Never mind Benghazigate or Fast and Furious. Have you heard about Paul Ryan’s career-ending Dish-gate scandal?

On Saturday, Ryan and his family visited a Youngstown, Ohio, soup kitchen and rolled up their sleeves to pitch in with cleanup duty. Or did they? Dun dun DUN.

Quite a scandal unearthed by “real reporter” Felicia Sonmez. The pans Ryan washed appeared to be “mostly clean.” Because, you know, there’s nothing the Health Department loves more than “mostly clean” pans at a facility that serves food.

The bombshell observation made it into the pool report.

Dish-gate also made an appearance in Sonmez’s Washington Post report that was picked up by breathless whiners at Gawker, Daily Kos, New York Magazine and other staples of the progressive diet.

An excited member of Democratic Underground even borrowed his mom’s Photoshop to turn quotes from the article into a graphic.

Only problem? To borrow a term from Uncle Joe Biden, it’s a bunch of malarkey.

What? That can’t be. The Washington Post said so!

We’re sure Felicia Sonmez and her squawking flock of progressive parrots will issuing corrections any minute now. Any minute.

For now, we’ll leave you with a palate cleanser. Hey, girl:

  • Netmilsmom

    OMG, anyone who has actually worked in their lives knows that even the pans that hold the rolls or donuts have to be washed. Most times, the crumbs fall out as soon as you tilt them, but they MUST be washed, not just dusted out per Health Inspectors.

    • TugboatPhil

      Most of those reporters probably never see the inside of a kitchen.

    • irishgirl91

      Was just about to write that. They apparently have never put time in any place that served food.

    • Maria

      Plus with pots, depending on how anti-stick they are, the mess just rinses right out. But as you said with the pans, the pots need to be washed still.

    • JeffWRidge

      When I was younger I worked for over a decade in food service and I can attest to what you wrote. I started out as a dishwasher and it didn’t matter if the pans, dishes, glasses, etc looked clean or not. We washed them all.

      My first day on the job I asked the manager why I was washing “clean” pots and pans. He said that if they have been used for anything they were to be cleaned. Some things don’t leave stains, but do leave germs.

    • Abigail

      Yes, yes, yes. Have “Axe”, Obama, Cutter, Reid, Pelosi (the list goes onnnnn) been in a kitchen? They ARE the 1%. Sigh. Why don’t people see this??

  • PSUbrat

    Compare and contrast: Obama delivers pizzas. Paul Ryan rolls up his sleeves and washes dirty dishes. One just shows up, the other gets down to business. Hey, Girl, can I be that pot?

    • EEKman

      And he does it without even getting his sleeves wet.

      • TexSizzle

        That’s the point of rolling them up. Duh!

  • redheadgrl

    I guess delivering pizzas for a photo-op is so much more noble.

    • poljunkie♪

      I was thinking the same thing. You beat me to it.

    • Vikki Rosich

      that the best zing I’ve seen all day! NICE!

    • EEKman

      You can eat pizza without having to do the dishes.

    • SAndrews

      Still waiting for the vaunted ‘investigative reporters’ to verify that the pizza boxes actually contained pizza. Harry Reid’s friend says they were as empty as Obama’s campaign promises.

    • grais

      Yeah, like hanging curtains.

    • Michael Hampton

      It’s at least honest. It’s not a lie.

  • $18912735

    Glad the press is covering the serious issues of the day…

    • Michael Hampton

      Well, until Romney and Ryan actually give any details to their plan, what else are they going to report on?

      • dantes44

        Because ‘hope’ and ‘change’ is very descriptive of a plan.

        • americanscott

          Lol! Was thinking the same thing! Also, “Yes we can”. Can what?? What does that mean? Notice it took them a while to come up with “Forward”, see, it has two syllables, they weren’t sure if their base would understand it. It was a crap shoot.

          • dantes44

            I think he may have had that picked a long time ago. It’s commonly used in socialist/communist circles.


          • americanscott

            Yes, I am well aware of that, it was merely a tongue-in-cheek jab at the low intelligence of Obama’s base.

          • Michael Hampton

            Um…you are the one who is touting a plan that you haven’t seen yet as better than one that has actually worked. The deficit has gone down each year since the collapse. But you don’t want to see that. You want to believe that giving rich people more money will help everyone. A plan that has failed repeatedly.

          • americanscott

            Oh wow. So let me get this straight, you say the plan has failed repeatedly, but you have no idea what it is and apparently, neither do I. It somehow includes giving money to the rich, which has never been done and is not being suggested. You are using liberal math to justify “a plan that actually worked” by lowering the deficit (ROFLMAO!!) which is like saying 2+2=giraffe. Well thank you princess, for proving my point.

  • cfcscott1905

    Gee, maybe this “reporter” can find out if there are any blood-stained dishes in Benghazi…

    • beastdogs8

      Naaa, that would require the liberal media to actually get off their asses do their job, and investigate the Obama regimes BS story, and they won’t do that to their lord and savior Obama, even if their life and the safety of the country depended on it.

  • Right Wired

    I supposed he could have served food in a $2,500 outfit to “homeless” people with $700 smart phones.

    Oh wait.

  • Jimni27

    lol. My first job was a dishwasher in a hospital. Dirty dishes on the right- you scrub in first bay, rinse in second bay ( what Ryan is doing) then sanitize in third. Wow. They really do have NOTHING.

    • Colleen Kelly

      My thoughts exactly. My job in college was split between food prep and dishwasher for the campus food court. Though I doubt these denizens of investigative journalism knows what it’s like to wash dishes. I, mean, they are too busy investigating the hard hitting stories of the day…by which I mean rolling out the propaganda for Barry O and demeaning anyone with the intelligence to see through the lies.

    • rivers

      Yep, you’re right, I did that in college also,
      I also worked housekeeping in the O.R. I used to wash “clean” walls floor to ceiling.

    • Tim Rowland

      Anyone who has worked fast food knows about the three-step process of dish-washing… I used to do it for Pizza Hut when I was in college. I rinsed and sanitized a TON of clean dishes. We also wiped down counters and walls with sanitizer whether they “looked” dirty or not. Maybe these reporters don’t know about health standards?

      • Jimni27

        I think they just don’t know about jobs they feel are beneath them lol.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    OMG they are just PATHETIC. Hey lefties, don’t look at the second-to-last pic too closely, or you are likely to be offended by an egregious RELIGIOUS DISPLAY just above VP Ryan’s head!

    • nickshaw

      LOL! You’re right, ICT! And a light was shining right on it!
      Give ’em time. They will come up with something eventually. They’re slow you see.

  • Maria

    The man’s good looking, smart, good with finances, has good politics, Catholic, AND does dishes! -swoon-

    • Elaina Marie

      A rare breed these days! I married one!!

      • Maria

        You go Lady!! I married one too..except he’s LDS..which is not bad either. 😉

  • James Atkins

    Go figure, liberals are upset at a person working…

    • ZoriahShepard


    • Michael Hampton

      You mean, the person pretending to work so that he looks like a working class person while they defund the programs that keep that soup kitchen open.

      • TugboatPhil

        Soup kitchens shouldn’t have federal funding. If people aren’t taxed unnecessarily, and their money laundered through D.C., local charities do this kind of thing. They did it for years until politicians started buying votes for doing “charity.”

        • Michael Hampton

          And how is Ryan not buying votes with “charity” by having his picture taken at a soup kitchen?

      • SAndrews

        The soup kitchen has a crucifix above the sink in one of the pictures. Looks like a ‘Faith Based charity’ rather than a government operation.

        • Dave N Shaw

          it is, I live right outside youngstown. it’s a great place, great people.

      • James Atkins

        I dunno, looks like he is working to me…the couple of hours he was there probably is more work than Obama has done his whole life.

        • Michael Hampton

          Try 15 minutes, according to the people who were actually there.

          • James Atkins

            Ok, that is 15 minutes longer than Obama has ever worked in his life

      • redheadgrl

        Looks like a private charitable organization, not government-funded social services.

      • AMSilver

        Federal funding of soup kitchens wouldn’t be necessary if the government got out of the way of individuals trying to help. There’ve been several stories here in Texas of individuals who organized their own soup kitchens who were then shut down by the government because apparantly it’s better to have the homeless starve than be served food that was cooked in someone’s home/church.

        • Michael Hampton

          It’s called the “health code”

      • John Hanover

        Have never seen a soup kitchen federally funded most likely because they work and actually use what little money they have to help others. Even if it was a photo-op, when was the last time Biden or Barack were in one helping out and not on the campaign trail?

        • pen44

          Michelle served at a kitchen in DC, ONE time, wearing an extremely expensive pair of Big Name sneakers….didn’t do dishes though, just stood there in her fancy shmancy shoes spooning food from a “big pan” on to the Hollyweirdiots do every year during the holiday season to make them feel like they’re helping humanity. Ryan did the big job, the “big pans”…I’m sure Romney has done some “big pans” in his time. The “big pans” are the big deal…if they aren’t cleaned, the next meal doesn’t get cooked.

      • Kdiity

        You’ve been lied to so long by your lib hero’s that you’re starting to believe the lies. What a shame.

        • Michael Hampton

          Um…here are the words of the person who actually runs the soup kitchen.

          “We’re a faith-based organization; we are
          apolitical because the majority of our funding is from private
          donations,” Antal said in a phone interview Monday afternoon. “It’s
          strictly in our bylaws not to do it. They showed up there, and they did
          not have permission. They got one of the volunteers to open up the

          He added: “The photo-op they did wasn’t
          even accurate. He did nothing. He just came in here to get his picture
          taken at the dining hall.”

          Ryan had stopped by the soup kitchen for
          about 15 minutes on his way to the airport after his Saturday morning
          town hall in Youngstown. By the time he arrived, the food had already
          been served, the patrons had left, and the hall had been cleaned.

          • Kdiity

            Please refer to my initial reply to you….. you just don’t get it, do you?

          • Michael Hampton

            The event “was a photo op,” she said. “It was the phoniest piece of
            baloney I’ve ever been associated with. In hindsight, I would have never
            let him in the door.”
            The event was completely staged by the campaign, she said.

          • Kdiity

            Well then, i guess we have to believe her…. Yeah right. Just shows you how APOLITICAL they really are !! How many phony soup kitchen photo ops has obama done? BTW, it so sad that you think the libs give 2 craps about you. Just keep on believing the lies that the Repubs want to kick all the poor, elderly and children to the curb… you silly rabbit.

          • Michael Hampton

            Why wouldn’t we believe it? The Catholic Chuch, hugely in bed with republicans, would rather shut down it’s charity works instead of having to help all Americans. Proof is in the deeds and words that they say every day. Romney himself said that he doesn’t even think about 47% of Americans. I thought serving the public meant that you serve all of the public. Apparently you don’t see that.

          • Kdiity

            Wrong, wrong and wrong again on everything you just posted. Stop viewing that idiot lib blogs !! What’s it like to be WRONG more than you’re right?? Well, for that matter, you’ll never be right because you’re on the left and that basically means, wait, wait for it……. you’re WRONG !!

          • Michael Hampton

            Um…and how was I wrong? Or are you just going to say that you have faith that I am wrong. Here are the facts. The catholic church DID shut down it’s charity operations in more than one area simply because they would have to serve all people and not get to pick and choose which people they serve. That is the truth. Here is proof from the catholic church themselves.


          • James Atkins

            It wasn’t just one of the volunteers, it was the person IN CHARGE at the site that agreed to it when the campaign contacted them.

            “Antal, who describes himself as an independent, has voted in Democratic primaries for the past 17 years.” – quoted from the same WaPo article you quoted.

          • Michael Hampton

            And? That’s why I started my post by saying “the person who runs” the kitchen. That person now is saying that is was fake and disgusting. Even more disgusting is the fact that two homeless people did walk up to Ryan to talk to him, but that wasn’t allowed to be filmed or photographed because, according to Ryan’s campaign manager, it was “unscheduled”

          • James Atkins

            Ok, I will admit, I hate photo-ops. I really do and yes, this was clearly a photo op (like Obama doesnt do them, pizza delivery anyone?) . However, the timing of this “outrage” is suspect especially in light of it coming from a person (owner of the soup kitchen) that is obviously a base Democrat. Now, to address the elephant in the room, your position is that Ryan and by extension the GOP, truly HATE the homeless and don’t want to help them? I mean, that IS what this is all about right??

          • Michael Hampton

            Just calling it like I see it. As Romney has stated before, he doesn’t worry about the poor because they can take care of themselves.

          • James Atkins

            If you truly believe that we in the GOP are not charitable, then you are simply a hack.

    • Elaina Marie

      Love it!!!!

    • Nathan E. David

      KILLER FUNNY! …and so true too!

    • jba

      You got it!!! Actually, they are just mad because they didn’t think of it first…. Obama was probably scheduled to wash some dishes at one of the country clubs he golfs at all of the time.. Ryan just beat him to it.

  • John Hanover

    It’s called ” sterilization ” some in the media should try that themselves instead of eating off the tainted plates in the White House. Ryan and family in one day did more for the working poor then the DNC could in 1,000 years.

    • Michael Hampton

      “We’re a faith-based organization; we are
      apolitical because the majority of our funding is from private
      donations,” Antal said in a phone interview Monday afternoon. “It’s
      strictly in our bylaws not to do it. They showed up there, and they did
      not have permission. They got one of the volunteers to open up the

      He added: “The photo-op they did wasn’t
      even accurate. He did nothing. He just came in here to get his picture
      taken at the dining hall.”

      Ryan had stopped by the soup kitchen for
      about 15 minutes on his way to the airport after his Saturday morning
      town hall in Youngstown. By the time he arrived, the food had already
      been served, the patrons had left, and the hall had been cleaned.

      Read more:

      • John Hanover

        When you can come up with a more credible source please do. I have no issues with homosexuals, but their politics tend to get extreme as anti-gay politics do as well. You find the truth at an independent source. As stated earlier Antal not exactly an independent voter. In case you are not familiar with the process it is wash – rinse – sterilize in the photo it appears he is rising at worse and sterilizing the pan at best. You really enjoy striking out with the bat still on your shoulders eh?

        • Michael Hampton

          Um…the source doesn’t negate what the people who were there say. I have seen the same quotes in several other articles from several other sources. And if you weren’t so inclined to say that you don’t want to get any news from a gay source, you would notice that the article is actually a quote from the Washington Times. It is just linked. He is getting his picture taken with a clean pan in water. He didn’t even take off his watch.

          • John Hanover

            Antal is not an independent voice, he may have been there but he is no fan of the GOP so kind of likely he would be biased.Still don’t understand? First the pan is scrubbed out with dish soap and then rinsed out and finally sterilized. Since it is a two compartment sink they had to double up the rinse and sanitize section. The only time I see prominent Democrats helping the poor is when they can exploit them or there are more cameras.

  • John Hanover

    I guess as Truman put it ” You can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen “.

  • Burt Zerker

    Every democrat knows that you don’t have to wash dishes,…. you just stack them in the sink – until somebody else does them for you.

    • BoltUp

      When dishes and cookware get dirty, just request Obamadishes!

      • BlueGood

        Incredible coming from Leftoids who need direction from “O’Bama bin Lyin” on the proper edicate on wiping their own azzes…number of TP sections to use, which hand, how they really shouldn’t taste it before flushing…

        • Catherine Barrett

          LOL … yes . . Sheryl Crow “ing” it … on a personal note .. my Barry Obama toilet paper arrived today from Amazon 😉

          • Guest

            You mean; he sold you his turban? I’m surprised!

          • Riley iCarly Madison

            the more you talk about obama and turbans, the more swing voters vote for obama

          • Nathan E. David

            You mean; Obama sold you his turban? I’d think twice before using it as toilet paper. Just look at where it has already been!

        • Wil Miller

          Hahaha! I just laughed out loud. THAT…was a great post.

        • Bill

          Love it! O’bama bin Lyin – that is the funniest thing I have heard in a VERY long time. Bravo BlueGood!

          • Riley iCarly Madison

            i watched the video. the dishes were clean. ryan was caught lying about marathon and ihs 4 minute mile. now he got caught faking. you people are morons

      • Brian Pearson

        I had heard that Ryan went to a shelter but did nothing. Somebody was putting some negative spin on the guy. Go, Ryan!

        • jnora

          At least he went…it would be “beneath” the obummers.

      • Donna W

        #ObamaDishes …hmmm..sounds like a good hashtag!

      • Tom Bannigan

        When they throw out their dirty dishes, the conservatives can grab them up and clean them. Then sell them back to the government for the obamadishes drive.

    • Lisa Daniels

      Good one!

    • Zach Lutterman

      ^ Win

    • Red Fred


    • Aestro

      Thankfully we’ll have Republicans to come along, break them, then tell you it doesn’t matter how they broke, you should have fixed them by now.

      • nickshaw

        Lemme see, it took an hour and fifty four minutes to come up with that “zinger”.
        Who are you? George Costanza?

        • EEKman

          Well it was pretty good. Maybe he was busy working at that new job he just got and didn’t have time.

          • James Atkins

            The new part time job?

          • JoJo58

            Some of us have JOBS and don’t sit around waiting for each post to come up like Obama welfare rats.

          • EEKman

            Way to pay attention Joe! High five!

        • Aestro

          Some of us occasionally leave Twitchy for a few minutes.

        • Logic

          So, what you are saying is that anyone who leaves a comment after the article was posted has been thinking of their comment since the article was created…which would mean I’ve been thinking of this comment for over 12 hours now.

          • Kdiity

            If the shoe fits……

          • Riley iCarly Madison

            right wingers don’e use facts or logic. i realized this after “benghazigate” and their defense of “dishgate” which they named themselves.

      • James Atkins

        And then we will say they broke because Democrats wanted everyone to have nice new shiny pots and pans even though they couldn’t afford them

        • EEKman

          OO good one! Cause people who get dishes that they cant afford um… break them? Or maybe they broke cause too many people needed them and republicans kicked over the stack of dishes so they could sell the remaining dishes for more.

          • James Atkins

            I can’t be sure, but I think you may have missed the analogy

          • EEKman

            Think it through, you’ll get it eventually.

          • James Atkins


          • James Atkins

            Just curious, are you middle class and have you ever owned a business?

          • EEKman

            I am middle class yes. My family runs sustainable garden design practice as well as a non profit that provides artistic mentors for inner city youth. I am we’ll aware of the pain in the ass it is to deal with small business taxes and regulations. That doesn’t mean I’m going to elect Mitt Romney.

          • James Atkins

            Ok, fair enough, now tell me how Obama and his policies will help your families business grow. I would also like to know if your family has dreams to escape the middle class by moving up and not down?

          • EEKman

            I don’t think that way. My life’s goal is not to amass wealth. In my line of work I deal with the very rich and the very poor. Been to Africa to work in small villages and have dealt with very wealthy actors, all on a personal level. Many wealthy people are very disconnected, aloof, paranoid and have very troubled relationships. Many feel trapped by their wealth. Not all mind you, 1%’ers tend to be overly vilified in this political climate and some are genuinely trying to solve the worlds problems through their philanthropic foundations, so i try not to generalize too much but the trend is enough to be notable. On the other side. “the third world” is not the pit of human filth you think it is. People are happy. People connect and empathize. In a way, they are more closely following their evolutionary programming than we are.

            I’m getting old, I’m tired and I don’t want to be wealthy, just comfortable. I don’t like most wealthy people, because I’ve dealt with them. If I was wealthy I’d just give it away anyway.

            So i’ve shown my underlying bias to you. I see Mitt Romney as a man chasing the ultimate status prize. I see a man addicted to ambition for ambitions sake and nothing else. It took a lot of studying his past and positions over time to come to that, Informed by my bias of course.

            I see Obama as more reasoned. His ambition is informed by a genuine desire to help.. I don’t think he as received enough credit for what he has done in 4 years. Here’s a good list if you’re at all open to new information, There is alot of GOOD stuff in there.

            I have serious issues with the ‘secret’ side of government. The issues that are bigger than one administration. I don’t think Obama knows how to deal with these. He’s probably just the face in front of the handlers and deserves criticism for it.. Issues like Fast and Furious, Drone strikes, WIkileaks and such like that. Those are issues that none of us have enough information to Judge because of the massive secretive half century old imperial apparatus that really runs these Issues. How can one president unravel all that?

          • James Atkins

            Well, I am glad you recognize that we are in a climate that vilifies the rich and that it isn’t a good way to continue. I want you to be able to achieve your goal(s) and I actually think we have a lot in common in what we want. I too want to be comfortable, however I believe we should each have the freedom to reach our own levels of comfort. I don’t want to be so wealthy that I dont know how much money I have. What I want to do is continue to push myself down my own road of success. Now, if that hard work pays off and I become more financially independent, then I don’t want to be stereo-typed as a “don’t give a damn” GOP’er and want to kill old people and not help the poor. I want the freedom to help the helpless, I don’t want to be forced to help the clueless.

          • EEKman

            Thanks for the reasoned response. That’s a great line you ended with and if I had your life experience I might say the same thing. Heck I was infatuated with Ron Paul for awhile. He taught me all about how money was created and how the FED works. What I would say is that working in non profit I meet some very inspiring altruistic people who are funded by these tax dollars and who make sure the money is not wasted.

          • CLT Engineer

            I don’t know, but in my 4 year stint working in HUD housing, there were quite a few ‘residents’ who lived in housing less than 3 months old, who had trashed the place so bad, they complained that they wanted a nicer place because their place was a dump. Meanwhile, next door, their neighbor had a nice place because they took care of it and paid full rent. Sounds like that meets your analogy…. So yes people do break dishes they can’t afford just so they can get new ones… I suggest you get out and get involved in some of the welfare communities around you and your attitude may change.

          • Jacque Bauer


          • disqus_UoXgQ2LQbW

            I know what you mean, I managed an apt complex that was HUD and it is amazing what people will do. I think some of them only clean their apts when they are going to be inspected because they go so nuts over it.

          • EEKman

            Thanks for that. Even though I’m apparently a liberal troll that was a perspective I did not have. The question I have is how do we handle people like this? Let them be homeless?

          • Tera Blair Kirk

            wow, I’m getting lost with all these dishes analogies. But I think I’ll try to respond to this.
            I think it’s because the government told dish stores they couldn’t turn down unqualified or under-qualified (risky) dish buyers. So naturally the people who couldn’t afford dishes ran out to get dishes they couldn’t afford from shady dish stores looking to cash in on subprime dishes that were then being packaged in large quantities an sold to brokers who then sold the dishes back to Investment firms as “investments”. When the people that had the dishes forgot to wash them, or just decided to stop washing them the Investment firms quickly found out their “investments” were a huge scam and dumped the dirty dishes like F’ing quick right…but this left millions of dirty dishes all carrying large quanties of uneaten food, the stores didn’t want their dishes back but as a last resort. Most people chose to take their dishes back to the store however, which made lots of stores have to close. It also left millions of DIRTY DISHES all over the United States. The stores didn’t want to clean them up! They only wanted to be paid for the uneaten food. This caused a huge mess for “dish sellers” b/c offering a store a reduced price on the uneaten food was completely ignored. The stores didn’t care how long the dishes remained dirty, they wanted what was owed. They completely didn’t care how the original dish owner left the dishes; which, frankly, looked like an ape went “ape shit” on them in worst case scenerio.

          • James Atkins


          • EEKman

            That was good man! You spent time on that. Sooo the answer is…Mitt Romney?

          • James Atkins

            Yes, I believe it is.

          • EEKman

            Why? I have yet to have anyone tell me why they think electing Mitt Romney is a good idea other than “Because Obama is a bad bad man.”

            Why is Mitt good?

          • James Atkins

            Well, for me it’s a simple matter of taking a look at how Obama and his policies have directly impacted me. I don’t look anywhere else. Under Obama, my health care costs have risen $1248.00 per year. Under Obama, my commute to work costs an extra $2400.00 per year (gas prices). Under Obama, my grocery bill has doubled to around $375.00 per month (probably inflation, but not sure). Under Obama, I can expect an extra 3.8% surtax on any properties I sell thanks to the ACA (ObamaCare). Under Obama, I can expect my capital gains taxes to increase to as much as 35% (or higher). My household income has fallen, in the last 4 years, by $4250.00 per year. To put it simply, I have less disposable income to pump into the economy (You know, buying a new TV, new furniture, maybe a used car) under Obama. I have worked hard for everything that I have. The government did not absorb any of the risks I took to start my business with every penny I had in savings. I am middle class, and I believe if I vote for Obama, then I will remain there. His vision is a middle class based on government dependence. I believe Mitt Romney has a vision of the middle class based on independence. You can think I’m foolish and naive, but this is why I will vote for Mitt Romney. Will he deliver on everything he is promising? Hell, I don’t know, but I know damn well, my life will not get better with four more years of Obama.

          • EEKman

            I did not forget your reply and I appreciate the time you took to lay all that out.

          • CM

            Come on….you all know the damn dishes all come from China.

        • Jacque Bauer


      • orringtonmom (D)

        i don’t even get this comment. but good for you. you tried, and that is the important thing.

        • Aestro

          It is a reference to the economy, but as dishes.

          • orringtonmom (D)

            oh i see. you’re still blaming bush. so clever.

          • Aestro

            That’s okay, if you didn’t get the joke I don’t expect you to understand how an unpaid tax cut for the wealthy or massive deregulation would still be relevant in the 2012 election.

          • AMSilver

            Massive deregulation by the Clinton administration and democrat grandstanding to prevent any move toward responsibility – and tax cuts that resulted in an increase in federal revenue are both highly relevant to this election. Anything else you think we’ve missed?

          • Nutstuyu

            I’m just curious how the government is supposed to “pay for” money that belongs to someone else.

          • orringtonmom (D)

            oh, i understand more than you know. but i’m sure you’re used to reality not exactly meshing with your expectations most of the time.

          • James Atkins

            Listen to you..”unpiad tax cut”, as if the government is entitled to our money..You do realize, the “pie” is not static or finite.

      • Kenneth James Abbott

        Or for a Democrat to throw them around the room in the interest of “fairness,” refuse to let you check on them to see if they’re intact, and then blame you for the mess.

      • Kdiity

        I wonder if oBOOBOO ever washed a dish…… even as a photo op?

        • Aestro

          Of all the childish name-calling I’ve heard towards the president, this might be the lamest.

          • Kdiity

            Thanks, and your childish name for him would be what?

          • Aestro

            I don’t call him a childish name. I call him “President Obama”, or “Obama” for brevity’s sake. You know, like an adult.

          • Kdiity

            Don’t like or respect him at all, hence the funny names. It’s so easy with a name like that. oBOZO, oBUMMER oLIAR, well maybe that last doesn’t flow like the others, but you get my point, eh? Come on, you can think of at least one.

      • 7575radar

        THAT was the best retort you could come up with? Really?…wow…

      • Riley iCarly Madison

        these right wingers here are MORONS. Watch the video. obviously they were all clean.

        it’s sad and desperate

    • Wulfheard

      Better yet just throw them out and let somebody else buy you new ones.

    • Joe Eschman

      Burt, that’s the post of the year in my book … lmao.

    • MovingToNevada

      Comment of the day!

    • dee77

      This is so great!!! Your comment made my day—because it is sooooo true!!!!

    • ObamaPelosi

      Hilarious and so true! Awesome comment, Burt Zerker!

    • David Atherton

      Hey, don’t say that! Next thing you know, they’ll want disposable plates and cups to be covered on food stamps.

  • rivers

    Wow that’s pathetic. At this point, I would just be so damned embarrassed to be an Obama supporter. The stupidity is mind blowing.

    • Hank DeCat

      Ah, but you see to be an Obama supporter you don’t just need to be stupid, you need to have no shame, so they never feel embarrassment.

  • Marty Luther

    Like Woodward and Bernstein but with dishes!! Great Reporting!

  • TallDave


    • Michael Hampton

      Still a lie.

  • Josephine (D)

    Both of my parents have worked in the food/hospitality industry(my Dad still does). They both know how important it is to keep even slightly dirty dishes, pans, etc., clean for the Health Department. Sometimes when we go out, Mom reminds me that even unused plates or utensils left on our table will have to get washed. One time at an Arby’s, I took a Jamoca(?) shake that someone didn’t want any more because otherwise it would have gotten thrown out and therefore wasted. But the media will spin anything for The One.

  • Lyle E Long

    you didn’t wash that, someboby else made that happen

    • Michael Hampton

      Actually, somebody else did wash those dishes. According to the people who actually washed them anyway.

  • Lisa Daniels

    With all the major events happening … Americans assassinated in Benghazi, war on terror continues, fiscal cliff looming, gas prices rising, food prices continue to increase, the lousy job we are doing when it comes to educating our children… I could go on and on and on. This reporter belongs on the staff of The National Enquirer if she can’t find anything more serious than this to report. There’s way too much low-hanging fruit out there to be reporting this kind of crap! So sick to death of the mud-slinging!!

  • jenndee

    The media is just used to the Democrat in the White House. Does anyone remember the first ladies “faux” garden?

  • Peyton

    Next He’ll take care of cleaning up Obama’s dirty laundry when he and Romney go to Washington.

  • Dandee

    Just wondering, who is cleaning up the mess in Libya

    • Michael Hampton

      So you don’t want any money to go to the soup kitchen to help the needy but you want to waste billions upon billions of dollars getting involved in a third needless war dragging our treasure and troops into another civil war. Because republicans only want to spend money if it is for war. Better not spend any money here at home that can be spent killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people in their own countries.

      • Dandee

        You might want to look around. We are already embroiled in Libya. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Stevens was killed by US weapons provided by us to oust Gadaffi. You might want to check how much republicans donate to food kitchens and churches. Biden and O are very lacking.

        • Michael Hampton

          Donating to the Mormon church so that they can buy a theme park isn’t charity.

          • Dandee

            Taking taxpayers money and buying Obamaphones and car chargers for our embassy is downright dangerous. And then saying you care about all voters and our safety is just plain lying, Obama.

  • Joseph DeRego

    I think we need to wait for a full investigation before anyone comes to conclusion whether the dishes were clean or dirty. People are just politicizing this issue! We can expect answers about this sometime after Nov. 6. Now lets focus on what’s important like Romney butting in on that Benghazi situation where he has no business. Well if liberals were consistent, this would be their view!

  • Timothy A Howington

    The Liberal media has nothing, Obama has nothing. No record worth mentioning. So they have to have do something to earn their paycheck. Seems Tom Brokaw is the only one asking questions, and earning his money.

    • Jules

      If they did, we’d see it by now.

  • Tom Spillane

    I love Paul Ryan!

  • Dang

    Remind me to never eat at Felicia Sonmez’s home. If the dishes in her sink “appeared to be mostly clean” she puts them back in the cupboards? Gross.

  • Mr. Fever Head

    Look a squirrel!

  • AgntOrngVctm

    I mean …
    I like mostly cooked food served on mostly clean dishes in mostly built restaurants to keep myself mostly alive, most of the time. I’m mostly a moderate, I think.
    … Nome sane?

    • orringtonmom (D)

      “hey boss, i mostly did my work. can i mostly get paid?”

  • N3al

    I love the way this became like the gossip game. Mostly clean–> did not appear very dirty–> clean. Next up: Fully disinfected dishes.

  • AngelaTC

    The nation is facing a currency collapse, and these are our headlines. We are so screwed.

    • EEKman

      The currency will only collapse if everyone suddenly believes it has no value. Since we are the worlds reserve currency that’s not likely to happen. Who cares anyway, digital currencies will put more pressure on traditional fiat currencies to perform over the next 10 years. if they dont they will rightly fade into irrelevancy. Everyone will still be fine.

  • Tasha Talia

    What! Those dishs were clean? Scandalous, what else could this mathematical genius be hiding? Wait! He shook a supporters hand then sanitized! Does this mean he thinks he’s better than us!? Oh, never mind that coal miner told him to because he just got of work. Stay tuned for more Paul Ryan’s good or not so good deeds! Lol

  • orringtonmom (D)

    “mostly clean” = still needs to be washed. so he was supposed to pose with them while they were dirty first? stupid. meanwhile, how do we know the pizza boxes weren’t empty. i didn’t see pizza. i just saw boxes.

    • $5326605

      Barry brought 3 or 4 pizzas for dozens of campaign workers. He must have had to apy for them himself, the cheap SOB. Just like when he bought 10 beers total for a tent full of fair goers earlier this year.

  • ML438

    Shocking! They can’t investigate and report on Libya or Fast and Furious but do report on Paul Ryan and his family helping at a soup kitchen and try to spin it against him. I am so disgusted with the MSM!

  • Dustoff

    So could I say. O-dumber has never touched a dirty pan in his life? Heck why not.

  • Mark Hooks

    Yes, the pans DO look remarkably free of blood-stain handprints.

  • $5326605

    My dog licked the plates clean. You libturds are welcome to come on over and eat from them.

  • Wulfheard

    All the left has are lame attempts at character assassination. All the stupid people in the US are already going to vote for Odumbo how many more votes do they think they will garner with this kind of idiocy?

  • Nonya

    The Obama campaign has really stooped to a new low. This isn’t news. it’s nice to see, but it’s not News.
    They are so pathetically pathetic it’s pathetic.

    • pen44

      Yes, Nonya, I didn’t know that Ryan had done this…now that I do know, I applaud him.

  • RaggedyAnn46

    Well, the media has it’s priorities in order, as always.

  • TiLiNi

    Everyone knows white people don’t do dishes. They get their Black or Mexican maids and butlers to do it for them! /sarc

  • mw99

    You reactionary troglodytes always fall for these silly photo-ops.

    First, he washes dishes after the homeless have gone – don’t you wingnuts know that once the homeless leave, the dishes don’t NEED washing because they automatically wash themselves overnight for the next day? You all need to get with the reality based community (TM).

    On top of that, he washes dishes that look kinda clean already, instead of just running water over them for the benefit of anyone who might be watching – you know, like I do.

    You rethuglicans are so shallow.

    • Mark Hooks

      Yeah, he should have gone on ‘The View’ instead.

  • Michael Hampton

    It just goes to show how hollow and shallow he and the entire GOP campaign is. It’s lip service. They don’t care about anyone except themselves. Rich white men will get richer under Romney and the lower classes will starve. Ryan can’t even do something good for anyone. And I love that you ignore how the homeless men walked up to him and his campaign wanted pictures of them with Ryan but wouldn’t let the reporters hear the questions they asked because it was an “unscheduled” visit. “Make sure you get a picture of him standing that near homeless people but use your telephoto lens so you can’t hear what they are saying to each other.”

    • Mark Hooks

      Naw, they won’t let the lower class starve. They’ll be kept alive to work the fields.

    • $21590057

      I know there’s nothing more that Democrats like than poor people. So much so that Obama is doing his best to make sure that there are millions more! You’re right; Republicans don’t want people to be poor. We want enough jobs to be created that people have a chance to live above the poverty line. It’s not lip service. It’s caring about people.

    • Jer

      Hollow and shallow? More liberal psychological projection.

  • $129448

    Are Obama supporters really serious about his claim? Talk about desperation.

  • Sonya A. Willis

    He didn’t wash those! Really? The world is on fire and the libs are foaming over…Dish-gate!?!?

  • ThirdFingerPhil

    ANY distraction for the MSM is a good distraction from doing their jobs with Benghazi-Gate. After the election these rubes should be IGNORED

  • AUBraves

    Waiting for a reply from one of the “smart” ones. He stated that Ryan washed dishes after homeless were gone. Now let me ask all of you… did your Mom wash dishes while you were eating or did she wait until you were finished? Of course you wash the dishes AFTER the meal. I feel so bad for people who throw their stupidity into headlines for everyone to read……

  • Michael Rice

    Obama administration gets people killed and his base, sorry, the “real media” is worried about dishes?

  • Brett McMicken

    i wonder which celeb president eye-candy was hangin’ with while those dishes were being washed. or, was he on a talkshow? or, was he golfing?

  • mkreider

    wow. Someone actually believing an article in WaPo. Now that is news. Democrats are going after dish washing in a soup kitchen. Ranks right up there with Big Bird. Ever think they might talk about Behghazi and the big lies and Hillary being thrown under the bus? The trivial little tweets are, well, underwhelming.

  • Brendan McClaskey

    Thats what the local news is posting.

  • chaos3kids

    OMG!! HE REALLY IS THE PERFECT MAN! He does DISHES! That clinches my vote! (as if there was ever any doubt – Obama couldnt even wipe his own ass without blaming the lack of toilet paper on Bush.

  • John Farmer

    Lord help if he breaks out plastic plates and spoons. These losers couldn’t find anything else better to do with their lives than complain about someone washing dishes. When I worked food service, you prayed for the less dirty ones because they were quicker to clean. What happens if he takes out the trash? Will they complain cause he’s using Glad bags instead of Hefty?

  • Johnny Blade

    I wonder if Obama has ever been in a kitchen before?

  • Heartlander

    Hey, Paul Ryan used to wait tables at a Mexican restaurant — which is more than Barack Obama ever did!

  • Desiree Darbee

    Thank you for setting a good example for your children,and for America!

  • Otter2

    Oh for crying out loud. It’s time to manufacture a scaaandalll!

  • Elaina Marie

    ******Important News Flash****** I washed my face tonight even though there was no visible dirt!!! Get the F out of here. Grasping at straws. I am so sick and tired of my party being picked on. GO ROMNEY/ RYAN!!!

  • Nutstuyu

    Sooo, has anyone washed the blood off the dishes in the Benghazi kitchen? Barry? Hillaryous?

  • huntnogather

    Sounds to me like those who don’t believe he’d get his hands dirty need to see him field-dressing one of his deer during hunting season. Of course these same liberal reporters would probably be puking their guts out because they really think that their hamburger originates in the grocery store.

    • pen44

      Exactly, huntnogather, exactly. I’ll bet Ryan can field gut a deer faster than the Libs can puke up the contents of their stomach, then he’d go over & hold their little pointed heads up so they wouldn’t get their faces in it when they passed out. Being a Lib must be very boring…since they don’t seem to DO very much.

  • Paula

    Not to get too technical and scientific for the WaPo domestic experts, but as a longtime professional homemaker I can attest to the fact that at a certain point in the pot washing process the pot is more clean than dirty. It’s like magic or rocket science or something.

  • Keith Wren

    Maybe the liberal Hat God, Hate America bunch could just tell us the merriots of othe obama record??

  • iBaconi

    Does somebody care? Seems like a damn good reason to vote for the end of freedom/responsibility (the oBumaholy) ‘er somethin’.

  • PrincessofSnark

    At least he was meeting the bodies of murdered Americans to provide a photo op for himself like Obama did with Ambassador Stevens, Smith, and the ex-Seals. That was a shameful display, and then he stood in front of their caskets and lied about that stupid video…AGAIN!

  • PrincessofSnark

    If these reporters spent half the time really doing their job instead of trying to find every little smidgen of dirt on Romney and/or Ryan, maybe we’d actually know what happened with Benghazi and with Fast and Furious.

  • Mark Landry

    Did anyone in the press pool stop to think, Obama’s economy is the reason for soup kitchens like this one?

  • P1 Komenko

    And here I thought those who are supporting an Community Organizer would know what Community Service looks like……..
    Guess I was wrong!

  • James Riley

    Obama – “You didn’t wash those.”

    • Aestro

      Again, proving Obama is correct.

  • Monica

    Lets get our eyes off Bengahzigate & get outraged that a good guy washed dishes in a soup kitchen. If it were a photo-op as the desperate dems say it is, what about the picture of Obama hanging a blue valance (curtain) in somebody’s home. Tell me…what is the difference and why no outrage over the Big O doing that?

  • alexandra grant

    Matthew 7:2-5New International Version (NIV)
    2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.
    (I suppose until the Democrats all want to strap an apron on and do some volunteering themselves, they should just keep quiet. And since numerous studies have been conducted on the fact that Christians and Republicans in general tend to be more generous of their time and money and tend to donate both to charity more than their counterparts, the Democrats and the atheists do, then the above verse holds true.)

  • Jenny Combs Barnes

    what is wrong with this idiots? They don’t have anything to complain about from their own Liar n’ Chief and his little pet Joey? Go complain about something that actually matters you twits!

  • nc

    This story is a perfect illustration of the old saying, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

  • DrV57
  • Jan Porterfield


  • Kathleen Frampton Crosby

    Look like he did a pretty good job on that last pot! Just like he will as VP!

  • Dan

    Maybe they were cclean, maybe they were dirty. At leat he didn’t wear $500 tennis shoes!!!

  • native son

    Omg! Heaven forbid the person that used the pot in the first place wasn’t a slob and only got the inside of the pot dirty! Libtards!

  • V.

    OK, his staff messed up (according to the soup kitchen). Why do Democratic smearers need to try to make this look like a reflection of his policy, and why must Republicans try to prove he actually was washing dishes?

  • Binks Chicala

    this is what they pass off as “news”? well don’t let us stop you MSM – the only thing you’re doing is making ryan more popular with the ladies cause what woman doesn’t like to see the fit mr. ryan in an apron doing dishes??!? i’m not complaining… LOL…

  • Donald Koller

    Oh the horror.

  • Lynne Zimmermann

    Unbelievable. uncle Joe laughs at 4 dead Americans, a nuclear Iran, religios freedom, the real suffering of too many unemployed and under employed and just plain condescension for the American people but show a candidate with values trying to instill values in their children by living the gospel and suddenly that’s a crime. of course, if BHO were to do it, that would be front page news.

  • Donald Koller

    Hey dems lets focus on the big picture, the million muppet march is up coming.

  • Grace D MacDonald

    The dems cannot defend Obama for his failed policies, so they feel the need to complain about Paul Ryan and his family helping out. There you go again! What a bunch of idiots!

  • Donna Hildebrandt

    Well, I guess since the lame-stream media won’t report the scandals of the Obama administration, they will have to report on the Ryan “scandal”! Washing dishes – how could he!!?? What is the world coming to?

  • pen44

    The lies from the Left are getting so petty & lame. If they can’t find something to kvetch about, they make up a story out of thin air. This is just so evil, liberal reporters have no souls…

  • sustantivo

    And on a related note, a member of the Ryan family handed a bowl of soup to a man who had already eaten…scandalous!

  • swornsongs

    This just in… Eric Holder is launching a full-scale investigation on whether or not the pots and pans were dirty.

  • ThunderDan

    Well folks, you do the math. The lefties rant over Ryan washing pots and pans (clean or not) and Obama goes on the View as “eye candy”, while our consulate in Libya burns and our Americans are sodomized and murdered. Guess which one catches the mainstream media play? Lapdogs…

  • Tom Beard

    OMG, he didn’t even TAKE OFF HIS WATCH! The imagined ‘scandal’ deepens!!

  • whamprod

    Hey Obama! You didn’t wash that!

  • Wendy Picou

    Could it be that he WASHED THEM!!! Maybe that’s why they appeared to be clean!!!

  • Nathan E. David

    I cannot recall the exact verse, but the Bible says that what you do in secret God will reward you openly (or make it known what you did). This is an example of God’s using the press (hence the scribes) as the footstool and making sure that we see Ryan’s good efforts. At least those liberal devils have SOME purpose in the world!

  • Charlotte Muir

    I guess kissing babies is now off limits…I mean how many photo ops does that make every single election? It has even become a joke when you see a presidential elect kissing a little baby! At least he tried something NEW!

    • Charlotte Muir

      at least I am not seeing the $5,000 tennis shoes on his feet (Michelle Obama)

  • BeeKaaay

    leftwingwackos would never visit a soup kitchen anyway, they’d tell the hungry “GO GET YER FOOD STAMPS NOW!”

  • Paula Magnuson

    give me a break a person who takes the time to stop at a soup kitchen and washes a pot and all you can do is make critical comments , what about the lies obama and biden have said about the middle east crisis!!!!

  • Michael Stohler

    Obama was probably golfing or shooting hoops.

  • Jeff Webster

    Grits rinse out and the pan appears clean, but it’s not really clean until you use soap on it. If the dishes are in the sink they need washed.

  • Kevin Foster

    So sick of these whinny ass liberals bitching about everything.
    A Republican washing dishes is “faking it”, but a Liberal bowing to a foreign dignitary is “checking to see if his fly is open”!

  • Lawrence Malcolm

    Let’s see: Grits, Sausages and Doughnuts……The grits were probably prepared in large 5 gallon simmer pots, one of which Ryan is seen washing – and as everybody knows, the pot has to be rinsed right away or the grits will dry and stick like brick mortar – that’s probably what was done and all it needed at cleanup was exactly what Ryan did – he soaped it up and washed the grit film off of the inside surface. Big deal….Doughnuts were probably laid out on wax paper on trays for easier distribution and the sausages were microwaved for convienence…industrial food service operations like this probably have proceedures that require a “clean as you go” protocol for hygiene in place anyway…but the fact of the matter is is that the current crop of libtards wouldn’t be caught DEAD near or in a homeless shelter, much less sullying their manicures scrubbing pots….

  • Brandon

    Mitt and Paul are both genuinely good people and hope America wakes the hell up and sees that.

  • Osumashi Kinyobe

    Let me understand something: the least vetted presidential candidate in American history has left the electorate he cares so little about with $16 trillions dollars of debt, a high unemployment rate, a tattered foreign policy with a dead and unavenged ambassador and all his adoring fans can think about are pans washed by a vice presidential candidate with math skills?

    I tell you, there should be an IQ test for voters. I don’t think these guys would pass it.


    Most of these people have no clue as to how dishes are done in a place like this. They may leave food in their pans but usually they are scraped pretty clean and sometimes rinsed so the food does not dry on them then stacked to be washed.
    Get a grip and learn how to do some real reporting like about Libya, or the rotten economy, or why they are trying to downplay people dying as bumps in the road?
    Oh, I forgot you can’t report on the important stuff.

  • Lorena Pignagrande Christensen

    This is pretty nice for him to do actually. I am proud of him for all of his efforts.

  • Aestro

    Is this your first election people? This is what is known as a “photographic opportunity”, or “photo op”. He didn’t help, he wasn’t wanted, and he didn’t ask permission. Don’t believe me or Gawker? Fine. How about the president of the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society, which runs the soup kitchen Congressman Ryan “assisted”?

    It’s not a big deal, Like I said, it’s a photo op. Every politician does them. Just don’t pretend he’s suddenly the pariah of helping the poor because he invited the press to watch his family in an empty kitchen.

  • George Gaither

    Most of the main stream media are Communist, they will always find fault to help their comrade.

    • Aestro

      Senator McCarthy? I thought you were dead.

  • pik0

    What are those dark spots in the bottom of the pan in the last shot?! proxy.jpg Looks pretty dirty to me… #LAPDOGS

  • Frank DiSalle

    President allows “probably clean” Embassy to burn and personnel to get killed; then attempts to whitewash it.

  • Geno Difabio

    the press still havent pushed the issue with the coverup in libya. glad they are all over this story. Ryan will be taking out the trash on election day…film that loosers! i cant wait to vote!

  • Roger W.Compton

    When did President Obama even wash his hands……….Oh thats right he washed his hands of the American people when he was elected……sorry forgot……….

    • BigTBoom

      He never gets dirty, Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod stand at each side of him with fire hoses suppressing any thing dirty from potentially splashing on him.

  • dee77

    Personally, I love seeing the cross hanging in the kitchen.

  • ghendric

    Hey, maybe if he kisses some babies too we won’t notice his big government voting record…


    .Voted YES on TARP (2008)
    .Voted YES on Economic Stimulus HR 5140 (2008)
    .Voted YES on $15B bailout for GM and Chrysler. (Dec 2008)
    .Voted YES on $192B additional anti-recession stimulus spending. (Jul 2009)


    .Voted YES on limited prescription drug benefit for Medicare recipients. (Nov 2003)
    .Voted YES on providing $70 million for Section 8 Housing vouchers. (Jun 2006)
    .Voted YES on extending unemployment benefits from 39 weeks to 59 weeks. (Oct 2008)
    .Voted YES on Head Start Act (2007)


    Rep. Ryan went along with the Bush Administration in supporting more federal involvement in education. This is contrary to the traditional Republican position, which included support for abolition of the Department of Education and decreasing federal involvement in education.

    .Voted YES on No Child Left Behind Act (2001)


    .Voted YES on federalizing rules for driver licenses to hinder terrorists. (Feb 2005)
    .Voted YES on making the PATRIOT Act permanent. (Dec 2005)
    .Voted YES on allowing electronic surveillance without a warrant. (Sep 2006)


    .Voted YES on authorizing military force in Iraq. (Oct 2002)
    .Voted YES on emergency $78B for war in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Apr 2003)
    .Voted YES on declaring Iraq part of War on Terror with no exit date. (Jun 2006)
    .Voted NO on redeploying US troops out of Iraq starting in 90 days. (May 2007)

  • Nathan Love

    @feliciasonmez Just got a look at your face. It appears to be mostly clean except for the Obama shit on your nose.

  • suz73

    It’s criminal, I tell ya, criminal! To wash dishes! Also, have a teaching moment with their kids and America, whoa . And never mind Libya, after all that’s weeks old, a cover-up, now Hillary taking the blame and responsibility on the day before the next debate. Oh, yeah, liberal media, truthfully, I love seeing the Ryan’s, but you’re just not getting it right, like most things. GBA

  • Orpheus75

    Question: how do you know when they have nothing on their opponents?
    Answer: self evident by the articles their putting out.

  • Jyn60

    Apparently none of the people complaining have ever worked in a big Kitchen. Smart people running the kitchen soaks the pans until time to wash them most of the stuff will fall off when rinsed out. Then you wash them with a scrubbie& soap. inside and out. No Food or Stan is aloud to be on the pans. I know this BECAUSE I RUN A BIG KITCHEN. I think some of these people need to learn something about what their reporting on. But it will never happen.

  • Concerned

    Speaking of photo op!!! And on the taxpayer’s dime….

  • Eliza

    Are these people serious!! Is there nothing else you can find to point out? Cleaning dishes is now a crime if the dishes are not dirty. OMG, arrest me, I clean mine before I put them in the dishwasher. What a bunch of assholes. America is falling apart and you are worried about dishes.

  • George Murrey

    The best the pres can do is deliver pizza, cleaning any dishes is below his pay grade. This shows the lame stream media missing the point of Rep Ryan is willing to step up to the plate and do the dirty work the pres and his minions won’t do.

  • hmschlmom

    Get a grip, people…that photo was of the bottom of the pan! (or, do you have x-ray vision?)

  • Sherri Schmidt

    having worked in many kitchens, sometimes parchment paper is used on trays but still need to be wash, rinsed, and sanitized. The metal pitchers may have only been used to hold water but still need to go thru the cleaning process. i doubt that a soup kitchen allowed him just to do photo shoots without helping. How about when Michelle had photos done at a soup kitchen? Was that the same?

  • sarainitaly

    ZOMG! Photo op revealed to be *gasp* a photo op! Liberals hardest hit.

    Yea, cuz we all know, those “15 minutes” Michelle Obama spent serving risotto at Miriam’s Kitchen made *such* a difference in helping the homeless.

  • Sylvia Sparks Simpson

    Gasp! The press is really on to something here. It isn’t lying administration officials on how an Ambassador died, it’s whether or not the pans Paul Ryan washed were actually dirty. Thank goodness the press is on the job.

  • Noonespecial

    I find it beyond reprehensible – criminal, even – that this gets any press, let alone as much as it has, while Libya and F&F get zero anywhere but at Fox. ZERO PRESS COVERAGE for a situation in which 4 Americans killed, screaming headlines for the opposition (And make no mistake, conservatives ARE the opposition to the MSM) washing “mostly clean” dishes in a soup kitchen. These people are so far beyond being scum that scum stink would be cologne for them. No excuse for this behavior.

  • Constance Chapman

    so he washed the dishes. big whoop.

  • Lynn Roberts Ball

    I like a man who can and will wash the dishes. He’s a very strong and secure man who has stepped up to the plate and he has my vote. Go R&R!

  • James Paul

    Yeah, washing dishes makes liberals angry. Actually all their accusations are just pathological projection. The theme to that event was the politician getting “in the trenches” with the people he wants to represent. Ryan does not want to steal money from business owner a to give to shelter b through an army of pencil pushers that will soak up most the money on the way.

  • Charles

    Obama has no happy record to run on. He is chin deep in the Gun running fiasco, the Benghazigate and a dozen other stupidly running the government boodfoggles and he is grabbing at dust in the wind against an opponant who is pretty much scandal free. Neighter Romney or Ryan can be found to have major faults so the Democrats and liberal left have to make them up. NO, I am not saying Romney/Ryan are perfect but, Look at what Obama’s administration has been caught doing. God only knows what they haven’t been caught at yet. Obama could face prosecution for someof the bad things that have been done to the America people if a new president decided to dig deep into the things that have been pulled. Starting with : Was he actually qualified to be president? Why did he haveall his college records sealed. Where is his birth certificate? What did he actually know about Fast andfurious and the mess in Benghazi? ETCETCETC. Obama would have YEARS of explaining to do IF someone actually dug into his work. WE cannot afford another 4 years of this deeply dishonest, narcissistic, arrogant, hard headed, vindictive, lying man in office representing this great country. PLEASE, help me vote this embarrassment to America OUT OF OFFICE in 21 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chazv4u

    Dish gate, anything to distract from those murdered in Benghazi.

  • Bridget Burton

    Good grief this is so ridiculous. The media is so ….. Wake up America to lost jobs, high food/gas prices, attacks on our nation while Obama weakens our defense/military for all the world to see. Most people don’t know that Obama encourages killing of babies up to 9 months in the womb and if born alive, are killed. You really don’t want to know how these living, breathing, heart-beating babies are (with pain beyond belief) are crushed, etc. And for the sake of God, do you not see how Obama draws the extremists into our lives and even into the White house? He wears a ring that symbolizes his total commitment to Allah. Jihad is hear in our country waiting to strike, they see us as weak and are waiting for the right time to strike. Have you not heard the stories of what happens to someone who goes against them? 2 Year baby girl was raped many times because her family is Christian. She will never live a normal life. How about the girl shot because she wants to go to school or the daughter whose father kills her because she chooses another faith. I know we as Americans are comfortable and we don’t believe any of these things will not happen to us but it’s been the plan for years. Obama is a willing instrument in the destruction of America. Speaks with forked tongue to tell people what they want to hear and then does what he wants – our democratic system is in his way of destroying us. He is no friend but an enemy to Israel our closest ally. Above all nations will prosper when they stand loyal to Israel. God said it and I believe Him.

    • Timothy Noonan

      Yes! we see by your comment, President Obama draws out the extremists.

      • Bridget Burton

        Thanks … I’m forwarding it

  • Bridget Burton

    Where are my comments?

    • Sketti

      Ok I’ll play, one post down? hehe

      • Bridget Burton


  • Biggus_Footus

    Of course the OUTSIDES of the kettles and pots appear clean. The food residue is supposed to be on the INSIDE, which is where Mr. Ryan’s attention appears to be focused.

    • Aestro

      While many are sarcastically paraphrasing Obama, it rings absolutely true. “You didn’t clean that”. Ryan came in after the kitchen had closed, when the ACTUAL work had already been done, and took credit in front of a bunch of cameras. It’s a photo op, not some grand gesture of his care for the less fortunate.

  • jba

    I’ve never seen chicken soup leave much of a mess inside a pan… now chili on the other hand…….

  • VAMOM2

    The libs just throw away the dirty ones and buy new!!! What’s money? Who’s money???

  • Michael Hampton

    OR. Here are the words of the person who let him into the facility after the meals had been served and the dishes had been washed.

    “The event “was a photo op,” she said. “It was the phoniest piece of
    baloney I’ve ever been associated with. In hindsight, I would have never
    let him in the door.”
    The event was completely staged by the campaign, she said.”

  • LordElrond09

    Amazing. The administration is caught dissembling about what happened with our embassy in Libya and no one on the left sided media says a thing. But Paul Ryan washing pots and pans is a huge story. (Scratches head)

  • Melissa BossyBoots Votano

    I’d let him wash my dishes any day.

  • Dawn Street

    Most of us know that you rinse the pans as they are emptied so stuff does not stick inside the pots and pans. Then you soap up and rinse off after the meal is over. Duh!!!

  • Basset_Hound

    Fewer people working and more people on food stamps than ever before and they’re whining and moaning about a damn apron. Seriously????


    these dems are morbidly classless…duh

  • Riley iCarly Madison

    i dont know guys. i watched the video. hundreds of cameras. homelss had left. workers had left.

    Ur not supposed to leave a kitchen dirty. the dishes sure did look clean and dry in the video.

    this was obviously a faked photo op, since he was there for 15 minutes. and this guy did get caught lying about his marathon and mile tiems.

    He seems very dishonest, and this last event is why i’ll be sitting this election out. Romney did lie about a lot of things in both debates. and the president did call the benghazi thing an “Act of terror”

    you guys need to chill out and open your eyes

  • Riley iCarly Madison

    watch the video. the dishes were obviously clean. the workers left. and they did NOT leave dirty dishes cuz that’s not what you do.

    Some of you people in here are rediculous. it’s obvious you hate obama so you’re voting for whoever is against him

    taht is sad and desperate. you’re going to lose republican votes over this and how you’re handling it!

  • Riley iCarly Madison

    my posts that prove ryan is a FAKE have been deleted.

    you right wingers are moving more and more to the right,a nd americans are moving further away from the republican party

  • Riley iCarly Madison

    sad and pathetic that my comments proving RYAN IS A FAKE were deleted

  • Maggie Eszak

    Did Michelle Onama really plant that garden with her 5,000 dollar boots those plants were put in the ground by White House staff and the plants were half grown … and she went to a soup kitchen in very high price sneakers…. the Democrats think we forget….