not gender. He has no control of what someone makes in his staff

        I thought you were earning twitchy paycheck…You need a raise Bro

        • ColleenMA

          But the President IS in charge of the government personnel system, and can instruct OMB to modify it if needed. If he can’t even help the women on his own staff, why oh why would you think he could help anyone else?!?!

        • Hiraghm

          Uhm… government pay is based on gender, race and every other PC consideration. It’s certainly not based on qualifications, otherwise Obama would be getting minimum wage.

  • Matt

    So conservative woman are all idiots but the lady with the Obama phone is an intelligent voter? Ok then.

    • michael s

      Please show picture of the Obama phone?

      • Nance51

        Seriously, you’ve missed that? I’d suggest you pay more attention. Just a helpful suggestion.

        • driveswift

          One moron doesn’t speak for a whole people or a whole party any more than the charming guy who drove around with Obamas in effigy represents the entire Republican party. Oh, and the program was called “lifeline” and it started in 1986. Who was president then? Remind me… starts with an “r”

          • lssmc

            Lifeline was started by Reagan to help elderly and indigent to pay for landlines. It was not government funded at that time. Everyone who paid a phone bill paid for those telephones with a surcharge featured on the monthly statement. I’m not sure when it became applicable to cell phones. I remember calling AT&T and asking what the $2 charge was for. The problem with the “Obamaphone” is the sheer numbers of users taking advantage of it. I’m not sure if the government has kicked in yet or not.

          • Joe

            Lifeline was co-opted to provide free cell phones to folks who would always vote for ‘free stuff’. Votes really are getting more expensive every day. 20 years ago, you could buy a vote for $5 in a local election (called walk around money). Phones paid for by taxpayers don’t have to be reported to the ELECT or related to a candidates campaign. Lifeline was for poor and sick who needed a landline (barebones) phone to call for help not to keep up with the Jones. Check out the Obamaphone and see if it is the same criteria. I think not!!

          • Maria

            Maybe you missed the whole bit about the annoying woman saying Obama gave her the phone. That is what Matt Evans is referring to. Take it up with the Obamaphone woman who thinks Obama gave her her phone and not some program. Try educating your own.

    • jeremy daniels

      I believe she is a “knucklehead”…

    • Nadine Faber

      Right!!!! She is one of those who Romney said will vote for obama anyway because he gives her stuff. Watched Fox and the other radio guy when they talked to the voters to see if they had a clue about what is going on in the world and their political thoughts. Half I heard, didn’t even know who was running or who Biden was or that Ryan wasn’t black …. It might be a good idea if they stay home and don’t vote if they are like this gal and the ones they interviewed. WOW! We are in trouble if they don’t stay home.

  • Shawn Smith

    A member of a racist church, refuses to prosecute racist groups for voter intimidation, describes a person he dislikes as a “typical white person”.

    Yup, it would be terrible to vote for a racist like Barack Obama.

  • bicentennialguy

    Eva “Brain Surgeon” Longoria – if you ever get your head out your a$$, please list on Twitter specific examples of Romney’s racism…. I’m waiting, you lying strumpet

    • jeremy daniels

      He’s white … isn’t that enough proof?? /sarcasm

      • TugboatPhil

        They also label minorities that don’t vote Democrat as racist too. I guess that’s diversity in action for them.

      • Ben Monroe

        No, no, you’re forgetting the whole picture: he’s a rich, white Republican. Which means he hates poor people, old people, sick people, women, minorities, Muslims and probably Jews as well. Oh, and let’s not forget the middle class. But hey, if he were a rich, white Democrat, NONE of that would be true. Just the opposite, in fact. Wow, I just summed up about 3/4 of the Left’s ideology in less than a paragraph.

        • Laura Thompson

          Too true…and very well-stated, Mr. Monroe…

        • Joe

          Great job… hit the nail on the head!

        • Cal Hellstien

          Yes Ben, but you did it in a much more cogent manner than they ever have.

        • Maria

          Don’t forget he’d have to hate his own Caucasian race to be okay in the Lefties’ book.

        • Laree Bennett

          Nah I’m pretty sure I hate Romney because he wants to take away my choices about my body, who I can marry and of course because he said that I’m in my situation because I choose to be, no one wants to be on state help, to depend on others to ensure they can eat the next day. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it can be for some people? And then all of you conservatives are waltzing around acting like we’re here, in poverty because we want to be, because we’ve chosen this path. I want my daughter to have the best life she can because I can’t find a job in the small town I live in, I’m going to college, depending on loan after loan because my father doesn’t have his benefits from the military because his files have been ‘LOST’… We’re trying our best to survive any way we can, don’t think I’m not thankful to the people who give their tax money to help people like me but don’t accuse me of being lazy, don’t tell me this is my fault, don’t tell me that you don’t have to care about me and my family when if I saw you struggling on the street I’d still help you. Stop being so self-righteous, you have as many misconceptions and delusions about us ‘lefties’ that you think we have about Romney.. I’m seriously asking all of you to take a step back and look at how you’re making people feel with your beliefs and political views…

      • Trappedinca

        Writer Stephanie Li certainly thinks so.

      • Jonathan Kirk Mylius

        Oh That’s right! We’re no longer in a post-racial divide are we? All thanks to Obummer!

  • Joe Sorrenttino

    Eva Longoria is too stupid to know not to vote for Obama.

  • Nancy Fryer

    What we have come to expect from the Hollywood idiots. Give them a little fame and they think they can run the world!!! NOT! Does anyone other than Obama care??

  • wineplz

    She can vote and stump for POTUS all she wants, and she has the right to be an idiot, but she needs to quit the name-calling and slander. Hoping someone from Hollywood would call her classless butt to the carpet to get her to cite where Romney is a racist and/or misogynist.

    • Frank Cotton

      yes, I agree. when the dems can’t get their way they will resort to name calling and childish behavior just like Joe did! Romney is the best chance we have of getting America back on track. Obama had his chance and couldn’t do the job.

    • Joe

      Everyone knows that she couldn’t if her life depended on it. The liberal Hollywood brain is incapable of acknowledging the truth about Romney. That is what drives her and her brainless buddies crazy, there is no truth to her wildeyed assertions.


    Mitt Romney’s binders full of women sits on a shelf with his binder full of the best offshore tax havens

    Romney didn’t answer the question about fair pay for women. He veered off into his song and dance about wanting to hire more women in MA when he was governor, finding “binders full of women” candidates to appraise for his government, which story, not surprisingly, is false.

    The truth is Romney made no effort to hire women managers at Bain Capital and even today only 4 of 49 of Bain’s managing directors are women.

    • Claire Adams

      go research what the pay rate for women versus men at the White House is then post it here, if you dare.

      Anyone using the word “binder” today wasn’t listening to the important parts of the debate, or is trying to ignore them because Obama’s record is abysmal. When folks like you can comment on things of substance like the unemployment rate, the taxes of Obamacare, the declining middle class income, the rising costs of commodities, the death of Ambassador Stevens + three others blamed on free speech, Fast & Furious, the sending of weapons to Libya and now jihadis in Syria, the inviting of Muslim Brotherhood including a known terrorist to the White House, the $5T Obama added to our debt without reducing spending, the failed green energy “bets” – then others will take you more seriously.

      “Binders”? Really? Romney is damned if he says he wants women’s resumes? Your thought process is flat out odd. Why don’t you want Romney to have women’s resumes? Truth is brutal, but: It’s time to grow up. Our country is in big trouble.


        So, instead of answering the question about equal pay, Romney changes the subject, and asks for credit for hiring qualified women from a ‘binder’ which was put together by womens’ groups BEFORE he was elected.

        He claims to understand that economic issues (jobs) are important to women, but fails to grasp that womens’ issues (health care, reproductive rights, equal pay) are important to the economy.

        The question was frankly over his head, and his answer was lame, out of touch, and to use the President’s apt phrase, “sketchy”.

        • Claire Adams

          So…you’re definitely unable to look into OR discuss truth of Mr. Obama’s policies against women at his own White House? When Romney talks about growing the economy, increasing energy, reducing regulations, and adding jobs, he is being PRO WOMEN. In fact, he is being Pro America. See, Republicans – good ones – don’t pander, don’t divide into identity groups. We want ALL Americans to prosper and have equal opportunity. An insurer paying for $9 birth control is not what women want – we can afford that if we had enough jobs to go around, or cheaper food, or cheaper gas…you know, things moms and women worry about on a DAILY basis. 14.7% underemployed or underemployed? That’s anti-women. How many women have lost jobs under Obama? – pretty sure Romney told us last night. Oh, he answered. An exercise I do is I switch (R) with (D) and read the transcript to make sure I’m hearing things without a partisan filter, or wall.

          If you read up on Obamacare, you’ll learn how it reduces the number of mammogram screenings and cervical screenings (and prostate screenings for men) – both delaying them, decreasing frequency, and reimbursing less for them. #WarOnWomen Also, Planned Parenthood won’t be necessary if Obamacare covers everything and everyone, so why is his campaign talking about it if not to divide the country and drum up a false #WarOnWomen? Our President’s campaign thinks we vote with our lady parts. We vote with our brains and our consciences.

          Romney is not the one who is out of touch. He is giving women the respect we deserve….by appealing to our ability to think not to our reproductive organs.

          But….I admit, plenty of women do think abortion and birth control is more important than a stable economy or a DOJ that isn’t corrupt, etc. etc. They have the reasoning ability of 19 year olds and I don’t get it.

          • GEORGE_W_TUSH

            1. Mitt said he is for replacing Medicare with Vouchers, that is no longer Ryan’s issue its now Romney’s. He said that in the
            debate. Good bye Florida

            2. Mitt said he had no idea what loopholes were in the tax Read More… code that made it cost effective to ship jobs overseas, but he would cut business taxes. Good Bye Ohio

            3. Mitt said he would repeal the Banking reforms put in place by the Obama administration. Good Bye any voter with common sense.

            Mr. Romney is completely clueless of how a “normal” American
            lives and generally has no desire to find out what life is like if you are not a millionaire. Mitt Romney is yet another out of touch rich man who is does not give a whit about the “average” American and demonstrated by his words – “…the words you speak come from the heart–that’s what defiles you” (Matthew 15:18, NLT).

          • Hiraghm

            why is it worse to have people select their own health care program than having the gov’t handle it for them? Businesses don’t pay taxes. It’s always passed on to the consumer. Yes, repeal the banking reforms that make it darn near impossible to get a loan.

            If Romney is clueless as to how a “normal” American lives, imagine how completely out of touch Obama must be, who grew up in a foreign, Islamic country, and never had a “real” job in his life.

        • Love of Country

          Hey kid ….

          Female employees in the Obama White House make considerably less than their male colleagues, records show.
          According to the 2011 annual report on White House staff, female employees earned a median annual salary of $60,000, which was about 18 percent less than the median salary for male employees ($71,000).

          Now what?

        • Hiraghm

          “Health care” and “reproductive rights” are NOT important to the economy! These are code words for “gov’t-controlled nationalized health INSURANCE”, “taxpayer funded abortions”, and “paid the same for less work”.

          the nation and economy did fine before these “issues” were introduced by progressives.

        • Nance51

          Well, you got one part right! The “binder” he referred to would be “qualifid women” who’d been WAITING to be hired with equal pay that he made happen for some of them. How’d you miss that point?
          Let’s discuss the “economic issues (jobs) important to women, shall we? Women care about being able to pay the bills and feed their families. They care about the cost of gas it takes to get to work, the store, to their kids schools, etc., and of course we care about “health care” which is why we HATE Obamacare!
          Mitt Romeny understands business BY FAR on a greater scale than the community organizer Obama! How could he not? He KNOWS what it takes, how it works, how to deal with the problems to turn failures into successes. As it stands, America is on the brink of failure! Just ask ANY Economists!!! Obama has had 4 years to make his policies work and they’ve done everything but “work”. He doesn’t “get it” and you can’t blame him as he has no experience that would help him “get it”.
          Great, we elected the first black President — DONE! Now, let’s focus on saving America while we still can. If you can’t understand just how deeply she’s in trouble, then I suggest you open your eyes and step back from the left’s talking points DESIGNED to stop you from actually thinking for yourself and doing the thinking for you as you’re just a dumb “Homer Simpson” incapable of doing so. Try listening to the other side of the arguement and then actually RESEARCHING the facts on unbiased sites.

          • GEORGE_W_TUSH

            Mitt Romney was successful in making money using laws in our capitalist structure that I believe should be dramatically curbed. Mitt Romney did not create or oversee the creation or production of any product or service like his father or our capitalist magnates like Edison. Mitt Romney had no innovative ideas that resulted in a product or service like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Mitt Romney went into companies that created something, extracted the wealth, put many in debt, and then left with a bounty.

            There is nothing with that experience that can solve the myriad of problems (deficit, education, pollution, climate change, healthcare, etc.) we have in America.
            Do not be fooled by the glitz and bylines. We must understand what we really need as a country. We must elect someone that shares real middle class American values and make sure they fulfill them.

            Many Republicans live in a bubble where anyone who is a wounded veteran, sick, old, an underpaid student, a parent of a disabled child or just laid off in the recession is “dependent” and refuses to take
            responsibility for their life (sorry Mitt, not everyone had a rich daddy to pay the bills). This is extra rich coming from a guy who evades taxes any chance he
            gets and pays a lower rate than most middle class folks.

            Lastly, the reality is that a lot of Obama supporters are successful, smart professionals who care about other people, while a lot of Republican base are
            on Social Security and Medicare, so Romney is actually insulting a lot of his own supporters. Plus, he apparently doesn’t care about anyone that doesn’t vote for him – some President he would make!

          • Annaresa

            Of course toolbags believe it should be curbed because we all know that business exist solely for community service, said no founding father ever.

      • Nance51

        Good! You only missed one point on the “Muslim Brotherhood to the White House” to celebrate Rhamadan. They BRUTALLY cut the throat of a cow on the White House lawn which video was quickly scrubbed. I saw it though and it was the most horrendous thing I’d ever seen! A less than sharp knife was used to cut, No, SAW it’s throat while it groaned and writhed in pain!
        There are humane ways to slaughter animals and I assure you, that was NOT humane!
        There are, of course, still photos and/or videos of Obama bowing down to pray to Allah with them on the web though. Anyone who believes he’s a Christian is out of their minds! You’ll also find the train of thought that complies with this administrations policies that it’s okay if Americans are killed (and over 12,000 of our military seriously injured since his tenure that goes unaddressed by the media) as his whole policies are by far geared more towards protecting Muslims and helping with their “caliphate”. Don’t believe me? Take a good look at the Middle East now and just how much help he offered!

    • Hiraghm

      “fair pay”? Most work places are now day-care centers for employees thanks to women joining the workforce. Paid vacations, medical benefits packages, maternity leave. Who goes to work to *work* anymore?
      Always be suspicious of the word “fair”; it’s almost never used synonymously with “justice”. Equal pay for equal work sounds good, until the left start explaining that “equal” isn’t really equal… it’s just the same *kind* of work.

      I hope Romney only hires the most competent and qualified, their sex, race, sexual orientation, religion et al be damned.

    • Mike Haskins

      Hey George there has been a law in place requiring equal pay for equal work for decades. The stats that Obama is going by is the fact that there are Fewer women working in the US than there are men, so over all the amount of money earned by women in the US is lower than the amount of money earned by men. do us all a favor and either spit out the koolade and come back to reality or just sleep in on november 6th and don’t bother voting. Not to mention the fact the Obama Never answered any questions and when he did he LIED.

    • Lady Liberty

      Ask members of Congress including Pelosi, Reid and DWS where their money is…Guess what? They have tax havens too. It’s not illegal, idiot!

  • Lisa 670

    My wallet is getting heavier by the day in one respect..I refuse to support anymore left wing Follywood actors or actresses! You have a right to your opinion and to support your candidate of choice but to use your celebrity to slander, tear down and lie isn’t acceptable. This comment may not concern you because you have so much money but when that person currently in the White House gets done with your tax bracket you will be cleaning your own houses and driving yourselves around everywhere like the rest of us. Then you might (and I use the word might loosely) reflect and decide your choice of words were outright bad or at the very least childish and immature.

  • Jennyffer Diaz

    Love what the concerned women did on their pathtic Moveon ad —

  • Josephine (D)

    So it’s hateful to encourage personal responsibility among /all/ people, including minorities and women? Oh, wait, sorry, we’re supposed to rely on Big Gov’t to take care of us.

    BTW, Ms. Longoria: a liberal man only respects a liberal woman, and even then not really. A woman is a toy to the liberal man.

    • Donya Lola

      You got that right!

    • FormerlyLib

      So true. Liberal men are so proud to “support women” by being pro-choice. This means they can use women for their pleasure. If one gets pregnant, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper to give her money for an abortion rather than money every month for 18 years. Then they can be rid of her and not have to deal with her and a child. When will liberal women wake up about what abortion has done to women – not to mention unborn children?

    • Annaresa

      Hilary is a ‘fine’ example of that, but libs are just too damn stupid to realize because they’re too busy voting with their lady parts rather than their brain

  • fuskiegirl21

    I like that Michelle “Vote with your lady smarts, not your lady parts”

  • Right Wired

    And I can’t understand why any woman would want to work for Obama, considering he pays the women on his OWN staff less:

  • Ken Armer

    I use to daydream of Eva Longoria, now I daydream of Michelle Malkin! Damn I love smart, sharp, conservative women!

    Also, I know this is dumb to ask but I’m fairly serious when I ask it…What Hollywood million/billionaire would vote for Obama? Seriously…The logic (or lack of) hurts my head.

    • r_coplin2001

      Michelle Malkin is more intelligent and better looking then Eva Longoria so Ken i would have to agree with you.

    • krose

      I’ve pondered the same, Ken! If you can afford to attend a $40,000/plate dinner….um….I’m thinking you are PROBABLY the wretched, horrible, hateful 1%! Yet, they are spending said funds to help re-elect this fool that tears them down every chance he gets!
      I’m befuddled…..

      • YeahWeWill

        Their $$$ is safely sheltered and the studios, such as Sony, get first dibs on info ie the soon to be released ” I killed Bin Ladin” or how I saved the world from my golf cart

  • orringtonmom (D)

    “lady smarts not lady parts”… good one.

  • Dio Heerai


    • r_coplin2001

      Dont give them any ideas

  • FormerlyLib

    Wonderful, Michelle. Let the dope have it. She’ll never respond to an honest debate. She is clueless.

  • Nance51

    And now we see in plain view the 47% that Mitt Romney WAS discussing (behind closed doors in campaign strategy) that would be useless for them to try to win over! Pretty difficult to reach the “lady parts” when you’re a decent man attempting to save the country you love and have the ability to help. They will NEVER understand and he has the intelligence to know that, hence the comments (where the other 2 minutes that would explain that are conveniently missing for the left).


    Mitt’s “binders full of women” may have been the most offensive answer in the history of American presidential debates
    Why did the phrase resonate? Because it was tone deaf, condescending and out of touch with the actual economic issues that Read More… women are so bothered about.

    The phrase objectified and dehumanized women. It played right into the perception that so many women have feared about a Romney administration – that a president Romney would be sexist and set women back.

    • Carrie

      Maybe the “women” you associate with. Obama does not speak for those of us who know how to think and speak for ourselves. I never had a “poor” person sign my paycheck. Romney knows what we need. For government to get OUT of the private sectors way!

  • weRbroke

    Eva got where she is today pimping out her #ladyparts. It’s sad that she chooses to become the goldplated tool for the D-onkey party. She went to college, what a waste of higher ED.

  • Colleen Kelly

    I would like to apologize to my parents for wasting all that time and money to send me and my sister to an all girls high school, so we would be better prepared for college and not sucked into the awful public school system in our town, when in reality we could just sit at home and let our lady parts do the thinking for us. They should have saved all that money so our younger brother could do the thinking for us! Thank you, Eva, for pointing out what a waste it is to actually use my brain to think. No wonder my itty bitty brain hurt while in college earning two degrees…I wasn’t using the right organ! Better rush out and order myself a vagina costume in time to for the election. I want to be properly attired after all.

    In all seriousness, the people who actually think solely with their downtown parts, usually are the ones who lack a sense of responsibility, common sense, and decency…which actually makes them perfect knuckleheads for Obama. Eva, you are a genius. Oh wait, is that possible if you are only thinking with your lady parts?

    Come election time, I’ll be showing what a real woman does and that is voting with her intellect. I will not let my gender (brain not needed here!), race (apparently I’m a racist), age (I do not appreciate people assuming I’m with the rest of the youth zombie Obama contingent), insert-label-here BS dictate how I vote and stop me from being a rational adult. Thank goodness my mother didn’t follow such logic or I would be dancing around in my costume right now, or worse yet, not be here since being a young mother just is not acceptable.

    • krose


      • Colleen Kelly

        Thanks, Krose! I’m just fed up with all the trash and hate the liberal left has been hurling at anyone who disagrees with them. Tolerance, respect, and civility (and I could go on and on by why work myself up) are not in their vocabulary unless it has to do with dealing with them. I’m waiting for a vein to pop one of these days with all of these stories lol.

    • Tess

      Colleen, I don’t know you– but I love ya like a sister! You tell it!

      • Colleen Kelly

        Right back at you Teresa!

  • irishgirl91

    I have given up trying to understand how women can defend this man when his entire administration has, at the very least, lacked regard for women. Home prices plunged, food prices rose, gas prices rose, full time jobs are disappearing. He personally has one woman in his inner circle, pays the women in his administration less than the men, and I seem to remember the press briefly pointing out the lack of women on the golf course or basketball court. But sure Eva, the government can pay for my birth control and abortions, this will totally make up for the fact my daughter will not be able to buy a home because interest rates are about to skyrocket and inflation will eat any savings she might try to accumulate.

    • YeahWeWill

      Only one explanation; Bizarro World!

    • Joe

      You shouldn’t be too surprised, look how Bill Clinton abused multiple women, had no women (or minorities for that matter) in his inner cabinet yet he is ‘idolized’ by those same airheads that refuse to see him for what he is – a serial philanderer. these same brainless women (Eve Longoria, etc.) are the same one’s that are fawning all of Obama, why? ‘lady parts’. He (Clinton) was also the poster-child of the “modern” (or should I say, “Post Modern”/Communist leaning) Democrat party. As we all know, Bill thought that Obama should only be fetching coffee for he and his elite, white, Democrat friends. Obama has learned well from Clinton, specifically how to creatively abuse and co-opt these apparently simpleminded women voters. How? In ways they apparently not intelligent enough to comprehend. Why do they not complain when their pay in the Whitehouse is lower then their mail counterparts. In fairness, Obama at least has Valery Jarrett and a few others. Anyway, “Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat party”!

  • Guest

    Eva Longoria is a terrible actress whose claim to fame is one now canceled tv show. She is the godmother to Victoria Beckhams child and they both carry 100,000 dollar purses. Yeah she’s really in touch with the middle class. Go chase another underage basketball player that you can use for his money Eva. That seems to be the only thing you’re good at because you damn sure can’t give a credible speech or star in a hit movie.

    • Joe

      Wow, you not only summed up Longoria’s talents (or lack there of) but also most of the rest of the liberal tinsel town crowd as well. Good job!

  • Owen007

    Wow, Michelle took that dumb piece of garbage to the woodshed.

    “A Romney presidency would be great unless you’re poor, gay, Mexican, Black, a woman, a student, or a dog.”

    Did the moron who wrote that spend the last four years under a rock. Between rampant unemployment, political evolutions, Fast & Furious, constant pandering, constant objectifying, rising costs on his watch and the Indonesia chapter of his own book, I’d say those groups have had far more to worry about from Obama.

  • Tracy Hubbell-Linden

    Hey, Eva…watch me!

  • joel

    Eva, your an uninformed moron. You have no knowledge of facts. You a mindless bot of Obama. You couldn’t hold a candle to a smart conservative woman.

  • precursor

    I’m a woman..I’m 55 years old..I have 5 grandchildren…and I live in a very democratic area near Fort Collins Colorado…..and watch me…EVA….as I check that BOX for THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE USA…..MITT ROMNEY…..Eva you are a delusional TWAT and part of the PROBLEM WITH AMERICA….You’re rich…and unlike Mitt Romney who has shared his wealth….YOU HOARD YOURS. YOU’RE AN EVIL WOMAN.

    • Lanforce

      Something tells me thathe if she made her tax returns public, the charitable donations would be more like Biden ( 30 percent). Remind me again who “doesn’t care” about people ?
      God bless you.

  • Diane Stephan

    Eva, insulting people won’t make them change the way they vote, it just makes you look small.

  • stuckinIL4now

    I can’t imagine why any animal, vegetable or mineral could give a hoot what this brainless airheaded moron thinks.

  • $129448

    She is a moron

  • Madelyn Martine

    Longoria’s real fast to throw down her insults and lies, but somehow can’t use her lady parts to answer Michelle Malkin’s serious questions. Shows what she’s made of and it isn’t brains.

  • Red Fred

    I’m so thankful for the combined intellect of Cher, Eva, Ellen and Melanie. With just a few more additions they will have approx. 10% of the intelligence of a conservative woman. ( That’s like one dime of a dollar ladies.)

    • Teresia Coleman Avila

      Haaahaaa haaahaaa How true!!

    • YeahWeWill

      And you are being very generous with your estimation! I would give them a 2.5% collectively.

    • Lanforce

      Maybe put it in terms they can understand.
      That’s one finger with nail polish – the others stay scuzzy.

  • Mimi Emmer

    What is it about people who spend their whole career repeating words others have written for them. Just can’t help from wondering if that same place they get their ideas as well. BTW, I am not a republican just an American looking toward the day when the west coast is Phoenix.

    • Maria

      Hey, I want it to be Nevada because that is where I live.

  • FlatFoot

    Yes — ladies — listen to and follow the woman who made herself famous by having a mattress tied to her back. We do need more of those. Lots more.

    Thank you.

  • Jd Logsdon

    You notice that Oblahma hides behind people like Eva. It is to cover up his lack of substance and his inability to bring the country together…

  • YeahWeWill

    Hey Eva Longoria; I am a Republican female, naturalized US citizen, business owner and guess who I am voting for???? Don’t you dare call me stupid!

    • Tess

      YeahWeWill– you go, girl! Woot woot!

  • Jeffrey Olah

    actually @Chris Rock…a dog probably would have a life under a Romney Presidency

  • Robin Nelson-Herlihy

    Way to go Michelle! You tell her! And I bet she has no clue to your references, she probably is paying someone to read them right now, so that maybe she can come back with a response. I doubt she will respond with anything half intelligent though.

  • Silenttype78

    Michelle Malkin is my hero!!!!

  • CindyLu

    Kind of makes you wonder how many Hollywood stars (men and women) have been personally involved in aborting babies.

  • kathy jones

    Eva Longoria is a racist she hates white people.

  • demslap

    Now that’s what I call a Longoria beat-down!

  • Rich Davie

    Eva Longoria should thank God for air… without air, she’d have absolutely nothing inside her head.

  • frosty85

    She wants attention…. so she says outrageous stuff…. nothing new here.

  • Ben Smull

    Michelle, you go girl! Give ’em both barrels!

  • Joe Anguiano

    What else is she going to say Obummer has no record!

  • southpaw816

    I think she is so used to being taken care of she can’t use her own brain. THANK God a republican was in the WH 150 yrs ago, who knows how long we would still be picking cotton in the south.

  • Joe Anguiano

    Obummer record Economy=Fail Foreign Policy=fail Cutting the Debit = Fail Passing Obamacare is death for jobs=Fail Energy Independence=Fail Green Energy=Fail and i can go on and on.

  • Patrick L

    <— Yes according to any and all liberal democrats I'm a racist b/c I'm not voting for BO. Well then I have been one for years b/c this American/hispanic has always voted Republican since the age of 18, so I declare myself…… A Proud racist voting for Romney!

  • Michelle Valenciano Hemm

    I think women would be stupid to listen to you Eva and how exactly are you like the average woman. Give me a break. Intelligent women can look at their own lives and finances and make an educated desicion based on those facts.

  • r_coplin2001

    I like to see Stacy Dash tear up Eva Longoria in a debate or have Eva Longoria debate Michelle Malkin as both ladies will tear up Eva Longoria so bad in a debate that it will make the first debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama seem close in comparison.

  • Saddlebum

    I don’t go back and forth with people like this anymore. You can beat them over the head with the truth all day long and they REFUSE to ‘get it’. Nothing one can do with a person like that…….(legally)

  • Kate Cummins

    Why do these brain dead idiots think anyone cares what they have to say? Last time I checked Eva Longoria was an ACTRESS. That doesn’t automatically make them political geniuses. Hell, how smart do you have to be to play dress up and pretend for a living?

  • Todd TC

    Michelle M. ..just dismantled the ignorant imbecile..

  • Kaye

    I’m sure Eva has had more invasive intrusions in her privates than a mammogram screenings that save lives! The others either vibrates or causes infections! I’d like to see her medical degree!

  • Lefty

    I *SO* want to tweet back to Eva “We know now why Tony went looking elsewhere for companionship …you are such a delusional and stuck up beotch” But that would be a “Liberal” tactic

  • marco a. poshar

    how is your back eva ,2many riders?

  • Bob Belvedere

    It appears Langoria has removed the first RT you show.

  • Pontiac Pete

    Eva, you have obviously mistaken the importance of tits versus brains. And since you don’t have the latter, no one cares about the former.

    Don’t go away angry – just go away.

  • Eve

    “.@EvaLongoria You want to know how women/minorities can support Romney? Try debating one for once. Go ahead.”

    Best tweet. She won’t. And really that is all to be said for the Fake War On Women, such a joke. Good thing she plays pretend a “real” job would certainly make her feel more like a victim. She is only aiding the suppression of women and a complete embarrassment to commonsense itself.

  • kauainaut

    I have never cared one bit about a celebrity opinion. Maybe they should take advice from a celebrity with a long career. “once you give a political opinion you lose half your audience”

  • CA Oathkeeper

    I guess she wasn’t paying attention to any of the debates, or any of Romney’s speeches, or any of Romney’s blogs, or any of Romney’s news articles. And so on. And so on. And so on. Because, if the Obama campaign VP/Co-chair, or whatever her title is, HAD been listening to Romney defend and define himself, she’d be feeling pretty stupid for spreading such ridiculous tripe as if it were proven fact.

  • Joe

    Its actually fun seeing what the tinsel town bozos think (maybe that is the wrong description). Their opines are shallow at best and total BS at worst. They have no concept of reality, perhaps that is the result of hanging out in la la land. Reality doesn’t exist there. For what its worth!

  • Ana Wilda Bautista

    Well this Puerto Rican is voting with her Lady smarts. Romney/Ryan

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Yeah, but what does Eva have to say about Jason Biggs? (Crickets chirping)… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • stratus99

    And this bimbo’s opinion matters why?? She lost her show and now she’s trying to find another way to stay relevant?? What a shame she’ll have to go back to being a homewrecker in her home town until all the parts of her body head South.

  • disqus_ya5uLINj3E

    Abortion and contraception do not liberate women. They give men a means to use women without responsibility.

  • Maria

    I’ve always thought she was kinda “speshul”.

  • Rebeca Cottam

    First Fluke, then Obama phone lady now Longoria who can be next…? But definitely they are the brain of the democrat party

  • JR48

    This entirely made up war on women is just annoying and infuriating as hell. It’s moronic, it’s juvenile, it’s grasping at straws, it’s pathetic, and it’s predictable because they’re out of ammunition in this campaign.

    Women who can rub two brain cells together can see right through it and those who actually see the world through their lady parts, well…I feel deeply sorry for such a lack of intellect.

    The issues that are important to women are the issues that are important to everyone. It’s the economy. It’s the debt, the deficit, the size of government, the unemployment and underemployment rates, and all the rest. We’re limping. Hanging on, but as soon as that employment rate actually rises, we’re going to face a huge jump in inflation due to all of that currency killing quantitative easing that has been going on. We are in NO WAY near the end of our economic woes. Not by a long shot. I doubt that I’ll see the end of it in my lifetime. It’s going to get uglier as it gets better.

    And in that context, you want to have a stupid faux argument about healthcare screenings that aren’t even truly at risk? Longoria should be ashamed of herself. Not at her use of the immature word, ‘twat”, which is ironically a female perjorative, but at her abilty to completely and utterly MISS THE POINT.

  • Sarah-cuda

    That is a huge take down. Thanks for being fearless Michelle.

  • Guest

    Michelle blows Eva away in the intelligence and beauty department. I notice lib women are quick to bash Michelle behind her back but are afraid to debate her.

  • Laree Bennett

    I don’t think any of you have any idea what it feels like to be like me… You’re all blaming people like me for destroying this country… What are your beliefs based on? Mine are based on life experiences, what about you? The bible? The things your parents taught you growing up? All us female lefties want is to be able to make our own decisions about our own body and Romney himself said he doesn’t need to worry about that 47% I’m part of that 47% so excuse me for not wanting to vote for a man who doesn’t even care about my situation. Trickle down economics DOES NOT WORK and it won’t work, want to know why, all those breaks given to corporations is going straight back into their own pockets, it’s not being used to expand on jobs or to pay employees more, it being used to pad their own pockets, it’s call LOGIC, use it.

  • David Harrison

    Michelle Malkin <3

  • David Harrison

    Michelle Malkin <3

  • Marilyn Pisano Galli

    Most women regardless of who they are going to vote for, are not going to fall for Eva Longoria’s opinions anyway.

  • alanhenderson

    Hey Eva, Obama’s “Fast and Furious” is responsible for the deaths of a few hundred Mexican nationals and 2 US agents. Tell me why Americans with Mexican ancestry like yourself should vote for the guy.

  • Rich47

    Just another example of a Democrats idea of tolerance. As I usually say, it takes one to know one Eva.